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Battle Royale

Warnings: angst (I think), Yaoi (but not much), um… not much else I can think of…

Chapter 12

"I win," Tala said, to the shock of the people around him. Until Black Dranzer had been called, no one expected Kai to lose. Why hadn't they thought of Black Dranzer, and realised it could be used, its power could be harnessed by someone other than Kai? But after the dark phoenix's appearance, it was clear that Kai could not win.

Kai dropped to his knees, looking at his Dranzer blade. The blade flashed, as if sensing his disappointment, but Kai knew the firebird had done it's best.

Tala turned to Ben. "Let him down," he ordered, gesturing at Tyson.

"What? How dare you tell me what to do, in my own house!" Ben protested.

"I said, let him down," he repeated, ice tingeing his voice.

Ben bristled, straightening to his full height, which was only a couple of centimeters shorter than Tala, despite their age differences.

"Why?" Ben almost spat, glaring between Kai, Tala and Tyson.

"Because," Tala said calmly, smirking. "I want to be able to see his face when I tell him what's going to happen to him now."

"Tala... you cant mean... you're not going to kill him, are you?" Max asked, his face pale.

"That's for me to know and for you to worry about, isn't it?"

Ben smiled, seemingly back in control of his emotions, and walked over to the wall. The others followed him with their eyes, watching with unconcealed interest as he carefully lowered it slowly to the ground. But, about half way down, something happened that no one was expecting.

The cable snapped.

With a scream, Tyson gripped the bars in an attempt to brace himself for the fall, though gripping the bars meant the electricity coursed through him again.

"Tyson," Ray, Kai, Max, Kenny and Lee yelled, their concern for their friend showing though.

"I'm alright, guys, don't worry," Tyson said, though everyone could see that it was hard for him.

"Andre, are you alright?"

Surprisingly, the question had come from Ben, and as one, the Bladebreakers and Lee turned to him.

"What do you care?" Ray almost spat. Ben glared.

"He is still my brother," Ben replied, looking away. "There are some bonds that cannot be broken, no matter the circumstance."

"Besides, he was doing it for someone else, weren't you, Benjamin?" that came from Tala, who was watching, his attention wavering between the two brothers.

Everyone turned to look at Ben, who glared.

"It's Teresa, isnt it?"

Ben glared at Tyson, and Tyson nearly backed away from the intensity and heat of the glare. "It's your fault, Andre! All of it! If you hadn't been so pig-headed…"


"So what if you didn't want to rule!? I don't want to either! But because of you, our kingdom is being dissolved!" Ben continued wildly, his voice raising. If he had heard Tyson's question, he'd ignored it.

There was a stunned silence, then Tyson managed to whimper, "what?"

"If there was no King on the throne by the end of the May – in two months – the chancellors have decided, by mutual agreement, to dissolve our nation," Ben explained, quieting down somewhat, "And we would become citizens of…. Russia, under the governorship of one of Russia most prominent businessmen, who is considering opening a branch of his business here," Ben made a face.

"You don't want to be king, you just don't want our kingdom put into the hands of someone else," Tyson said as realisation passed through him.

"I just don't want our kingdom put into the hands of Voltaire Hiwatari."

"And because I left, you had no way of protecting… God, if I had known… I'm sorry Ben," Tyson's eyes were earnest as he looked at his brother. Then Ben's other words sunk in, and Tyson's eyes widened in shock. "Voltaire?"

"Think of what my grandfather could do with an entire royal treasury at his disposal," Kai reminded him. Then he turned to Tala, "And was that your part in this?" Kai asked, referring to the matter at hand. "Spy for Biovault? I'll bet he'll be surprised when he finds out that Tyson, the same Tyson who defeated you, was the heir he was looking for so badly."

Tala smirked. "Kai, your lack of trust in me wounds me greatly. Do you really think I would still be working for Biovault, after everything that's happened? Besides," he added, "I've known Tyson was Andre for around three and a half years."

