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Higuchi Pharmacology Laboratory District 7


The teen froze at the name, then closed his eyes and smiled. "Welcome back, First."

Misaka glared at the First ranked. "What are you doing here?"

"Tch, none of your business." He scoffed, annoyed at the Third Rate. How was it her business to know his agendas? But then redirected his attention to the 'First'. "So you're really alive."

"I guess so..." The girl replied uncertainly, "Have we met before? My memory is still fuzzy and you know, now that I've been told that my life's pretty much been a lie this entire time, I'm not sure what to trust right now."

The teen stared at the girl hard, double checking if this really was the First that he had grown up with. "I'm pretty sure we have. But..." He muttered, "I guess we can start over with introductions."

"Great!" The girl half-smiled. The albino teen could clearly see she was still unfamiliar with him and thus was still hesitant. "I'm Saten Ruiko, or...at least I think I am. Supposedly I'm a Level Five."

Accelerator frowned...this wasn't the First he knew. This girl had no confidence and certainty that he remembered, her smile wasn't real and her eyes were lighting up his world. "The name's Accelerator, I'm also a Level Five." He introduced, trying to smile for her.

"It's nice to meet you Accelerator-san." The girl replied, concentrating hard. "For some odd reason, I seem to get this picture of us hanging out when we were younger."

The teen, for once, smiled for real. Now they were getting somewhere. "That's right. We were labmates."

"Sorta like childhood friends!" 'First' realized, giggling. "Wow, we must have had a lot of fun if you still remember me."

Accelerator lowered his gaze slightly. "You don't know the half of it." He muttered softly. He had been so alone before he had met First, and when she had vanished, he had been devastated. "Yeah..." He tried to chuckle, "I guess were."

"Ehh!" The annoying Third Rate Brat gasped, turning to First, "You were childhood friends with this monster?"

The girl raised her eyebrows curiously. "Monster? I guess since he's crippled but I don't think that makes someone a monster."

Third Rate shook her head. "No, he's a monster alright!" She shouted, anger steaming from her rage. "You don't know what he's done! What he's done to me! Who's he killed, the people he's hurt and ruined. You can't just act so friendly to him like that!"

The teen lowered his head. It wasn't like he cared how the Third Rate felt. It didn't. Besides, he deserved it. He knew that deep down inside, Last Order hated him for his murdering of the Sisters. But to his surprise, 'First' shook her head, smiling. "Misaka, you shouldn't be so hard on someone like that. I mean, look at him, he's clearly regretting whatever he's done. I don't know what he's done to you, but for now, he's being friendly and he hasn't betrayed me, which is a plus." At those words, she sent a glare at the Third Rate. "Besides, we need all the friends we can get right now."

For some reason, her smile brought the teen back. That smile was identical to 'First's' smile whenever they had hung out back in the lab. The teen chuckled lightly. "Thanks...'First'. You're 'First' for sure."

"Aww, thanks...I guess." The girl chuckled back. "Aww look, you're smiling!" The two held each other's smiles for a while until an impatient voice interrupted them.


The group jerked their heads to the annoying hero. Accelerator's eyes glared into the boy's. Couldn't he see they were having a reunion moment? "What is it f'ing hero?"

"Yeah Touma, can't you see they're having a moment?" That weird nun girl agreed.

The bigger breasted girl frowned. "So ignorant. I'm sorry Touma-kun but that was awfully inconsiderate of you."

"Umm...you know, not to be inconsiderate..." The boy started only for the group to interject, "You're already being inconsiderate."

"Anyways, I was just saying that we should get going now." The f'ing hero pointed out. Hmm...that was a good point. That annoying spy and teleporter had told him that they'd hold the perimeter but that had been hours ago. They'd need to escape and find shelter for 'First' and her friends.

Just then, a rumbling noise resounded to their left. Accelerator reached for his choker, ready to repel any attack. The wall blew open, sending debris flying into the room.

When the smoke cleared, the teen was left speechless when he recognized a pair of familiar glowing goggles peering at the group. Standing before them was a teenage girl with shoulder length chestnut hair. She wore a Tokiwadi School uniform with a pair of military goggles covering her eyes. What was most peculiar was the giant machine strapped to her back which was connected to a giant Railgun the girl was lugging.

"Did someone call for a breakout? Announces Misaka 10032, giving a vibe of the perfect timing cliché."

Judgment Branch Office 177

"I'm so tired!"

"Jeez Uiharu, you're so lazy!" Shirai Kuroko retorted.

The flower headband girl pouted, "I'm not lazy Shirai-san, I'm just wiped. Why did Konori-senpai have to make us do paperwork past midnight? It's way past my bedtime and I want to go home!" She wailed.

Shirai raised her brow. "You really have a bed time? What other childish things do you have? A night light?"

"Shut up Shirai, I'll have you know that night lights are a perfectly acceptable tool for adults. Edasaki was fine with it and even Saten doesn't make a point out of it."

"Edasaki is too shy to tell you anything wrong and Saten is too nice to be mean to you." Shirai corrected, "Now unless you want to be seen as a childish girl like my Onee-sama, you should try adopting some more mature and adult habits."

