Following the fall of Voldemort, Harry had gone on to do the things that were expected of him: he had married Ginny, became an Auror with Ron, had two point five children and lived in a house with a white picket fence.

However, as Harry grew older, he became more and more aware of the issues he was seeing around in his society. As his firstborn went off to Hogwarts, eventually followed by his second, and third, he became worried.

As he climbed higher and higher in social standing, he saw more and more injustice and medieval methods practised. Finally, his muggle born haze had been broken from the surreal experience of magic.

When he had discussed this change with his friend Hermione, he was pleased that she had noticed, too. That meant he wasn't going insane. Then again, it was only because he mentioned it that even Hermione realised it. That meant that something was hiding the realisation, the various problems for even Hermione Weasley, founder of the Society for the Protection of Elven Workers to not pick up on it.

When Harry suggested it was a widespread cast Confundus Charm or other mind-altering magic, Hermione had reminded him that not everyone was as powerful as he was, in a way that was just Hermione.

She hypothesised that it was just the powers of propaganda at work.

The two had bonded over another topic of shared interest, and they had started having weekly meetings. The pair had tried to "awaken" their respective significant others,but they were too desensitised to be moved enough to join their weekly meetings.

Eventually, Harry had become fed up enough that he started a campaign. He started a cause for the betterment of Wizarding Britain, in his own way. As the cause gained awareness, and people realised that it was "their saviour" that ran it, people joined. As time moved on, their -being Hermione and Harry - cause gained strength, and of the first to join were, of course, Harry and Hermione's significant others, but also eventually Hannah and Neville Longbottom.

With the Potter Cause - and Harry only grudgingly allowed it to be called that - so strong, they thought that surely they'd be able to get the proper legislature through for them to succeed. After all, that was what the majority of the public wanted, as nearly everyone had a bone to pick with the current society, that the Potter Curse was meant to fix.

However, they quickly learned that change by civil means could not be done so easily with the current system in place, as some muggle born and Dark Lords of the past had found out. With the realisation things were a lot worse than they initially seemed, the Potter Cause quickly became a coup for a hostile takeover. It worked for Russia's Bolsheviks, why wouldn't it work for them?

Harry was able to finance most of their side of the civil war, and he had been responsible for coordinating attacks, and fighting, while Hermione ran logistics, Hannah took care of people's morale - having just finished two wars within the span of twenty years only to start another would lower any population's morale.

According to the British Ministry of Magic, Harry was a Dark Lord, and he supposed that he did fit the general description, the difference was that he was able to differentiate between civilian and military targets.

That, and his distinct lack of monologuing.

During the final battle wherein the Ministry of Magic capitulated, unfortunately, Harry's wife had been a part of the attacking force. Ginny's death only made people rally to Harry's name more, however, and Harry exerted his grief and anger at the last bit of resistance of the Old Ways.

After the Final Battle, Harry and his children mourned their lost family member, and as did everyone else with their lost. It was time to rebuild again, but this time, it was not based on the Old Ways or the Ministry of Magic. This time, they were a new society. This time, there was a need for it to be changed.

Harry only managed to take the smallest, selfish consolation that the charge wasn't based entirely on his unwanted fame. Instead, it was based somewhat on the need for change, and his wife being made a martyr.

Mostly Harry was just grief stricken by all the death he'd seen, and busy with the work of rebuilding. Part of that reformation was the creation of a new government system.

It was rather expected of the three - since they headed the cause - that Hermione, Harry, and Hannah take rather high positions in the new government.

Hannah was rather liked by the populace, them having remembered her to be the one lifting their spirits, and being a genial godsend for the people during the dark period. By this fact alone it was enough to get her the position of the Head of State. It helped that before the Cause, she was rather interested in politics, and was the driving force behind most of the political moved during the cause. Much of them were ingenious, and if it wasn't for the broken system she had to use, their cause would have been successful without a bloody takeover.

Hermione was rather instrumental as well, having worked on the legality side of things. During that work, she had found her calling to the legal profession, and as such, she was made Chief Justice. However, in this case, the Chief Justice was responsible for overseeing the enforcement of law, and the judicial system that was put in place. She was a type of governor general, but she was not responsible for signing off on laws and instead was part of a supreme court.

Luna, rather surprisingly to some, had shone as a light working in R&D during the war and had stayed on with working as the head of the more scientific leaning branch.

Harry, however, was not interested in law, politics, or "discovering what man was not meant to know," as Luna rather dramatically put it. Instead, he had noted the fact that there always seemed to be Dark Lords and Ladies that popped up every now and again, where the only protection for the populace were police officers. Now, Harry compared this to what other, muggle, countries would do.

If a civil war broke out, it wasn't normally the police force that was responsible for fighting them, but the military.

So far, there have been no strictly "military" forces in magical history. Sure, there were the odd militias that were formed during the goblin uprisings, but they were rather ineffective considering that the last war was won by the goblins.

So, Harry founded what was the first true magical military. Harry also became the first Commander-in-Chief of that military, because what was a military without a true chain of command, and someone to head that chain?

The Commander-in-Chief was in charge of all things military. They were to be completely neutral to both law and politics. They were responsible for both defence and offence in any military operations. They had complete control of all military assets.

In homefront war, "martial law" was automatically declared, and civil liberties were placed on hold. That happened to include civil war, a serious terrorist threat, or an invading force. During that time, the economy was switched from a civil to a military economy.

The rest of the former DA generally gravitated towards service in the military, having been used observing under harry's command in the last two wars, and some being quite good at what they did.

As an interesting side note, the neutrality of the head of the military did not just stay with the head; all of the military forces were to stay completely out of all political affairs - they weren't even able to vote in elections.

However, they were paid quite well, especially during war time.

It was not long before the rather young governing body had had its first invasion. The other magical ministries were still in a pre world war way of thinking that of twisted words taken from Charles Darwin's mouth.

They believed that it was right to have war, as it proved that they were the superior species. It didn't matter that most of the time they were fighting their own species - they thought that ethnic origin was a differing species.

Idiots, the lot of them.

It was also why the tri-wizard tournament had been set up to begin with; it was the magical version of the Olympics for the three most powerful magical governments at the time.

The procedures put in place by "The Big Three" - as the populace had taken to calling them - proved fruitful as Harry already had a standing force to defend the population with. He also played to each species strengths and weaknesses, believing fully that segregation would only hinder the military's overall effectiveness in the long run.

Units designed for specific uses would have a specific species layout, to the best possible ability to take down the enemy. For example, a "nocturnal" unit would be heavily invested in species that have a natural "nighttime" edge. That meant people that belong to the ethnic category of vampires and werewolves of the Sapience Society as a unit.

Many muggle borns were pleasantly surprised to note that vampires and werewolves, despite popular belief, did not have an inherent dislike for one another.

It was true that they did not tend to stay in the same social circles, but they normally treated each other like normal people. Well, "normal" as in how Canadians would treat each other.

In some places, people did not tend to treat the average stranger all that well.

In fact, when the Nocturnal units were being created, and the two differing classifications were trained together, it was discovered that their abilities complemented each other.

Given how prepared Harry was for an incoming attack - the paranoid man that he was - it was no wonder that he was able to defend so well against the surprise attack.

And, as a message to all the other countries of the world that thought them weak, he went so far as to annexe the offending ministry.

It was the first step into what would be the first globally unified government, in the form of a magical utopian sentience society.

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