Ben frowned. "You mean you aren't working for Biovault?"

"You thought I was working for them as well?" Now Tala sounded surprised.

"One of my advisors – one of the ones I trust – told me that a spy for Biovault would be here, watching the match. When you arrived on the plane, I thought it was you," Ben explained.

Tyson shook his head. "Tala isn't a spy for Biovault. None of the Demolition Boys are. I wouldn't have spent all that money…" suddenly, Tyson blushed as everyone looked at him.

"What are you talking about, Tyson?" Kai asked, fixing Tyson with a look that said, 'tell me. Now!'

"I… ah… um…" Tyson stuttered, trying to think.

Luckily for the blue haired boy, something happened that took everyone's attention off of him when a girl, around 14 years old, ran into the room.

"Prince Ben! Ben!"

Ben turned to look at the girl. "What is it, Dawn?" he asked, sounding slightly irritated.

"It's Teresa! She's gone into labour!"

Before anyone had time to register what she had said, Ben was already half way out of the room.

Tyson tried to get up – he had been sitting on the floor up until this point, although Kai had gotten him out of the cage – and almost fell back down, only to have someone grip his arm to steady it.

"Thank you," he murmured without turning around.

"You're welcome," Kai murmured back. Surprised, Tyson turned to look at his team captain. He had forgotten that the older beyblader was behind him, but still hadn't expected him to be the one to steady him.

Kai helped Tyson get steady on his feet, though Tala noticed with a brief smile that Kai's hands stayed on Tyson for slightly longer than necessary.

"Come on!" Tyson urged breaking into a light jog. The others followed him out of the room, Kai staying just behind him, just in case.


Kai frowned, looking at Tyson, who was holding his baby nephew gently. After a labor of nearly two hours, a relatively quick time, Teresa had given birth to a boy, who she had named Adam.

The younger member of the Bladebreakers looked tired, utterly exhausted, but he kept fighting not to show it.

Looking at the expressions on Tala and Ben's faces when they looked at Tyson, Kai knew they both could see through the façade.

"I suppose we will be staying here tonight?" Kai asked Ben.

Ben, who looked nearly as tired as Tyson, though not quite so raggered, nodded. "Yes. I was planning on giving you all rooms in the west wing, but Andre - Tyson - may want to stay in his room."

Tyson, who had been handing Adam to Daniel, looked up at his name, still catching enough of the conversation to understand. "You mean my room is still open?"

Ben nodded, "Yes. Excuse me, I should go and see how Teresa is doing," he said, excusing himself.

"Wait!" Tyson called. Ben turned to face him, and Tyson smiled, "Your son is beautiful, Ben," he stated softly. "But what are you planning on doing about Teresa?"

Ben smiled back, genuinely, before drawing something small out of his pocket. Tyson gasped softly, seeing the small ring glint in the light, before looking back at Ben, this time smiling with satisfaction. "I'm glad," he said simply.

After Ben had left, Max and Kenny looked at Tyson, shocked. "You knew? How did you know that Ben was Teresa's baby's dad?"

"When a member of the family … likes someone, it's really easy to tell, at least to someone in the family. He looked the same as Corey did when he first started dating his wife. Plus there's the fact that we don't choose our life partners easily," Tyson explained. Chris and Daniel nodded, understanding exactly what he meant.

"Life partners? Do you mean like how the Neko-Jin mate?" Ray asked, curiously. Beside him, Lee listened intently. He knew the mating rituals of the Neko-Jin - the name given to the higher members of the White Valley society. They were considered the elite, aristocratic members of the White Valley. All of his team was considered Neko-Jin, as was Ray.

"May I explain, Tyson?" Kenny asked, looking at him. Tyson shrugged.

"Sure, go ahead. I'll correct you if you're wrong."

