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Hermione would be lying if she said that waking up at the potter's wasn't a disorientating and strange experience. However she'd also be lying if she said she wasn't enjoying every second of it. The room she was staying in was quaint with a huge bay window taking up most of the left wall.

The room itself was now littered with books and old scrolls she'd borrowed from the library.

The inside of the potters was impossibly large compared to the outside, it should be your typical 2 up, 2 down cottage, but how they had 5 floors, 6 large bedrooms and a library, she knew there was probably so much more, but she'd yet to explore the house properly, after all as nice as the Potters were, she was a guest and knew it would be rude to just wonder around their house.

The first mystery she decided to solve, was how they'd managed to make the house like this in the first place and from all the reading she'd been doing she'd decided they'd used an undetectable extension charm, although without a wand she couldn't know for sure and it never occurred to her to just ask.

Hermione couldn't help but just fall into the Potter's life style, Harry was fast become the closest friend she'd ever had, well the only friend really, his parents were kind and helpful, Lily shared her past with Hermione, and how she and James had met and fell in love. It took him a long time to expose himself as a Wizard, but no time at all to propose.

Hermione was happy for the first time in years, her own parents never understanding that she was quirky and preferred books to boys. Instead they always badgered her to hurry and settle down, find a man while she was still beautiful.

That's one of the reasons she'd spent so much time with her grandfather, he didn't care as long as she was happy, and the Potters seemed the same. She'd stay up late into the night reading Harry's old school books or talking to the man himself, impatient for Saturday to arrive so that she could get a wand and potion ingredients to really start practicing.

Harry Spoke of Hogwarts and how she'd be doing a very accelerated version of the 7 years' worth of studying he'd done, Hermione couldn't remember when she'd last been this excited, while taking her brake from university she'd missed it terribly, and the thought of getting to study again positively thrilled her.

Draco Malfoy was yet to make another appearance and although Hermione didn't want to admit it, she was rather worried about the him, sure she thought he was a complete asshole and the fact that he caught her checking him out and point blank refused her before she'd even SAID ANYTHING pissed her off, but Harry had mentioned that he'd been searching out Muggleborns that may have been in danger and was pulling them out before they ended up in situations similar to hers, so she couldn't bring herself to completely hate him.

She had however looked up the term 'Mudblood' and was rather determined to give him a good slap the next time he appeared before her. Dirty blood indeed, the fact that she owed him her life and he thought so little of her pissed her off even more, and not that she'd admit it, but she was dieing to show him that he wasn't better than her just because his blood was purer.

By the time Saturday roll round she'd memorized most of the incantations in 'A Standard book of spells' grades 1 through to 3 she'd learnt the theory behind beginners and intermediate transfiguration, and had even started learning about defence against the dark arts. she'd glances at some of the other books like Care of magical creatures and 1000 magical herbs and fungi, she'd found them interesting enough and thought when she had some potion ingredients she could properly look them over, the book on ancient runes had truly fascinated her, although she'd only managed the first 4 pages of the 3rd year book Unfogging the future, before snorting at it and discarding it aka placing it nicely in the corner of the room and forgetting about it.

But of all the books she'd been given she had decided Hogwarts - A History was probably her favourite that or Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles every page had her in hysterics, as it tried to explain how Muggles got around and functioned without magic.

Her Bedroom light was always on into the early hours of the morning, and as Harry had told her that the wizarding world only worked in quills and parchment she'd asked for that too, and any homework assignments he'd had in his first year at Hogwarts. Wanting to catch up as much as she could since she was 12 years behind him and the others that would have been in her year.

Although impressed by the speed she was trying to learn everything at, Harry had started to worry about the dark circles under her eyes at breakfast, but since he was spending extra hours at the office arranging the muggleborns and readying them for Hogwarts he hadn't been able to bring it up.

The promised Saturday came round rather quickly and Hermione was positively bouncing in her seat at breakfast.

"Hermione Calm down, if you brake one of my mums plates, it will be a trip to St Mungo's not Diagon Alley" he laughed.

"You're right, I'm sorry Harry." she tried to still herself "It's just, I've already read so much about it, and knowing that I'll get a wand today, makes me feel like today's the day I become a real witch and I'll be able to practice real magic, it's all just rather exciting." she breathed out. And he gave her an enduring smile.

Harry never thought he'd get on so well with someone like Hermione, but it was hard not to get to know someone when they lived with you, and since they were the same age he could imagine that if she'd attended Hogwarts like he had she would have sat up in the common room and helped him and his friend Ron with their homework.

He'd Decided she was definitely a Gryffindor, he'd consider maybe Ravenclaw for her, her ridiculous need to study proved that Ravenclaw would have been a good fit, but her attitude just wasn't quite right for a Ravenclaw if Luna and Terry were anything to go by, no she was definitely a Gryffindor.

