No One's POV

"Gabriel! Damn it, by Father! You were supposed to convince her not to have them!" Michael hisses, glaring at his brother.

"Oh, come on! Don't look at me like this is my fault! It's your swimmers that got her knocked up!" Gabriel rolls his eyes. "And, I tried! You think I'm going to force my best friend to get rid of her kids! You don't know what she's gone through, so excuse me for being emotionally competent! Unlike you fucking morons! Honestly, why did Father stick me with you fucking douches!? Seriously, I think Raphael was better than you two idiots!"

"Excuse us for not wanting our mate to die!" Lucifer growls, his wings snapping in aggravation.

"Uh, I'm sorry. Correct me if I'm wrong… But ummm, who's the one that's been watching after her for 22 years? While you two morons have been busy fucking prancing around like an arrogant douche bag or locked in a fucking cage in the world's biggest time out!?" Gabriel sasses back, finger pointing at his two dumbass brothers. "So stuff feathers in it!"

All three Archangels glare at each other, a tense silence falling in the kitchen.

"Look, this is Erin's decision. Not ours. If she wants the little kiddos of mass destruction, then we have to be there for her. We can't force her to get rid of them. We have to figure out a way to prevent them from hurting her." Gabriel finally points out. "By Father, why can't you two be normal? Or have normal kids? Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory help us… And maybe all the other parallel worlds and universes too… They're gonna be like weapons of mass destruction…"

Lucifer and Michael glare at Gabriel one last time before their wings drop.

"When did you get so wise?" Michael asks, seemingly slightly irritated at that fact or maybe just the situation.

"Probably when you were too busy being an arrogant douche bag to notice." Gabriel fires off, smirking at his older brother.

"You're not helpful, Gabriel." Michael huffs.

"Yeah, yeah. Stuff a feather in it, Mikey." Gabriel waves off, wandering towards the hallway and stairway to find Erin who was now napping with Castiel in the bedroom after their movie time. "Now, I'm going to check on Erin. Maybe she's up. And if she is, maybe you two morons can talk to her like rational beings. Also, apologize for knocking her out… Honestly. I swear to Father… Emotionally constipated, the both of you... Don't mess it up, right, Mikey?"

"Don't call me Mikey!" Michael growls.

"Mikey…" Gabriel shoots back another time just to piss of his brother.

Michael snaps his fingers, quickly turning Gabriel's golden wings spotted with bright neon colors.

"I really fucking hate you, Michael." Gabriel shouts, stomping up the stairs to the bedroom.

"The feeling is reciprocated." Michael snaps back with a furious growl.

"Fuck you, you douche nozzle." Gabriel growls back.

"Wha- the-" Erin asks sleepily, having been woken up by the commotion, poking her head out of the bedroom, hair messed up, only to widen her eyes as she catches sight of Gabriel's neon polka dotted wings. "Ummm…"

"Yeah, yeah. Your fucking dickwad of a mate did this." Gabriel grumps out, crossing his arms in front of him, foot tapping in irritation.

"Lucifer?" Erin giggles slightly.

"No. Michael." Gabriel hisses, glaring in the general direction where Michael was.

"What the hell did you do, Gabe?" Erin asks, at least attempting to stifle a laugh.

"It's not funny! My wings, Erin! My wings!" Gabriel moans dramatically.

"Yes, I can see. They are… Very bright. And polka dotted." Erin nods, attempting to muster up sympathy for her Guardian Archangel.

"Make him turn them back!" Gabriel whines.

"I somehow don't think I'll be able to convince Michael to do that. Unless he thinks you've suffered enough." Erin snickers slightly, following Gabriel down stairs, Castiel taking up the rear, shuffling behind his sister protectively.

"I've suffered enough!" Gabriel objects.

"It's been five minutes, hasn't it?"

"Five minutes too long!" Gabriel dramatizes.

"Drama queen." Erin only rolls her eyes.

"Did you sleep well?" Lucifer asks, looking anxious as his mate wanders in from their room, having not seen her all day as she had been watching movies with Gabriel and Castiel, then deciding to take a nap.

"You knocked me out." Erin deadpans, not even bothering to answer the question, just barreling through to the first thing of contention.

Lucifer and Michael shift awkwardly, their wings shuffling behind them in clear sign they were nervous.

"I did. I'm- I'm sorry. You were- I didn't want you to hurt yourself, or- or the children." Michael answers.

"Oh, so now you care about the babies? After you told me to kill them?" Erin asks in a scathing tone that could probably melt steel.

Michael flinches at his mate's tone and accusation.

"Erin- love, please." Michael pleads, his expression desperate as he holds out his hand, not daring to take a step closer, not wanting to have self-appointed guard dog Castiel throw an angel blade at him or to have Erin take a swing at him like she had done with Lucifer.

