Chapter 0: "Prologue"

Dear diary, I've had that dream once again. I've been dreaming with that dapper young man, with serious expression and pale complexion, with a peculiar armor and a incredible sword. This time I heard his voice. He was calling me. I noticed sadness reflected in his voice even though his eyes say otherwise. This time was different, beautiful roses garden were now now withered, the lake had dried up and my beautiful white dress was torn and stained. I was in the ground injured while raindrops fell on us. Then I saw him. He was there, looking at me. He smiled me...and then I felt his cold sword slowly fit into my chest. I started bleeding, my vision became blurred. I could see him bent toward me and he stroked my cheek. My body began cold. I wanted speak but I couldn't, I tried to touch him but my body didn't respond me. A tear fell from his eyes to my face. I closed my eyes when the forces left me. I felt his warm lips on mine, he whispered me. And then...everything became black.