Hello, Hello Kenya: A Ranma 1/2 Series

By Aisha C

Episode 1: West meets East!!

The train whistled fiercely as it left the Nermia train station while the young girl watch it go by. Her journey had come to an end and she was now at her new home. Her new home. She still couldn't really comprehend what was going on, but she knew what she had to do. Whether she like it or not.

*Now to the Tendo dojo. Where ever that is...........*


"Ranma! Get your butt back here now!!!"

"Ah, C'mon Akane! I was just jokin'!"

The boy tried to dodge his very angry fiancé, but failed miserably when she somehow pulled out a very large mallet and began to beat him with it repeatedly.

"That should teach you!" she growled walking from the pulp that use to be Ranma Saltome.

She didn't mean to get mad at him again, but the day had been more hectic than usual causing her to lose her temper more than five times. She usual only loses it two.

Remembering what had happened that mourning, she put her hand on her temples. She felt another headache coming on. It had all started when her father, Soun Tendo, got an very unusual phone call.........

*ring* *ring* *ring*

"Moshi, Moshi, Tendo's Anything Goes School of Martial Arts, Soun Tendo speaking"

Ranma-chan had been complaining about how her father had pushed her in to the pond in the yard at morning training again, when she saw the strange look on Soun's face.

"Whazup with you, Soun. Ya look like ya seen a ghost or somin'"

"Breakfast is ready!" Kasumi called from the kitchen.

By the time breakfast was on the table, Ramna had turned back into a boy and was ready to eat along with the rest of the

Tendo/Satome family, that is, until Soun made an unexpected announcement.

"We're going to have a visitor"

Everyone quickly stopped want they were doing and stared at Soun in shock.

"Don't tell me it's another mouth to feed" Nabiki muttered under her breath.

"Having company will be fun" Kasumi said as she sat herself at the table " Just who is it, Father?"

Soun cleared his throat slowly before saying "A child of a close friend"

"Oh No!" Akane exclaimed " Not another fiancé!"

"No, no. Far from it actually. You see I have never actually meet this "friend". Because she was you mother's"

A wave of silence crossed the room. The Tendo sisters looked at each other, unable to speak. Their mother had been dead for the longest time and they had never meet any of her friends.

"How close was this friend to mother?" Kasumi whispered

"Very close. She was you mother's best friend."


" Not only that but......your mother is...er....was the child's god mother"

"So why is the kid comin' here?"

They had almost forgot Ranma was there but his question on everyone's mind. Yet Soun's answer was not what they expected.

"The child is coming here b...because there was an accident.."

The sisters tensed, almost as if they knew what was coming next....

" .....and the mother was killed"

"Oh my.." Kasumi placed her hand over her heart in grief.

"Man....that's a bummer.."

"Shut up Ranma!" Akane snapped

"What?! What do you expect me to say, I don't know what to say!"

"Please Father" Kasumi urged " continue"

"The child's father is a businessman that travels the world, and he felt that it wasn't suitable for a young child to travel the world and should have a stable home."

"Don't the kid got a auntie or somethin'?" Ranma asked

"No, he is the only family the child has left"

"Dad, how come you keep referring this kid as "The Child"?"

"Yeah your right Nabiki!" Akane agreed "Don't you even know if it's a boy or girl?"


"Do you even know the kid's name?"

"Of course I know it's name! It's just that the father didn't say if it was a boy or girl.."

"Sounds like Ranma..." Nabiki snickered

"Hey! Why you--"

"Anyway" Soun interrupted " the child's name is Kenya"

"Kenya?" Akane ponder "You mean like the country?"

And that's how it all started.

"And ending up with me having to share my room, just because I'm the youngest....that is *if* it's a girl...."

"Oh stop complainin'" Ranma said handing her some aspirin, "If it's a boy it's gotta stay in my room! And I already share it with my dad!!"

"Well I at least hope this kid is normal"

"He said the kid was an American"

"Yeah....but this is *Nermia*"


The young girl looked around the crowded street and sighed. She had been walking around for an hour and she *still* couldn't figure out where the dojo was!

"Maybe I should ask for directions" she whispered to herself

But she was kind of nervous...

You see, it's not easy being a black kid dropped into an Asia world. Japan was the last place she ever thought she would be! She didn't even *know* the people she was going to be living with. And for some strange reason she was getting the feeling that they didn't even know she black!

*Naw! That's silly* she told herself *Of course they know I'm black! They're my god family after all!*

"Uh excuse me?"

She looked up to find a young man standing next to her.

"Could you tell me where the Tendo dojo is?"