Kenny settled his glasses more firmly on, then cleared his throat, and Kai got the impression that he was imitating a collage professor. "I've told you previously about the rule that forbid anyone but the heir to the throne from ruling, once the king had died, and the only way to get that changed," Kenny began. The others around him nodded, except Tyson, Daniel and Chris because they hadn't been present, "similarly, there are other… rulings that were handed down. Divorce, for one, is outlawed. It is illegal for a member of the royal family, however distant to file for a divorce. Marriage is for life."

"But what happens if your partner dies?" Max asked. "And what about, er… unconventional marriages?"

"If the partner dies, if either partner dies, they are not allowed to re-marry," Kenny continued. "And, unconventional marriages, er.. do you mean same sex marriages, Max?"

Tyson took over the answering when it became clear that Kenny didn't know the answering.

"Same sex marriages are allowed, but frowned upon. It's more traditional for someone to take a husband or a wife, and then have a lover on the side. Normally, this happens when both parties prefer their own sex, and is therefore mutually beneficial," Tyson sounded like he was quoting a textbook, and Chris and Daniel sniggered.

"Father used to tell us that all the time," Daniel explained. "He wasn't against gays, or anything like that, but he knew the line needed to be continued."

Tyson yawned. Noticing, Tala and Kai stood at the same time, glaring at each other.

"Come on Tyson," Kai said, taking his eyes off Tala, and walking over to Tyson. "You need some rest. You can show me where your room is."

Protesting weakly, Tyson allowed Kai to draw him out of the room, Tala following close behind. Kai noticed this, glaring at Tala, who just smirked back.

"I'm just as concerned for him as you are, Kai," he said, causing Tyson to look around. "Besides," Tala added, catching Tyson's eye, "there's something I need to ask him."

Tyson nodded, leaning heavily on Kai. He still wasn't fully recovered from his ordeal earlier that day, although he had tried hard to hide it in front of his family and friends.


After about fifteen minutes walking, and Tyson now leaning on both Kai and Tala, they finally arrived at Tyson's room.

"Wow," Tyson said, entering. "It's just like I left it! Except, you know, clean…"

Kai and Tala looked around the room. There were dark blue walls, with white carpet, curtains over the bay window - Tala was sure he could see a small alcove there - and a red rug on the floor. Painting hung in the centre of each wall, one of the King, Tyson's father, one of the four brothers, a wildlife scene and a fantasy picture - a boy, who looked like Tyson, riding a dragon. There was one large - very large - bed off to one side, large enough to fit two or three people easily. Tala smirked, looking at Tyson.

"Did you do any… entertaining… in here," he asked, gesturing at the room.

"No. We weren't allowed to have anyone other than family in our rooms. You guys are the first people to see mine, aside from the maids," Tyson replied, completely missing the innuendo that Tala had added. Kai frowned, catching the pun.

Working together, Tala and Kai put Tyson on the bed.

"Geez, I'm not a baby," he muttered, glaring at both.

"As your team captain, you should listen to me. You're injured. You need to rest," Kai stated. "Tala just helped me bring you here."

"Tala?" Tyson looked at the red haired boy. "You said you wanted to ask me something?"

"Actually, I just want you to confirm something for me," Tala said, sitting on the bed next to him.

"Yes, I'm him," Tyson said, before Tala could ask anything.

"You knew what I was going to ask?" Tala sounded surprised.

"You were asking if I was the Royal Dragon, weren't you?"

"No. But thanks for the information," Tala looked smug.

"You weren't?" Tyson's eyes widened. "Ah… I didn't mean that, Tala. I'm lying. I'm not Blue."

"Yes, actually I was," Tala laughed. "But it was so much fun to see the look on your face. Besides, I already knew."

"Then why ask?"

"To hear it from you. You're crap at lying, by the way. No one but the members of the Demolition Boys knew the Royal Dragon signed everything he sent us as 'Blue'," he added.

"How did you know?" Kai asked. "I guessed a while ago, back in the meeting before the battle, but I wasn't sure. When did you know?"

"We all knew. It was Ian who worked it out though," Tala said.

