Hogwarts here I come....

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                      (......) My thoughts

                       Letters and Dreams

A girl with emerald eyes looked around her she was completely surrounded by darkness. She

heard someone call her name, the voice was familiar, the voice called out to her again, she began

to run towards it, she saw a large cherry tree come into view, someone was standing under it.


As the girl got closer she could see that it was a boy, he looked at her, his burning amber eyes

watching her, the girl couldn't see his face, he called out her name again, as she got closer to him

he opened his arms, she was about to reach him when he disappeared and she was surrounded by

                        darkness again.


She looked around, when she looked down she saw there was no ground she was floating above a

large city of lights. "Come to me..." a cold voice called out to her, "Hoe?" she looked around

wildly trying to find the owner of the voice but saw nothing just the darkness surrounding her,

"Give me the cards" the same cold voice told her, she could feel someone's icy breath on her

cheek, but she couldn't see anyone. "Give them to me!" the voice yelled as a figure appeared from

                      the darkness, "No!"


"No?" the figure came closer to her laughing, "I will get the cards" suddenly the figure

disappeared along with what ever was holding the girl up. She began to fall toward the city of

lights hundreds of feet below her. She screamed the first thing that came to her, "Syaoran!!!"       


The girl's eyes opened as she sat up looking around she was back in her room the sunlight poring

in through her window, "Sakura-chan are you ok?" a small yellow bear asked floating in front of

her face. "Hai, I'm fine Kero-chan..." she got out of bed, she had nothing on, she reached for a

towel and wrapped it around herself, "Did you have fun last night?" Kero asked looking at her,

"Yeah had a blast...." she responded walking into the bathroom. "I wish you would let me come

one time...." Kero grumbled crossing his arms as Sakura turned the water on. "Kero-chan you

know I can't, a great golden lion wouldn't fit in with the rest of the pack...." she stopped in front

of the mirror looking at the few leaves that had imbedded themselves in her hair. She carefully

            pulled them out and got into the shower.

She was going to take a long relaxing shower when Kero spoke, "Ah...Sakura don't you have to

    go to a picnic with Tomoyo and your friends today....?"

"Hoe! I forgot!" Kero floated there shaking his head, Sakura was fifteen now and she was a

wolf.... it happened about three years ago just after Syaoran left and the Void was captured.


Sakura walked down Cherry Tree St. She was looking up at the full moon hanging in the sky, it's

eerie silver light casting long twisted shadows across the pavement. Sakura walked toward the

            forest, she loved to take walks there.

Sakura just stopped looking at the large mass of trees and bushes in front of her the wind swept

by her blowing a few locks of her auburn hair into her face, the leaves on the trees rustled as well,

the silver moon light gave the woods an enchanted look. She smiled and continued to walk

towards the trees, as he walked deeper into them the wind passing through the branches and

leaves made it sound as if they were whispering to one another.

Sakura was to busy listening to the wind and taking in the beauty of the woods that she didn't

hear the soft sound of paws walking on the dirt or the few twigs that snapped because of those

                  paws, until it was to late.

She walked into a small clearing when a large wolf jumped out from the bushes it was hiding in

and pinned her to the ground, she tried to get away but it was no use,'If I have to make her one of

us I might as well have some fun....' the wolf thought as it looked at her smiling, it bared it's teeth

       threateningly a soft growl escaping it's throat.

Sakura closed her eyes turning her head away from it ready for the end but it never came, she felt

a pain in her arm and that was it. Sakura finally looked up there was nothing there, she sat up

looking around she looked down at what was the cause of her pain, a small bite mark there was a

little dribble of blood flowing from it she looked at it carefully suddenly the wound healed as if

         nothing had happened even the blood was gone.

"Hoe?" Sakura looked up at the sky, a small cloud hid the moon. She began to get up dusting

herself off as the cloud moved and she was once again bathed in moon light.