She didn't know what to say! She had studied different languages since she was little, but she didn't never guess that she would have to use them!! When she didn't answer the boy looked at her closely and concluded "You don't know how to speak Japanese that well, do?"

"Hai, I just got arrived here" she answered as clearly as possible

"I could tell, from your clothes you look like you come from Africa"

She looked at her attire and agreed. She was wearing her Great-grandfather's festival dashiki shirt and pants, and the kipa (hat) she was wearing was also his.

"Just came from Africa, but I'm American"

"You speak pretty good to me, you must have been here before"

"No, this is my first time in Japan. But I'm looking for the Tendo dojo too"

"You are?!" then looking at her suspiciously he asked "What do you want there?"

"I don't want anything" she answered a little confused by his change of attitude "I'm going to live there"

"Live there??!!"

"Yeah" she held out her hand for him to shake "I'm Kenya Jambo"

He shook her hand, still a little uncertain "Well, I'm Ryouga Hibiki, a friend of the family."

"Well, Ryouga, maybe we can find it if we look together"

"You know something? That is a very good idea! I couldn't find my way out of a paperbag!"

Kenya laughed at his joke.....not knowing it wasn't a joke at all!

"Maybe first we should ask for directions" she pointed towards an old man walking passed them.

"Or maybe you should do it" she concluded. She was still unsure about speaking to other people. Though she kind of felt comforable speaking to Ryouga.

"Ok" he said walking towards the older man "Excuse me ojisan, but can you tell us were the Tendo dojo is?"

The man looked at the boy and smiled "So you got lost again, didn't you Ryouga-san?"

"Hai" he said with a blush

"Lost *again*??" Kenya whispered to herself

The man apparently heard her and turned towards her direction. when he did she felt herself grow hot under the collar. She liked to keep a low profile.......

"So who is your little friend Ryouga-san?"

"Oh, that's Kenya Jambo , she's headed for the Tendo's too"

"Oh..." the older man looked at her up and down before asking "Is she another fiancé too? She looks kind of young doesn't she?"

*FIANCÉ!!!!!!* Kenya mentally screamed.

She stared in shock at the man's question.

"I....I..I don't know..." Ryouga admitted, also staring at her "She did say she was going to *live* there"

"Oh my" the man said placing his hand over his heart " If she is, then Nermia is in for some *more* trouble"

**What are you talkin' about?!** Kenya accidentally cried in English

The man blink a few time before asking "What did she just say?"

"Are you Kenya-san? Are you one of Ranma's fiancés?" Ryouga asked staring hard at her. He completely ignored the man question.

**Of course I'm not! I'm 13!! Why in the world would I be engaged to some one at 13??!!**

"Oh that's good!" relief washed over the young man's face "Sweet Akane has enough pain to deal with, with the other ones there"

**What do you--HEY! You know what I'm saying!!??**

"Hai, I've been to America many times (more time then I wanted to) and I kinda picked up the language"

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked converting back to Japanese

"You didn't asked"

The old man, still confused the seemly one sided conversation, cleared his throat asked " Do you still want the directions?"

"Gomen nasai, ojisan" Ryouga said when he realized he had forgotten all about the older man "I almost forgot you were there"

"It's Ok, young man"

"Um sir?" Kenya said speaking up " I'm not anyone's fiancé. I'm

pretty much family"

The man's eye's grew wide at her explanation. So did Ryouga's.

"But you're...." the man stopped himself before he said something that he thought might be offensive. So instead he rephrased the question "But you're not Japanese..."

"Hai, I'm American"

"True...but you're..um *not* Japanese"

Suddenly Kenya could see where this was heading. She knew that people didn't see many Brothers and Sisters in Japan. And when they did, they were usually just tourist.

"Uh...I guess you mean I'm *kokujin*"

"That would be it"

"Well they're my *god*family"

"Oh" he said, finally getting the picture "Well at least your not a fiancé......."

"What's with this fiance stuff anyway?"

"Oh, dear child.....you'll find out soon...."


"RANMA!!!! You're supposed to be helping with this!! Not just standing around!!"

"Hey you're the one always says how strong you are!" He responded, picking up the other side of the bed. "I was just trying to see if you could prove it!"

"Ranma, that's not very gentleman-like" Kasumi lightly scolded


"Don't say it to me, say it to you're fianc

"Which one?"

"Very funny Baka!!" Akane fumed from the other side of the bed.

For a moment Ranma was actually glad they were carrying that bed upstairs, it put distance between him and her *wrath*....

"Why can't the kid just have a futon??"

"Because, Ranma, just like father said, we need to treat him or her

as if they were a brother or sister......mother would have wanted it that way. And since *we* have western beds, father thought it was only right that the child should have one too. Besides...the child *is* an American."

