"The Oh So Late as Hell Thank-you Page"


SO... whoever remembers this fic, I said I would post a last page thanking everybody who reviewed in chapter 13, so I finally sat my butt to write it up. Here goes all the thank you's to my wonderful and faithful readers (even if it's 1000 years late).


Anthem: Thanks so much for reviewing, and I am actually working on another story, but it's SasukexNaruto from the anime series Naruto. If you do watch this thing, you should definitely go check it out! -smiles-

LuthorCorp: Are you still obsessed with Lex Luthor? Haha. Anyways, I am working on another fic, but it's not Lord of the Rings... but you should check it out sometime! What are you guys all into these days anyway? Do you still get on ffnet?

Cheysuli: Hi Chey. Sorry, but no sequel or prequel to this, I kinda abandoned the whole Lords of the Rings thing... but who knows? Maybe someday I'll actually feel like writing one up. How did your Legolas/Gimli fic go btw? Thanks so much for your reviews -hugs-

MoroTheWolfGod: Haha, I love Lance and Maurice too. Aren't they cutest things ever? Anyway, thanks for reviewing -many hugs-

Earendilstar: Thanks for your reviews, and I hope you are doing well. -hugs-

shi-chan: I hate kids too, but these, you must admit, are cute. Haha. Hope you're doing fine, and thanks for reviewing.

andrea42: Heya andrea. I didn't come up with the names, a good friend of mine did. She's obsessed with LoTR, and she knows all these different versions of the names. It's been such a long time ago though... I don't remember the details, sorry. Anyways, I hope you are doing well, and thanks so much for reviewing! -hugs-

Vuaryn: Hiya, Vuaryn. So did you have luck writing up something good? I'm sure you have. Thanks for all the compliments and your reviews, meant so much to me. Much appreciated. Hope you are doing well. -hugs and kisses-

Celestra: I'm so sorry I never came up with a sequel or prequel. Just had no time, and I couldn't come up with anything interesting enough. Thanks for sticking with me through the whole fic, and thanks so much for all the reviews. Hope you are doing well. -hugs and kisses-

Obsessiveperson: I just thought daddy would be more fitting... I mean, he is male after all. I think mother would be so awkward. LOL. Anyways, I'm glad you liked the ending, and sorry that there is no sequel. Hope you are doing well and thanks for reviewing!

Wilwarin: I'm sorry that it wasn't your style of story. But I'm glad that I at least did a good job. I must admit, it is weird. Anyways, hope you are doing good.

Komari Vosa: LOL, I was actually considering writing one, but then, I got too busy to. But the nazgul were cute. Very cute. Thanks for reviewing!

Sanada Yukimura: Thanks sooo much for all the compliments. I love compliments, yay! Thanks so much for reading through it all, and I'm very glad you loved it. Thanks once again for reviewing, and hope you are doing well!

Moonfairyhime: Thanks for reviewing, hunny, and I know, I couldn't believe it was over either when I finished it. Hope you are doing well!

montypythonfan2002: Yea, I know how you feel... I wanna know the ending to a fic real bad, but once it's over, you get this empty feeling. Kinda sucks. But hey, glad you liked the fic, and I'm very thankful for your review. No sequel, as you've noticed by now, lol, sorry. Hope you are doing well!

Cayenne: Sorry, Cayenne, no sequel and no Yami fic either, haha. I should really do one or the other, but I've gone into a SasukexNaruto obsession, so that's what I'm working on right now. If you're interested, go check it out! Anyway, thanks for reviewing so much. -hugs-

Winter Hope Malfoy: Thanks for reviewing, I'm very happy you liked it. Hope you are doing well, and I hope you're not too disappointed I won't be writing another LoTR fic. -hugs-

Cinnamon-Sweet-Heart: Glad you liked the whole ending and the little comedy portions, haha. I really enjoyed writing it all up. Sorry I never got to writing another LoTR fic. Anyway, thanks for reviewing, and I hope you are doing well.

severi: Thanks! And yea, I was sad too that it was over... bye-bye indeed.

Eliabrith: Haha, you liked that Maurice and Lance thing, huh? I loved it too, they were so cute. It wouldn't have been the same without them. I'm very glad you enjoyed my fic, and thanks sooo much for reviewing. Hope you are doing well -kisses-

celebrian: Okay, so I really really didn't want to get into how it all happened, so that's why I skipped it all (I'm sneaky, I know) but I suppose the babies came out of the only place they could have come out of down there -ehem- okay this is real embarassing to talk about. Haha. ANYWAY, I'll let you imagine how the rest of it went. Thanks for reviewing, and I hope you are doing well!

