Mizune stood alone in a plaza outside the train station near Kaneko's campus. It seemed like every passerby was glancing her way at least once, and it was the same on the train over. She felt more than a little self conscious, but she was also happy.

I think that's a good sign, she thought to herself. Maybe my outfit is just that eye catching?

She had spent over an hour picking out her clothes for this date: a white tank top beneath a light blue see-through blouse, dark blue capris that were tight enough to make her butt a little more prominent than she was normally comfortable with, and sandal-style heels that added a full two inches to her height. Her long white hair was swept back between her sizable mouse ears and held in a loose bun by two amethyst hair pins.

Mizune hoped that Kaneko would like the way she looked, especially since it was intentionally reminiscent of the outfit she'd worn when they first reunited in Okinawa. And she was hoping the taller catgirl wouldn't mind the extra height from the heels. As thrilling as it could be to gaze up into the eyes of a larger and stronger partner, it was also romantic to look eye to eye and whisper sweet nothings to each other. The mere thought of that, and the fact that Mizune had let such a thing influence her dressing decision, had Mizune a little flustered. Her pale cheeks went pink and she had to shake her head to clear her thoughts.

"Looking good, little lady," came a gruff voice from behind her. Mizune went still. She didn't want to encourage the cat-caller or otherwise escalate the situation. There were a lot of people around, so she felt pretty safe, but—

"Or maybe not so little after all," the voice continued, growing softer with every word. "You seem taller today." By the last word, there was no doubt: it was Kaneko's voice.

Mizune turned to look at her girlfriend. She had bright red-orange hair, curious green eyes, a fit and toned figure, and… a surprisingly feminine sundress. The pale pink dress had dark red straps at the shoulders and matching trim on the lower hem, which barely reached Kaneko's knees. It was snug through the hips, showing how slim and trim her stomach was and reminding Mizune of a tennis dress. At least in Mizune's very biased opinion, it looked amazing.

Kaneko stepped up close and faked a deep frown. "No greeting?"

Mizune flushed pink again. "Um, sorry, I was just distracted by how good you look." As she spoke, her fingers crept up toward her face, trying to cover her lips in her old habit. But she resisted the urge and smiled at Kaneko instead.

"How good I look?" Kaneko said, taking a step back. She waved at Mizune's body from head to toe. "You're the one that looks amazing today. Your outfit is so perfectly coordinated and classy and cute. Exactly what I'd expect from you, Mizu."

She pointed down at Mizune's shoes and added, "Well, except for the shoes. I hadn't expected heels from you, but I can't deny the results. It's real fun to be able to look eye to eye."

Mizune fidgeted with her slender tail, one of the ways she kept herself from hiding behind her hands. "We're still not the same height," she mumbled quietly. "You're still taller…"

"Only a little," Kaneko whispered as she leaned in for a kiss. Mizune matched the movement and their lips came together gently. As much as they both wanted to take the kiss to another level, they knew that it should wait until they had some privacy later on.

After the kiss, Mizune took Kaneko's hand and asked, "So where to first? We agreed that you'd choose the first destination."

"Just a little place I think you'd like." Kaneko pointed to a footpath that left the train station heading north. "It's two blocks this way."

Mizune eyed Kaneko suspiciously. "Oh? What kind of place is it?"

Kaneko met her gaze with a grin. "You'll have to wait and see."

As they started walking, Mizune said, "Hmm… okay, Kane, but this better not be something weird like a cat-girl maid cafe. Just because I'm dating a cat-girl doesn't mean I want to be surrounded by girls calling me 'meowstress'."

Kaneko pressed a hand to her chest. "You really think so little of me? I don't even like those cafes, at least not since I worked at one in high school."

Mizune's eyes went wide with surprise. "You… worked at…"

Kaneko couldn't keep a straight face. She burst into laughter, then said, "Just kidding, I never actually worked there. I do not have the right attitude to be a convincing maid." Then her tone of voice changed. "But on a more serious note, there's nothing wrong with maid cafes. Some people like visiting them, and some people like working there. I'm not one to kink-shame."

