Loud House: A Family Together

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Summary: Life isn't always great when living with a growing family like the Loud Family. Things don't always got to plan, and certain sacrifices must be made. Even when some might hate you for those sacrifices or that you might regret them down the road. That's something Lincoln Loud carries with himself all the time. Especially when being the first born into an ever growing family like the Louds. Lincoln has seen his five sisters come into this world, and possibly another coming along the way too. He has two of the most responsible and loving patents in the world, but sees the pain they go through when trying to provide for him and his sisters. He knows because he always overhears the same argument over and over again, his parents talking about the lack of funds and blaming each other. Not being able to bare the sight of his family falling apart, or wanting to see his beloved sisters be taken away from their parents and put into foster care. Lincoln decides to do something about it, he decides to run away. So that maybe his parents could have the best chance of providing for their increasingly growing family. While not being the most logical or responsible decision, it is Lincoln's decision none the less. His decision will not just affect him, but also towards his parents and sisters. What will the Loud Family do without the brother that holds them together, who won't be there for them when they need him most. Even if they don't know it. But… what else would happened if that brother… comes home?

Thoughts and Flashbacks.

Chapter 1: Coming Back Home

Today was a quiet beautiful and sunny day, which was also accompanied by a light breeze. The few dead leafs and other such things followed the wind and blew across the lone highway. For some people it would appear to be an ordinary day, but unfortunately for a certain someone. It wasn't ordinary at all, not at all. Soon enough the peaceful silence stopped, a loud roaring could be heard in the distance. Quickly enough, a lone figure could be seen down riding down the highway on a motorcycle. The engine of the motorcycle roared as it rode down the highway. As the sound of the engine got closer, the motorcycle and the rider could be seen more clearly. The motorcycle was speeding down the highway, all the while following the acceptable speed limit. The type of motorcycle in question was a black and bright orange Honda CD200 RoadMaster, while it appeared to an older model. It looked to be in pristine condition. The rider on the other hand looked to be a mystery, there was no right way to see what he looked like or how tall he was. The reason why was because of the motorcycle helmet he was wearing the clothes he was also wearing too.

The helmet the person was wearing was Bell Racing Qualifier Helmet, the visor was blacked out so it was almost impossible to see the person's face. The rest of the helmet was silver mixed with a bit of orange. The rider was also wearing a simple black leather jacket that was partly unzipped, which showed a dark orange shirt underneath. The rider also had normal blue jeans on along with just simple black and white sneakers on. Overall the only way to identify the rider was that it was a man, who seemed pretty fit as well. His black leather gloved hands tightly gripped the handles of the motorcycle. That wasn't all the rider had on as he had a very sizable backpack strapped behind his back, which probably held clothes and other things. The ride overall was peaceful, the rider would occasionally drive past a car, truck, big rig or even a fellow biker. But that was a good long time ago. Now it was just him and the open road. Which gave the rider time to think, especially now of all times.

'Man… how long has it been… 9 years? Or was it 8?' The rider thought as he continued to drive along the highway. The rider wasn't exactly excited to where he was going, but that didn't mean he felt some happiness where his destination was. If the rider was completely honest with himself. He was more nervous then happy. Maybe the right word was afraid, he was more afraid then nervous. Any person would feel the same if you have been gone for god knows how long. Especially if you ran away and been considered missing for that whole time too. So yeah the rider was afraid… afraid what heck his parents and family are going to do when they see him. He was thinking they were ether going to hug him to death while crying… or just kill him for running away and going missing for 9 years. He was giving it a 50/50 shot. The rider continued to drive along the highway, but soon something started to come into view that made the rider slow down. And soon the rider pulled to the side of the highway, while making sure he was on the side of the road. The rider stopped the motorcycle along with the engine and carefully parked himself.

The rider than proceeded to take of his gloves as he continued to sit on the motorcycle. Soon the rider had taken on his gloves and carefully placed them inside his pockets. The rider's attention was then placed on the thing that made him stop in the first place. He then began to get up slowly, while making sure the motorcycle was parked correctly. Then the rider now fully standing, began to make his way to the object that interested him. As he continued to walk along the dirt and along side the road, he came to a full stop. He then proceeded to take of his helmet, soon enough the helmet was off and under his right arm. He laid his eyes forward to look upon a large sign on the side of the road. The sign read Welcome To Royal Woods. After seeing this the rider then let out a loud sigh, not a sigh of frustration or annoyance, but of relief.

"Well… guess I'm back here… home." The rider said in a quiet and calm tone as he looked beyond the sign to see fairly large city in the distance. It has been a very long time since the rider has laid his eyes on that city, 9 or 8 years to be completely honest. The rider's face soon came into view and was shown more clearly in the sunlight. The rider had pale white short but long shoulder length hair with a large tuft of his hair sticking up. Something he had inherited from his grandfather, which he is quite pride of. His cheeks were smooth and had a couple freckles place on each one. He also had bags over his eyes, but that would happen if you had been driving a full day straight without any rest. But overall the rider looked fairly well, even a bit handsome to some people. The rider fixed eyes towards the city. But those soon were placed upon… the readers?