"How come I never got one then?"

"Cause you're a freeloading baka, that's why!" Akane said before

Kasumi could answer.

"Oh yeah?! Well you're the most kawaii-kune tomboy I have ever seen! And believe me, *I've* seen some ugliness in my day!!"

"You're askin' for it Hentai!"

By this time they had already forgotten about the bed, which they had threw roughly on the floor.

"Oh my....." Kasumi said as she calmly retreated to the stairs, "How could two people who like each other so much.....*hate* each other so much....?"

"--whatcha gonna do about it?" he tauted "Your legs are to thick, you're built like a brick, you talk like a hick, you can't even *kick*, and *that* makes me sick!!"

"THAT'S IT!!" the young girl screamed, taking out her very large and dangerous mallet.

"Ha!" the young martial artist laughed, running down the stairs

"See if you can catch me first!!"

"You're gonna die!!"


"Ryouga-san! The old man said left! Not *right*!"

"Oh! Gomen Kenya...."

The girl looked questionablely at the older boy as he turned around and walked back twords her.

"Are you alright..?"

"Hai, I fine"

"Then why do you keep going the opposite way? Do you have something on you mind?"

"No.....it's just that...."


"I have a very, very, *very* bad sence of direction."


Ryouga started to turn red in embarrassment.

"You see, I get lost all of the time"

"Man, you're serious aren't you?"


"Must get lonely......never knowing where you're going...."She pause for a second to guild him the other way again, "...or at least weird"

"Yeah it does--Hey! Here we are!"

Kenya felt the nervousness creep up on her as she stared at the dojo.

"I wish I could get lost right now....."

"Oh don't think that way" Ryouga said with a smile "The Tendos are very sweet, gentle, and kind--"



Suddenly the front doors busted open and out flew two crazy

teenagers! One of them was a girl carring a *very* big mallet and the other one was a pig-tailed boy, who seemed to be the target!

"Are you sure this is the right house??" Kenya whimpered


"Oh god..." was her responce as she involentaraly hid behid

Ryouga back and clung to him, "What did I get my self into??"


Kenya could feel the fear finally catching up with her. Leaving home, losing everything she loved, coming to *this* place. And the display the two teenagers showing didn't help matter much!

"Konbanwa Ryouga-san!" called a kind voice

"Konbanwa Kasumi!" he called back, waving to a young woman

that had step out of the house

"What did that fiend Ranma do to poor Akane this time?" he ask with a bit a anger in his voice

"Oh, just the usual" she answered cheerfully "Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"I would love to!"

"And your little friend is also invited. What's her name? She's a little cutey"

"Wha....? Don't you know who this is??"

Kasumi looked at him puzzled

"Well..." Ramna said, stopping to take a rest from running "it's kinda hard to see her when she's hiding behind you and clinging to you like that"

Apparently he had rested too long, for Akane caught him off-guard

and slammed him into the ground with her mallet!

"Ranma no Baka" she muttered as she walked over to Kasumi.

"What's wrong Kenya?" Ryouga asked in concern "This is your family"

"FAMILY??!! KENYA??!!" the three cried in surpise

"You're Kenya?" Kasumi asked, her voice uncharacteristically shaking

"Hai...." Kenya answered, reluctantly revealing herself from behind Ryouga "Watashi no namae wa Jambo Kenya"

"You mean *she's* Kenya??" asked Ranma "She's black...."

"We can see that, genius!!" Akane growled

"You mean my father didn't tell you?!" Kenya said in disbelief

"I think I'm now lost...." Ryouga said in confusion

"You're always lost" Ranma smirked

"No he didn't say anything" Kasumi answered, ignoring the two rivials

"He didn't even tell us if you were a boy or girl" Said Akane

"Oh god! How could he?!" Kenya cried, her temper growing higher "He sends me here without even a 'good-bye' and then I come to find out that you don't even know who I am! *I* didn't even know who you were! You didn't even know I was black!!"

"That doesn't matter now" Kasumi said warmly as she took the little girl's hands in her own "You're here now....and that's all that matters"


"But nothing" Akane cut in "What Ryouga said is right, you *are* among family"

"Come now" the eldest said pulling her tword the dojo "Let us introduce you to Father."


"Father" Kasumi called as she and Kenya entered the room. From behind her Kenya could make two men drinking tea.

"Kenya has arrived"

The smaller of the two men looked up and smiled.

"Ahh so you're Kenya" He whispered "Do you know who I am?"

"Um you're my Uncle Soun, right?" she answered uncertain

"Yes I am. And this," he said pointing to the other man, "Is your Uncle Genma."