Sakura felt as though she had being kicked in the stomach, she fell to her knees clutching her

stomach in pain with on hand the other was holding her up. She felt her backbone twist and pop

along with her knees and elbows, she watched in horror as her hands curled into paws, her arm

lengthened as her legs shortened, as her face grew. She felt as though tiny needles were piercing

every inch of her body her paws ripped at her clothes trying to stop the felling, she felt a last

crunch of her spine. The pain was gone as soon as it had come and she let out a small howl she

stopped 'was that my voice?' she looked down at herself she was covered in long silvery black fur

she felt something behind her she looked over her shoulder and saw 'a tail? I have a tail?' she sat

down 'no, no this isn't happening to me...' she let out a long sorrow filled howl. Little did she

know that a few thousand miles away the same thing was happening to a boy in Hong Kong.(I

                      wonder who that is?)

                      ~*End of flashback*~

Sakura joined the small pack of wolves that lived around Tomodea, some of them even went to

her school, she had to learn to fit in with normal humans again. Tomoyo had found out about

what had happened as well as Eriol when he had come for a short visit.

Sakura ran out of the shower and quickly got dressed Kero flew out the door and went down into

the kitchen followed by Sakura, "Ohyao Onii-chan, Otou-san" Sakura said pulling some of the

food out of the fridge that she had made last night, "Ohyao Sakura-chan." Touya and Fujitaka

said at the same time as Sakura ran out of the kitchen. She pulled on her roller blades and skated

out the door. Kero sat at the table, "Ohyao Fujitaka-san, Touya-kun....is there anything to eat?" 


Syaoran sat up in bed looking around it was still quite dark the sun was just starting to come up

he got up and walked out onto the balcony the a warm wind blew past him. He leaned on the

railing and sighed as an owl came and perched beside him it had two letters attached to it's leg.

Syaoran took the letters off and looked at them, one was addressed to his cousin Meling, but the

                  other was addressed to him,

                           Mr. S. Li

                   Fifth bedroom to the left

                       312 Hill Top lane.

                           Hong Kong


"There's water and food inside" Syaoran said as the owl flew into his room into the large cage

were it gulped some of the water before flying back out of the room, past Syaoran and into the

morning air. Syaoran opened the letter and read it, he let out a soft sigh.

'Off to England again.....looks like we just keep going further and further away form each other

ne, Sakura-chan?'  Syaoran had gone to a school called Hogwarts last year and was going back

again this year, he looked at the letter again angrily, because he was going to that school he

                    couldn't go see Sakura.

'All because of this stupid school...'  Syaoran thought his hand clenched the letter tightly as his

nails grew into long claws, ripping the paper. "Kuso" he looked down at the now impaled letter as

his nails grew back to normal. He looked at the paper and watched as it repaired it self. He smiled

    and returned his attention to the sun rise for a wile.

Soon a second owl flew through the door and into the large cage sitting on the desk beside a pile

 of spell books. The owl perched there eating that nights kill.

Syaoran walked into his room and closed the balcony door, "Ohayo Emerald…." He said as he

put the letter down and looked at the cage, "Man Em…even I'm not that bad….at least I don't

bring my kill into the house." he smiled as he watched the owl finish its meal and fly over to him

perching on his arm, he absentmindedly stroked the silky black feathers, as she hooted happily

 Syaoran had bought Emerald last year before going to school.

Emerald had soft silvery black feathers and a pair of sparkling green eyes. "Your lucky Em, you

can leave whenever you want...the only place I can go is Hogwarts, and even convincing the

elders to let me go there was hard..." Syaoran continued to absentmindedly stroke the soft

feathers of his owl. He had tried to send Sakura a message using his owl but she would always

return the next day looking quite battered and beaten the note still on her leg but ripped and torn.

 The only message that he had ever been able to send her was the one he had wrote on the plane

coming back to Hong Kong, which he had mailed the second he go off the plane, before the elders

                  could do anything about it.

 He got up, Emerald gave an annoyed hoot and flew off to her cage. Syaoran went to the desk

  and took the letter, reopened it and read it again.        

He took out a second piece of the parchment paper the letter was written on and read the

numerous books and things he would need for this year, then he took out two plane tickets to

England, he and Meling were going to stay with Eriol again this year. Syaoran had become friends

with Eriol...sort of, they still glared at each other and tried to make the others lives a living hell,

          but they tolerated having the other around.