"Ah," Mizune started, blinking as she reevaluated her assumptions. "That's a good point. I wasn't being fair, calling them weird just because they aren't for me. I guess I'm still a little behind on this whole side of society."

"Speaking of a little behind…" Kaneko said as she reached over and gave Mizune's butt a light slap. "Your butt looks great in those pants."

Mizune let out a squeak, but she was smiling. "Th-thank you."

The mystery destination was nothing so exotic as a maid cafe, but it was exactly to Mizune's interests. It was a specialty bookstore, tall and narrow and filled with rare and out-of-print books.

Kaneko gestured at the building with both hands. "Ta-da! I figured you'd like to visit this place."

Mizune was practically bouncing on her toes in excitement, which was a little tricky in her high heels. "Oh yes, I heard about this store but I never worked up the courage to go on my own."

Kaneko grabbed Mizune's hand. "You don't have to go anywhere on your own, Mizu, since you have me now."

Mizune shivered from ears to tail and felt her face heat up. Embarrassed, she turned away and fanned herself with one hand. "It's a bit hot out here. Shall we get inside where there's AC?"

Kaneko smiled. It was actually quite cool outside, thanks to the wonderful early fall weather, but she went along with it. "Good idea. Let's get going." She pulled Mizune by the hand and lead her through the front doors of the quirky old building.

The interior felt more like an old English library than a bookstore in Japan, but Mizune thought it was the perfect way to present such a unique collection of tomes. Tall bookshelves covered every wall and stood alone as well, creating winding halls like a maze. Ladders on sliding rails gave access to the upper shelves, and there were little nooks with velvet-backed chairs and antique reading lamps hidden here and there.

The expression on Mizune's face was the same one as when they had visited the aquarium: bliss, innocent and unrestrained. She darted ahead, scanning the shelves and learning the store's sorting methodology. Back in high school, she had volunteered in the school library, but this place was on another level entirely. And these books were for sale! She could buy them, take them home, and slowly create a collection like this for herself.

She zipped from shelf to shelf and Kaneko just tried to keep up. For over an hour, she picked through the endless stacks, finding a couple books she'd been seeking for years and a half dozen more that were brand new to her. At first she was worried about the cost, but the prices here were reasonable, and Kaneko insisted on pitching in.

"I'll pay for half of them, as long as you let me visit your place sometime and read your collection," Kaneko said as they waited in the checkout line.

"M-my place?"

"Yes, your place. The apartment where you live. You're rooming with the twins Mana and Mai, right?"

"Hana and Mai," Mizune corrected. "I g-guess I can ask them to go out one night…"

Kaneko raised an eyebrow. "Why would you do that? I only asked to visit and read books," she said in an exaggeratedly innocent tone. "What reason could you have to ask your roommates to vacate the premises?"

Mizune looked away, turning red with embarrassment yet again. "I just assumed you meant…" She trailed off, unable to elaborate further.

As much as Kaneko loved to tease Mizune, this wasn't the place to push things any further. She patted the meek mouse on the shoulder and said, "I'm just messing with you. No need to worry about that stuff right now."

Mizune smiled and stared into Kaneko's vibrant green eyes. "Oh, okay," she said simply as she felt her nerves ease up.

The moment was ruined when the man behind them in line cleared his throat and nodded toward the cashier. Mizune and Kaneko had stopped paying attention to the line and now they were the next up to be served.

"Sorry about that," Kaneko said to the man, then she pulled Mizune forward to the register, her wallet already ready in her other hand.

Rather than carry Mizune's heavy new purchases around for the rest of the date, they paid for a locker back at the train station. Then they continued toward their next stop, selected by Mizune. It was a small cafe, off the beaten path and tucked in an alleyway that ran between a boring office building and an electronics store.