"Konbanwa Uncle Genma"

" 'Banwa Kenya" he answered

"Uh...could you two leave us for a minute. I would like to talk to Kenya alone"

"Of couse my friend"

"Yes, Father"

Kasumi smiled warmly before leading Genma out the room.


"Well it looks like I've got me a roommate" Akane sighed, flopping on the couch

"What do you mean?" Nabiki asked, entering into the living room

"Oh, Kenya's here"

"He is? No wonder I couldn't find him at the train station. I asked

around, but no one knew where he went"

"The Lost Boy got Kenya here" Ramna said as he turned on the T.V. "Anyway Kenya's a *she* not a *he*"


"Well if you would had gotten to the train station earlier you would have caught her. But *you* wouldn't get off the phone" Akane said under her breath

"Hey! I had some bussness to take care of"

"Yeah right, proby ruining someone's life"

"For the right price, Ranma" she responded with fake sweetness in her voice

"Like the those totally hentai pictures you took of me" he mumble

"Yeah" Akane agree "And the picture you took of m--"

Suddenly Akane's face turned pale as she realized they forgot an important detail.......

"What's wrong??" the other two teens asked as they saw her face

"What are we going to do about Ranma?!"


"Oh, Ryouga-san, what are you doing in the closet?"

"Uh.....well I was in the bathroom....but then......"

"That's ok, Ryouga-san" Kasumi smiled, leading the "lost boy" out *his* new exit from the bathroom "Why don't you come and help me in the kitchen. I want to ask you about something."

"Sure, Kasumi"

When the twosome entered the kitchen, Kasumi gave Ryouga a potato to peel while she checked on the curry.

"So, Ryouga-san how did you find Kenya?"

"Well, we just bumped into each other that's all. She was lost, *I* was lost and we were both trying to get to the same place."


"If you don't mind me asking, why is she staying here?"

"Well" the older girl began as she sprinkled more salt on the curry

"Her mother was a close friend to our mother and......well...about a month ago her mother past away"

"That terrible" Ryouga whispered "No wonder she seems so melancholy"

"She does?" the other inquired

"Yep. She really shy too. Or at least from what I can see. And doesn't help that she has never been to Japan before."


Kasumi felt her self being pulled into deep thought as she moved over to check the rice. Ryouga quickly noticed the serious expression on her usually cheerful face.

"I know how she feels" Ryoga said taking another potato "Being in a strange place, all alone. It's really a bad feeling. I bet it's even worse on a kid"

"But she's not alone..."

The intencity of Kasumi's voice shocked him and he looked down and noticed that her hand was shaking slightly.


"She's NOT alone" she repeated "She has us....she has *me*..."

"Yeah....she does" Ryoga smiled a bit and set down his potato

"And she's a very lucky girl because of it"

"Thank you, Ryoga-san" she whispered "...and gomen nasai"

"For what?"

"For my harshness. It's just that...I want to do my best in taking care of her. My mother would have wanted me to. And I guess I'm getting a tad bit tense about it"

"There's no reason to be nervous" he put a gentle hand on her shoulder "You're the most motherly person I know. And I have the upmost confidence that she will grow to love you just like every one else"

"I hope so.."

"I know so"


Kenya sat in silence as she drank her tea. She knew that her Uncle Soun was watching her carefully. Suddenly he cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Did you have a good flight?"

"It was ok"

"And the train ride?"

"That was ok too"

"Your Japanese is very good"

"Thank you"

He then sighed a bit and rested his large hand over her's. She stiffened at the sudden contact.

"Listen Kenya, I know that you are scared. I know how you must feel....losing someone that you love dearly"

She turned her face away and said nothing.

"But I want you to remember that you *do* have a family. Us.

Kasumi, Nabiki, Akane, and Ranma are your sisters and brother now. And you can call them Onee-chan(sister) and Onii-chan(brother).

"Ok…" she replied still looking away. She had never had a brother or sister before. The actually thought of it made her heart feel lighter. But then a saddening thought came to her head. Was the opportunity to have older siblings worth the price of losing her mother? No…..it wasn't.

"I'll never let anybody try to replace my mama…..never" she bit her lip in secret determaination.

"I've never met you mother" Soun mused as he let go of her hand.

"Only talked on the phone with her once and that was when my own wife past away. And a few letters too….expressing her grief."

"I was a baby then" Kenya whispered "So I don't….really remember"

"Of course" Soun sighed.

Was it her imagination or was he getting teary-eyed??

"But..she did tell me a little bit about her" Kenya added in quickly

She didn't want to make him sad and she knew that trying to get rid her own sorrow by making people feel worse wasn't the answer…she just wish knew what was….

"I want my mama….."