Madison met back up with her mother at the front desk. "Oh there you are." Claire looked down at her daughter. "I just finished talking to one of the associates and called your father. We have settled on the shade of dark blue." "Dark blue? That sounds pretty." Madison lightly smiled. "Yep! I'm guessing we may need about two or three buckets. So why don't you wait in the car while I get those? It will be a while until I purchase them." She lightly felt her daughter's forehead. "Are you coming down with something sweetie?" "Yeah. I think so. Maybe a fever." Madison walked back to her mom's car and dialed Violet's number. She shut her eyes, waiting for her to pick up. "Hello?"

"Hey Vi. It's me." "Maddie! Hi!" She smiled. "What's up?" "Nothing really. Typical female problems." "Ouch. Hope you feel better." She softly assured. "Thanks. But..that's not the craziest thing!" "Oh let me guess. You ran into Count Olaf." She rolled her eyes. "Yep. But..I think he changed or something." "Wait. Say what?" "My mom wanted to pick up some paint and I tagged along. He confronted me in the back employee room and we actually had a decent conversation." "About what?" "Apparently he asked for a second chance, he came on too strong the first time, blah blah blah. I kind of lost focus since I felt the room spin. It's like the illuminati took over or something." Madison giggled and closed her eyes.

Violet laughed. "That does sound accurate. Hey. Sorry to cut the connection short, but Sunny is crying. Probably hungry." There was a sudden rumble of thunder and a group of grey clouds started to form. "I just heard some thunder. That could be it." "Yeah. Might be. Alright Maddie. I hope you feel better. Wish I could be there to help." "Just hearing your voice helps." Madison hummed. "Love you Vi." "You too sis. Bye." "Bye."

The girl opened her eyes as she heard the trunk of the car open. 'That was quick.' Once the trunk closed, her mom opened her car door. "Sorry that took so long." Claire felt her daughter's forehead. "Do you want me to make you some vegetable soup?" "Please." Madison lightly smiled then teared up. "Mom?" "Hmm?" She warmly answered. "I'm sorry I was so rude to you and dad a week ago. I was selfish and such a brat about not going with you guys on the cruise."

"Aw. It's okay baby. We should have told you ahead of time." "No mom. It's not okay. I should have known better." Claire pulled the car into the driveway and helped Madison get settled in her room. Now snuggled in her pajamas, she slowly ate the soup her mom made her. "I'll be downstairs trying to get ahold of a few painters to take care of the house. Text me if you need anything alright?" Madison wiped her eyes and smiled. "Okay. Thanks mom." She lightly hugged her then left the room.

Madison put in her earbuds and started to watch YouTube on her phone. She then changed her mind after she finished her bowl and closed her eyes.

Madison quietly sneezed. "I wish Violet was here." She then heard Kip barking downstairs and then the doorbell. "Violet?" Her father heard her in his office across the hall. Jim stood up and entered her room. "He's just barking at the mail man. As always. What's going on with you?" He felt her forehead. "I'm.." She sneezed again. "..sick." Madison closed her eyes again.

"Aw." He pecked her on the top of her head. "Sorry to bother you then." He walked out her door. "It's okay." Madison yawned and tried to clear her thoughts about what happened earlier. "Don't be stupid. It's another way of manipulating you."

Downstairs, Claire and Jim were in the kitchen as Claire was washing the dishes. "I'm worried about Madison." He folded his arms. "Were you aware that she was sick?" Her mother picked up a dish towel and dried her hands. "Yes. I was." "Lock the front door." Her father said adamantly. "If your so called brother ever shows up here again, I will kill him for what he did to my daughter." Agreeing but afraid to negotiate, Claire left and did so.

An hour later, Madison sighed in response as her mom set a hand on her shoulder. "Hm?" "Hey." The girl opened her eyes to her mother's soft smile. "Did you sleep well?" "Yeah." Her eyes shut again. "Are you hungry?" Claire pet her daughter's head. "Not really." "It's only six o'clock Maddie. You won't sleep tonight." Madison forced her eyes open and slowly sat up. "Okay." She loudly yawned.

She carefully walked down the stairs, holding on to the railing. Kip barked and ran over, scratching his front paws against her leg. Madison smiled and picked him up.

Kip licked her face as she did. "Are you still hungry?" Her mom hummed. "N..not really." "Oh really?" Jim walked in with a playful voice. "That's a real shame. I was going to order take out and maybe get an order of fries but never mind." Madison giggled. "You always know my weakness dad." Jim laughed and left the kitchen to set the order.

She took out her phone and noticed a text message from Violet. *Hope you feel better sis.* Violet sent her a heart emoticon. Madison smiled. "What's up?" "Violet sent me a get well soon text." "Aw. That's cute." "Yeah. She's awesome."

Madison smiled as the doorbell rang and Kip leaped out of her arms. She groaned and chased after him as he wouldn't stop barking. "Dad?" She shrugged and noticed the money on the sofa table. Madison grabbed it and opened the door. She rolled her eyes. "Why do you keep stalking me?" "Stalking? Muah?" Olaf cleared his throat. "I just wanted to make sure you were fine after that little mishap."

Madison rolled her eyes again. "I'm fine. Here." She handed him the money then covered her mouth to sneeze. "Five dollar tip." He nodded and handed her the bag of food. "Bless you. By the way, I made sure that the fries were extra crispy." Madison couldn't help but giggle. "Bye." She shooed him off of the porch. Olaf spun around back to the delivery car.

The girl put Kip down and took out the fries. "Thanks dad." She lightly hugged him. Jim took the bag from her and smiled. "You're welcome sweetie." She hurried upstairs to her room. This time, Kip chased after her. "You know you can't have these." She hummed.

After finishing her plate, Madison snuggled back under her blankets. Her puppy jumped up and lay at the foot of the bed. She huffed. "Night baby."