"You didn't mind?" Tyson's voice was a little unsure. "I never wanted to tell you, just in case you resented the fact that it was me."

"You made them happy, Tyson. Someone trusted us enough to do things ourselves. And you never judged us. The police, hell, most of Russia still thought we were evil, out to manipulate their children, to treat them like we were treated in the Abbey. When you showed trust in us, others did too," Tala explained.

"But didn't people think I was some 'crazy lunatic who was only encouraging you to commit the evils of your masters'?" Tyson asked, quoting the words from the newspaper he had read two years ago.

"At first, yes," Tala admitted. "But people did start to trust us. When they saw nothing was happening to their children – it was you who suggested that parents be allowed to come in any time, without letting us know they were coming, to see their children, and that they be allowed to stay overnight if they wanted to, or felt it was necessary. That helped a lot in gaining the adults trust."


Tyson looked at Tala, unsure of what he could say to something like that.

Kai looked at Tyson. "Tyson, how did you pay for it all?"

Tyson looked embarrassed. "I have a bank account, or, rather, Andre has a bank account. No one else but me can access it, so there were no problems with anyone finding out," he added, smiling softly. "After I met Gramps, and Dad," Kai nodded, remembering Tyson telling him the truth earlier that week – had it only been a week? – and gestured for the boy to continue, "I had the account modified. Now it can only be accessed by Andre, and Tyson Kinomiya. It was easy." He shrugged, looking up at Tala, with a slight fear entering his eyes. "Tala?" he asked, drawing the attention of the red-haired teen back onto him – Tala had been absorbed in his thoughts – and accidentally getting Kai's attention at the same time. "What are you going to do with me?"

"Pardon?" Tala looked confused for a second, and Tyson elaborated.

"You won the battle. According to Ben, you get to decide if I live or die, remember? Although," he added with a wry smile, "I don't really think Ben would like it if you killed me now. We're just making up."

Tala looked thoughtful, "How are you planning on settling the matter with the country?" he asked, adding a moment after, "provided I decide to let you live, of course,"

Tyson laughed. "I was planning on becoming King, changing the law, and than abdicating. Ben can take the throne if he wants, or he can become regent, and Chris or Danny can become King in a few years," he said. "But I would never let Voltaire get his hands on this country," Tyson said the last bit fiercely.

Tala nodded. "Thank you, Tyson. I've heard all I need to make my decision."

Tyson looked at him, half eagerly, half apprehensively, "and that is?"

Tala smirked. "That I'm tired and I'm going to bed. You should do the same. Sleep, Tyson. I'll tell you in the morning."

With that, Tala left the room. Glancing at Tyson to give him reassuring half smile, Kai followed Tala.


Outside the door Tala waited for Kai, knowing the other boy would follow him. Tala knew Kai cared for Tyson; he had seen it in the few times they had been together.

"Tala," Kai said, calling him. "I need to know…"

"I'll tell you my decision if you answer a question for me first," Tala countered, "Deal?"

"Fine. What question?"

"Do you love him?"

If Kai wasn't who he was, he would have jumped at the unexpected question. "Pardon?"

"It's a simple question," Tala said, noticing Tyson come out of his room, standing behind Kai. Kai was so stunned with the question he hadn't noticed. "Are. You. In. Love. With. Tyson?"

Kai blushed. "Why?"

"Because you act like you love him," Tala said. "Only someone who's known you all your life would be able to notice the differences in the way you act around him - it's very subtle. I just want to know."

"What does it matter if I like him?" Kai asked, his voice low. "He won't like me back."

Tala smiled, seeing Tyson do a wonderful impersonation of a goldfish. "So you do like him," Tala stated, focusing on Kai.

"Yes, I like him, alright! I answered your question, now answer mine!"

"What made you think I wouldn't like you back?" Tyson's voice came from behind Kai. The duel-haired blader turned to look at him, semi-shocked.

"Tyson," he said quietly. "How much did you hear?"