From the outside, it looked like a typical hole-in-the-wall restaurant, but the inside was something entirely different and unexpected. The entire place was decorated with warm colors and feminine touches from flowers to candles to paintings of vintage women's fashion. While the whole room kept to a single shared tone of femininity, each booth or table had its own theme. One had a vintage sewing machine built into the table and scraps of cloth and ribbon visible beneath the clear tabletop. Another booth featured a large potted plant with deep green leaves and vines that cascaded down the wall and onto the flower-patterned cushions. A handful of women sat in pairs around the room, but it seemed to be an off-hour since most tables were entirely empty.

Mizune strode purposefully past all those tables and toward one that had a chalkboard sign on it that said, 'Reserved for Mizu and Kane'. The booth behind it took Kaneko's breath away.

The table, which was large enough to seat six, had been painted and polished to look like a basketball court complete with free throw lines and natural-looking scuff marks, as if tiny basketball players had been shooting hoops on it. The bench-like seats had been styled to look a bit like bleachers, and the wall behind the table was covered with photos of basketball players, all female and all looking beautiful in dynamic and powerful poses. Kaneko instantly recognized one of them: Orime Sukoto, professional volleyball and basketball player, and Kaneko's hero.

As Mizune wordlessly slid onto the bench, Kaneko remained standing, her mouth agape. "What is this place? And how is it so perfect?"

"It's called Kokoro, and it's a cafe for women. Well, lesbian women, actually."

Kaneko looked around the room again, still a bit confused. "Just for lesbians?"

"Yep. Like a gay bar, but without the bar atmosphere. The reviews online were all very positive, and the staff was very pleasant when I dropped by to check it out myself."

Kaneko's knees went weak and she finally sat down on the outside edge of the bench seat. "You scouted the place out first? Isn't this almost an hour from your apartment?"

Mizune nodded. "Yes, but it was worth it just to see the look on your face when you saw this booth. I take it you like it?"

"I love it," Kaneko started, "but…"

"But what?"

"I have so many questions!" Kaneko blurted, too excited to hold back anymore. "How'd you find it? How'd you know I'd love it so much? How expensive is this going to be?"

Mizune reached across the table and grabbed Kaneko's hand. "I just searched online for places that female athletes would like to go for a date. This place popped up again and again, since there's really nothing else like it. And I knew you'd love it the second I saw this booth. I know you're not into a lot of traditionally feminine things, but this seemed exactly your speed." Mizune didn't bother to answer the question about the cost, but it wasn't actually that bad. She had prepaid 5,000 yen toward their meal when she reserved the table, and she doubted they'd spend much beyond that at all, especially since they were too young to order any pricy themed cocktails.

Before Kaneko could say anything in response, a waitress approached their table. She wore a simple white apron over a black cotton dress, like a practical and non-fetishized version of the maid outfits at maid cafes. She had long black and white hair, silky smooth and pulled back in a ponytail, and adorable round ears that were solid black. She seemed to be a panda, but Kaneko had never met one in real life.

"Welcome to Kokoro," the waitress said with a slight accent as she plucked the reservation sign from the table. "My name is Pai and I'll be serving you for the evening." Then she looked right at Kaneko and said, "You must be Kaneko. Mizune spoke highly of you on her visit the other day."

Kaneko just nodded. It was weird to be called out by name by a waitress, but it wasn't too different from the way that everyone at the Flower Pot knew Mizune by name. "That's me," Kaneko said, unsure of what else to do.

Pai glanced at Mizune. "Do you still want to go with your planned selection? Or change it up?"

"The planned one is fine," Mizune said with a smile.

Pai turned and walked away toward the kitchen, leaving Kaneko feeling stunned and confused. "You planned out our food, too? This is making my bookstore choice look pretty crappy in comparison."

Mizune waved a hand dismissively, smiling wide. "No, your bookstore choice was perfect. And I planned everything in advance because that's just the way I work best. Everyone should play to their strengths."

"Their strengths, huh?" Kaneko tilted her head in thought. "So what do you think my strengths are?"

