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"Possess. Have. Hold. Enjoy. Control. Dominate. Pick your verb, Ms. Fairchild. I intend to explore so very many of them."

― J. Kenner, Release Me


"-And by flicking your wand the correct distance to the left, and by having the necessary amount of intent in casting your spell, you ought to have correctly casted the Notice-Me-Not charm," Professor Flitwick said with a flourish of his wand.

He flickered in and out of their vision; a testament to his skill with the charm. People who had their attention on the subject seldom felt any effect of a Notice-Me-Not until they glanced away and stopped dedicating full attention to it. People who weren't paying attention to it in the first place simply never noticed the subject. That Flitwick could be so effective when he held all of their attention more than demonstrated his mastery in his chosen field.

As the class set to work practicing their own versions of the charm, Daphne felt a twinge of thought probe her consciousness. Judging by the straightening of her spine, and the slight dilation of her eyes, Tracey had felt the same.

'Master the charm, pets. You will need it soon enough.'

Tracey began to go through the motions, her brows scrunched together with concentration as her wand waved through the air. Daphne waited. She still felt Him in the back of her mind.

'You get three tries, no more.'

The Slytherin wanted to protest, but knew it would mean nothing.

Her wand came out, and she focused intensely on what effect to create. Swish right. Draw up into an arch and slash down. Pirouette into the final flick left.


She tried again, her wand moving in the correct direction. The familiar feeling of magic shot down her wand arm, flooding into the air around her.

It wasn't strong enough. Beads of sweat appeared on her temple. One try left.

Swish. Arch. Slash. Flick.

This time the magic flowed strong and fast, enveloping her in its effect. Nobody so much as glanced in her direction.

"Get up, go to the side of the room and strip Pet."

The icy burn of energy that flashed through the collar around her throat was just as much of an alert of His presence as his voice. Daphne found her body moving ahead of her ability to command it, undoing buttons and shucking robes as she walked over to the large open space to the side of the room.

He was there already, naked and as always obscured from her view. Muscles were revealed to her wandering eyes, but faded as she moved on to his cheekbones, his eyes, hair, and finally back down to his crotch.

She fell to her knees as her mind once again experienced his probe.

"Aren't you so proud of yourself, Daphne? Look at what you've accomplished today; mastery of the notice-me-not charm in just three tries; there's something to be proud of."

His hands tangled in her hair, mussing up the blonde locks as she placed small kisses on his cock, trailing up and down the hard organ.

"And now you get to prove that you're even more of a shameless little sex-fiend. Fucking in the middle of class? That's impressive, there. Waiting for a private moment where you'll have the safety of anonymity, why, it's just not enough anymore!"

He was far more grandiose than he used to be. His words, while mocking, held no derision, and were more for the effect of keeping her attention split as she took his tip between her lips, licking the small bead of pre-cum that had formed there.

"And what a performer you are! Why, your audience just can't seem to help herself!"

It should have bothered some part of her – that portion of her psyche that would be utterly mortified by the mere prospect of being caught in such a compromising situation – that she felt nothing when she glanced to the side to see another student watching her with morbid fascination.

Hermione Granger, Gryffindor's brightest, had evidently seen through the charm. Whatever He'd done to pierce the veil of the brunette's own charm was lost on Daphne, but now that she was pointed out to her, it was easy to keep one eye on her as she eased His cock deeper into her mouth.

The brunette seemed to accept the fact that she was caught with grace. Their eyes locked; hazy blue meeting intelligent brown.

Hermione began to undo her robes, shifting her clothes about so that she could easily slip one hand down the front of her uniform skirt. As Daphne began to bob her head, steadily taking His cock down further into her throat, lavishing it with her tongue, Hermione's hand began to move at a similar pace. The brunette couldn't decide what to watch, her eyes flickered from the steel that was appearing and disappearing between Daphne's pale pink lips to her icy, lust-struck eyes.

Daphne was exceptional at giving head. She took pride in it, relishing the experience of feeling Him throb in her mouth; of exerting her own form of control over him as she dragged her tongue up and down, along the thick vein that appeared on the underside and around the tip as she drew her head back to suck harshly.

When he began to grip her hair harder, fucking her face as his hips began to draw back and forward against her lips, his cock throbbing more and more frequently, Daphne knew she had him.

She drew back, took a deep breath, and plunged his rod as deep into her throat as she could. Her movement crushed her lips and face against his pelvis as her throat clenched and massaged his shaft as she swallowed erratically around him.

