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GROUP Hideout, District 11

The warehouse was small and spartan but was still furnished. The main alcove branched off into four separate rooms, all of which were locked. But the main room had several couches and a fully furnished kitchen so that was more than enough for the small group.

"I know it's not much, but it's the best we can offer right now." Tsuchimikado explained, inviting the fugitives into the building. "The rooms are off limits but the couches can double as futons so I hope you guys won't be too uncomfortable."

Touma nodded, "Thanks Tsuchimikado. We owe you big time."

"It's not a problem, I'm just glad I was in the area." The backstabbing spy chuckled.

Saten listlessly strode to a couch and plopped down. To be completely honest, she was exhausted, tired, and terrified. Putting up that show before Anti-skill had taken a lot out of her both physically and mentally. It terrified her how much damage she could do when she put her mind to it. And that sadistic style of brutalness? She was appalled. Sure, Accelerator had recommended that she use a bit of a darker tone to scare off Anti-Skill, but still, acting so darkly came just so...naturally to the normally bright and cherry girl that it terrified her. What was going on with her? Was this how it felt to be a Level Five?

"You guys get some rest." The blonde haired spy ordered, "I have a guest coming by this afternoon and he's really anxious to meet you Saten-san."

"Hmm?" The girl asked in surprise. "Who would want to meet me?"

The spy winked at her. "You'll see. Until then, get some rest. Oh and Kami-yan!"

"What is it?" The spikey haired boy asked.

He smirked, "Don't have too much fun with all the ladies here. We don't want your harem expanding do we?"

Saten watched in light amusement as the two other girls, Misaka and her Onee-sama, flushed bright red as the boy in question punched the spy. "It's not like that you damn Sis-con!" He yelled, "I don't have a harem!"

"Baka Hentai!"

"Oh my, he really does want a harem?"

"Eh...no Itsuwa, it's not like that! Don't believe anything that Sis-con says!"

Saten couldn't hold back any longer and let out a burst of giggles. She was really happy that Misaka was here for her. She always had a way of lightening the mood...even if that job normaly fell on Saten herself. "You guys are so funny!" The girl laughed. "Misaka-san, I can see why you like him so much."

Misaka noticed her friend's laughter and flushed red with embarrassment. "W-what are you talking about? Eh...you know what, I'm just going to go check on my Sisters, make sure that they're doing alright up there." With that, the tsundere Electromaster stormed off.

Saten frowned. That was right. It had been a huge shock when she first met the Sisters. Biological clones of Misaka Mikoto who spoke in third person and used guns. When the first girl blew through the wall, Saten couldn't help but gape in shock at how identical the girls were yet how different their personalities were from the original. Their monotonous expressions slightly creeped out the girl but she eventually got over it. She honestly hoped she could get to know them better...i mean, who wouldn't? Which reminded her, Misaka still owed her an explanation about them, other than a simple 'yes' they were her clones and 'no' Kuroko must not find out about them. Which made sense. The Lesbian perverted roommate of Misaka would most certainly ruin whatever naive innocence the clones had.

Touma watched the girl storm off before turning to the two sisters. "I think I'll go after her." He announced uncertainly before dashing off.

Saten nodded before turning to her sister, who still remained largely silent and grim. "Hey Onee-san?"

The girl raised her head. "Yes Ruiko-chan?"

"You still owe me an explanation." She crossed her arms, but then a yawn broke through her attempt to be upset. "But I'm too tired to have it now. So could we have it later?"

Saten Itsuwa nodded at her younger sister. "Of course Imouto-chan." She pulled off her coat and placed it over the tired girl's body and lay her down on the futon.

"Thank you Nee-san." Ruiko muttered as she lay down.

Itsuwa tried to suppress a faint smile. "Your welcome." Whether she was a Level Zero or a Level Five, some things would always remain the same no matter what.

"Do not worry Onee-san, we will keep a close eye on your friend says Misaka, trying to put the original's doubts to rest." The Sister before Mikoto placated.

Misaka nodded. "Thanks, just keep a safe distance from her. You don't want to be seen."

"By her? Misaka asks, pointing out that Saten Ruiko has already met the Sisters now."

The girl shook her head. "Of course not, I meant by other people. Do you know how strange it is for people to see you walking around with assault rifles and military goggles? Do you know what it might to do my reputation?"

"Misaka was not aware that the original was that worried about her status. Interjects Misaka, pointing out that the original's status is already quite shameful considering the original's love for childish things and toys. Besides, Misaka has noticed people do not give her much attention; perhaps this is because of the tarnished image of the original."

Electrical shocks flickered off of the Level Five. "Argh, you can really be a pain you know?"

"Hey Biri Biri!"

