Maddie folded her arms as she tried to stop herself from shaking. She felt sick. The antiseptic smell of the hospital and the noise of the Accident and Emergency department turned her stomach. She looked up as she heard her name called.


"What the Hell are you doing here?" She looked up as the magician approached her. The dark haired man ran a hand through his hair as she turned to him.

"I heard Jonathan was hurt."

"How? I called our friend and I emailed his grandfather. I did not call you." She narrowed her eyes, immediately distrusting him. Adam sighed.

"I know." Adam sat beside her. "Mr Creek senior - Alfred. He called me."


"Were you hurt?"

"No. Not like you care. Jonathan was shot. Twice. In front of me. This blood isn't mine. It's Jonathan's." She glared at him. "I'm fine. It's him that's in there with two gaping holes in his chest."


"Don't." She looked away. "Don't say another word. You could have stopped this! You could have called your psycho brother off. If he. If he dies."

"He won't."

"Oh you're a doctor now are you?"

"No but."

"Two gunshot wounds to his chest, Adam! Hardly man flu."

"Hey." They looked up to see Nikki staring at them. "Is this a private bitchfsst or can anyone join in?"

"Feel free." Adam sighed. Nikki glared at him.

"We have made two arrests." Nikki sat the other side of Madeline. "Andrew Klaus and Rebecca Ford."

"His girlfriend." Adam explained.

"Currently helping with police enquiry but you didn't hear it from me." Nikki paused.

"I'd love to know how you found him." Adam sighed.

"I'm sure you would." Nikki paused. "Needless to say I'm a detective. I detected his whereabouts. He's not going to hurt anyone now."

Maddie slumped forwards as Nikki rested a hand on her back. As Maddie composed herself Nikki handed her a bag. Confused Maddie took it.

"Wash bag, clean t shirt. Last thing that boy needs is to wake up with you looking like an extra from Nightmare on Elm Street." Nikki smiled sadly. "If he's in theatre he'll be a while yet."

Maddie nodded. "This happened to you. When you were pregnant with your youngest. How?"

"Yes. But Sam died at the scene." Nikki narrowed her eyes. "And if you were going to ask how I kept going it's because I had a three year old at home and a baby on the way. Jonathan is going to be fine. He's strong."


"I have to get back to the nick. Call me, ok?"

"Yeah. Ok." Maddie nodded before heading to the toilets. Adam looked at her as Maddie walked away.

"Adam, just so as you know. If I find any evidence linking you to all this then you will be charged as an accessory after the fact." Nikki smiled before leaving a clearly agitated man in her wake.


"Non rebreather mask." A nurse stared at a monitor. "O2 now 79% on 4 litres."

"Ok." The doctor inserted the cheat drain into Jonathan's chest. The nurse held Jonathan's hand as the tube to rein flare his lung slid through the skin. "Now?"

"95% Resps are 25 and tacky at 170. BP is dropping though."

"Clinical shock; crossmatch four units. He's doing better than expected. Considering. Warm IVs, antibiotics and analgesics."

"On it." Another nurse called. "His wife is in the waiting room." Jonathan frowned; angry that Penny had been called. He didn't want her to see him. They were divorced. She had her life. He gasped for air as the surgeon evaluated his wounds.

"Jonathan, you've been fairly lucky. One bullet glanced off you. Flesh wound. The other went straight through - missed the main artery and out through your shoulder blade." The terse man smiled. Jonathan didn't feel lucky. "Now, you'll need an operation to clean and explore the wounds but you're ok. Would you like your lady friend to come in? She did seem rather distressed earlier."

Jonathan nodded. If Penny was there he wanted to tell her to go. Maddie was the only woman he wanted to see. He had to see if she was ok. Seconds later the dark haired writer was in front of him.


"Flesh wound?! I thought you were dying! Now you want that cow here?"

"They said my wife was here. I thought they meant her."

Maddie smiled slightly, biting her lip.

"You ok?"

"Morphine is amazing."

"Is it." Maddie stared at him. "Jonathan."


"They've got him. The police have him. It's over. We're safe." Maddie held his hand. Jonathan swallowed hard. He knew she had only come home because she thought she was safe in England. He curled his fingers around hers.


"Of course I'll stay. I'll be here when you wake up." She smiled, aware the nurse was trying to get him ready for the operation. He frowned.

"No. I meant stay. Always." He watched as her eyes softened. "

"I just said that, didn't I?" She kissed his forehead. "I'm not going anywhere."


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