Chapter 4:

Brace Yourself

Ink was speechless for a moment. He wasn't quite sure what he could say in a situation like this, as he'd never seen or had a gun aimed at him before. Not something that either brother was prepared for really.

The young man glared at him through the sites, which didn't bode well.

"Talk. And don't give me that crap about it being open because I always check the door at night."

"uh…" Shoot, what should he say? The man's figure was settling on the trigger…

"mmmagic." Ink wanted to kick himself. Why...why did he say that? The man stared at him incredulously for a moment before bursting out in laughter.

"They finally send someone out here, and they're a fricking idiot! Ha!"

She couldn't sleep. She could hear her brother down the hall laughing at something. Smiling, she thought to herself, 'That's good. David needs to smile from time to time. He's so serious.'

Glancing out the window, her blue-eyed gaze swept over something in the darkness. Feeling her heart race, she quickly looked back at the place she'd seen it. But it wasn't there. Scared to stay alone in her room, she reached under her bed. She hated wearing it, but at the moment it was necessary.

Ink felt incredibly awkward at the moment. Here was a human laughing at him and aiming a gun at his chest. Maybe this was Underfell's surface? Either way, he didn't dare move, for fear of the gun going off. He wasn't afraid of the bullet, but the noise would alert Nightmare who was most likely already close by.

A creaking sound, however, made both persons in the room stiffen, the human going quiet, as something made it's way down the hall towards them. Ink paled, thinking of how similar-sounding it was to Horrortale's Alphys when she walked. Sweating nervously now, Ink took a step back, ready to run.

He relaxed when a human girl appeared. The creaking noise had been made by some kind of metal brace on her left leg. Ink sighed in relief, almost surprised he hadn't vomited paint yet.

'my soul really can't take much more of this tonight.'