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" Until You Are Here With Me "

Legolas's face snapped to the side as result of the strong blow. A deep cut immediately formed on his cheek due to the sharp nails of Arwen. Crimson blood started to trickle out and trickled down to his chin. Arwen fumed and glared at Legolas with the most evil glare she could.

"Look, boy," she spat out. "You don't have a chance with him, you got that? You never had a chance."

Legolas kept his head low, not wanting to meet that evil glare.

Arwen turned away and smirked.

"He loves me, Legolas. Me. We have already sworn our eternal love to each other, and I have even given up my immortality, for he has my evenstar."

Legolas's head snapped up at her at that statement.

"You... you what?!"

Arwen grinned.

"Yes, dearest Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. I have given him my evenstar as a token that symbolizes our love. Now tell me, would you give up your immortality for him?" Arwen laughed evilly.

Legolas's eyes started to fill with bitter tears.

He whispered, "I'd give up more than that. I'd give up my life for him. I'd give up everything in this world for him."

Arwen fumed. "Look, Legolas. I'm trying to make this easier for you. There is nothing greater to give than one's immortality. I already gave him mine, which he barely accepted because he believes he doesn't deserve such devotion. He believes totally that we belong to each other. Don't even think about trying to offer him your immortality, for he won't accept. It's too late, Legolas. Too late for you. Nothing can make him yours now. Nothing."

Legolas hardened his expression and mumbled, "I love him, Arwen. And he knows this."

"Yes. Unfortunately he does. Everything would have been better if he hadn't known in the first place. Now you've made things more complicated between us, and you are being a nuisance. Can't you see he is a busy man? He is going to be a king, Legolas. He has duties to carry out, such as ruling his people, dealing with problems, and of course, creating heirs." Arwen emphasized the last two words. Legolas cringed.

Arwen smirked once again. "As you can see, he has no time to waste on little problems like you that always get in the way." Turning around to face Legolas, she reached out and held Legolas's chin with a firm grip.

"Look at me, Legolas."

Legolas looked away and refused to meet her eyes. He grimaced as the grip started to hurt, and turned to look at Arwen. Her dark brown eyes seemed to pierce into his own eyes, and if looks could kill, he would have already dropped dead and chased all the way down to hell. Arwen seemed to analyze the prince's eyes before smiling sweetly and innocently.

"Besides, Legolas, Aragorn himself told me that you were being quite bothersome lately? Is that true? He asked, no... begged me to have a talk with you and to tell you to quit following him around at the banquets and other meetings. You are doing nothing but messing up our relationship, dear. Can't you see? Imagine what would happen if you two were seen together!" Arwen faked a gasp. "What would the people say? What would your parents say? What would his father say, Legolas? Can't you see that this love of yours wasn't meant to be?"

Legolas just listened quietly and debated her words in his mind.

It can't be... he couldn't have possibly said that... we were so happy a few days ago... we were...

"Listen, Legolas. You are an immortal elf. It is too late for you to try and give up your immortality for Aragorn, so there is not much you can do now. I suggest you find a lifelong elf mate that will truly make you happy and satisfy your needs, for Aragorn isn't the one meant to do so for you. Can't you see that nobody else can satisfy Aragorn's needs than me? Can't you see?"

Legolas couldn't take it anymore, the bitter tears that were welling up in his eyes were threatening to pour out. He managed to gasp out, "Yes, Arwen. You are right. Nothing can."

So I meant nothing to him all this time... nothing at all...

The blonde elf whirled around and started to run deeper and deeper into the woods as crystalline tears started to flow out of his eyes endlessly. He didn't get to see the evil smirk on Arwen's face as she gazed at his retreating figure. Arwen sighed with relief.

"Run, Legolas. Run away from this miserable life of yours, and never come back. Never come back, for if you do, all you will find is more misery."

With one last look at the dark woods, Arwen turned and left towards Aragorn's room. She didn't notice the dark figure moving in the woods.

Gandalf stepped out of his hiding place, shaking his head in shame. He hadn't meant to eavesdrop, but he just had happened to be there, and he had heard too much to interrupt.

Gazing sadly towards the dark woods in which Legolas had disappeared, Gandalf thought about the things he had heard.

"Hmmm... I didn't know Arwen could be so wicked with her tongue. My poor dear Legolas. I think you and I need to talk."

The wizard hummed a sad tune to himself as he walked slowly towards the woods.

