Seven young adults were gathered in front of a towering hotel. They all wore light clothing and newly acquired tans, looking every bit the tourists that they were. The Okinawa weather was warm and breezy, but there was a bit of sadness in the air.

"I guess this is it, huh?" Kaneko said as her orange ears folded down over her matching hair. Her long tail had wilted and it nearly dragged on the ground.

A girl with white hair and wide blue eyes nodded. "Yeah. I wanted to change my flight to tomorrow, but there was no way to make it work." Mizune paused and her round ears twitched, then she added, "Classes start too soon."

"Don't worry about it. You shouldn't risk missing your first day at Tokyo University." Kaneko put a hand on Mizune's shoulder, trying to ignore the bra strap she felt on her palm. "Make sure to show them how amazing you are, Mizu."

"As long as you do too, Kane, at your own school." Then Mizune stepped close, rose up on her tiptoes, and planted a solid kiss square on Kaneko's lips. It was no quick peck, either. It lasted and lasted, neither of them wanting it to end.

Off to Mizune's left, the boys Hattori and Chisuke flushed red and blinked dumbly. On their right, the twins Hana and Mai cracked subtle smiles and quietly clapped in unison, celebrating Mizune's daring kiss.

The final member of the group was not so restrained. Behind Kaneko, Ayane was bouncing up and down with puppy-like excitement. "Woo! Nice one, Mizune!" Her fluffy black and white tail wagged so fast it was just a blur of grey.

Kaneko savored the kiss until her partner pulled back. Then she slowly skimmed her fingers down Mizune's arm, all the way to her fingertips. Right before the contact broke, she leaned forward and whispered, "I'll be in touch. I won't let you slip out of my life again."

The pale mousegirl, albeit a bit more tanned now, blushed from ear to ear. But she was grinning and beyond happy.

Ayane's left ear perked up. "Whoa! Just what did you say to her, Kane?"

Kaneko wore a familiar and irritating smirk. "Not telling!"

It was two weeks into the semester and the University of Tokyo campus was bustling with activity. Mizune pushed on the glass door of the science building, struggling a little with its heft, but she managed to get it open. Then she flitted down the wide concrete stairs and joined the rush of people heading to the train station.

She was wearing a blue spaghetti-strap top and jean shorts, mostly to take advantage of the remaining warm weather, and at least in part to show off her new tan. However, there was a price to pay for her uncharacteristic vanity; she couldn't seem to get her heavy messenger bag to rest comfortably on her bare shoulder.

She didn't get far down the path before something caught her eye in the crowd ahead: familiar red hair and triangular ears. It was Kaneko, leaning against a light post just outside of the flood of foot traffic and tall enough to stand out.

Kaneko spotted Mizune as well, most likely from her big round ears. The catgirl stepped off the path to get clear of the crowd, then jogged the long way around. When she arrived at Mizune's side, she wasn't even slightly winded. "I didn't have any classes this afternoon, so… I hope it's alright that I came to visit you here."

Kaneko was wearing a sleeveless green blouse and dark capris. The top two buttons of her blouse were undone but rather than teasing any cleavage, it just revealed the top edge of a utilitarian sports bra.

Mizune smiled broadly. "Of course it's alright. It's so good to see you in person again. I know we've talked on the phone, but…"

"But you've been craving some physical affection?" Kaneko offered, the corner of her mouth up in an impish grin.

"No, well, yes, but…" Mizune moved to hide her blushing face with her hands, but Kaneko gently grabbed her wrists.

"Oh no you don't. No hiding your beautiful face from me. We're dating now, and that means I get to see all your wonderful little expressions."

"D-does it really mean that?"

Kaneko let go of Mizune's wrists and smiled warmly, showing that she was just kidding. "Only if you want it to."

Mizune blinked twice, then said, "Wait, we're dating?"

Kaneko grinned. "Only if you want us to be." She put a hand on Mizune's thin arm and gave a gentle squeeze. "And I get the feeling you do."

Mizune nodded.

Kaneko added, "And I get the feeling you want to kiss."