Mizune smiled wide, revealing her adorable front teeth. "Your upbeat personality, your prankster side that knows not to take things too far, your bottomless energy, and your beautiful physique that was the result of hard work and dedication. I'd say those are a few of your strengths."

"T-thank you," Kanekos said. It was her turn to blush and she could feel her face burning. She was quiet until the first of their food arrived: hamburgers done rare, with shoestring fries and tall glasses of cola. It felt very American, but it smelled absolutely delicious.

"Hamburgers?" she asked as she picked hers up with both hands. It was big enough that she wasn't sure where to start. "What made you pick that?"

Mizune reached for her own burger. "I remember how much you enjoyed that goya-burger in Okinawa." Then she lowered her voice and added, "And I remembered how much I enjoyed watching you enjoy it."

Kaneko raised one eyebrow at that. She remembered Mizune getting distracted as she licked a bit of juice from her hand, but she never realized how much it had affected her. If Mizune liked that so much, maybe Kaneko could add some sexy sweets to their next intimate moment…

The food was delicious, but it was a bit heavy, making it hard to hold a conversation while they ate. At least all their walking around had worked up an appetite. After their main meal was finally devoured, the waitress Pai returned.

"Would you like any dessert? I recommend a chocolate shake to stay on theme with the burgers."

Mizune and Kaneko shared a glance, then Mizune said, "We'll just split a small one."

"Of course. I'll have that right out."

"I'm lucky this is a cheat day," Mizune said.

Kaneko narrowed her eyes. "Cheat day? You're on a diet?"

"Nothing extreme. Just maintenance to keep my current figure. You had said that whatever I was doing was working, so I plan to keep at it."

Kaneko blinked at that. Mizune was referring to one of the very first things Kaneko had told her after they ran into each other on the beach in Okinawa. "You remember that? I was just flirting, and trying to come to terms with how the petite mouse from middle school filled out so much more than me."

"Filled out?" Mizune said, adjusting the way she was sitting so her chest stuck out even more. There was no denying that she had pretty great breasts for such a slender figure. "What do you mean?"

Kaneko giggled. "Now you're just fishing for compliments. Don't I give you enough about how crazy smart you are?"

"Those are great, but it's nice to hear that I'm pretty too, at least from you." Mizune fluttered her eyes and continued, "And I'm sure you like to hear that you're gorgeous, and not just good at basketball."

Pai returned with the milkshake in a frosted glass and overflowing with whipped cream. Two thick straws were sticking out of the top. Wordlessly, she slid it between the two lovers and withdrew.

Kaneko used it as an excuse to change the subject. It turned out that she loved hearing Mizune say she was gorgeous, and a greedy part of her wanted to hear it a hundred more times before it would be satisfied. "So what's your favorite dessert?" Kaneko asked as she leaned forward for a sip of shake.

"Promise you won't make fun of me?"

That piqued Kaneko's curiosity. She swallowed the chocolate shake and said, "Sure thing, Mizu."

Mizune covered her mouth with her hands and quietly said, "Cheesecake."

It took Kaneko a second to realize why that might result in teasing. "Ahh, you thought I'd laugh because of the stereotype that mice love cheese?"

Mizune nodded, then went in for some of the shake.

Kaneko just shrugged. "I don't think that's even worth making jokes about. It's like when people call me 'Tiger' even though I don't have any stripes. It isn't funny. It's just annoying."

"They do that?" Mizune asked. She had already loosened up after the cheesecake thing. The delicious chocolate shake may have helped a bit.

"Well, mostly Ayane. She knows it gets under my skin, which is exactly why she does it."

Mizune smiled a wholesome, beautiful smile. "Well I promise not to call you that, and I'll talk to Ayane about it next time I see her." The smile shifted to a mischievous one. "Hopefully not tonight though. Please say she's out somewhere and we can have your place to ourselves?"

Kaneko almost spit out her shake. "Whoa now! Slow down a little, Mizu. We've still got another stop on this date. One with music!"