He groaned and released as she drew back one more time, the air-tight seal of her lips putting incredible pressure on his cock as she sucked him. His warm essence filled her mouth, and Daphne's eyes fluttered as she swished it around in her mouth; it was slippery and warm and salty and the warm glow of accomplishment pulsed throughout her body.

A soft whine emanated from the other side of the room, and Daphne released him from her mouth so she could look for its source.

Hermione's hand was frantic beneath the barrier of her skirt. The girl's eyes were wide and hazy, pupils dilated and the irises so dark as to be black.

Daphne opened her mouth, showing off her prize to the Gryffindor. The brunette let out a desperate moan and leaned back in her chair, her pale neck exposed to the world.

Movement behind her distracted her from the image of the masturbating girl.

She swallowed and shifted to her knees, her hands moving to tease and play with herself as she watched Him stalk over to Hermione.

His hands grabbed her shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying and clacking as they hit the floor. A bra followed, blue and nondescript.

The brunette's hands came up to claw at his back as he pressed himself against her, the black Hogwarts uniform skirt that had hidden her flower from Daphne's view riding up around her waist as he tilted her body backwards.

The Gryffindor was wet with her arousal. It leaked down her thighs in transparent, glossy trails. Her panties had been shifted aside and were ineffectual at protecting her from the hard steel that prodded her swollen, ready lower lips.

The cry of pleasure that he ripped from Hermione's lips when he thrust into the brunette went straight to Daphne's core, and she plunged another finger into herself, reveling in the burn of her fingers stretching herself.

The Gryffindor's legs wrapped around his waist. Her voice could have been mistaken for a succubus's, it sounded so raucous and wanton. The quiet Hermione Granger arched underneath him as he thrust in and out of her quivering pussy and played her body like a violin.

Her throat had several darkening spots where He had bitten her. His lips wrapped around her nipples, nipping and laving the aching, hard peaks until they were red and inflamed and shiny with a coat of his saliva.

Hermione, last of them to experience an orgasm that day, was the first to break underneath the furious assault, and came with a keen of ecstasy, her legs tightening around His waist and trapping him within her convulsing pussy.

He was second, his thrusts becoming erratic as he came within the brunette.

Daphne, three fingers deep within herself, came at the sight, pressing down on her clit with her thumb as she shuddered and moaned quietly.

Her vision became dark with exhaustion, and she missed his exit. When she next looked up, she only saw the slumped form of Hermione Granger, her legs still spread wide open to reveal her thoroughly-fucked pussy to anyone capable of noticing her.

She looked like a feast.


"Are you going to tell me what the fuck that was all about, Greengrass?"

Of course, Daphne had expected nothing less than to be cornered by the Gryffindor after class. Not content that she'd been shagged, the girl had demanded Daphne speak with her, and proceeded to drag her into an abandoned corridor well away from the well-traversed sections.

Daphne wasn't really in the mood to explain anything. The vision of the brunette, legs spread and leaking her nectar down her legs was in her mind.

She shoved Hermione against a wall, their lips coming together as Daphne forced her knee up into the girl's core, smirking against her lips as she felt the distinct texture of soaked cloth as her skin met the fabric of the readjusted panties.

Hermione struggled against her, her hands gripping her shoulders to shove her away. Daphne mashed her knee into the girl's clit, and her protests died with a whimper as her entire body was wracked with a pleasured shudder.

Daphne dropped to her knees and grabbed the hem of Hermione's skirt, yanking it down so it rested around her ankles.


Musk filled her nose as she nuzzled against the essence-drenched panties. She licked them, delighting in the array of flavor she found there.

Content she had silenced the brunette, the Slytherin pulled the panties down and began lapping at the slick petals of Hermione's pussy, dipping between her nether lips to get at the soaking prize within.

Hermione's voice filled the hall, her moans wanton and desperate. Daphne lifted her head from her feast, angry that she had to stop in the middle of finding a pocket of His essence within.

"Really Granger? Keep quiet, would you?!"

Hermione whined.

Scowling, Daphne narrowed her eyes, before an idea struck her.

Notice-me-not charm in place, the blonde returned to her task.


'The charm, Tracey?'

Her pulse sped up.

He always had that effect on her, from the moment he'd claimed her. Simply being in his presence aroused her. His control over her body was beyond her ability to resist, even had she wanted to.

Arithmancy was, today, supposed to be work without a wand, but Tracey was quick enough to snap off the charm before Professor Vector could notice.

"Well that's just wonderful wand work Pet. You're a little more fluid than Daphne, but she only got three tries, so that's inevitable, hmm?"