"Shall we go" he said standing finished with his toast, well mostly finished but he didn't think Hermione would last another minute just sitting there.

She nodded vigorously and they headed for the fireplace in the living room, Harry had already gone over Floo powder and how it works.

"Remember the words Leaky Cauldron, and say it clearly if you don't you'll end up somewhere random." he warned as he held out a bag of floo powder to her.

"Gotcha, Leaky Cauldron, and then exit the fire place and wait next to it for you, although honestly I don't know how anyone could mess it up." at her words he blushed.

"Nooooo, seriously you messed up, you'll have to tell me the story" she tried to stifle her giggles, he rolled his eyes and said that he would once they were wondering around the Alley, at this promise she climbed over the grate shouted The leaking Cauldron nice and clearly while throwing the floo powder on the floor in front of her, and the next moment she was engulfed in green flames then gone. Harry smiled while climbing into the great himself, definitely a Gryffindor.

When Harry stepped out the grate and brushed himself off, Hermione noticed that most of the patrons in the leaking cauldron stopped drinking and turned to him, much like they had done with her, only unlike with her they didn't just go straight back to drinking, some continued to stare, some nodded respectfully saying Mr. Potter, some cried cheers of Harry. And the Bar tender came over and greeted him.

"Harry, you sticking around today, or just passing" He smiled.

"Sorry Tom, can't stop today, promised my friend we'd go shopping" Harry smiled back. Tom turned and smiled at Hermione.

"Arh. That's a shame you're awfully good for business, my chosen friend." Hermione tried not to look puzzled, but Harry noticed and sighed.

"I'll tell you later" he whispered to her as they passed through the pub, he waved at Tom as they passed into the back and up to a brick wall.

Harry pulled out his wand and tapped a brick 3 up and 2 across from an old trash can, the wall started to shuffle and collapse back on itself forming an arch way.

"Welcome To Diagon Alley." Harry smiled at Hermiones reaction, he hadn't taken many muggleborns into the Alley but they all had the same look of wonder.

Hermione managed to snap out of her shocked state pretty quickly, walked through the arch way and started looking at everything she could, robe shops, cauldron shops apothecary's and owl stops, everywhere she looked there was more magic, and more splendour.

"Come on let's get you a wand" harry grabbed her wrist and dragged her through the crowd, smiling at all the greetings, or nodding his head to the bows people were giving him. Once again Hermiones curiosity was stirred. But they'd reach the shop he'd been dragging her too.

The wand shop Ollivanders.

When he pushed open the door, a little bell tinkled alerting whoever was in the shop to their arrival. The place was rather dusty, and there were many cobwebs Hermione thought it could do with being scrubbed from top to bottom. Her musing was however interrupted by a sudden clatter and the appearance of an elderly gentlemen with wild grey hair, and eyes so pale Hermione thought he may actually be blind.

"Arh, Mr Potter, I've been expecting you." he said and Hermione was taken back, she hadn't put much stock in Divination but perhaps she should look into it some more. Harry rose his eyebrow.

"Garrick you say that every time, to everyone." he frowned

"Because it's true, I'm always expecting those in need of a wand to come searching for my shop." he smiled back, Hermione watched the exchange and decided this man creeped her out somewhat.

"This Is Hermione, she's the one that needs a wand." Harry said presenting her forward.

"Arh Miss Granger, Quite. Well finding a wand can be a tricking business so we should begin." he toted off can came back with a box, removing a wand.

"The wand is the one that choose not you" Ollivander answered her unasked question as he handed the contents of the box to her. She'd read about wand affinity a little bit so she knew she was supposed to wave it or do something at least, but as she lifted her hand Ollivander took the wand away, this happened almost 2 dozen times before he placed a wand in her hand that just felt right she waved it and a feeling of warmth rushed through her.

"I think we've found a match" he said walking back around the counter "vine 10 and 3/4 inches, dragon heartstrings core. I warn you Miss. Granger that a Dragon Heart string does not choose its owner lightly, as they are extremely powerful and loyal, but mistreat it and its loyalty can be won away." She nodded solemnly, wondering how you were supposed to mistreat a wand. Harry paid, and although Hermione wished to protest, he reminded her that at the present she had no money, at this she quietened but promised to pay him back every nut, so she started making notes on what she spent and how much it cost.

They were having a brake in what appeared to be Harry's favorite shop Florean Fortescus's Ice Cream Parlour, when Hermione finally got a chance to ask him why everyone kept greeting him like he was famous.

He sighed again.

"So you noticed that." he smiled a sad smile.

"It's kind of hard not to." she rolled her eyes at him.

"Well it's a long story, but you remember I told you a Dark wizard gave me this scar in his attempt to kill Me." she nodded that she did and he continued.