After Kaneko refused to elaborate about what exactly the final stop was, Mizune was getting nervous. She was expecting a club or a concert, neither of which sounded enjoyable at all for the meek mousegirl. She eventually grabbed the hem of Kaneko's dress and said, "Um, I'd rather not go to a bar or concert or anywhere that loud, if that's okay."

Kaneko stopped. "Those don't seem like your speed. The music place I mentioned is karaoke, with just the two of us, and at the volume of our choosing. I wanted to spend time with you, not with a crowd where it's too loud to hear your sweet voice."

Mizune blinked, then wrapped her arms around Kaneko in a sudden hug. "Aww, that sounds wonderful." Then she pushed Kaneko forward, saying, "Speaking of sweet voices, you have to sing first!"

"Fine, fine," Kaneko said, giggling.

The karaoke place wasn't far away and Kaneko paid for an hour in a private room. They ordered some non-alcoholic drinks, then Kaneko started singing, as promised. She started with a simple pop song that she'd heard enough times that she knew the lyrics by heart.

She wasn't an amazing singer and neither was Mizune, but they had fun anyway. And after the first couple songs, neither of them were particularly focused on the music. On one occasion, Mizune missed several lines of her song because she was too distracted by Kaneko's sensual glances, and she returned the favor by lewdly sucking on an ice cube during Kaneko's next song.

Then Kaneko picked a song called 'Burning Up'. On the surface, it was about a heat wave in the summer, but the lyrics were very suggestive. She belted them at Mizune until they were both red in the face, for different reasons. Then Kaneko swooped in and pulled her girl into a deep kiss.

The kiss quickly escalated into full-on making out, until the room's phone rang and interrupted them. Kaneko begrudgingly broke off the kiss, wiped her lips with the back of her hand, then answered the phone. "Hello?"

The karaoke attendant said, "Your hour is almost up. Would you like another?"

"One second." Kaneko turned to Mizune and asked, "Did you want more time?"

Mizune fidgeted nervously and answered, "I'd rather do… something else."

Kaneko nodded knowingly and told the attendant, "No thanks. We're about to head out." She already had a destination in mind. She'd picked three out of four of the stops on their date, but they were in her part of town, so it only made sense.

As they left the karaoke place, Kaneko said, "You know how you mentioned Ayane and my apartment earlier?"

"Yeah?" Mizune had to walk quickly to keep up with the taller Kaneko. The high-heeled sandals made it a little harder rather than easier.

"Well, she kind of called dibs on the apartment tonight for a party with some guys from a nearby college."

Mizune wore her feelings about that on her face as plain as day. "Oh."

"Yeah… So we're heading somewhere else where we can get intimate. Here, actually!" She stopped and pointed up at a bright neon pink sign. It was a love hotel, a convenient place for couples to spend an hour or two getting frisky in whatever way they wanted. Some love hotels had themed rooms, erotic costumes, or even complementary sex toys, but this one was a little simpler than that.

It had Mizune blushing up a storm all the same. She let out a squeak and hid behind her hands, but she followed Kaneko inside without hesitation. Truth be told, she had been uncomfortably aroused since Kakeko's lewd song and she was looking forward to her first love hotel experience.

She was quiet as Kaneko paid for the room, a simple process that was surprisingly similar to paying for the karaoke room, and she stayed quiet as she followed Kaneko to the room. But once they were inside with the door closed, she stopped being quiet.

"This is crazy! I'm in a love hotel!" Mizune blurted, unable to contain herself. She was also unable to contain her libido anymore. While Kaneko was trying to respond, Mizune leapt onto the taller and thankfully stronger girl, wrapped her arms and legs around her, and started peppering her face with kisses.

"Wow! What, got, into, you?" Kaneko managed in between wet and forceful kisses.

"Your stupid sexy song, that's what," Mizune said, frustration in her voice. "It got me all turned on, and you'd better fix it."

Kaneko grinned. "Sure thing, Mizu."

