Chapter 1:

The Moon

It had been stormy that night, the wind howled and the trees beat the side of the house. The little girl clung to the person that held her. She remembers looking up at the person, but couldn't remember her face when she looked away. The person laughs softly.

"There is nothing to fear about the wind outside. It will pass. It always does." Their words, though comforting, didn't stop the girl from hugging themselves even further into the person's gray sweater.

"Would a story make you feel better?" The person asked, their eyes glittered with humor as the girl looked up. Oh, that's right. The person's eyes had been black. Why hadn't she remembered earlier?

The girl nodded, smiling slightly. The person rocked her as she started the story.

"It started a long time ago, in a universe dedicated to dreams. There lived two princes, brothers to be exact. Since starting their existence, they were closer than anything, despite having duties that put them at odds with one another.

One prince, Dream, created sweet and loving dreams to keep positive energy flowing throughout the multiverse, while his brother Nightmare was tasked with creating terror to keep guilt and consequence in the minds of people who would do harm. Together, they kept peace, law, and order in the multiverse, in order to please their overseeing princess. It was her duty to watch from their universe and send warnings or visions to the ones who passed judgement in other universes.

Her name was Moon, and she and the brothers had been close since their universe had been created. She was the only one in their universe that could see into other universes without actually leaving her throne.

One day though, a creature from another universe, one that had been destroyed, found Moon in her garden and killed her. The creature was gone by the time Nightmare and Dream realized something was wrong. As the brothers' wept for their fallen friend, something inside Nightmare changed for the worst. He created an army of nightmarish soldiers from the people of their universe and turned on his brother, causing Dream to flee from their universe.

Even now, Dream tries to stop Nightmare by creating sweet and loving dreams as his brother spreads terror. Neither brother knew though, of Moon's final gift for them. Through the same system in which she watched those in the multiverse, she had sent a piece of her power to choose a new Moon."

The person looked down at the little girl in their arms, and smiled. The girl had fallen asleep. Looking out the window, the person saw that the storm had subsided, and a full moon now watched them over the trees.

They stood up, carrying the child with them outside. Holding her up to the moon, they prayed,

"Please let this be the one."

They waited, and, for the longest time, nothing happened. Tears began to fill their eyes.

'Please give me another chance, Moon. Please forgive me for what I did.'

It seemed like forever, they were about to lay the child in the grass and leave, when something caught their eye. What looked like white dust began spilling from the direction of the moon and onto the little girl. The child's dark hair and skin glowed for a moment before paling into a snowy white. The person felt the tears spill from her eyes as she held the child close.

'Thank you…. thank you so much, Moon.'

A soft hand rested itself on their head, they looked up, startled. A young girl, no older than they were, smiled sadly at them.

"I'll always forgive you, Frisk. You and Chara both deserve it, even if after all these long years."

And with that, Moon disappeared, the last of her power given to a new Moon. And Frisk, knowing they could no longer stay with the child, wondered,

'Who will find her first?'