"Like perving on Misaka?" Uiharu replied innocently, "Or touching her indecently and ending up on her bad side?"

Shirai gave the 'innocent' girl an evil eye. "I hate you..." She muttered.

"Hey girls, enough chitter chatting, we got a situation live." A firm voice interrupted. The pair turned to see Konori Mii stridding towards them.

"What's the situation?" Shirai asked curiously. What sort of event would be happening at this time in the evening?

"Twenty minutes ago, Anti-Skill received a silent alarm from Higuchi Pharmacology Laboratory here in District Seven. Upon arriving at the scene, they were immediately attacked by armed hostiles." Konori explained, "Uiharu, pull up the Anti-Skill armor cams. They want us to provide intelligence and record the feed.

The Goalkeeper of Academy City nodded, typing at a rapid speed as several windows popped up on her triple monitors. "Right, it looks like there are eight attackers, but I can't make them out in the darkness." She muttered.

The girl was right. The Anti-Skill vans were blockading the building's outer courtyard but none of the armed enforcers could advance safely under the heavy fire. In the darkness of the building, Shirai could just barely make out the dark silhouettes of eight figures firing from inside the entrance.

"I'm going to see if we can connect into the Anti-Skill comms." The hacker reported, "This Judgment Officer Uiharu reporting from Judgment Office Branch 177. Does anyone read me?"

The speaker suddenly resounded with the peppering of gunfire when a rough voice responded. "We read you Uiharu. This is Anti-Skill lieutenant Yomikawa reporting from the front."

"Thank you Yomikawa." Konori replied, "This is Judgment Senior Officer Konori, what's the status of your situation."

The comms fizzled as bullets continued to resound in the background. "We got nine hostiles so far. They're well armed. Most of them have automatic assault rifles and at least one of them has a military grade sniper rifle. They seem to have plenty of ammo and have military training. We can't make any advances safely right now. You got any ideas?"

"Do you have any idea who's behind the attack?" Shirai asked. Maybe this was like that time she fought the Science Society and that other teleporter Musujime. "Are they from outside Academy City? Where did they get automatic weapons?"

"I have no idea." The voice replied, "They've been jamming our scanners and electrobinoculars...which shouldn't be possible. We haven't been able to detect anything from them except that there are eight of them with military grade weapons and training." The voice grunted as a bullet whizzed by.

"Hold on," Shirai interrupted, a thought coming back to her. "You said that your electrical scanners weren't picking them up?"

"Yeah," Yomikawa replied, "It's strange. It's almost as if they can..."

"Negate or control electrical fields." She finished the statement. Konori glanced at the pigtailed girl. "Wait, are you saying that..."

"They're probably ESPers who can manipulate electrical fields. According to Onee-sama, it's not terribly hard to conceal your electrical presence from a machine. A Level Two Electromaster could do that with ease." The girl explained, "Although that brings up the fact that they all have to be Electromasters of at least Level Two."

"A group of electromasters all together with military training?" Yomikawa asked, a hint of recognition in her tone.

"Sounds like something out of an urban legend." Uiharu muttered. "Maybe Saten would know."

"Yomikawa-san," Konori interrupted, "It sounded like you know something about this...if you could please share what you know."

"No, it couldn't be them." The voice muttered, though the Judgment officers weren't sure if she was talking to them or to herself. "Why would they be attacking Anti-Skill?"

"Ma'am!" Konori yelled into the microphone.

"Oh, sorry," The Anti-Skill officer replied, "I had a thought. But it can't be them."

"What are you referring to?" Shirai asked.

"Nothing for you to worry about." The woman's reply came. "Anyways...hold on...they've stopped firing."

The group looked back at the screens. Sure enough, the gunfire had ceased. Uiharu checked her scanners. "I'm picking up multiple life signs inside now...it looks like they've got reinforcements."

"Right...we'll...hold on...someone's coming out."

They peered into the dark entrance as a lone figure exited the building. "Careful men," Yomikawa ordered. "Don't fire yet. Who goes there?"

The figure walked towards the blockade slowly, its head hung low, preventing any identification of said person until 'she' walked into the lights of the vans.

"Okay, I've gone through a whole lot of stuff today and not a lot of it was good. So if you could do me a favor and clear the way for my friends and me. We'd really appreciate it."

"Saten-san?" The trio gasped in surprise. What was she doing there? Kuroko turned to her partner. "Have you heard anything from Saten recently?"

The girl shook her head. "No I haven't; though I got a call from her, but when I called back she didn't pick up." She gazed at the screen. "Saten-san, what are you doing there?"

Apparently Yoshikawa recognized her as well. "Hey, aren't you the girl from the workshop…what was it? Saten?"

The girl on the screen seemed to chuckle darkly. "Yeah, I've been called that. But honestly, didn't you hear me? My friends and I would really like to go home. I'm cold, frustrated, and in a real need of a nap. As you can see, I got my friends to stop attacking. So if you could do me a favor and let us go home alright?"

