Love Is A Fickle Creature: A Ranma ½ Fanfiction.

By: Daimyo Shi

Disclaimer: Yep Ranma isn't mine, not that I want him. I'll take Nabiki though in a second!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Change of scenes

I am very sorry about how long it has taken for this chapter. The original took several months to write as well but was posted quickly. However I have found it very difficult to write the follow up to it.

Nabiki awoke to the sound of her alarm clock ringing. [Stupid last day of school. I can't believe that I have to got to school for one last half day before out break.] Nabiki when to the wash room to brush her teeth and hair before getting change. After doing that Nabiki decided to look in on their newest guest. Carefully she opens Ryoga's door to find him laying on his side with her note clutched in his hand. [Well, at least he doesn't snore like Ranma. Still I wonder if I should wake him.] A wicked smiles graced the beautiful lips of Nabiki as she carefully snuck across the wooden floor and carefully lifts the blankets covering Ryoga. Nabiki lays herself beside Ryoga carefully putting her right arm over him. A sigh escapes Ryoga's lips as his shifts slightly from Nabiki's touch. [Oh what A sight this will be.] thinks Nabiki. The faint beeping of an alarm comes from Ryoga's back pack. Ryoga stirs from his slumber. Ryoga realizes that he is not alone in his bed.

"Morning Ryoga." says Nabiki is a cheerful voice.

"AAHHH!" says Ryoga jumping out of his bed.

"Now is that anyway to react to finding a beautiful girl in you bed Ryoga." says Nabiki with her cute little pout.

"Uh . . . I wouldn't know how to react . . . I never had a girl in my bed." says Ryoga with and atomic blush.

Nabiki smirks "Well, at least you are amusing, Ryoga-chan." she gently strokes his chin after standing up. "I see you at breakfast."

Ryoga stand is shock it takes him a couple minutes for him to recover form Nabiki's prank.

[What was that about? What am I suppose to think?] thinks Ryoga as he leave his room to brush his teeth and clean up.


Down Stairs Soun was reading the paper when Nabiki dressed for school came in to the dining room.

"Good morning Otou-san" says Nabiki.

"Good morning Nabiki, so today is your last day before you break isn't it?" Says Soun.

"Hai, Otou-san." says Nabiki with a big smile.

[It rare for Nabiki to smile like that, I wonder what she up her sleeve this time?] thinks Soun. "I am sure that you have earned your break this time."

"It shall be nice to get away from school." says Nabiki as she sits down at the table waiting for Kasumi to bring breakfast.


Akane come out of her room dressed for school. She looks over at Ranma's room and see the door still closed and the lights off. Akane Slides the door open and sees Ranma buried in his sheets and quilt.

"BAKA! It time for school!" shouts Akane.

"Uhhh, don't shout." says Ranma beneath the covers.

"Ranma we have school today and you are not even out of bed!" says Akane.

"I can't go, I feel terrible!" says Ranma.

Akane grabs the sheets and pulls them from Ranma. Ranma thrashes around before hiding his head under his pillow.

"Akane! That was mean!" says Ranma.

"Cut it out you big baby! Get up before you make me late for school." says Akane before leaving Ranma's room in a huff.

Ranma pulls the covers back over his head. [I not going to school today. My head fells like it in a vice!] thinks Ranma.

Akane Storms out of Ranma's room nearly colliding with Ryoga as he exits his own room.

"Sorry, Ryoga I wasn't watching where I was going." says Akane.

"It is alright, Akane. No harm done." says Ryoga in a slightly awkward tone.

"Well it time for breakfast, shall you be joining us?" asks Akane.

"Of course." says Ryoga.

Both Akane and Ryoga take seats at the table.

"Where is Ranma?" asks Nabiki.

"Laying in bed still, I can't believe that he going to pretend to be sick on the last day before break." says Akane.

[Well there no pretending, I pretty sure that Sake he had was really strong. Imagine his head hurt quite a bit.] thinks Nabiki. "Don't work I am sure I can get him going, just give me a minute." Nabiki gets up and goes to the bathroom to get a bucket of cold water. Then she creeps up the stairs using her secret Nabiki ninja technique. She manages to enter Ranma room without him stirring too bad for him. Nabiki promptly throws the bucket content on Ranma's bundle of sheets.

"What hell did you do that for Nabiki!" yells the now female Ranma.

"You have school Remember!" says Nabiki with a big evil smirk and a mocking tone.

"Do you have any idea how much pain, I am in?" says Ranko.

"Actually, Yes but aren't you a man I wouldn't think such pain could stop you. Are you a man or are you a little girl."

"I am a Man, Nabiki" growls Ranma.

