Hey guys. Yep. A completely new look. I'd hate for you to have to wait so long for a new chapter. Of 200 words? Seriously? Haha. Enjoy guys (: Same story but less chapters.

Madison lived in a suburban Massachusetts home with her mother Claire and father Jim, along with a golden retriever puppy named Kip. Kip was a present from her parents for her thirteenth birthday, for they knew at that age she would want a constant companion.

The girl, now fifteen, didn't have many friends. She knew those her age from school, but they would hardly notice her. When they did, they would smirk or make fun of her baggy or gothic attire. It didn't bother her that much. In fact, it was quite amusing to her. She secretly liked to see others judge or complain since she didn't do so herself.

Madison stood at five foot and two inches tall and wore thick black glasses. Her figure was quite petite and the color of her eyes and shoulder-length hair were a hazelnut brown. In her spare time she liked to draw, write, and sometimes sing. She enjoyed expressing herself, especially when she was alone. That way Madison wouldn't have to listen to the constant bickering and whining of the general public.

It was a cold Saturday in the first week of September. Madison was in her room drawing what she normally did, words and names in block letters. She liked the way they looked. They were different. Kip wandered into her bedroom and jumped onto her bed, licking the back of her neck.

"Silly thing. What are you doing here?" She set her supplies on the floor and lay the puppy on her stomach, scratching his ear. He yawned and rested his head on her chest. "Aww..You tired baby?" Kip slowly closed his eyes, quietly snoring. Madison smiled.

Her mom and dad then walked up the stairs to their daughter's bedroom. "Maddie?" Claire knocked on the door. The girl sighed and lifted her head. "What's up mom?"

"Your father and I have something to tell you." Madison tilted her head. "I didn't do it." She quickly said and hid her face between her knees. They rolled their eyes and Jim spoke up. "A few of my coworkers have been contacted by a cruise line and.."

His daughter's face lit up and she set Kip on the bed. "We..We're going on a cruise?" He sighed. "Let me finish." She impatiently sat on her bed. "Your mom and I were chosen as guests." "I'm sorry Maddie. You have to be over eighteen." Madison started to tear up and folded her arms, looking away with a scowl. "Sweetheart.." She shooed her dad's hand away.

Madison then calmed down. "Can Kip and I stay up past ten?" "Someone has to watch you though." Claire cleared her throat. "So we arranged for you to spend a week at your uncle's." Madison tilted her head. "I have an uncle?" "Yes. Olaf I believe is his name." "That's interesting. Kip can come as well right?"

"I'm sorry baby. He has a terrible allergy to dogs." Madison growled and left the room. "This sucks!" She shouted and started to cry as she leaned against the wall. Her parents followed, looking at her with a frown. They hated to see their daughter upset but rules were rules. "Who's going to watch him?" Madison turned her head and sniffled.

"He's going to be boarded. Mr. Poe is going to be picking you up tomorrow morning at eight, the same time your father and I are leaving." Their daughter heavily sighed and went back to her room, dragging out a black stripped suitcase from under her bed.

"Oh, and Maddie.." Madison glared at her father. "What?" "Please wear something nice. I want you to make a good impression." She rolled her eyes, sulking. "Uhuh. Whatever."

They sighed and left downstairs. Madison scrolled through her jaded closet and decided to wear her long sleeved lace dress with long grey socks and black boots.

She folded up a few shirts and pairs of jeans before tossing them into the suitcase, as well as a few bras and underwear. She also managed to squeeze in her sketch pad and her favorite book. Fallen by Lauren Kate. Madison groaned then zipped it up, setting it on the ground. "I'll be right back Kip." She went downstairs to use the bathroom when her mom called. "Baby are you hungry?" "I'm fine." She locked the door behind her, burying her face in her hands. "Damn it." She whispered, walking out. "Night." "Love you." "Uhuh."

Kip was waiting for her at the top of the stairs, wagging his tail. "Come on. Time for bed." Madison picked him up and carried him to her bedroom. She lie down and started to tear up. "I'm going miss you so much Kip." He licked her face, panting. "At least you understand me." The girl kissed his nose. "Night baby."