They started by undressing each other, one article of clothing at a time. As cute as Mizune's outfit looked on her, Kaneko discovered that she liked it better on the floor. Her own dress followed shortly after. What she had on underneath gave Mizune pause.

Mizune stared at the alluringly tiny orange thong that was two shades brighter than Kaneko's tail. "You were wearing that the entire night? If I'd known, I never could have focused on the date."

Kaneko smiled and wiggled her butt alluringly. "I know. It was my secret weapon, in case I really needed to get your attention."

"Well, you've got it now…" Mizune slipped her hands under the stretchy cloth and rubbed, feeling strong muscles under smooth skin. As fun as that was, she had other plans. She gave Kaneko's butt a solid squeeze, then started pulling the thong down, an inch at a time, savoring the experience.

When she uncovered Kaneko's perfect little patch of orange fur, she just couldn't draw it out any longer. She hastily finished undressing Kaneko, then pulled her by the tail toward the bed. Mizune knew that Kaneko liked it when she took charge, and for once she had the necessary motivation. More than enough, actually.

"You, me, sixty-nine," Mizune said.

Kaneko felt her entire body shiver. The gap between the normal, meek Mizune and this lusty, forceful one was wondrously wide. Normal Mizune was cute. This Mizune was sexy.

She expected Mizune to be on top since she was in a dominant mood, but to Kaneko's surprise, Mizune took the bottom. But it made perfect sense once she was in position and felt a hand gripping the base of her tail. Her tail was very sensitive and Mizune had already done a bit of experimention with stimulating it during oral sex. Needless to say, it had been amazing.

The tight grip on her tail pulled her hips down until her sex was pressed firmly to Mizune's lips, then things became a blur of pleasure. Kaneko tried to return the favor, but the combination of Mizune's erotic dominance, the hands sliding along Kaneko's tail, and tantalizing nibbles and licks bombarding her clit, it was too much. She'd barely gotten a taste of Mizune's pretty pink pussy when the first orgasm hit.

Her legs went weak and she dropped her full weight onto Mizune's face, but the mischievous mouse didn't let up for an instant. Her tongue darted inside as far as it could reach, then pushed forward until it brushed hard against Kaneko's button, then it slid along her lips teasingly, then did it all over again. And all the while, two groping hands squeezed her butt, tugged her tail, and generally did whatever they wanted. All Kaneko could do was take it.

After the second orgasm, her wits returned enough to dive between Mizune's legs. Fine white hair, well-trimmed and so very sexual, tickled her chin and lower lip as she set to work. The angle wasn't as optimal as the one Mizune had on her, but it was enough, especially for Mizune's relative inexperience. It didn't take much to get Mizune twitching with need, and it didn't take much to get her off once she was there.

A few dozen well placed licks, a little observation of body queues, and a bit of persistence once she found the sweet spot, that was all it took to push Mizune up the slope of orgasm mountain. And once Kaneko had her at the top, quivering and practically begging for release, she pursed her lips, gave Mizune's little button a bit of suction, and went to town. Her success was obvious when Mizune's hips tensed and her thighs tried to clamp onto Kaneko's head, and it was clear from the way her hands let go of Kaneko's tail. But the way Kaneko really knew she'd succeeded at giving Mizune a mind-blowing orgasm was the sound she made, the wonderfully erotic, adorable, and somewhat pitiful sound of ecstatic squeaking, muffled by the pussy pressed onto her face.

Kaneko moved her hips to give her lover some air, and to hear that lovely sound a little clearer. It was so incredibly cute that she'd been tempted to tease Mizune about it ever since she first heard it, but she didn't dare do anything that might discourage such a genuine and endearing reaction, especially when she so loved witnessing it.

That orgasm was the release Mizune had needed every since the karaoke, and she didn't have much dominance left in her afterwards. When the aftershocks had faded, she gave Kaneko's toned booty a light slap and said, "Let's change positions, if that's okay."