The plane would take off in four days, 'Better tell Meling.'  He walked out of his room and down

                 the stairs to the dining hall.


Sakura watched as her friends walked in different directions on there way home, they had spent

the whole day together at the park. Sakura skated home the dream she had, had that morning

replaying in her mind she wished Syaoran was here, she looked up the sun was still up it was only

            around four when she saw and owl fly by.

 'An owl? Owls don't fly during the day?'  Sakura looked back watching the owl when she

noticed that it was carrying something. 'Its going in the direction of Tomoyo's house.'  Sakura

had been to busy looking at the owl, when she didn't notice another owl flying right above her.

Sakura opened the door and walked in to find her father and brother in the living room her father

was typing on his laptop while her brother was reading a book. She walked up the stairs and into

her room. Kero was playing one of his video games, Sakura sat down on her bed when her door

opened. Sakura was looking at her cards when a cat jumped into her arms, "Midnight!" Sakura

looked at the cat sitting on her lap she watched as it stretched and lay down purring contentedly.

Sakura gently stroked the small cat. Sakura had found Midnight half frozen on her doorstep so

she took her in and let the poor cat warm up by the fire. Midnight just never left.

Midnight's fur was shiny silver-black and had a large white spot that almost looked like a star on

her forehead and just under her chin, her eyes were a golden yellow. Sakura sat there stroking the

small cat that was curled in her lap still purring when an owl flew into the window,

"Hoe!" Sakura yelled Midnight jumping down onto the floor hissing loudly at the intruder. The

owl landed on the bed next to Sakura and held out it's leg. Sakura looked at it quizzically when

she noticed the letter attached to it, "For me?" she took the letter and looked at it. It was

                       addressed to her.

                        Miss S. Kinomoto

                  Smallest bedroom to the left

                        78 Blossom Road.



She turned it over and looked at the seal it was a lion, badger, snake, and an eagle. Sakura opened

the envelope it was made out of thick parchment paper. She pulled out one of the sheets of the

same heavy creamy yellow paper and looked at it. It was written with emerald green ink in rather

                  loopy writing. She read it.


                  Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International

                      Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Miss Kinomoto,

     We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft

and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Because of your

skill and age you will be starting in the fifth year.

     Term begins on 1 September. We await you owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Sakura looked at Kero and back at the letter. "Kero-chan?" Kero took the letter and read it his

jaw dropping, Sakura and Kero looked at each other. Sakura ran down the stairs Kero right

behind her with the owl fallowing both of them, "Otou-san!" Sakura called running into the den

            with Kero and the owl just behind her.

"Yes Sakura-chan?" Fujitaka Kinomoto looked at his daughter. "Otou-san I was accepted at a

school in England." Sakura said the owl perching on her small shoulder as she gave him the

envelope. He took the letter out and read it, he looked at Sakura than to his son, Touya. He

handed the letter to Touya, he read the letter and then looked at Sakura.

"So can I go?" Sakura asked looking form her brother to her father, "I don't see why not ..."

Fujitaka said smiling, "Hoe!" Touya reached into the envelope and pulled out a plane ticket, "Well

kaijuu you better start packing because your plane leaves in four days."

Sakura looked at him she took her letter and ran back up the stairs Kero and the owl still behind

her. Sakura ran into her room to get a pen and some paper, she quickly wrote a note reading:

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I would be happy to attend your school...


 Sakura Kinomoto

She gave the note to the owl and watched it fly out the window when she realized that she had

wrote the note in Japanese 'Hoe! well hopefully he'll understand!' 

Sakura looked down and took out a suitcase and began to pack when she heard her brother yell

and a loud bang, Sakura ran down stairs and back into the den, "Hoe!"

Sakura stood there looking at a man dressed in funny looking clothes, his eyes were bright blue

hidden behind half-moon spectacles, and his beared was so long he could have tucked it into his

belt, "Hello." he said smiling cheerfully, Sakura looked at him quizzically, "Nani?" the man smiled

and took out a wand and pointed it at her, Sakura eyes lit up.