Shirai scrunched her brow. Saten was acting weird. She rarely acts that darkly before, in fact, she had never seen Saten angry before. She turned to Uiharu. "Is it just me or is Saten-san acting dark for some reason?"

"You're not wrong. Saten's never acted like this before. I mean, sure she can be upset, but this is borderline insane." The girl shivered at the thought.

"Could you tell us what you were doing there?" Yomikawa called out to Saten, the Anti-Skill Officer still firmly holding her rifle. "Why are you out past curfew?"

Saten frowned. "Oh, I didn't realize curfew was in place." She replied sarcastically, "I just want to go home, is that too much to ask? Just leave and let my friends and I go home and we can pretend this never happened...or else…" she whispered the last part darkly, "I might have to deal with you myself."

"What is she talking about?" Konori turned to her subordinates. "Isn't Saten-san a Level Zero?"

Shirai nodded, "I know, but something about her is off. I just don't know what."

Apparently Yomikawa and Shirai thought alike as she spoke. "You're bluffing. You're just a Level Zero."

"Oh, is that what they told you…" Saten grinned mischievously, "Well then, I guess you'll just have to reevaluate ME!" With that she threw her hands out towards the group. Immediately, the air around the girl blew forwards, slamming with such force that the blockade, both officer and van, were knocked over, a resounding crash echoing from the speakers.

Uiharu gasped speechless. Shirai was able to put the trio's shared thoughts into words though. "Did Saten just use…her esper powers?" The pigtailed girl asked nervously.

"Tha-tha-that's impossible!" Uiharu cried in shock, "She's a Level Zero. She couldn't have done all that on her own."

Yomikawa pulled herself off the ground as she surveyed the damage. All the vans had been knocked over and her men were scattered about. "Open Fire!" one of the men ordered, raising his rifle. Yomikawa tried to stop him, she refused to open fire upon a student. It was a part of her philosophy as a teacher and officer. But her cries fell on deaf ears as multiple bursts of gunfire peppered towards the girl.

But to the group's surprise, not a single bullet struck the girl, rather as soon as they reached the vicinity of the girl, they burst into flames and melted into small metallic rain drops at her feet.

"B-but how?" One muttered in shock as the officers stood frozen in fear.

"That was actually pretty tough to pull off," the girl puffed out, panting slightly, "I can change the atmospheric pressure and density of the air around me. Your bullets are travelling at roughly 7650 kph (speed of an M16 rifle bullet). When I increase the density and pressure around me by three times, the heat generated by all the resistance is enough to melt your bullets, thus causing them to lose form and splatter to the ground."

Uiharu gasped. "I've never heard of an esper ability like that."

"Actually, that ability falls within the Areohand ability tree. Kongou-san was telling me about it." Shirai corrected, remembering the pompous heiress. "The ability to alter atmospheric pressure and therefore air resistance in a small area. But she was telling me how she wished she could obtain that ability since it was classified as..."

Konori noticed the girl trailing off. "What? What Level was this ability classfied as?"

"...Level Five."

The room went deathly silent as the trio took in a moment to process her words. "Ehh!"

"B-but that would mean that Saten's ability would have to be at L-L-Level Five!" Uiharu shrieked, hands flailing in the air. "H-How is that possible?"

The officers must have had some notion of her power as well. "The hell?" Yomikawa muttered. "Girl, where did you get your powers?"

The girl griminaced. "You know, I really wanted this to end differently, but you've given me no choice." She sighed, before began sucking in the air around her at a rapid pace. The captain's eyes widened as she screamed, "Get to cover!"

Saten cupped her hands over her face as if she was going to yell, or rather...blow. The vortex released from the small girl was equivalent to a tornado, blasting away everything in its way: officer, van, and even chunks of the wall. When she had finished, a cone of destruction lay before her. Vehicles, officers, and parts of the landscape lay scattered at her feet.

The Judgment trio sat in horror at the damage that lay before them on the screen. The perpetraitor walked up to the captain who was struggling to stay conscious.

Yomikawa managed to pull her head up to see the girl. "W-who are you?" She stammered.

The girl frowned softly, as if in regret. "I am Number Six."

What do you think? Ok...so I've done a lot and a lot of people will probably be shouting one thing: "Saten OoC!" That's correct. She was. But you have to think about it. Saten's just drastically shifted from being a Level Zero to a Level Five in a minute. With esper abilities being based around your personal realities, this is a huge shift for her. One writer KageYami (A Certain Defective Sister) mentioned the idea that the higher the level, the crazier you are. So for Saten to have a reluctant sadistic side is perfectly reasonable after such a dramatic shift in realities, the shift from prey to predator.

In addition, what do you think of her abilities? The idea of melting bullets came from my best friend. Originally I was going to have her generate an equal and opposite wind force to negate the bullets' flight paths but then she, being the math and science girl, proposed we use thermodynamics to melt the bullets. I don't know how much time I spent trying to rationalize that on the internet before I found a 'possible' way for her to do that.

Also...the Sisters. They're there. I orignally was going to have Kuroko get a glimpse of them but then I felt like it took away from Saten's dramatic entrance.

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