"It's very okay," Kaneko said as she rolled off of Mizune. She sat up on the bed cross-legged and facing her sex-flushed girlfriend, then said, "So what next?"

Mizune kneeled and folded her hands on her lap, looking quite proper despite being totally naked. "Um, I was thinking…"

"That is your forte," Kaneko joked, unabashedly staring at Mizune's chest. Her breasts were beautiful as they heaved with Mizune's ecstasy-induced heavy breathing. She wanted to hold them, massage them, and run her tongue all over them, but she also wanted to see what Mizune had in mind.

Mizune took a deep breath, then said, "Can we try tribadism?"

Kaneko raised an eyebrow, then added the other one for good measure. "Huh? What's that?"

"Uh, it's also called 'scissoring'," Mizune explained, almost too quiet to hear.

"Ah!" Kaneko's eyes lit up. Even without any boobs involved, she could go for some vulva-on-vulva action. "Yeah, let's do it."

With a little bit of clumsy repositioning, Mizune got on her back while Kaneko straddled her left thigh. Kaneko had volunteered to be on top since she had more endurance, thanks to her basketball training. She grabbed Mizune's right leg and held it to her stomach, marvelling a little at how much paler Mizune's skin was than her own, then she inched her hips forward until their vulvas met.

The impact was immediate. It felt good, of course, but the thought of pressing her most intimate place up against Mizune's was astoundingly erotic. They were connected more closely than ever before, and it was electric. Her mind reeled and her body started to move on its own. Instinct took over and her hips thrusted, rubbing her labia back and forth across Mizune's wetness. When the pressure and friction were just right, sparks of pleasure shot through her mind.

Next, Kaneko needed to bring that level of pleasure to her partner. She looked down at Mizune, feeling powerful and in charge, and started watching her every twitch and wiggle for signs. Kaneko thrusted carefully, savoring Mizune's delightful squeaks of pleasure. Soon, the position seemed ideal and enjoyable to both of them, and it happened to be one where their clits were nearly touching, just the soft padding of labias between them. That was when Kaneko let herself go again and the animal part of her took charge.

"Oh yes, yes, yes," said a voice, which Kaneko eventually realized was her own. Emboldened by that, Mizune spoke too.

"Feels… good…" she muttered, her eyes closed and her lips quivering. Her little fists were clenched and her tail was twitching restlessly. Kaneko's tail was doing the same.

Then I'll keep going, Kaneko thought. She'd intended to say it aloud, but she couldn't muster the focus to get her mouth to move. All her attention was on sex. With any luck, she and Mizune were rising together and could reach orgasm in unison.

Alas, that wasn't meant to be. She couldn't quite reach climax, and she wasn't sure if the missing element was physical or mental. She was certainly aroused enough, but her mind was very focused on Mizune's pleasure.

Mizune noticed it too. She opened her eyes and gazed up at Kaneko, then said, "I have an idea. It's embarrassing, but I think it might work."

Kaneko kept the motion going, sparing enough consciousness to say, "Alright. I'm open to whatever."

"Stop for a second," Mizune said. When Kaneko did as instructed, Mizune shifted her hips a bit to get her hairless tail down between her legs, then pulled it up and forward. "I do this sometimes… when I'm lonely and thinking of you…" She kept a grip on her tail and started rubbing it back and forth along her slit. The smooth yet textured surface provided the perfect amount of friction, and it was narrow enough to get between her folds and right on her clitoris.

Then she beckoned for Kaneko with her other hand. "Now you grind on the other side, just like before."

"Hmm, okay…" Kaneko said as she grabbed Mizune's leg again. She wasn't totally sure about this. She liked Mizune's tail well enough, mostly because of how expressive it could be, but she hadn't thought of it in a sexual way before. Then she pressed her pussy against it and her opinion changed instantly. It was amazing. It was all the pleasure of their previous position, with a bit of extra pressure and friction exactly where she wanted it. And any additional force she put on it, Mizune would feel too.