'What is he going to do with that?' Sakura thought "Langdendo" a large flash of white light

came from his wand surrounding Sakura, "There..." Sakura looked at him, "What did you do?"

Sakura asked when realization came to her she was speaking English, "Hoe?"

"My name is Albus Dumbledore." he said extending his hand, Sakura stepped forward "Kinomoto

Sakura" she said shaking his hand, "It is nice to finally meet you Miss Kinomoto. Now Miss

     Kinomoto you will be coming to school early this year.

 Along with you friend Tomoyo Daidouji you both will be staying with Harry Potter at the

Dursley's they will pick you up from the airport. I think that is all I needed to tell you ... so I will

see you when you come to Hogwarts." Dumbledore gave a small wave and Disapparated, "Hoe!"

              Sakura looked around "He's gone..."

Sakura walked back into her room, "Sakura-chan?" Kero looked at her puzzled face, "Nani?"

Sakura went back to packing, "What happened downstairs?" Kero asked as she placed the Clow

book, witch she had turned into the Sakura book, into her suitcase.

 "Professor Dumbledore came to tell me where I'm going to be staying when I go to England and

he put a spell on me so I can speak English ..." said Sakura as she put some of her clothes on top

of her book. "Demo, I thought your school was in England how did this Dumb-lo-dore guy get

here so fast?" Kero looked at her as she walked to and from her closet putting clothes into her

                   now almost full suitcase.

 "He just sort of appeared and then he sort of disappeared and his name is Dumbledore ... I-"

Sakura trailed off when the phone rang, she walked over to it and picked it up.

"Moshi moshi" Sakura said smiling, "Sakura-chan!" said the voice from the other end of the


 "Hey Tomoyo-chan..." said Sakura as she sat down on the bed, "Uh Sakura did you get a letter

from some school called Hogwarts cause I did and it said that you were going too..." came

             Tomoyo's cheery voice from the phone.

"Yeah I asked my Otou-san and he said I could go..." Sakura said, "Did you get a plane ticket

too?" Tomoyo asked looking down at the ticket in her hand, "Yeah I did I'm packing..."

"Well Sakura I better start packing too...." said Tomoyo as she stood up and started to look for

                  her suitcase, "Ok, Ja ne..."

    "Ja" Sakura hung up the phone and started packing again.


Syaoran was standing out on his balcony looking up and the three quarter moon, 'Tomorrow I

leave for England... I just wish Sakura was here with me... I can't wait to see you but when I do I

have to leave you again forever this time because of this curse we can never be together...'

Syaoran was so caught in his thoughts that he didn't hear the soft footsteps behind him, "Thinking

of that meat girl again?" a voice came knocking Syaoran out of his thoughts, "So what if I was."

                     Syaoran said coldly.

"You should just forget about her...how about I help you forget..." a girl said as she wrapped her

arms around him, "I don't need your help Nazaki." Syaoran said still in that same cold icy voice as

he stepped away from her "Oh come on Syaoran, forget about her, she can't have you and I can

so what is the problem?" She asked stepping even closer to him, "The problem is I don't want

you..." Syaoran glared at her, "And stop reading my thoughts..."

"Fine! Are you at least coming for a run to night before you go back to that school of yours?" she

asked sweetly almost too sweetly, "Yeah I am but not with you, I'm going by myself." Syaoran

said jumping off the balcony landing softly on the ground, fallowed by Tiara Nazaki.

"Go away!" Syaoran spat out angrily she was following him again, "No I want to spend the last

night you're here with you!" She said "Unless you don't want to spend your night with me.." she

                         said pouting.

 "Got that right..." Syaoran said as he pulled his shirt off, walking into the woods that his home

backed on to, fallowed by Tiara who had also taken her shirt of, "Look, go away!" Syaoran yelled

                        turning around.

She stepped closer to him snaking her arms around his neck pressing her lips to his. Syaoran

pushed her away, "What the hell do you think your doing go the hell way!" Syaoran said angrily

      as he ran off into the forest Tiara not far behind.