Upon hearing the familiar nickname, the girl let loose the excess electricity in her hair towards the idiot. Instinctively, the boy raised his right hand in time to negate the attack but remained pissed. "What was that for? Biri Biri'ing me like that! I was just trying to talk to you." He yelled in annoyance.

"Stop being an idiot for once and I'll stop attacking you!"

"Misaka believes that the original needs to stop using violence as a method of affection and be more direct. Misaka states, pointing out the sheer density of the hero. The only way to gain his attention would be from a more direct approach. Says Misaka going in the for win." With that, the Imouto walked up to the boy's side and held his arm tightly. The boy immediately flushed red at the sudden affectionate hug from the girl as she pressed her body closer to him.

"Ehh Imouto-san what are you trying to do? Get me killed?" The boy cried out in disbelief, then remembered the original, "Ehh...hey Biri Biri this isn't my fault! I'm not trying to perve on your sis...Ack!"

Mikoto growled as she kicked the boy in the head. "Shut up! And stop molesting my sisters!"

"This Misaka does believe the Savior was perving on Misaka, rather this was all Misaka's intentions due to the original's lack of action, corrects Misaka, hoping to make her intentions clear. Perhaps it is the original who needs to take initiative, but then that would force Misaka to become rivals with her, so perhaps the original backing off would be most helpful. State whispers Misaka, hoping that the original would understand Misaka's intentions and leave Misaka and the Savior alone."

Touma, while completely oblivious to the girls' rivalry over him, had enough understanding to try to appease the sisters. "Hey Imouto-san, could you...eh...let Misaka and I have a chat please? It's really important."

The sister remained blank but nodded. "Of course, says Misaka, understanding the hidden innuendos of the Savior's wish. Misaka will assist the other sisters in patrol duty." She released said 'savior's arm and walked off, leaving the two 'lovers' beet red and stuttering.

"Ehh! I-It's not like that at all!"

"Such Misfortune!"

Touma watched the sister walk off alone and sighed. "So…what's gotten you so riled up right now?"

Mikoto glared. "What do you think idiot?"

"I'm sorry, I just noticed you're really angry and agitated and I didn't like it so I wanted to see what I could do." The boy replied. He really was oblivious, wasn't he?

Mikoto sighed, realizing that was serious about wanting to help her. "C-can you just..."


She clenched her fist, fighting the urge to shock the dense idiot. "Just...sit with me."

"Sure," the boy shrugged, taking a seat next to the girl. The two remained in silence for a while, watching the sun rise from west. Mikoto took a moment to gaze at the boy's face, so calm and collected. It made her angry honestly. How could he remain so calm after everything that just happened? Was he not angry at how Saten had been treated? Wasn't he upset that they had to fight Anti-skill to escape the lab? Why was he so calm when they had gone from students to fugitives overnight? "I don't get you." She finally spoke.

The boy glanced at her. "What?"

"I said I don't get you." She restated, "How are you so calm after everything that just happened?"

The boy shrugged, "I don't know, such misfortunate things keep happening to me that I'm just used to these sorts of things happening to me."

"You've got a point." Misaka muttered remembering all the weird things that happen whenever he's around. Not to mention that strange feeling she kept getting as well. "But aren't you angry? You were angry when you saved the Sisters from Accelerator, but you've been quite calm during this entire incident. Why? Is it because you don't know Saten or…"

"Misaka, I care about your friends. Don't forget, Saten-san's Onee-san is my friend too." Oh yes, how could she forget the well-endowed girl who clearly was smitten over the boy? "But I don't think that overreacting is the way to handle this. Of course, I'm upset that your friend had to suffer so much. She's just a normal girl who happened to be Number Six without her awareness. She doesn't deserve this pain. But she cares about you Misaka and doesn't want you to be upset." Touma smiled, reminiscing of their previous encounters. "You know, it was Saten-san who told me that you needed my help back at the Daihasei festival. If it hadn't been for her, I would have never known you were in danger. But she had been so calm about it all, putting you first over her own emotions. So, when she needed help, I decided to put her first over my own misfortune."

"That was a crazy time," the Level five nodded, remembering the fight. It had been insane. Sogiita and him had just kept throwing themselves at her and only after she had cut off his arm…well…things got weird (reference to 'To Ascend' fic) after that. "That's right, what did happen after your arm was chopped off? All I remember was an explosion and a bright light. Next thing I knew, we were standing together and you put your coat on me because I was..." She flushed as she realized something that normally she would have punished the idiot for.

"Eheh," the boy scratched his head sheepishly, "To be honest, I don't really know either. All I know is that Sogitta-san said it was very gutsy."

The two shared a laugh. "I remember him, he's quite the character," the girl chuckled until she remembered the events a few days ago, "Though he still owes Saten an apology for how he acted."

"What do you mean?"

"Apparently, he grew up with First just like Accelerator. So when he first saw Saten, he thought she was an imposter and proceeded to attack her. Kuroko and I barely was able to put him down in his rage." The girl explained.