"Oh, this is nice," Kaneko mumbled, then the concept of speech drifted beyond her grasp. There was only pleasure and intimacy, the connection of her body to her lover's. Then a welcome intruder: a rising feeling deep in her core, expanding outward until it enveloped her entire body. Climax was approaching, and she sensed the same in Mizune.

She moved faster and harder, pressing Mizune down into the plush mattress and scooting her body backwards an inch at a time. Kaneko was distantly worried that she might be hurting Mizune's tail, or her clit, but that didn't stop her. And the fear was unwarranted; Mizune was enjoying it just as much, riding a wave towards an inevitable climax.

"Oh god," Mizune blurted as the wave started to crest. Orgasm was upon her, and it was without a doubt the strongest of her entire life. "Oh god oh god yes Kane yes!" she rattled off as the wave crashed down, obliterating all conscious thought, all memory, all humanity. She was a puddle of pleasure, plastered into the bed by Kaneko's continuing thrusts.

Kaneko was not far behind, and the throes of ecstasy occurring underneath her accelerated the process nicely. She squeezed Mizune's leg tight, not minding the pressure on her ribs between her breasts, and then she came. For her, it wasn't a wave crashing. It was more like being pushed off a cliff over a vast ocean. There was an instant of apprehension, concern about what would befall her next, then it vanished and all was calm. The sea below approached ever faster, a rising wall of darkness, but she welcomed the coming impact. She knew in her heart that it would be nothing less than rapture.

"Fuck!" Kaneko gasped through clenched teeth, her eyes rolling back into her head. Her tail lashed wildly and every muscle in her body went taut. Her fingernails dragged across Mizune's thigh as she grasped for purchase on reality. It surely left marks, but neither of them noticed. Mizune had recovered just enough self-awareness to start moving her tail again, adding friction to their already overstimulated pussies.

For what felt like an eternity, they shared in orgasmic pleasure, then they crashed. Kaneko flopped forward onto Mizune, nuzzled into her neck, and started purring. Mizune tugged her tail out of the way, getting a small shock as it slid along her oversensitive clit, then wrapped her arms around Kaneko's back.

"That was great," Mizune whispered.

"Hell yeah it was," Kaneko mumbled back, her face buried in Mizune's soft white hair. A big round mouse ear was temptingly close, but she didn't have the energy to try to reach it for a nibble.

"Do we have time for a nap?"

Kaneko nodded, or at least tried to. It mostly came out as feeble wiggle. "Yeah. Paid for two hours."

"Good," Mizune said, already fading into sleep.

All showered up and mostly awake, Kaneko and Mizune walked the few blocks to the train station. There, Kaneko hugged Mizune tight and said, "Be careful on the trip home." She'd be sticking to well lit and busy areas, but it was nearly midnight.

"You too," Mizune said, even though she knew Kaneko's place was just a couple blocks away. Then she pulled Kaneko down by the shoulders, just a little since Mizune was wearing her tall heels, and planted a kiss on her lips.

As they kissed, Kaneko grabbed both of Mizune's hands and held them tight, like she never wanted to let go. As Mizune stepped back, out of the kiss, Kaneko slowly let go, trailing her fingers along Mizune's until their fingertips finally parted. It was just like when they said their goodbyes in Okinawa, and it set Mizune's heart aflutter again.

"I love you, Kane," Mizune said.

Kaneko was too stunned to react at first and Mizune started to leave. Then Kaneko came to her senses and ran forward. She grabbed Mizune by the shoulder and said, "Oh no you don't. You can't just say that and run off."

She held Mizune's hands again, mostly to keep her from hiding behind them, then said, "I love you too, Mizu." Then she kissed her again, deeper and longer, and not really fit for public display. They didn't mind. The rest of the world just didn't matter to the two lovers.

All in all, it had been a night to remember, and the best part of all: it was only the beginning. There was time enough for a dozen more nights like it before the end of the school year, and a few years after that before either of them graduated from college. The future beyond that was a mystery, but love had a way of making the present more important.

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