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"What about her?", even after the full explanation about love that he was listening. Neuro still can't understand what was Yako mean back then.

"...I think, it's love", Yako said it suddenly breaking the usual silent that is going on in the office. They just came back after the case earlier, and because the demon is in the good mood after had his stomach full. The young detective was having her rare blissful time in office while sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper.

Her soft statement caught Neuro's attention, while he is not too fondly of human's feeling and mind. He is always pay attention of everything that Yako did. After all, he didn't want to miss any change of the creature that he is maintaining, not after the 3 years of separating. He took the newspaper that she read before so suddenly and made Yako almost choke her fifth slice of strawberry shortcake, "Neuro! You surprised me!" She took her bottle water and drink to calm her down. "What were you reading before?", ask Neuro with the sharp eyes.

"Eh? Only some article about yesterday case", for some reason, yako's face become red.

"Oh, ho. Are you finally realize your narcissistic trait for your disgusting self?", Neuro had pleasure of every word he said to his slave and also to the outcome that she gave him.

"You, why you always so brilliant to abuse me verbally?", Yako almost get used of the verbal abuse or the harsh words that people said about her, mostly because of what Neuro said to him is much worse. But, after Neuro come back eventually she got agitated by his words again.

"Why? You prefer the physical abuse? I didn't train you to be such a masochist, Yako", Neuro still talking with such smile in his eyes.

"No, no, no, no! of course not!", like other harassment case of Neuro, he always success to break her defend and made her panic by words before he eventually harass her body.

"Then, which is you think is love?", Neuro was asking with his hand is grabbing yako's heart painfully.

"Eh, you heard me...!?", whether of getting used of Neuro's harassment or embarrassed of her own thought. Yako still could defend her self in this situation.

But, rather than answer her, instead he tighten his grab. "It hurts, hurts! Neuro stop it!".

Neuro had already read the article, but didn't understand what was Yako mean at all.

[The former "high school detective"]

-that's the big title of newspaper that Yako read before.-

[After 2 years of the case in the airplane that almost killed her, this time Katsuragi Yako solved another case that involved of her own safety. Even though, she is constantly in danger she had said that she will keep doing this job as long as she could. Many rumours said that she did this because of her first case which is the death of her own father by the police officer. That very first case is the reason why she don't trust the government officer and trying to make sure that no one would experienced the same thing as she had. When we tried to confirm this rumour to the detective herself. She said that even though her father's death has a connection of the reason why she keep doing her job, the actual reason is her promise to someone. When we tried to pursue the issue of that particular someone, she just smile and said that it is a secret between them. She also tried to stay away from the topic by saying that she is also like this job, because she could meet and help many people, and keep making other reason so that we don't push the topic into that particular person anymore.

So, we tried to investigate more about this particular person. There are a few candidates who could be that person, one of them is the deceased Sasazuka Eishi who had died during six case, but from the people who close to them said that even thought they was quite close and often solved the case together. Sasazuka Eishi always want Katsuragi Yako to avoid danger and live as a normal teenage girl;

Another one that we assumed is her late father but, that thought quickly disappeared after realize that Katsuragi Yako is only a normal teenage girl before her father death;

Another candidate is Godai Shinobi, vice president of the company that have relation with Katsuragi Yako's detective office. He got into the candidate list because of they are often spot to be together out of the office. The vice president even often spotted went to her office personally. But when we tried to confirm it he just shove us out after shout that I am not that monster;

Another candidate is her mother, but she said that she has never asked her to do that. She even sometimes wondering about it too;

We even got Aya Asia as our candidate, because although she is one of the people that got into jail by Katsuragi Yako. She is the only criminal that the detective often visit in , althought Aya said that She is really respect the detective, even feel grateful for solve her case. She said that she is not the one, but when we almost left she said that the person must be him. But, we can't pursue about it anymore. So, we got the assume that the person is a man or a lover. When we were waiting for the last candidate, we tried to guess that may be almost all of our candidate know about this person but still want keep him hidden for some reason;

Higuchi Yuya who got into our list because of his history with the detective. They had solve the case together, was against with each other together, even went dating for 2 year before broke up almost 2 years ago, for the note he corrected us that it is 1 year and 4 months ago. So, when we met him we had our high expectation, but he said that he will never broke up with her if he is that person.

We then asked her, if "he" is her lover. His answer really suprised us, he indeed said that we have to ask it with the detective herself, but he also said that "he" always protect her, that's why she never afraid of the danger she would face. When we still don't have the answer about that person, we got another question in our mind "Why Katsuragi Yako, who is still in high school when she started it, is going as far as face the danger, even though he protected her it is still so dangerous for a young girl, just because, her promise, to that person?"]

Neuro too focused of the newspaper and almost forgot about Yako's head in his hand.

"...you...", Yako tried to answer Neuro's question. Because her head got grab so tightly, she almost lost her conscious and said what is in her mind or may be what is her feeling.

"Eh?" Neuro gave her attention back to Yako, loosing his hand a little so that she could give him a clear answer. "What is it about me?"

"...I love... you..." after that the detective lost all of her consious.

"...Yako..?", Neuro was confusing, he didn't grab it hard enough to kill her of course, and he suddenly remember that, the exhausted could make human weaker and She didn't get sleep because of the yesterday case which is almost killed her because Neuro came late to the crime scene. So she is sleep deprived, exhausted mental and physical. That's why his abuse got bigger impact than usual. He released his grab and catch Yako's unconscious body, no need to abuse her when she couldn't react to it, specially when she is already so weak. But, still he wasn't gonna act gentle too. So rather than put her in sofa, Neuro only caught her so that her body won't hit the table but, then just released her body slowly to the floor as she was. He almost went back to Thor when remembered her last words before pass out 'I love you', "oh my, I must grab her head to hard. That's why you had the delusion.." Neuro then realized he spoke alone, got annoyed he pinch Yako's cheek softly, softly for Neuro's standard. Then come back to Troy.

Neuro sat down behind Troy while reading the newspaper and news in the internet or at least, he was trying to. But, Yako's sentence keep bothering him, What did she mean by it, and the fact that he can't ask her immediately is agitated him more. Waking her up is not the best option because it wouldn't be wise to make he weaker slave in sleep deprived when he got a new case later. And, for some reason he didn't want to ask her. Despite, judging of her reaction before she also wouldn't answer it. He knew her last sentence is because of her lack of conscious and the need to relieve the pain. He was trying to ignore it, but then he remembered something that Yako said before, "You won't understand the feeling of lost the people you love", that is the first time he got so mad about her. Not because of those but because the things she said after, "...it would be better if I never meet them... or you..!" Yako always had the habit to push him away every time she cried, so it's kind of made him a little relieve when she promised him not to cry anymore. Since when that she had that habit, she wasn't like that when he saw her crying. Right, back then he is also got urge to abuse the one that made Yako cry, officer that killed her father. But, on a second thought anyone who is crying is annoying after all. Well, thinking about it is useless. When something happen then it means to happen, right. No, after thinking about it again, it irritated me after all. Maybe I could found another human who excellent in human's mind and body.