"I see," Touma nodded, "Well I think they need to realize that they merely misunderstood each other. If Gunha-san can realize that Saten is his 'First', then he can come to terms. If Gunha can explain to Saten and apologize, then maybe she'll be understanding as well."

"You know it's not that simple." The girl corrected. "Saten was really traumatized by it. She might not let it go so easily."

The boy remained silent. "Anyways, so what's next?"

Misaka tried to speak but too remained silent. That was the question indeed. What were they going to do next? They were fugitives in her home, Academy City. This wasn't like when she was saving her sisters. This was outright treason. They had attacked a lab and then destroyed the Anti-Skill blockade. Honestly Misaka wouldn't be surprised if all Anti-Skill and Judgment were hunting for them as she spoke...which meant that Uiharu and Kuroko would be...her enemies in this fight. The sheer thought of having to fight them terrified her. "I don't know Touma. Everything's so fucked right now. This isn't like when you fought Accelerator! We're fugitives! All of Academy City is our enemy, we have nowhere to go and we'll be found here sooner or later and it's not like we can leave here either!" She shouted in frustration, tears slowly trickling down her cheeks. "It's not fair! Why do we have to suffer like this? Why must Saten experience so much pain? Why must being the good guy be so painful? Its wrong I tell you, it's wrong!"

Touma remained silent, only speaking two words. "Such misfortune."

"What's supposed to mean idiot?" She glared at the boy, how dare he say that at a time like this?

"Exactly what I said it means." The boy replied seriously, "It's true that the heroes of the world must suffer great pains to achieve their dreams and hopes. In fact, suffering is defining heroes. When everything goes wrong, you need to shatter the illusion that it's hopeless and move forward. All these things that happening to us? Such misfortune, now move on." Touma faced Mikoto, cupping her chin with his hand until their eyes met. "Whenever you feel broken, hopeless, and in desperation, I'll shatter that illusion of yours and return your smile."

Mikoto remained shell shocked as their eyes met, brown eyes meeting chestnut. For that moment, she felt as though he had done just that. Her illusions of hopelessness were shattered and she could look to the future with hope and pride. She could smile again even amid all the craziness around her. "Touma?"

"Y-Yes?" The boy stuttered, realizing how close they were and awaiting his punishment.

"J-just...can you...hold me?" The girl managed.

For the first time since the two met on that fateful morning in front of the broken vending machine, boy and girl sat together in comforting silence. The boy held the girl's shoulder and her head lay on his shoulder. And as the sun rose in the horizon, the radiant sunlight chased the pain and tears away. No matter what, the two heroes would always look to the future with hope for a better tomorrow, one full of smiles and joy. Nothing could interrupt the moment...just nothing...

"Hey Misaka?"


"You called me by my first name. No honorifics huh?"

"S-shut up! It's...just more...convenient to do so okay? And what's with you calling me Misaka?"

"Ehh? Well you said you didn't like Biri Biri so I tried to stop alright?"

...yeah...some things never change...

Anti-Skill Headquarters District 7

The briefing room was buzzing with people, both Judgment and Anti-Skill scurried around, running errands for their superiors or merely enjoying conversation while finding their own seats. Kuroko turned to her fellow Judgment branch members, Uiharu and Konori. She had been silent ever since the previous evening, the fateful evening when Saten Ruiko opened fire on Anti-Skill and then left along with her Onee-sama, Kuroko's Onee-sama, and several other individuals. "When are they going to get started?" she muttered impatiently.

"Patience Shirai," Konori chided her junior, "We're just waiting for everyone to arrive. The District 7 Anti-Skill and Judgment personnel are quite numerous, so not everyone is here yet."

The girl remained silent, her eyes unmoving. "Uiharu-san, Konori-sempai?"

"Yes Shirai?"

"…do you think this meeting is about the attack last night?"

The senior Judgment member paused, watching the streams of teens and adults trickle into the conference room. "Yes Shirai, I believe so. For an emergency briefing to be called so suddenly, I think this must do with the attack last night."

"D-does that mean that we'll have to a-arrest Saten and Misaka-san?" Uiharu asked.

"I-I'm not sure."

"Of course we have to." The pair turned to the tawny haired girl sitting next to them. Her hands clenched the desk before her as she shook anxiously. "An attack on Anti-skill always results in arrest. I warned Onee-sama about breaking the rules but she never listened and now she's getting what's coming to her."

The pair watched her nervously. "Shirai-san are you alright?" Uiharu asked worriedly.

"Of course I'm fine Uiharu." The girl replied, panting, "I'm just fine."

"Shirai maybe you shouldn't attend this meeting. I can take notes for you to reflect on later." Konori offered, not liking the youngest Judgment member's behavior.

