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"Did he forget the way he'd kissed her? Demanding she give him all her worth and more, always more until she had no choice but to hand herself over to him, for him to own? Did he forget the same night he claimed her as his submissive in the most beautiful subtle way imaginable? And how she, enthralled by his dominant passion, called him her master in all her innocence? She hadn't understood the complete concept of ownership in her younger days, but he made her feel it right down to her soul. He'd wanted to possess her. She surrendered her body, her mind, and her heart to him."

― April Vine, Reclaimed by Her Master


"So soft; like warm silk."

Daphne shivered imperceptibly. His fingers were rough and calloused, creating delicious friction against her skin. She had only just barely caught her breath, but she was already panting in anticipation, her mind cloudy and anxious.

The thin fabric of her blindfold kept her from seeing what he was doing to her. Her body tried to compensate for the missing sense by enhancing every other sensation; she could hear his deep breathing and the almost inaudible drag of his fingertips against her. She could smell her own musky arousal as it dripped down her legs, and his touch against her was far more intense than any tender stroke she could impart upon herself.

The hands abruptly disappeared, replaced by a shuffling sound behind her. Acknowledging the futility, she didn't turn to look from where she faced the stone wall, her hands stiffly held at her sides.

The shuffling stopped and the hands returned, firmly grasping her hips and pressed her forwards. She reached forwards to brace herself against the wall as something hard and blazing hot briefly pressed against her soaked core. Daphne's eyes fluttered shut as her nether lips parted just a tiny amount before the intruder withdrew, anticipating his next contact.

How did she, Daphne Greengrass, untouchable and prickly Ice Queen of Slytherin house come to this?


She stormed through the halls of Hogwarts, fury blazing through her chest as the aggravating drawl of Draco Malfoy echoed in her ears.

"She's just a pathetic half-blood!"

Anger and frustration pulsed through her. It was like a throbbing bruise; her body ached with every lick of the negative emotions that roiled inside her.

"She's below you, Greengrass!"

It peaked. She threw open the door to the nearest classroom she could find and, drawing her wand with lightning speed threw a blasting curse at the nearest desk.

"You ought to associate with your equals! Don't you have any respect for your house?!"

It vaguely occurred to her through the red haze that clouded her vision that she could definitely find herself in deep trouble for such thorough destruction of school property.

"Davis is scum!"

A bombardment curse wiped out the remaining furniture within sight as a maddened scream tore loose from her throat. She collapsed to her knees and began to recklessly punch the floor, reveling in the solid crack of her knuckles against hard stone.

"That's not healthy for you, you know."

She whirled around, already back on her feet with her wand at the ready. The steady throb of the abused bones reduced her anger; gave her something to focus on besides the blazing fury within her and the blood dripping from her knuckles.

The speaker was only a few feet away from her, surveying the damage she'd caused; the shattered chairs and splintered desks. Daphne scowled when she realized he was covered in obscuring charms; while she could make out individual features, as a whole they were indecipherable. She saw that he had emerald green eyes, but immediately forgot when she noted that he had black hair. There were refined cheekbones, although the face itself was thin and clear of baby fat.

Unfortunately, the charm didn't allow her to put these clues together. While not nearly as powerful as its lesser known cousin the Fidelius Charm, obscurement charms operated on a similar principle. She didn't know who he was.

"Stare all you like; you won't figure it out. I'm not stupid enough to peek in on your tantrum without some security." He was idly examining a spider-web fracture she'd made in the dusty blackboard.

Her reply was harsh; "And what's stopping me from just knocking you out and dispelling your little illusion?"

"Where's the fun in that? You've got a lot to gain if you listen to me right now."

Her brow rose. "Explain."

"Simple. You're absolutely pissed off at the world right now. NEWTS are coming up, you've got to deal with bigoted little shits like Malfoy, and you have to watch out for your friend Davis day in and day out."

Daphne was silent. This was true, but none of it was anything he could help her with.

"Now, I'm a completely anonymous guy who's perfectly willing to help you with your little stress problem. You don't have to worry about treating anybody differently – you don't know who I am, after all - and I'll give an oath to you saying I won't tell anybody about it unless you give me permission. Total non-disclosure."


Another proposition then. Daphne had gotten dozens in the last two years as she'd gotten older and started to come into the full breadth of her looks and beauty. She'd accepted none of the offers made to her, whether they were subtly conveyed or pompously assumed.

Her hand throbbed, and she remembered her fury at Draco and all of the other disapproving pureblooded bigots who scorned her decisions and her friend.