Legolas ran until he felt he was far away from everybody. Then he crumpled down to the floor and cried and cried as much as he could and as sorrowfully as he could. Perhaps if he tried to cry his heart out, the sorrow and pain of Arwen's words caused would go away. He couldn't believe Aragorn had said that, he just couldn't believe it.

You are doing nothing but messing up our relationship, dear... Can't you see that this love of yours wasn't meant to be?...

Her words started to pierce into his heart like a thousand daggers. Legolas clutched his chest in pain, and started to gasp heavily when it hurt so much that he couldn't breathe properly. He crawled over to the small pond and plunged his head in and drank the cool water. Clear drops of water ran down his face and dripped into the water as he pulled his head back out. Legolas just stared down at the water until the water stopped moving and settled down. He grimaced at his reflection, for he did not see whom he wanted to see.

No wonder Aragorn dislikes me...

The reflection was that of an impossibly pale elf with swollen eyes. Legolas sighed and sat back. He gasped and turned around when he heard rustling in the leaves behind him. The elf sighed in relief when he saw the old wizard appear, smiling at him.

"Well well, what have we got here? If it isn't Legolas Prince of Mirkwood!" Gandalf chuckled and sat beside the elf. Legolas forced a smile.

"How have you been Gandalf? Haven't seen you in a long time. You came for tonight's banquet?"

Gandalf smiled. "Yes, of course. Aragorn invited me along with the hobbits. We are all here."
"I see. That's nice, Gandalf. It's good to see you again." Legolas leaned forward and hugged Gandalf.

Gandalf closed his eyes and hugged the young elf back. He then cleared his throat.

"So what is the prince doing out here in woods all alone at this time of a day and with a deep cut on his cheek?" Legolas stiffened. Gandalf raised his eyebrows. The blonde elf slowly looked up at Gandalf's eyes, and stiffened even more when he saw that this question was a 'you answer or I'll turn you into a frog' question. Legolas sighed and gazed towards the pond and at the flowers that were blooming on the other side.

"Arwen and I... we sort of got in a fight. It's totally my fault, so don't go around telling on her please."

Gandalf sighed at the sweet kindness and innocence of the prince. "I wouldn't tell on anybody in the world, dear Legolas."

Legolas turned and smiled at the wizard. "Thank you Gandalf. You're so understanding."

"Why did you fight, Legolas?"

Legolas sighed, not wanting to answer. "She was warning me to stay away from Aragorn, that he dislikes me." He could feel tears forming in his eyes again. Gulping, he tried to force the tears back down.


Gandalf reached out and patted Legolas's shoulder gently. "Tell me, prince."

"I thought he loved me too, Gandalf. I mean, we made love a month ago. Right here, beside this pond. He was telling me all these wonderful things... that we would be together forever... and that he would always love me... I... I really thought it was so..."

"He said this to you?"

Legolas nodded miserably.

"Although... he was a bit drunk. Perhaps that's what caused him to say those things, huh?"

Gandalf sighed and looked at the poor elf that looked more miserable than a lost puppy.

"I would do anything for him, Gandalf. I'd give more than just immortality. I'd die for him. If I could die for him, I would die a happy man."

"Look, Legolas. If you love him so, you should really talk to Aragorn in person, and sort things out. Perhaps he does really feel that way. Why don't you talk to him tonight, at the banquet?"

Legolas looked down at his hands and thought in silence.

"Perhaps... perhaps I will."

Gandalf smiled and stood up. "Aragorn isn't the type of man that would say such things about you. You have been together for a long time, and you have always been by his side. We have all gone through hardships together, and we have faced the worst of times together as well. There is just no way Aragorn would dislike you, Legolas, and you know it. Now, come on, cheer up and let's go back to the palace. The sun's already setting." He turned and started to leave, humming a cheerful tune this time.

Legolas smiled and felt much better. Gandalf was indeed one unique person. He brushed off some of the leaves off his legs and stood up. The elf gasped as he felt dizziness and almost fell backwards into the pond. Luckily, he was able to gain his composure, and saved himself from falling into the water.

I must have been sitting for too long.

Legolas shrugged and followed Gandalf back to the palace, wiping away the blood on his cheek that strangely, didn't want to seem to dry up as it was supposed to.