Daphne. She'd lost track of her friend in the middle of class. Had they…?

"Get up and stand right in front of Vector, Tracey."

She did.

"Isn't she just marvelous to look at?"

The professor certainly was a looker. Tall with dark, glossy hair, the young Arithmancy professor was statuesque in her beauty, and had drawn considerable attention from the student body considering how close in age she was to many of the upper years.

His hands began undoing the clasp of her robes. Tracey sank into his warm chest as he stripped her in front of the professor.

"Wouldn't she just be a joy to play with, Pet?"

She was in her underwear now. Her bra was unclasped and disappeared to some other part of the room. Her panties, dark with her essence, vanished in a similar manner. His cock pressed against her nether lips, and her mind devolved into the pleasant haze it always did during sex.

"Wouldn't you just love for those lips to wrap around your clit? To suck and lick you?"

She moaned, clear and loud, as he thrust into her.

"That tongue plundering your depths, licking up and down your soaking pussy…"

She was soaking. So wet, in fact, that his violent thrusts into her were causing tiny droplets of her essence to splatter outwards. One landed on the paper Vector was grading, and the woman dragged her finger over it to bring it up to eye level. Her brow furrowed as she examined the strange substance.

"How do you think she tastes, Tracey?"

He thrust into her particularly hard when she didn't answer, making her yelp.

"I asked you a question, pet," he said coolly.

"She…. She'd… be delicious…." Tracey gasped out, her debauched mind latching onto the anchor of thought and attempting to put together exactly what she thought the professor would taste like.

She was interrupted from her thoughts when he withdrew from her. Tracey cried out wretchedly as her core pulsed with need.

"I think the good professor could use a lesson of her own," he said grandly, walking around her desk, wand in hand. It flicked back and forth, and Tracey vaguely felt the pulse of magic that enveloped the unsuspecting professor.

"There's nothing more effective than a good compulsion charm, pet. Remember that," He told her as the professor's head turned towards him.

Or, more specifically, his crotch. Her eyes were glassy and her nose twitched. Evidently, he'd overpowered the charm, and he'd made it so she'd seek out whatever scent was strongest in her nose.

The professor took his cock, drenched in Tracey's essence, in her mouth. He gripped her hair in his hands as he thrust in and out of the professor's mouth.

Tracey watched, fascinated, as her pussy burned in an agony of need.

"Hmm. Professor, I think Tracey's in need of some attention. Eat her."

The Slytherin could only watch, enraptured, as the glassy-eyed professor crawled between her legs to dip her head down to the junction of her thighs.

Of course, her head was thrown back as Vector went to work. Her soft tongue was a balm to the ache in her core, soothing the slick, engorged skin and dipping in and out of her. Tasting her.

The groan the professor emanated when He thrust into her from behind made Tracey buck into the professor's face. Her legs shook as she felt the initial contractions of her orgasm approach.

Vector was pushed up Tracey's body until they were face to face as He grabbed her hips and lifted her. The two women engaged in a heated kiss as He began to alternate fucking them, dipping into the professor and then into Tracey's desperately clenching core as they both began to quiver on top of each other.

Tracey finally gave into her release when he accidentally smashed into her clit while trying to thrust into her. On his second pass he was nearly crushed by the pulsing hot vice of her core.

The Slytherin was disappointed that he didn't release in her, but the crush of her pussy was enough to push him to the edge. When he next pressed into Vector, he groaned and exploded within the trembling woman. Tracey swallowed the moan as the woman felt the warm flood of seed splash against her insides.

The professor gave in and came at the feeling, and the three were awash in the afterglow of their activity.


There was a certain amount of satisfaction that Daphne felt as she watched everything come full-circle.

She had been the first of his chosen. The first to be collared and taken in this classroom, seduced to his will. Now, she watched with hazy eyes as Hermione sank her mouth down onto His cock.

With one hand, she pushed the brunette's head slowly further down. With the other, she rubbed her naked back as she whispered words of encouragement to the Gryffindor. Tracey crouched behind them, her fingers playing with the slick lips of the Gryffindor's pussy and her mouth occupied within biting around the collar that encircled Hermione's throat.

The normally warm brown eyes of the Gryffindor were pitch black with lust, now. Her lips were beginning to swell as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

With every heartbeat, their collars pulsed with satisfaction and pleasure.

Yes; she, Daphne Greengrass, the first of His pets, definitely felt aglow as she ushered in yet another sister in bonds.


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