The girl shook her head furiously. "No, I'm fine. I should be here." She chuckled darkly, "No I need to be here."

"Ehh…okay then Shirai-san." the small girl replied.

"Shh...they're starting." Konori shushed the girls.

The assembled officers hushed down as a tall man in uniform arrived on stage. "Unfortunately, Lieutenant Yomikawa couldn't join us for reasons I will address shortly, so I'll be taking care of the briefing for today." The man announced before moving onto his presentation.

"Last night at 0023, Anti-Skill was alerted to a break in at Higuchi Pharmaceutical Laboratory here in District Seven. Lieutenant Yomikawa along with Squads Beta and Delta were dispatched to the lab. Upon arrival, the officers reported coming under fire immediately, forcing them to abandon entry and instead blockade the entry point.

"The attackers consisted of eight attackers armed with military grade weaponry. How they acquired such weaponry is still unknown. The firefight eventually reached a stalemate, neither side taking any serious casualties. What's important is what happened afterwards if you'll look up at the armor cam feed."

The screen behind the man lit up and revealed the same video feed the girls had been watching that previous night. Uiharu shuddered as they watched yet again their friend destroy the Anti-skill squadron with ease. The man sighed. "Thankfully, Officer Yomikawa reports that while many took serious injuries, there were no fatalities amongst the squad. However this still leaves the perpetrator at large. We were able to get an ID on the attacker and some of her friends that came out afterwards."

The screen shifted to a surveillance camera that barely survived the attack, revealing several figures leaving the site. The faces of the figures were enlarged and brought up before the audience. "The first person here is Saten Itsuwa, a visitor from out of town. She appears to be carrying a triprong spear of some sort in this image."

Uiharu frowned. When she had met the girl, she didn't seem dangerous, yet in this image she looked serious and focused. Could she have been tricking them all along about her job?

"Next up, Mikoto Misaka, Level Five Electromaster aka The Railgun of Tokiwadai. Her reasons for attacking this laboratory are unknown but she is definitely dangerous. Approach with extreme caution."

Uiharu turned to her partner, waiting for her reaction. Shirai's fist was clenched and her eyes shut and her teeth grit. Honestly, Uiharu worried for her partner. She couldn't imagine having to hunt down her friend much less having to arrest her.

"And finally, Saten Ruiko, Level Zero. However, her level might be reevaluated to fit the current situation. Saten was heard referring to herself as Number Six."

A great mummer arose immediately as the crowd tried to process the revealed identity of Number Six. "Whether or not she really is Number Six is still uncertain, however we can prove that abilities she exhibited were definitely scaled at least Level Four. We have arrest warrants for all three of these figures. The rest are currently unknown due to various circumstances."

A new girl walked on stage, a tall girl with dark hair and piercing black eyes. She wore a form fitting bodysuit with black and red highlights. "This is Shutaura Sequenzia of the Black Crow Force. After seeing two high Level espers at work, the higher ups decided it necessary to involve the Black Crow Force in this hunt."

"Greetings Judgment, Anti-Skill, I am Shutaura Sequenzia, please take good care of me." The girl bowed, "The Black Crow Force will do everything in our power it aid you in the hunt. Please call us in if you ever encounter them."

"That will be all. Your assignments will be handed to your branch director. You are dismissed."

Uiharu turned to Shirai. "I don't know if I can do this."

The tawny haired girl frowned. "This isn't about whether or not you can do this Uiharu. This about our duty as Judgment officers and keeping the peace in Academy City. If you can't go with that, then maybe you should sit this one out."

The flower headband girl didn't meet Shirai's eyes.

How was that? I was going to write more...but it felt appropriate to end it here. As I dive deeper into this fic, my characters have actually evolved from their original purpose. As you can see here, I'll giving Kuroko (probably my least favorite of the Railgun girls) a lot of attention and development over the next couple of chapters when previously she was just a minor support character...while Touma's moving away from the main protagonist to the minor support role for the gang. What do I mean by this? Touma's still going to be there. He's still going to save people but he isn't going to change or develop in any fashion. Saten, Misaka, Itsuwa, and Kuroko all have major character development before them in which they must overcome their barriers and obstacles. This is called major vs minor characters. I'm going to start writing a short litle story writing concept that I incorporated in each chapter as advice for newer writers on how to properly plan out and write a well thought out fic with good development.

It's never wrong to learn more and reach a better understanding of the art of storytelling. I mean a lot of this stuff I'm going to be going through is stuff you can learn in a basic high school/college lit class. Yet I feel like a large portion of fics people that deviate away from the main cannon don't have the basic concepts of a story and thus...lack originality and strength. So I'll do my best (as a teaching major) to help out other writers in this short...well now getting longer...end paragraph by analyzing one concept of storytelling that was used in each chapter. Hope you enjoy it!

May the Force of the Lord God Almighty be with you always!