A furious, impulsive desire to return some of the scorn she'd received for so long overtook her.

"Are you a pureblood?"

He raised an eyebrow; non-sequitur or not, that wasn't a 'no.'

"I'm the proud son of a pureblood and a muggleborn. Is that an issue?"

Her lips curled, "I've been dealing with pureblooded bastards for months now;" her sneer turned into a savage grin. "Maybe some mixed breeding will do me some good."

"Do you want the oath now?"

Daphne's pulse was racing. Acting on impulse wasn't something she normally did, but years of insults and veiled judgements were showing up rapidly in sharp relief in her mind and she wanted to do something about it.

"Later's fine."

She blinked.

Suddenly, they were a hand's-breadth apart, his arms circling around her. He dipped his head down to kiss her, lips blazing and firm. Their tongues danced as Daphne reveled in the passionate kiss, embracing the recklessness that underlined every second of this defiant act.

They parted lips, and Daphne shoved herself away from him, grabbing her wand to cast a repairing charm and a nearby chair.

"And what are you up to?"

She smirked at him wickedly; lascivious thoughts dancing through her head. She had an acute desire to indulge herself in some of her repressed naughtiness. That part of her where all of the resentment for her stuck up peers dwelled purred, pleased by her intentions.

She dragged him over to the chair, shoving him into it, and sat on his lap. Immediately she ground her hips into his, feeling his hands come to hold her waist and something hard begin to form at his crotch.

She kissed him again; a short, hot kiss that she quickly deepened by wrapping her arms around his neck. She rubbed her chest against his, crushing her breasts to him to ensure he knew they were there. Pulling away, she shucked off her heavy robe, leaving her in a white buttoned shirt. She moaned as his hardness pressed against her concealed core, her skirt having long since ridden upwards.

"Never thought that Daphne Greengrass could be such a whore; giving a free lap-dance to a guy she doesn't even know."

The Slytherin froze upon hearing the filthy words. Taking advantage of her shock, his hands roughly grabbed the seams of her shirt, pulling apart the fabric and sending buttons flying to the corners of the room. His hands immediately cupped her breasts through her bra.

A deep, throaty moan escaped her mouth as his touch soothed the ache in her hardened nipples, sending little shocks through her as she pressed against his hands.

"Oh, does the little snake like this?" He tutted appreciatively.

Her back arched into him as he gripped her soft flesh, his rough touch causing heat to ripple through her chest. His head tipped down to kiss and nibble the swell of her breasts, leaving little red marks and light bruises on the pale, curvy flesh.

Soon, her bra had disappeared and he was twisting her pretty pink nipples as she writhed against him. Her aching core had soaked through her panties and she desperately ground into his hardness, craving more friction as he played her body like a violin, tuning it to his desires as her rational mind began to succumb to animal lust.

She had just begun to develop a rhythm when she suddenly became weightless. His careless shove sending her toppling off of his lap to the floor. She met the hard wood with a resounding 'THUNK', and all of the air was shoved out of her chest.

Before she could regain her breath, she was yanked up. Her skirt was torn from her hips, followed by her panties. She shivered as the chill air contacted her dewy nether lips.

Seconds later, her view of the stone floors were obscured by darkness, and the distinct feeling of smooth, cool silk was felt around her eyes as he tied the blindfold behind her head.


Daphne cried out as her throbbing core was invaded by his blazing hot rod, the force of his thrust almost throwing her against the wall. Her hands clenched against the stone as she tried to acclimate to the sudden intrusion, her fingers scrabbling desperately at the cracks in the stone work as her fine motor skills abandoned her.

As he withdrew for another thrust, she felt a chilling sense of hollowness; a sudden void within her that she needed to fill back up. Elation made her knees weak as the void was filled again, only to be left empty once more.

Thus began the rhythm. Short, sharp bursts of ecstasy were punctuated by periods where she would crave his next thrust. She encouraged him by pushing her ass against his pelvis; by whimpering desperately when he nipped the soft column of her throat; by clenching against the hot iron that stretched and molded her insides.

Daphne vaguely registered her voice ringing throughout the room; her normal alto rising with her passion as she spouted filthy obscenities for the man currently fucking her so well. Her arms soon began to weaken with his thrusts, her muscles growing shivery as her remaining senses were brutally put under assault.

Suddenly her arms gave out, and her chest contacted the cold stone wall. His thrusting didn't stop, and she desperately clawed at the stone for purchase; for something to ground her as he made her body dance to his tune.

His labored breathing was hot against her ear. "You want more, Greengrass?"

"G-gods…Fuck yes! Fuck me harder!"