** In Aragorn's chamber...

"Sweet Aragorn, I have come to speak to you," Arwen batted her eyelashes and smiled sweetly at Aragorn.

Aragorn looked up from his desk and smiled warmly at Arwen.

"Arwen." He acknowledged.

Arwen frowned momentarily at his greeting. She had expected him to call her "love" or perhaps even "dear". She shook away the thought and stood by Aragorn.

"About our marriage, Aragorn..." Aragorn stiffened. "Arwen, the evenstar... I... I just can't..." Arwen immediately snapped at Aragorn to interject the obvious statement that was threatening to come out from Aragorn's mouth. "It is a gift, Aragorn. A symbol of our everlasting love. Don't even try to tell me that you won't accept it. You already accepted it, and there is no way of changing that, Aragorn. You have accepted to love me, you have accepted our love. I have given up immortality for you Aragorn. It is the greatest thing an elf can give away for the one whom he or she loves. Why can't you see this?"

Aragorn's eyes widened at the demanding and cruel words that had come out of Arwen. Arwen gasped at her words as well, and smacked herself mentally for having been so abrupt and disrespectful. "Aragorn.. sorry.. I..."

Aragorn stood and up and walked away towards the window and gazed outside at the gardens, and said bitterly.

"So that's why you gave me your evenstar? Why, that was so generous of you, Lady Arwen," Aragorn spat out.

"Look, Aragorn... darling.. really...listen.. I didn't mean it that way.. I..."

"No. YOU look, Arwen. You can't force someone to accept something or to love someone. If you thought that giving me your evenstar and giving up your immortality was going to impress me and make me fall madly in love with you, you are mistaken. I have always loved you like a sister, because you are a half sister to me, for Lord Elrond has always been like a father to me."

Arwen gasped and staggered backward as if to faint.

"Don't act like you are going to faint or something Arwen. You do that quite often, and I have gotten used to it. Look, take your evenstar back, and find someone who will love you back for who you are Arwen. Don't go around trying to impress men by giving them things like those. Life and things like immortality aren't just objects you can give away to gain something in return. They are serious things. Please take them seriously, and fall in love with someone in an honest and clean way."

Arwen glared. Aragorn raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"No, Aragorn. Please keep the evenstar. Perhaps time will fix things between you and me. Don't tell me all those passionate kisses and warm touches were just because I am like a sister to you? As for our marriage, we can push that back a bit more. I am sorry that I talked like that, really. I am just kind of surprised and angry that you wouldn't accept such a gift of mine, for such a grandiose and important gift, as you say, represents how much I love you, does it not? Think about that, Aragorn."

With those words that seemed almost practiced, Arwen whirled around and left the room, leaving Aragorn stunned and surprised. After standing there in silence, he looked at the woods. He smiled when he saw Gandalf appear, followed by... followed by indeed the most beautiful of all elves. Sure, it was true that Aragorn had loved Arwen, but it was just an infatuation; a momentary obsession that had faded away with time. Legolas couldn't be replaced by anybody in this world, and he was determined to make him into his lover if not his fiance. With a happy sigh, Aragorn turned around and went to the showers and debated on what he would wear to the banquet.

Arwen stormed into her room with a madness that could have burned the whole palace down if looks could burn. She grabbed a vase that was nearby and threw it at the wall. The delicate vase crashed into thousands of small pieces that scattered all over the floor. Arwen glared at the pieces on the floor and growled.

"Oh, how I wish those pieces were you, Legolas. How I wish you could vanish and sink into the deepest and darkest places of the Earth and disappear forever from our lives."

Arwen paced around in the room, trying to come up with some plan that could separate those two forever. Wasn't there a way to make Aragorn hate Legolas so much that he would throw him out of the palace and come running into her arms? Arwen froze when a very good idea popped into her brain. She smirked and ran over to her closet, shuffling through her clothing. Finally, she found the small pouch she was looking for. The pouch contained the powder she had once tried to use to kill Legolas, but had ended up being unsuccessful. She had put it away, for the fellowship had left on that long journey soon after, leaving her with no choice but to wait for the blonde elf to come back.

"Yes... this pouch will get me what I want... you're doomed, Legolas. You are doomed for life. You will feel very sorry that you were ever born. You will wish you had never intervened in our lives."

Shrill laughter could be heard from Arwen's chambers, and echoed throughout the hallways. Unfortunately for Legolas, nobody was around to hear.

To be continued...

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