VaniaHepskins: Heya, thanks so much for all the reviews for each individual chapter. I was delighted to see a comment on each. Muchas gracias, y si entendi todo lo que dijiste. I hope you are doing well, and thanks once again! Viva AragornxLegolas por siempre!

devilburns: You found my fic? You had lost it? Haha, don't lose important things! J/k. Anyway, thanks for reviewing, and sorry I never wrote another LoTR fic. Perhaps someday.

ziggy greenleaf: I LOVE YOU TOO SO MUCH! Haha, thanks so much for cute reviews, and all the love. Don't get sick too often now, you'll get me worried. Hope you are doing well. -hugs and kisses-

Naoko Hirumi: Hahaha, thanks SO much for your support against those flamers. Seriously, if they're against something, why do they bother reading through it? I mean, the warnings are clearly in BOLD. This just means that they are interested in it, but refuse to accept it cuz they're in denial. Oh well, thanks for reviewing, it really made my day... back then, that it. Hehe. Hope you are doing well.

Goddess of the Imaginary Li...: Sorry, it cut it off and it says you're not an active member of ffnet anymore. Sorry I never came up with a prequel or a sequel, but thanks so much for reviewing.

PurpleCrystal: This is a really late response, but you are more than welcome to translate it for your friends. (If you haven't already done so). Thanks so much for your review and your interest in my fic. I hope you and your friends liked it as much as I liked writing it up.

Petragirl: Thanks for reviewing, means so much to me. -hugs-

Nekocha: Haha! Good point! I really didn't mention comedy in there anywhere huh? I wasn't planning on it, but it just got funnier and funnier. I'm really glad you loved the author notes, and thanks sooo much for reviewing. -hugs and kisses-

shieldmaiden1: Sorry I never wrote up a sequel for this, hope you're not disappointed. I'm glad you enjoyed the fic though, and are satisfied with the ending. Thanks so much for reviewing, and I hope you are doing well!

Miss W D Halliwell: You stopped reviewing at chapter 3, but I sure as hell hope you finished reading the whole fic and you liked it. Thanks for reviewing!

Pointy-eared-elfs: I'm very happy you enjoyed reading the fic, and I hope you're not disappointed I didn't end up writing a sequel. Thanks so much for reviewing, and hope you are doing well!

bradleigh: You like mpregs? That's awesome! Thanks so much for reviewing, I'm very glad you loved my fic, means a lot to me. Hope you are doing well, bradleigh. -hugs-

ScreaminInsanity: LOL, well, I'm very glad you liked the mini-story thing at the bottom of the page, cuz I really liked them too. And yes, kids fight, they're supposed to fight, and they will always fight. Doesn't make sense if they don't. Thanks so much for reviewing, and hope you are doing well.

Victoria Elner: I'm pretty sure I emailed you saying you can translate the fic, cuz I remember doing so, but if I haven't, you are more than welcome to. I'm very happy you're interested in doing such thing, and I hope my Russian readers will like this fic as well. Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments, it all means so much to me. Hope you are doing well Victoria. -hugs-

Seylin: Wow, I never looked at it that way before, but you are right, he does resemble Juliet's father, haha. The whole story is very Romeo and Juliet now that I look at it again. Thanks for the very constructive and thoughtful comment, haha, and I hope you are doing well!

Mistress Of All Darkness: Glad you loved it, thanks for reviewing. Hope you are doing well!


Author's last note: Thanks to everybody once again. If I missed you, let me know, I'll add a comment for you and re-upload it all. I know that most of the people above will never get to see this new thank you page, but I just hope that everybody knows how thankful I am for each and every single one of the reviews I got for this fic. Also, I want to apologize for writing up this page so late; I have been busy is not a good enough excuse. I also want to apologize to anyone who was hoping for a sequel or a prequel, I just didn't have the time to come up with one. And well, with this, I bring the fic to a final closure. Thanks once again to everybody who stuck with me till the very end. -hugs and kisses to everybody-

Nazgul(Lance): Hugs and kisses everybody!
Nazgul(Maurice): -gasp- You cheater!

Nazgul(Lance): -confused- Cheater? Me? How come?
Nazgul(Maurice): You're hugging and kissing other people, how is that not cheating?
Nazgul(Lance): It's friendly hugging and kissing, Maurice, no need to get jealous.
Nazgul(Maurice): I'm not jealous.
Nazgul(Lance): Oh, now you're just in denial. -mocking laugh-
Nazgul(Maurice): I am NOT in denial!
Nazgul(Lance): Oh YES you are!
Nazgul(Maurice): Oh NO I'm...
Nazgul(Lance): -gasp- Maurice! Is that a stork?
Nazgul(Maurice): Yea, why?
Nazgul(Lance): OMG, Maurice, we MUST chase it and get that baby, we MUST!
Nazgul(Maurice): Wha-?
Nazgul(Lance): -runs off screaming his head off- STORK! Oh Mr. STORK! Babyyyy...
Nazgul(Maurice): T---T