Mizune nodded again and before she knew it, Kaneko swept her into a dramatic kiss right there in the middle of the crowded campus path. Mizune really loved kissing Kaneko, and she found that the embarrassment of doing it in public didn't dampen the experience one bit.

Kaneko found herself being pulled by the hand through an unfamiliar part of Tokyo.

Mizune had offered to change her plans for the evening. Instead of taking the train home, she led the way to a place near campus, one of her favorite hangouts. It was a combination bookstore and cafe, and Mizune had boasted that she knew all the staff by name.

"Hi, Daito!" Mizune called out as she stepped through the door and spotted the person behind the counter of the small establishment. The dog-eared man was wearing a crisp black and white suit that gave the simultaneous impression of a waiter and a librarian. That was likely the uniform's precise purpose.

"Welcome back, dearest Mizune. And it seems you've brought a friend?" His voice was surprisingly deep and a little rough. He sounded much older than his youthful appearance suggested.

"G-girlfriend, actually," Mizune stammered, covering her lips with one hand. The other was occupied, its fingers intertwined with Kaneko's.

Kaneko smiled and waved her free hand. "I'm Kaneko. It's nice to meet you."

Daito lit up, his brown eyes wide and cheerful. "And it's my pleasure to meet you, miss Kaneko. Welcome to the Flower Pot. Please make yourself at home and just raise a hand if you need anything at all."

"Oh, uh, will do." Kaneko didn't know what to make of the name 'Flower Pot'. While there were a few potted plants around the room, they didn't feel significant enough to justify naming the store after them. Books were far more prevalent, covering every surface and wall.

While Kaneko pondered that, Mizune ordered two of her regular drink, the caramel macchiato, then pulled Kaneko to a small table tucked into a private corner of the room. Once they were seated, Mizune said, "Isn't this place nice? It's so cozy and snug. I feel like a bunny in its burrow."

"Or a flower in its pot?" Kaneko suggested.

"Oh! That's great, Kane. You're so clever!"

As proud as she was of her remark, Kaneko waved a hand and said, "Thanks, but I'm nothing compared to you."

Mizune looked away and said, "You're just saying that."

Rather than push the subject and embarrass her seriously smart girlfriend, Kaneko picked up one of the books on the table. It was a pocket-sized collection of poems by a name she didn't recognize. "This place is so very you, Mizu."

"I suppose so. I do love books, and it's nice and quiet. And the coffee is great."

As if on queue, Daito arrived and set down two steaming cups of creamy caramel-colored coffee. Then he bowed and left without a word.

"Thank you," Kaneko said after Daito had left, directing it at Mizune.

Mizune's eyebrows wrinkled and she blinked. "Thanks? For what?"

"For bringing me to a place that's important to you. I am so happy to be invited into this part of your life."

Mizune couldn't find the words to respond, so she just nodded and hid behind her coffee.

Kaneko thought about scolding Mizune for hiding her expression, but she let it slide, just this once. She sipped her own coffee, which was richly creamy, sweet and yet bitter. "This is really tasty."

"I'm glad you like it. I've tried some other drinks here, but nothing topped the caramel macchiato." Mizune hesitated for a moment, then put her cup down and said, "How are things with your basketball team? Got any meets or tournaments coming up?"

"Oh? Looking to get a peek at the important places in my life?"

To Kaneko's surprise, Mizune honestly answered, "Yes. I want to see you play, and to support your passion."

Kaneko felt her eyes getting a little watery, but she pushed it back and said, "We've got a practice game this Saturday. Spectators are welcome, but it's at my campus, all the way across town…"

"I'm there. What time?"

Kaneko flinched in mild surprise at Mizune's initiative. Then she shivered from ears to tail. She loved it when Mizune took initiative.

Ten women ran and jumped on the court below. Their shoes squeaked on the polished floor, they shouted to their teammates, and the constant beat of the basketball almost formed a rhythm. It had felt chaotic at first, until Mizune realized how in tune with each other the players were.

"Kaneko!" a girl with a thin black tail called out. She threw the ball up and over two opposing players. They jumped for it, but couldn't reach in time.