"I'm keeping them, Michael. And you're not going to convince me otherwise. Not you, or Lucifer, or Gabriel, or anyone else you try to get to convince me otherwise. I want these children. So get on board or leave." Erin states firmly, expression unflinching as she stares them both down.

"You know that's not- never mind. Okay. Yes. Yes, of course, Erin. Whatever you want." Michael nods, thinking better of trying to defend his position or explain, he could explain later, maybe, wiggling his fingers slightly, wanting her to take his hand.

Erin searches his gaze for a moment before evidentially finding what she hopes to find, stepping forward to slide her hand into his, Michael bringing Erin the rest of the way into his embrace.

"I love you, Erin." Michael sighs, wrapping his fiery red wings around his mate, a hand finding its way to Erin's flat stomach almost instinctively as his grace feels the ever so slight pulsing within his mate's womb. "And I love my child. Do not think that it was ever that. I only worry for your safety."

"I know." Erin replies finally, pressing a kiss to Michael's chest. "I love you too."

"Michael." Lucifer says slightly impatient.

"I love you, gorgeous. And I already love our little squirt." Lucifer says, hand rubbing against Erin's stomach, his grace swirling around his mate in gentle waves, feeling his child's small tremor as it beat inside Erin.

"I love you too, Lucifer. But if you ever again suggest I get rid of our baby, I'll stab you with your own angel blade." Erin warns, giving Lucifer a look before allowing Lucifer to pull her further into his chest, white wings wrapping around her.

"Of course not, gorgeous." Lucifer promises, pressing a kiss to her temple.

"Great! Now that we're all happy family again." Gabriel says.

Michael sighs, fingers snapping again, turning Gabriel's wings back to their normal pristine golden.

Erin hears Gabriel make a noise of happiness, wings shifting as Gabriel preens.

"I am literally surrounded by five year olds." Erin deadpans, pulling out of Lucifer's embrace to look at Gabriel.

"Erin-" Michael starts, looking slightly conflicted about what he was going to say. "You understand that with, your decision, that you- that this means more security measures must be taken. To keep you and the children safe."

"Security measures." Erin echoes, voice flat.

"Yes." Michael nods, mentally waiting for Erin to blow up at him; she already disliked, or rather hated the fact he had five bodyguards assigned to her.

"Michael is right. The children will draw any supernatural creature wanting to hurt you or the children, or worse use their power against Heaven or Hell, to you." Lucifer agrees with his brother. "You must stay here, in the angelic safe house."

"What!? No." Erin protests. "You're locking me in a box!?"

"It's hardly a box, gorgeous. It's two stories." Lucifer tries to calm.

"That I can't leave." Erin crosses her arms, a deep frown appearing on her face.

"Erin, please. It's for your safety." Michael pleads, not wanting to make this more difficult than it has to be.

"It's Winter break soon. It's Christmas." Erin says softly, tears appearing in her eyes. "I- I'll miss it, with my family... It's tradition."

Gabriel curses softly, walking up to his best friend and coaxing her into his arms, golden wings enveloping her.

"I know. It sucks, but I agree with my bone headed brothers for once, sweet cheeks. We just can't risk it with everything. With Abaddon, with Metatron, and with the Civil War, and honestly anything else that could try and come after you. We can tell your family that- that you're staying with my family for Christmas- yes? That I finally mended things. And convinced you to come with me for moral support. That way, that way they won't know the difference. And we can- can send them your Christmas presents, okay? After these kiddos are born and things have calmed down I promise we'll go visit them." Gabriel promises.


"Promise. Guardian angels can't go back on that." Gabriel nods solemnly.

"Okay." Erin sniffles.

"See? Nothing to it." Gabriel smiles, making Lucifer and Michael roll their eyes, but all three gratified Erin had seemingly agreed without too many tears or outbursts of anger.

"I will do this, for the babies' safety and my own." Erin promises. "But before I do there is one last thing... I- I want to go back to school."

"Erin-" Michael breathes in deeply through his nose, eyes closing in frustration, reminding himself that he loved his mate deeply, no matter how stubborn she could get. "It's- it's too dangerous."

"Please- just, I only have three days left. Then I- I can get all my tests done. The term is over. I- I won't be showing and then I can just, you know, disappear. Right? Until the babies are born? Please, Michael." Erin pleads.

"Okay. Okay. Fine." Michael caves, hating how easily he gave in to her pooling, pleading brown eyes.

"Sucker." Gabriel mutters, smirking at his older brother.

"Shut up, Gabriel. You're really not helpful." Michael hisses, glaring.

"Thank you, Michael." Erin smiles happily, curling up to Michael's chest.

"You're welcome, Erin." Michael replies, suddenly not caring in the least about anything but his mate's happiness and well-being; he would move Heaven and Hell or whole universes to ensure it.

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