He pulled out abruptly, and Daphne wailed as the painful hollow feeling returned. With unexpected strength, she whirled around and yanked him against her, frantically shoving her pelvis against him.

Taking advantage of her desire, he lifted her up and slammed into her again. As her inner flesh parted for him eagerly, Daphne wrapped her legs around his waist. His hands supported her by cupping the fevered flesh of her ass as he reamed her against the wall, the cool stone soothing the minor discomfort she got from rubbing constantly against it.

Rendered helpless by this position and overcome by the myriad sensations overwhelming her, Daphne began lathering kisses against his chest and neck, peppering his sweaty skin and interspersing them with short licks. The taste of salt filled her mouth as their combined musk drove her wild.

There was little sound besides their aggressive coupling, his exerted grunting, and her whimpering. She saw stars when he lifted her up and resumed his thrusting, the new angle allowing his member to scrape against her upper walls and a rough spot within her that nearly sent her into convulsions.

"You're going to come around me, aren't you Greengrass?"

Daphne groaned against his neck; she'd felt herself begin to lose the rhythm she'd adopted, her clenching becoming erratic.

His deep voice was omnipresent in her ears, the low timbre sounding harsh and erotic. "You're going to come around my cock." He slammed into her again, their pelvises meeting as Daphne let out a high keen. "Your thirsty little cunt is going to take my seed." He bottomed out in her, nearly pushing her over the edge as he crushed the head of his member against her sensitive cervix.

"And you're going to fucking scream."

He withdrew to the tip of his member, just barely enough to force her swollen, puffy sex-lips apart, and then impaled her to the hilt of his blazing rod, holding her there as his hips jerked against hers.

Daphne wailed as hot spurts erupted within her womb as her burning core eagerly drank his seed, massaging and coaxing the pearly liquid from him. His essence seared her insides, and as their orgasms tapered off, all of the strength left Daphne's body. Behind the blindfold, her eyes stared sightlessly into nothingness, her head limply laying against his sweaty shoulder as he held himself within her.

Hardly realizing it, Daphne felt herself being lowered down the wall until her thighs met the cool stone floor. As his member withdrew from her center, Daphne felt that terrible emptiness within her. Sudden strength, fueled by desire alone, allowed her to pull herself to her feet. She yanked off the blindfold to see him pulling on his clothes. All of the accumulated sweat from their tryst was vanished, and she admired his toned physique.

"Where are you going?"

Daphne felt panicked. The hollowness within her was awful; a clawing void that demanded being filled as her sex-drive kicked up a notch from such a powerful fucking. She wanted, if not craved more; to be filled by him again and again until she was finally sated.

"Back to my dorm. That's enough for tonight."

"But I'm not done!"

He turned to smirk at her. "If you want more, be here tomorrow at 7pm. We can do this again."

"You're just going to leave me hanging?!"

"Call it incentive to return, Daphne."

He left her there to fume.


She felt decidedly less confident than she had the night before when she pushed the door open to the classroom the following night.

When he had left her there, she was furious. More than that, she was aroused and didn't have much in the way to quench that desire. The hour after he had left was occupied with her experimenting with various methods to sate the fire in her core; mainly fingers and various transfigured objects. While she had gotten off eventually, none had come close to the satisfaction derived from his cock.

So she had given up and resigned herself to returning tonight, vanished the sweat coating her body in a light sheen, and pulled on her clothes to return to the Slytherin dorms for a restless, fantasy filled sleep.

"So you came back."

He was sitting in the corner of the room, feet propped up on a desk, totally nude. Her eyes were drawn to the rapidly hardening organ between his legs.

"Anybody could have walked in here, you know."

"Repelling charms, Greengrass. Only one person was ever going to open that door tonight."

She shivered. His intense eyes were examining her closely; she felt as though her robes were totally useless as he admired her form. He probably remembered exactly what she looked like from before.

"Strip. You're not leaving until you're limping."


Well, this and the chapters that will follow are the result of a single night's work on a random plot. While Seductress remains one of my primary goals, I find it hard to focus on just that story, and this is what happens when I digress into other characters. As you might have surmised from the initial quote, this is going to have some dominant/submissive play, although that won't really start until the next chapter. it was supposed to start in this chapter - this was actually meant to be longer - but I felt this was a natural stopping point, and I'll resume with the next bit soon enough.

I hope you all enjoy my first foray into the character of Daphne Greengrass! She's a fun and ambiguous character to write and read about, so I'll have some fun with her here. Expect Tracy in a the latter part of the next chapter and all chapters following!

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