"Got it!" The instant Kaneko had the ball, she was speeding away, expertly dribbling as she traversed the court. Her shorts and jersey were loose, swishing with her movement, but the lean form of the body beneath was still apparent.

Her legs tensed, coiling with power, and she leapt. In a smooth motion, she extended her arms and lobbed the ball in a beautiful arc that ended in nothing but net.

"Nice!" a teammate called, her hand raised for a high five.

Mizune felt a twinge of jealousy as Kaneko's hand met the other woman's. But it passed. The exciting game kept moving forward and Mizune even found herself cheering out loud when things got really intense.

Mizune had never been the athletic type, nor did she follow competitive sports, but she could see the appeal of teamwork, pushing yourself, and overcoming challenges. As a lesbian, she couldn't deny the other kind of appeal that women's basketball offered. All the players were fit and attractive, though Mizune's interest had been focused entirely on one of them.

After the game, she waited outside the locker room until Kaneko emerged. Her hair was still wet from a quick shower, and she had changed into different clothes: a black tank top and small blue jogging shorts. She had a duffle-bag under one arm.

Mizune was wearing a summery white dress, perhaps a little too light for the season, but she liked how she looked in it. She carried a small handbag was barely more than a wallet for her train pass and cash.

"Thanks again for coming," Kaneko said before giving Mizune a quick kiss. Then she led the way toward the building's south exit.

"Thank you for inviting me. It was so exciting, watching you play."

Kaneko smiled, then tugged on the hem of her shirt. "Um, I can go change into nice clothes, if you want to make the rest of the day into a date. My place is close, so I can run there and back in a jiff."

"Can I come with?" Mizune said.

"Sure, if you want. It's just right there." She pointed at a building less than a block away from the gymnasium that marked the very edge of campus.

"You weren't kidding when you said it was close."

Kaneko's prominent canine teeth made an appearance when she smiled wide. "Yep! So glad Ayane found the place."

"Where is Ayane, anyway? Isn't she on the team with you? I didn't see her on the court."

"Oh, she's actually out of town visiting family right now. She thought it would be better to miss a practice game than a real one later in the season."

"Oh, interesting."

After a moment of silence, Mizune said, "Actually, I'd be fine just staying in, instead of going out for a date."

"What, just hanging out in my apartment? It's barely bigger than a hotel room."

Mizune smiled and said, "It doesn't need to be." After watching Kaneko play basketball, Mizune was more than a little wound up. She'd been craving physical affection earlier in the week, but this was on another level entirely. She wanted, no, needed real intimacy, and it showed in her impish expression.

"Oh? Oh…" It took Kaneko a moment to see it, but she was on board. She grabbed Mizune's hand and picked up her pace. "How about an ear massage?" she asked.

She could feel Mizune's whole body shiver.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Kaneko's apartment was indeed barely larger than a hotel room, but it did have two private bedrooms. The little living room and attached kitchenette weren't particularly interesting, so Kaneko ushered Mizune into her own room.

"I don't own a lot of stuff, so the small size is fine," she said, scratching at one ear.

"I love it!" Mizune said with surprising gusto. "It's so snug, just like the Flower Pot."

Snug was an appropriate word. There was a closet next to the door, a small desk under the window, and a bed that filled one entire end of the room, wall to wall. The walls were decorated with a few posters of athletes and a year-long calendar with circled dates for all of Kaneko's scheduled basketball events.

"My parents told me to leave the queen-sized bed at home, but I knew I could make it work," Kaneko said, mostly just filling the silence as Mizune eyed the room.

Mizune paused, her eyes on a poster of a grey-haired woman playing volleyball in tiny shorts and a sports bra. She had short, round ears that were permanently folded over and wide, cute eyes. But more prominently, she had an amazingly toned body, defined abs, and perky breasts.

"Is this your type?" Mizune teased.

"Uh, no, she's more of my idol. Orime Sukoto was the top of her sport at basketball and volleyball. She drives me to try harder, and that poster reminds me that my body can still get stronger."