"Most of it," Tyson replied in the same tone. "Did you mean it?"

Tala smirked. "Well, I'll just leave you two to work this out. I'll see you in the morning."

The redhead turned to leave, then turned back, still smirking at the two, who hadn't moved, still staring at each other.

"Oh, and Kai? Don't wear him out too much. He's already tired."


Max looked up as Tala came back into the room smirking. "Tala? Where's Kai? Weren't you and him taking Tyson to his room?" he carefully handed Adam back to the child's father.

"We did, but Kai stayed a while longer. There were some things that they needed to discuss. Things of a personal nature… "

There was a sly glint in Tala's eyes, one that made Max's own eyes open wider. The blond teen's mouth was imitating a goldfish as he caught Tala's unlaying meaning, then he gave a sort of loud squeak.

"You finally managed to get them together?" Max all but squealed. "We've been trying to do that for months! Since we found out that Kai liked Tyson too!"

"What's this about Kai and Tyson?" Ray asked from across the room, not having heard all of the conversation.

"I don't know how he did it, but Tala's a genius!" Max praised, restraining the instinct to hug the red haired teen. Instead, he opted for his Chinese team mate.

"What did he do?" Lee came over now as well, curious, but Ray was looking at Tala suspiciously over Max's shoulder.

"Maxie, you do remember that Tala might be planning on killing Tyson?" he said softly in the blond teen's ear.

"Nah, he's not, are you Tala?" Max said, letting go of Ray to look at Tala.

"What makes you so sure, Max?" Tala asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Would you really have gotten Tyson and Kai together if you were planning on killing Tyson?" Max shot back, still grinning.

"Maybe it's not killing I had in mind for your friend. There are worse things then death, you realise," Tala countered.

"Wait a minute. You got Kai and Tyson together?" Ray asked, his eyebrows knitting.

"If they don't screw it up, then yes," Tala replied smugly. "Although, perhaps 'screw' isn't the word I wanted to use," he added, smirking.

Ray winced. "I so didn't need to hear that."

"So what are you going to do with Tyson?" Ben asked, putting a sleeping Adam in his bassinette.

"I've told Tyson I would tell him tomorrow. I don't see why you should be any different," Tala added. "Ben, would you be so kind to get someone to show me to my room? I'm quite tired," he said, his eyes laughing.

Ben nodded, and summoned a servant, giving him the instructions to where Tala, Lee and the Bladebreakers were going to stay.

No one noticed Kai wasn't in the room the next morning.


The next morning, Tyson woke up on an extra soft bed, one he hadn't woken up on for over five years. Added to that, he woke up in a position he had wanted to wake up in for nearly two years now - with Kai's arms wrapped around him.

They had done nothing but talk - and kiss - last night. Tala was right, he was exhausted from the day before, and the first thing he was planning to do this morning was take a long, relaxing hot bath, to help cool his muscles down. He really should have done it last night, but he hadn't thought of it, Adam's birth, Kai asking him out and Tala's possible punishments for him all keeping his mind equally occupied.

Gently Tyson pried Kai's arms from around his waist, trying hard not to wake the older boy. He still couldn't understand how Kai could have thought that he wouldn't like him back, but then again, hadn't he thought that Kai wouldn't return the feelings he, Tyson, had been harboring for the duel-haired teen? Add to that, the worries he had about his past catching up with him, a thing that had actually happened.

Tyson tried to get Kai to release his hold, but it seemed the other blader had different intentions, none of which included letting him go. In fact, if it were possible, the arms tightened around him.

Tyson sighed, quite content to let Kai have his way, at least for the moment. He knew there would come a time when he did have to get up, but apparently, that time wasn't now.

About half an hour later, Tyson decided he really had to get up. It was a matter of survival that dictated it. He needed to go.

Unfortunately, Kai still didn't seem to share his sentiments.

"Kai? Kai, wake up," Tyson whispered in his ear. Kai gave a low moan, trying to burrow his head into Tyson's shirt. "Kai! Let me go!" Tyson tried again, "I really need to go!"

