Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

" Dorothy Wake up!" I don't think we're in Kansas anymore the silhouette said in a country accent. Oh Nyah she nyeeds a Paws of Furry! Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya WAKE UP DOROTHY! Alright I'm up I said! What you guys came to life how is that possible! Um,we can explain Don't have a cow okay! The two revealed themselves which made her recognize the two! Komasan, Jibanyan is that you I can't believe that I'm talking to them in person so cool! so the three of us went out the door and saw kids at the door dressed in wacky clothing!

🎵 We welcome you to Munchkinland Singing fa la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaa!🎵 Hey nyou guys a bubble is coming towards us! You're right Jibanyan, it's coming towards us! A Pretty figure came near us out of the pink bubble that wore a pink sparkly dress, wore sparkly star earnings, a Tiara with stars on it, and a magical wand in her left hand! She had golden blonde hair and sapphire colored eyes! What do we have here oh my, I am Glinda the Good witch of the South I am so glad that we have guests how splendid! So she gave me the ruby slippers to compliment my own outfit and it was kind of late so we spent the night in Munchkinland! The next day we're off and before we left she warned us about not going to the forest even though it is the fastest way to get to Emerald City she spelled G-I-A-N-T and I said Did you just say the G-word lives in the forest and she said yes dear friend anyways we continued our walk on the yellow brick road to Emerald City but then we saw a poor little scarecrow girl in trouble a swarm of angry wasps were attacking her so Komasan grabbed bug spray out of his pocket wallet and the wasps flew away with in a second she thanked me for rescuing her from the wasps she asked me if I could be friends with her and I said yes! So off we went through on our journey through Oz! End of Chapter 1