"Well what I failed to mention was that he was the darkest of dark wizards, he's a big part of the reason that Muggles hunt us down so badly, He'd decided that I needed to die, something about a prophecy making him need to kill me, but we duelled and somehow I won, I was only 17 so people kind of make it out to be a big deal, honestly I don't even really know how I managed it." he looked lost in thought and Hermione didn't want to disturb him, so she went back to her ice-cream, moments later she saw a flash of red from the corner of her eye and looked up at it. A red haired girl was sneaking up on the unsuspecting Harry, and when she was close enough she placed her hands over his eyes.

"Some Auror you are, Moody would be furious" she giggled and then what Hermione assumed was an attempt to mimic this Moody's voice she went on "Constant vigilance Potter, Constant vigilance" she giggled again as Harry went to pull her hands away bringing them to his mouth he placed a gentle kiss on each one.

"I watched you come in" he whispered to her. she frowned and looked down into his eyes to see if he was lying when she determined he wasn't she puffed, at which point he grabbed she round the waist and pulled her to sit on his lap.

"Harry there are people watching" the girl squirmed. He shrugged and placed a chaste kiss on her lips.

"Let them I don't care, they watch no matter what, least I

Can do is show you off" he smiled up at her, clearly head over hills in love and Hermione smiled at them. Harry seemed to notice her looking at them and he blushed a little.

"Oh right, you two haven't met" he shifted a bit, "This is..."

"Hermione Granger" Ginny chirped smiling.

"Ginny Weasely" Hermione had spoken at nearly the exact same time holding out her hand.

"It's nice to meet you" they both said as Ginny took her hand and they shook, both now giggling at how in sync that was and how impossible it seemed that it could happen.

Hermione wanting to get to know the girl was the first to speak.

"It's so nice to finally put a face to a name, Harry won't shut up about you." She smiled.

"All good things I hope, Ginny who was still sitting on Harry's lap poked him.

"Well, if you consider" at this Hermione coughed and put on her best Harry voice.

"You'll love Ginny, she's beautiful, and funny and smart, and I think you to will be really good friends" Hermione was quite proud of her imitation of Harry. Ginny laughed, and the aforementioned man himself sat blushing and mumbled something along the lines of I don't sound like that" burying his face in Ginny's side to hide his embarrassment. Ginny started stroking his hair. Hermione suddenly feeling very third-wheel like got up and said she was going exploring, Harry started to say that she didn't have to leave, but she mentioned that she'd seen multiple bookshops that she'd like to visit, Harry wanting to avoid bookstores if at all possible, handed her a bag of gold and told her to meet them back at the leaky cauldron when she was done.

"If you get lost, just ask anyone for directions." Harry patted her curls as she stood to leave in a brotherly fashion.

"Hell just mention that you're going there to meet up with Harry Potter and you'll probably have a guiding entourage" Ginny said while standing to hug Hermione.

"It was lovely to meet you" she embraced Hermione. "You'll have to come shopping with me sometime, and we can have lunch and really get to know each other." Ginny released her and they bid Hermione goodbye.

Hermione left the shop a little stunned, never had anyone invited her to go shopping and get lunch, she was rather excited at the prospect of getting to know Ginny.

About 30 minutes later she found herself in the back of an old book shop hidden in an alcove against a wall perusing through books she found interesting - which was all of them - but she was only going to buy 1 or 2, nose deep in a book, she hadn't realised she was no longer alone.

"Arh Mudblood, doing a bit of shopping today." She whipped around to the only place the voice could be coming from as the other side of her was a dead end, and without missing a beat hit him on the arm with the tome of a book she held.

"Ow, What the hell Mudblood." she hit him again.

"Don't call me that Malfoy" she huffed at him, Hermione wasn't quite sure why his mere presence ticked her off so much, she'd been called many names over the years and Mudblood shouldn't offend her as much as it did, maybe it was because this man saved her and introduced her to this new life but thought of her as nothing more than dirt, maybe it was the way he smirk when he said it, or maybe it was just him in general that got to her.

"I'll call you whatever i want" he shrugged obviously she hadn't hit him hard enough.

"You damn well wont, MY NAME IS HERMIONE, or at the very least Granger" she spoke through gritted teeth.

"Tut tut Granger" he mocked "is that anyway to speak to your saviour" he smirked at her.

"God if I knew how to hex's you right now I would." She groaned out in frustration.

At those words all his playful if somewhat infuriating teasing stopped, and Hermione found herself pushed up against the bookshelf behind her.

"Was that a threat Granger, because I don't take threats to well" he growled. As much as Hermione didn't want to admit it, he was kind of hot when he was angry, this time her groan was internal, as he was actually rather frightening.

"More of a pasting comment Malfoy." she tried to shrug him off.

"Good keep it that way" he released her a stormed off.

Hermione purchased her books and left the store feeling rather anxious to return to Harry after her run in with Malfoy.