Chapter 32

Leo stared at me in surprise. I nodded. "Yeah. Think back on history. I did a little research on it myself. There aren't many children of Poseidon. It's mainly Zeus who gets all the glory and fame." I sighed and shook my head. "Leo, the Sea is mercurial. It changes. I was blessed not to have such violent mood swings like my father or Triton have. But…" I looked at the dirt. "I have alternate moods. I can be cruel. I can be harsh. I can be vicious. I can be relentless in my fury. I can be…dark."

Leo realized that I was struggling with Night's influence. He smiled. "Sure, you can be, but you won't. That's not you."

I stared at him in surprise. "What?"

"You aren't Winter. You're Summer."

I stared at my hands and smiled. "Right."

Leo chuckled. "Everyone has a darkness in them. Everyone. Everyone has the potential to be cruel, to become Hitler or Stalin or those dudes in Asia who committed genocide in Cambodia. Everyone could become like them…but they don't."

I smiled down at Leo. "Because of their family and friends." Leo nodded.

"Yep. I'll keep you in line."

I snorted. "Leo, you crazy son of bitch." He chuckled and then stiffened. "Hold up. Something's coming."

I doused the fire and pulled out my sword that Leo made. Leo clenched his fists and waited.

I groaned. "It's the Elves."

"How do you know?"

"I can sense their presence. They know we're here." I smirked. "But they won't find us." I muttered a small spell and everything became invisible.

Leo gave an impressed whistle. "Handy."

"I know right? Shh."

The Elves moved quietly past us, looking, searching. I frowned suddenly and realized that these Elves weren't dressed like Galadriel's Elves. They were like the Elves from Imladris.

"Why would they be searching in someone else's back yard?"

Night sniffed. She was still pissed that I told on her. "Because Elrond needs your help."


"The Dwarves are gone. He wants you to bring them back."

"I am not a bounty hunter."

"Nope." She laughed lightly.

I huffed. The Elves had long since passed us by. "Elrond wants me as a bounty hunter."

"To get the dwarves?"



"No kidding. However, we are going to Bree and wait this thing out."

Leo waved his hand. "Wait…hold on a second. Dragons are known for knowing a lot of stuff. What if…what if Smaug knows a way for us to get home?"

I stared at him. "You're insane."

He shot me a cross look. "Percy, we don't have much else to go on!"

I growled. "If you want to bargain with a live, fire-breathing dragon, then BE MY GUEST!"

Leo winced. "Well…I was uh…thinking that Festus…"

"Smaug would melt Festus to scrap metal."

"You're right. Um…maybe you could charm the savage beast?"

"That's Bilbo's job."

"Before they get there."

"Smaug would be awake. It would change the whole plotline. Might even get Bilbo killed. The ring would fall into the halls of Durin."


I nodded. "No. We have to have another way…" I frowned slightly and sighed. "There's got to be a way…"

Leo looked a little sick. "Leo?"

"He would know."


"Maybe him, but Sauron would know."

I shook my head. "No. He…" I straightened. "Wants me…" I blinked in surprise as a thought came to me.

Leo jerked. "Percy, NO! Annabeth would kill me if I let you give yourself over as a bargaining chip."

"Leo, you couldn't stop me if I really wanted to do this."

"Sure I could."

I huffed a laugh. "Leo, not even all the brats of the Big Three working together could stop me. Not even a minor god. Not even Zeus himself could stop me from doing something I really wanted to do."

Leo stared at me and then sighed. "Right…"

I turned and looked into the river we were camping beside. "Whatever, Sauron would be our last plan. Last ditch plan. I think we should stop by Elrond's house. He's suppose to be wise and crap. He'll show us who to go to if he can't or won't help us."

Leo nodded hesitantly.

Two weeks later, Percy's POV

Lord Elrond stared at us with something akin to shock. He looked at Leo and then he looked at me. "You are children of the Valar?"

Leo nodded. I sighed. "My father is Ulmo. Leo's is Aulë." Leo nodded.

Elrond stared at us and then stood up slowly. He backed away from the table and then bent low and bowed to us. Leo and I both stiffened.

"You…really don't have to do that."

Elrond looked at Leo and then smiled. "You are the children of beings who can be described as gods. Lindir! Get these young men clothes fit for their status!"

The servant bowed to his lord and then to us and left. I gave Leo an uneasy look. Elrond stared at us closely. "It makes sense. But, why are you here?"

I sighed and shook my head. "Not by our choice. We were taken from our home and brought here. We don't know by who or why."

A blonde Elf moved silently forward. "My lord, Lindir said that you would wish to see me."