"Hmm, hello there. I didn't see you guys there." Said the rider as he looked to the readers as he casually walked back towards his motorcycle. For some this would seem odd, but for this person he seemed quite used to it.

"Sorry for not noticing any of you guys sooner. As you can see I've had quite a lot on my mind, especially now. You see, it has been some time since I've been here. A very long time in fact." Said the rider again, this time in a somewhat solemn tone. His attention was soon somewhere else as he stopped dead in his tracks, but luckily enough the rider soon snapped out of his daze.

"Oh, sorry about that. It's been a very long day… and something tells me it's only going to get longer. Oh and I deeply apologize as well, it would seem I haven't told you guys my name yet. Sorry again for being rude, heh." The rider said to the readers again, while rubbing the back of his head as he gave a small and apologetic smile.

"Well, my name is Lincoln Loud, if some of you don't know. Nice to meet you all." Said Lincoln as he gave a much larger smile, all the while he spoke in a polite and calm tone. Lincoln soon started to head back towards his motorcycle, but not bothering to stop talking to readers along the way. In fact he seemed quite keen on continuing to the readers.

"Now that you guys know who I am, I guess I have to spill and tell you why I'm here. And how come I've been acting the way I've had been. Well, you see… I'm actually here to check on some family to be exact. Some very close family, family I haven't seen in a long time." Lincoln said in a somewhat sad tone as he looked towards the ground as he was nearing his motorcycle. And he was right, he was planning on visiting some family. Mainly his parents and sisters. You see, Lincoln hasn't seen or spoken to his family in the last 9 years. That usually happens when you run away from home. As Lincoln finally made it to his motorcycle, he began to pull out his gloves and proceed to put them on.

"Well guys, I don't know where exactly to start. I mean it has been awhile since I've told anyone this story. So… where to begin?" Lincoln said as he began to think it over inside his head on where he should begin his story. It had been 9 years so, Lincoln could honestly forget a little bit in that time. But then it suddenly clicked in Lincoln's head as he was putting his helmet back on. But before he could speak, he decided to start the motorcycle.

"Oh, I think I know where to start now! How about I show you the night left instead. That should probably explain a bit and give me time to reach where I'm heading. Alright then, let's roll!" Lincoln exclaimed as his motorcycle roared back into life, he then proceeded un-park his motorcycle carefully. Soon enough he started to move and then in a couple of seconds later, he was on the road driving towards the city. As he was driving along, Lincoln began to think about the night he ran away. And what drove him to do it.

Flashback 9 Years Ago

A young 11 year old Lincoln could be seen going through his clothes and carefully deciding on what he should take. Seeing as his backpack was only large enough to take only a few belongings and clothes. The young Loud had been carefully planning this for some time, it made him feel terrible that he had to go through with this. He hated it, in fact he just wanted to go back to sleep and just plain out forget about this plan. But… he couldn't do that. Especially now with his family's future on the line. You see, Lincoln was the older brother to five adorable and sometimes annoying little sisters. There was Lori, who going on eight this year. He could barely remember seeing little baby Lori come home the first time, seeing as he was only three at the time. But he did remember it one of the happiest moments in his life, than a year later came little baby Leni. Than after that came Luna, Luan and finally Lynn. Five sisters he loved greatly, so greatly that he going through with this crazy plan… for them.

"Can't believe I going through with this. But I guess it's the only way… I can't stand seeing mom and dad go through the same argument over and over again. Especially if the girls have hear that too." Lincoln stated sadly, it was only a few hours ago that he heard his parents arguing again while he was tucking his sisters in bed. It was especially hard when the girls had to hear as well, so bad that some of them wanted to stay in his room until the arguing stopped. That's when Lincoln couldn't handle it. But he knew why they've been arguing, he knew why because he had to be there to listen to it. Money and the kids, that was how all the arguments started.

It had been rough, seeing as his dad got laid off recently and his mom had yet to find a job. It was so rough that some of the meals were getting smaller. That would happen if you have about six kids, but truth be told it wasn't so bad. For example, his Pop-Pop would often send some money to help out. But he couldn't always send money every week. And sometimes his parents would just send it back, ether probably out of pride or just because they felt bad about taking Pop-Pop's money. So yeah… things looked pretty bad. Lincoln just hoped they would get better when he left. Probably without one extra mouth to feed.

As Lincoln finally got the last of the clothes he could take with him. He then got down to the floor while his backpack was still on top of the bed, he then began to dig around under the bed looking for something. After a few seconds of digging, Lincoln found what was looking for. He then brought what he was looking for on top of the bed along with his backpack. The thing he was looking for was a shoebox. Lincoln than got up off the floor, he proceeded to dust himself off. After doing just that he started to open the shoebox, and after it was open. He looked down at the various items in the shoebox, just a few things he collect over the years. Various toys, one or two comics and of course… has wallet. Now there wasn't anything special about his wallet, it was just a plain old leather wallet that his Pop-Pop gave to him for his birthday recently. The reason why he kept it under his bed in a shoebox was because he was hiding it from his family. Not because he didn't trust them of course… well that's not entirely true. He knew he could trust his sisters, but he also knew that they were still little kids and didn't know better. Also he knew they were all smarter than the average kid. Especially Lori, Luna and little Lynn. Not saying that Leni or Luan are not smart no not at all. Lincoln was just saying they were preoccupied with the things they like, Luan with comedy and Leni with… uh, fashion?