"Then show it! Quit hiding in your room because you have a little hang over." says Nabiki in a slightly more serous tone. "Get up!" Nabiki give a little kick to Ranma's prone body.

"Ouch, hey no need to kick me." says Ranma

"Ranma, you are being a baby that couldn't have hurt. Now get up."

"Alright I moving." says Ranma as he stumbles out of bed towards the washroom.

Nabiki then returns down to the dining room and sits back down. "There! Ranma is moving now."

"Uh, Thanks Nabiki." says Akane [I wonder how foul a mood Ranma will be in now.]

"Did you sleep well?" asks Soun.

" . . . Hai, Soun." says Ryoga with a slight blush.

Soun merely arches a eyebrow at Ryoga's response.

Nabiki chuckles quietly at Ryoga's response.

[Why is he blushing?] wonders Akane.

Ranma, now as a guy, staggers in the Dinning room to take his normal spot.

"Good morning Ranma." says Soun.

"Good morning Tendo-san" replies Ranma.

"You look a little ragged are you alright?" asks Soun.

"I . . ." starts Ranma but he sees out of the corner of his eye a pissed off looking Akane. "I am just a little tired." finishes Ranma.

Kasumi brings in breakfast into the dinning room and puts it down. "Here we are everyone." says Kasumi with her trademark smile.

"Thank you Onee-san" says Nabiki and Akane.

"Thank you Kasumi." says Ryoga and Ranma.

"Thank you Kasumi-chan." says Soun.

Everyone digs in to breakfast.

[Boy I am glad my father isn't here I have no breakfast I had to fight for it today.] thinks Ranma.

"Ranma, hurry up! I don't want to be late for class."

"It the last day, why does it matter." growls Ranma.

Ryoga elbows Ranma in the ribs, unfortunately for Ryoga Ranma's head is not too clear right now.

"Hey what you do that for P-chan!" shouts Ranma.

"Do you always have to be such a jerk, Ranma?" says Ryoga flatly. [How can Akane be in love with this brick head.]

"Look, you want a fight." says Ranma.

Akane grabs Ranma by the arm "Look, Baka, we are going to be late." Akane drags Ranma from the room and grabs her bag.

"Hey, What about my bag?" says Ranma.

"I don't know where it is, so let's go! It not like you care anyway."

Nabiki got up from the table. [Looks like Akane didn't clue in that the dinning room clock is ten minutes fast.] thinks Nabiki as she gets here school stuff.

"I will help you with the Dishes, Kasumi." says Ryoga.

"Oh, thank you Ryoga." says Kasumi.


Akane continues to drag Ranma along as she dashes to school.

"Hey, let go!" says Ranma, his pounding headache is not letting formulate any ideas how to stop being dragged. Of course, the old lady watering her walk way is out and hits Ranma with water. Akane doesn't notice as she continues to drag Ranma to school.

"Look you uncute Tomboy quit dragging me." says Ranko.

"Who's uncute?" snarls Akane at the school yard gate.

"Look, Baka we are 15 minute early." growls Ranko.

Akane looks at the school clock to find that Ranko is right. However, before she can do anything the familiar voice of Takiwaki Kuno greats the both of them. "Ah Tendo Akane, Pig tailed girl, my beloveds, to see you both bring such gladness to my heart. Come to me my loves" Kuno rushes forth to embrace his loves.

"I am not in the mood, want her, Kuno, you can have her."

"Wait a sec . . ." says Ranko before Akane throws her into Kuno. They tumble together for a couple moments while Akane charges into the school. Kuno ends up on top of Ranko in a position that any pervert fan boy would kill for, well if the didn't know that Ranko was really Ranma that is.

"My beloved . . ." is all Kuno gets out before Ranko punches him in the face hard enough to send him flying into the school pool. Ranko then picks herself of the ground and dust herself off before going to find the washroom. In the wash room she dumps hot water on herself, to make her back into a guy. The now male Ranma take some paper towel and dries himself off.

"That Akane! What the hell she do that for!" says Ranma to himself.


I using Ranko to denote the female form of Ranma. It seems to be a common enough usage in Fan fiction.

Japanese Terms

Hai yes

Onee-san: Big sister

Onii-san: Big brother

Otou-san: Father

-chan, honorific means small or little often used between parents and children, sometime between friends can be use between lovers too.

-kun, Sort of a male version of Chan but more masculine often used between friends Shi and older people to boys that they know. Kei-kun is a favourite of Mutsumi for Keitaro.

-San is Mister or Miss, a polite way to address an inferior or an equal. Note that both this and sama are used with a family name which in Japan comes first.

-sama addressing a superior

Senpei: senior [student]

Sensei: Teacher or Professionals, often doctors are called Sensei too.