"You're staying right here," Kai mumbled, managing to sound threatening and sleepy at the same time. Tyson would have smiled if he hadn't been near the point of bursting.

"Fine. I don't mind if you want a water bed then," Tyson commented.


"I need to go to the toilet, Kai. Right now," Tyson said, finally glad to have gotten his boyfriend's attention.

"Why didn't you say so?" Kai said, letting him go with a grimace. "Go. But," he added, with a smirk, "I expect you back here in under five minutes."

"Sir, yes Sir!" Tyson saluted, before turning and hurrying into the bathroom. He really did have to go!


Everyone was gathered in the sitting room again, in almost the same seats as the day before. The only differences were that Tyson sat next to Ben, and Kai next to him, and Tala sat at the far end of the table.

"I understand you've made a decision," Ben directed the comment at Tala, his royal upbringing shaping his words like it always did when he was nervous. He was regretting everything he had done, both to Tala, by putting him in a position where he had to make the choice, and to Tyson, and the rest of his team, by forcing them into this. It was true he was only thinking about the future of his country, his homeland, but that still didn't excuse his actions.

Tyson, Chris and Daniel all raised an eyebrow at his words, recognizing his nervousness.

"I have," Tala replied in kind, thinking Ben's formal tone was procedure, not nerves. "As long as Tyson fulfills the promises he made to me last night, I am happy to let him live."

"What? Just like that?" Lee asked, his shocked gaze going from Tyson to Tala and back again.

"What promises?" Ray asked suspiciously.

"I asked him a question. I liked his answer," Tala explained vaguely, which only served to confuse everyone more, except for Tyson and Kai, who knew what had happened.

"And…?" Max asked.

Tala smirked. "And what?"

"What happened?! What was the question you asked him?! What was the answer?!" Max fired off the questions quickly.

"That's something Tyson can reveal if he chooses to," said Tala, fixing Tyson with his gaze.

"He asked what I would do if he let me go," Tyson explained. Underneath the table, Kai's hand on his knee was a reassuring weight. "I told him, I would become King -"

Tyson was cut off by Ben. "I thought you didn't want to become King!"

"I don't," Tyson said shortly. "But I also can't take the risk of our kingdom falling into Biovault's hands. I was going to take the throne, change the law – we have sufficient reasoning now, especially with what's happened, that they won't refuse the motion – and then abdicate," he explained. "You can become King, Ben, or you can play Regent, and Chris or Dan can become King in a couple of years."

"You really think that would work?" Ray sounded doubtful. "If it was that simple, why didn't they do it before?"

"Because they needed me to do the first step," Tyson said. "Since I'm the oldest, I'm the only one who could change the law in the first place," Tyson turned to look at his brother. "Ben? What do you think?"

Ben smiled. "I think we'd better get started then."


Tyson sat on the hospital bed, pointedly not looking as the nurse stabbed him with the needle. He hated needles, but this was necessary. A DNA test, to determine if he really was who he said he was. He couldn't blame the members of the Council for being suspicious. He didn't look like the Andre they had known, and a DNA test was the safest option available, as well as the most accurate.

It would be a week before they had the results back, but after Tyson had proclaimed his intentions to the Council, they had been forced to send a letter to Russia's government, explaining the situation. He didn't know exactly what the note said, but that was beside the point. Biovault would have no chance at getting the nation now, and they would now it as well by now.

"All done," the nurse said, putting a small bandage on his arm, "Do you want a snake?" he offered, glancing at the lolly jar on the counter. Tyson rolled his eyes, but accepted the lolly anyway. Who was he to turn down free candy?

"What now?" Kai asked, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Kai had offered to come with him to get the necessary tests done. The blood test was the last one needed.

Tyson leaned into his boyfriend. "Now we wait for the tests to come back. But it'll take about a week," he reminded the older boy.

"One week," Kai repeated in a murmur.


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