Elrond smiled slightly. "He is a psychic. Yes. My lords, this is Glorfindel."

I stood up and bowed to the Elf. "The Valar have not told us much of the past. They prefer to focus on the future; however, even we know of the Elf who came back from the dead. It is an honor. I am Percy, and this is my companion, Leo." Leo stood up too and nodded to the Elf.

Glorfindel looked at Elrond for an explanation. Elrond explained quickly. His eyes widened. "The stars of Varda!" He looked at me and then nodded. "It makes sense. I can feel the power of the ocean coming from you. And the power of fire surging through you." He nodded to Leo. Leo shuffled slightly on his feet.

Elrond rubbed his chin slightly with his fingers. "You would obviously wish to go home… It is possible that Círdan would be willing to make you a special boat that will take you to the West." He smiled at me. "Círdan is our own shipwright. He has made all our boats that take us to the land of the Valar."

I beamed at the Elf Lord. "Thank you! We are in your debt. There are a few things that I must tend to, and our entire party must be gathered, after that we can depart."

Elrond bowed to me again. "You carry the spirit of the Sea with you. Your eyes lit up when I mentioned a ship." I blushed lightly. Leo chuckled.

Snickering quietly, Glorfindel rubbed his mouth lightly and coughed. Standing, he nodded to Elrond. "I will write Lord Círdan a letter concerning this task. Excuse me." He bowed to us all and left.

I was used to being bowed to and didn't think anything of it. Leo, however, was extremely uncomfortable with it. I could tell. I chuckled. "We are all treated with equality at home." Elrond nodded.

"I can understand." He looked at me closely. "Was there something else you wished to say?"

I nodded. "Dol Guldur is being occupied."

Elrond stiffened and stared at me. "The Witch King…"

I shook my head and stood up. I turned and stared at the setting sun. Turning back to face him, I leaned on the table. "Sauron is back, Lord Elrond. Annatar. Mairon. He goes by many names. He is the Necromancer in the woods. He was the one who captured my friend, the son of Mandos. Sauron tried to seduce my friend, Nico, and myself. He is active." I straightened up and growled. "And he has something of mine. Something very powerful." I shook my head. "I can perform magic, my lord. I made a weapon in order to help me in my fight against him. However, he stole it from me. I want it back. If he somehow unravels the magic I used to make it…" I shook my head. "His power will triple."

Elrond jumped up and gaped at me. I sighed. "This is why the Valar do not interfere. Something will always make things worse. I made this mess. I will see it fixed. However, I must return to Dol Guldur. That's why I need you to have some of your men escort Leo back to Bree where everyone else is. I want my friends taken to the Grey Havens. I want them to be kept safe."

Leo snorted. "Thalia, Clarisse, and Annabeth are going to love you for this, Perce."

I rolled my eyes. "It can't be helped. I can't allow Sauron to know my weakness. I can't let him see Annabeth. If he takes her, then I'm done. Game Over. He'll get us both." Leo's face went pale.

Elrond was nodding quickly. "I will personally make sure that they remain safe."

I nodded to him and smiled. "I thank you, my friend." Leo huffed and waited until Elrond was gone to see the traveling preparations done.

"Don't you think you're biting off more than you can chew?"

I shrugged. "I don't have any other choice."

"And what was this thing? Going to Valinor? That ain't what we want." Leo crossed his arms.

I sighed. "It's the second best thing. We are children of the gods. They will know this. We are not completely mortal. They will help us. I'm sure."

"And if they refuse?"

I shrugged again. "Then they will regret it." I turned and stared at Leo. "Ouranos and Night can form physical bodies through me. I am their conduit."

Leo blinked and then sighed. "Any more surprises?"

I smirked. "When I do become a deity, I cannot become an Olympian."

He frowned and then made a noise of understanding. "You're a Universal. Not a god!"

I nodded and smiled slightly. "Yeah." With a sigh, I collapsed back into my chair and rubbed my face with my hands. "Shit. I just want to go home."

Leo nodded sadly. "Me too." He stared at me. "Percy, could you ask Night or Ouranos if time works the same here as there?"

I jerked upright. "Shit! Of course!"

'Night! Listen to me! Please! How does the time work?'

'A day for a day. You have been gone for five months.'

'What do the gods know?'

'Nothing. They think you are still on Earth. Poseidon is growing frantic. All the gods are panicking.'

I reported this to Leo. He nodded. "They should panic. We're a precious commodity after all."

I snorted and shook my head. "Leo, you're a crazy guy."

He smirked.

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