Mizune covered her mouth with her hands and mumbled, "I like your body how it is, but I won't say no to abs like that…"

"What was that?" Kaneko asked, grinning.

"You heard it just fine, Kane."

"Nuh-uh, you were hiding behind your hands again, so I'll need you to repeat that…"

"And what if I refuse?" Mizune had planted her hands on her hips, her feet in a strong stance with her back to the bed.

"I suppose I'll have to do… this!" Kaneko tackled Mizune from her feet, her strong stance doing nothing against Kaneko's greater mass and muscle. They landed on the bed with Kaneko straddling the prone Mizune. Then the catgirl reached up with both hands and grabbed Mizune's ears.

Mizune flinched and braced herself, but the tickling she'd expected never came. Instead, Kaneko gently massaged the thin membrane of Mizune's ears. "Oh, that's nice," she breathed.

Then to Mizune's dismay, Kaneko stopped. She opened her eyes to see why and saw Kaneko smiling down at her.

"Want to switch to that position from before?" Kaneko asked.


Kaneko knelt at the foot of the bed and patted her thighs, inviting Mizune to put her head there. Mizune laid down and smiled up at her girlfriend, then melted away as the massage resumed.

On the surface, the massage was pure and relaxing, but it was also intimate and erotic. Mizune couldn't help but let out little moans of satisfaction and Kaneko couldn't help but hear them and get aroused.

After a short eternity, Mizune opened her eyes and said, "That was amazing. I want to return the favor." She was new to relationships and physical intimacy, but she made up for it with a subtle kind of passion; while Kaneko was flirty and confident in public, Mizune was willing to work hard and take risks in private.

Kaneko blinked. "My ears aren't as sensitive as yours. Even my tail doesn't quite compete."

Mizune scooted sideways on the bed, still lying on her back, then tugged at Kaneko's shorts. "I know a place that is that sensitive, and I can massage the base of your tail too."

Kaneko wasn't getting it. Her mind just wasn't making the lewd jump necessary to understand Mizune's intent. "What do you mean?"

Mizune was forced to take charge. She took a deep breath, psyched herself up, and said, "Take off your pants and kneel over my face, with your tail towards my feet. I want to eat you out."

"Oh." Kaneko blinked.

"Ohhh!" Kaneko gasped in surprise as it really hit home what Mizune was saying.

"Really?" she added, not quite believing it. "You're sure?"

Mizune's blue eyes shone with intensity. Her mind was made up and she wanted to take their intimacy to another level. "Only if you want it." She grinned as she echoed Kaneko's words from earlier in the week, "And I get the feeling you do."

Kaneko's entire body shivered with excitement, then she did as instructed.

After nearly 15 minutes of mind blowing pleasure, Kaneko couldn't take any more. She swatted Mizune's hands away from her lower back and tail, then struggled to lift one leg over her girlfriend's head. Then she flopped over on the bed next to Mizune and said, "Wow… I know you've never done that before, so you're a hell of a quick learner, Mizu. That was amazing."

Mizune wiped her lips with the back of her hand and mumbled, "I'm glad you liked it." The grin on her face said that she'd enjoyed it nearly as much as Kaneko did.

Kaneko leaned over and moved to kiss Mizune, but Mizune scooted away.

"My mouth's still… dirty. Let me wash up first."

Kaneko pinned Mizune by the shoulders and said, "If it's good enough for your lips, it's good enough for mine."

When she went in for a kiss again, Mizune didn't flee. The kiss turned into a makeout session that ended with the girls undressing each other. In Kaneko's case, that meant just removing her tank top and bra, while she got the pleasure of slowly removing every article of clothing from Mizune, one at a time.

As she tugged on Mizune's light blue panties, Kaneko said, "I think what you did was a bit better than the ear massage I gave you. Now I've got a favor to repay."

Then she pushed Mizune onto her back and kissed her way from fingers to ears to toes, savoring and pleasuring every inch of Mizune's soft, sensual body. She was in no hurry, since they had the apartment all to themselves for the entire weekend. Mizune had wanted physical affection, and Kaneko planned to give her enough to last an entire week of stressful university classes, and then some.