"That girl is one strange cookie, can't believe she's actually into that stuff. Especially at her age. Huh, to each their own I guess. Man, I don't want think about what she's going to be into when she's a teenager!" Lincoln said with a slight shiver, but he didn't mean anything by it though. He loves every last one of his sisters, even if they are into straight things. As he thought about that. It only made it harder for him to go through with this plan. There was a slight chance… he might never see his sisters again. Just thinking that made his heart ache, but he had to be strong, for them. Lincoln gave out a sigh as he proceeded to go through his wallet. You see, Lincoln has been planning this for awhile now. So he's been saving up money for last 8 months. Originally he was planning on buying himself something nice, you know like a video game system. But, that's apparently not the case. In fact in the last few days he's been gathering up money from doing odd jobs around the neighborhood and selling his various comics and manga. It sucked, but you got to do what you got to do.

"Let's see… with the money I got this week. I should probably have around… 300 dollars or less. Man, hope that's enough to get me on my way. Where ever that way is?" Lincoln said as he began to rub the back of his head, he didn't exactly has a destination on where he was going to be completely honest. He just thought he go a random direction and just hope for the best. Lincoln didn't exactly have much faith in this plan. Honestly, the chances of the police or even his parents finding when he left were very high. But he had to try something. In fact, he could maybe give the money he has right now to his parents. But 300 dollars wasn't much when you have 6 kids to feed and pay the bills. So yeah, Lincoln ruled that option out. So it would seem running away and hoping for the best was his only option.

"Well… I'm all packed, guess the only thing to do is say goodbye." Lincoln stated sadly, this was going to be the rough part. He'd thought long and hard when to exactly to do this. Lincoln thought it best if he did this when they were all sleeping. Make it a lot easier for himself, and thought it was better this way as well. Lincoln began to put on the backpack and carefully strap it tightly. He then proceeded to look around his room with a very disheartened look, he wondered if he would ever see this place again. Would he ever come back? Would he just disappear in the night and never return? To be completely honest with himself, Lincoln had no clear answer.

"Maybe someday?" Lincoln whispered sadly as he was now in the hallway that led to his room, his sisters and parents. Lincoln knew he was pressed for time. So he knew he had to act fast. So he thought it was best to start with the oldest and go down to the youngest. So, that would mean he start with Lori then Leni and so and so forth. Luckily for Lincoln, his room was right next to Lori's. So as Lincoln stood outside Lori's door. He was beginning to rethink this while thing, maybe he should just leave. Or heck even put a stop to this whole thing and just go back to bed! As Lincoln continued to argue with himself on what he should do. It took about a few hard minutes before Lincoln could come to a decision. As Lincoln's hand reach for the door handle, he just suddenly stopped as his finger tips were just about touching the handle. Lincoln then slowly moved his hand away from the handle, he then also started back away from the door slowly as well. Soon after that Lincoln hung his head as he looked down at the floor, after a few minutes of silence, he started to speak.

"I'm… sorry… I love you all." Lincoln whispered in a solemn like tone, he then began to walk away down the hallway leading to the stairs. As he slowly made his way to the stairs. He started to walk past each of his sister's room. He passed Leni's, Luna's, Luan's and finally Lynn's. It took almost every bit of his strength to not open any of the doors he passed. Soon enough he had made it to the stairs, and before he could descend down them. He took a long glance towards his parents bedroom. After a few seconds of staring, Lincoln finally made it downstairs.

Lincoln continued to make his way to the front door, and as he got closer. He passed various family pictures placed on the wall. His parents wedding, him when he was just a baby being taken home. Him and his parents and other family celebrating his first birthday, and of course a few years later it was Lori's turn. A picture showed 3 year old Lincoln holding an infant Lori, then another picture showed them celebrating Lori's first birthday. Soon enough, Lincoln had passed a lot of pictures showing all his sisters, his parents and himself. From them celebrating birthdays, the first day going to school, various holiday pictures like Christmas and Halloween and finally a recent family picture taken a few weeks ago. Lincoln then of course suddenly stopped at this picture. He looked closer at it as it showed himself, his parents, a 8 year old Lori, a 7 year old Leni, a 6 and 5 year old Luna and Luan and finally a 4 year old Lynn. All looked happy in the picture, but Lincoln knew better. He could see it in his eyes and those of his parents. Sure he was happy to be with his sisters and his parents. But he knew that those happy times would just suddenly stop.

"Guess this is it. Goodbye… Loud House." Lincoln said sadly as a few tears started fall down the young 11 year old's face. He then started to continue towards his destination, the front door. As he finally made it to the door, Lincoln took a deep breath and then exhaled. He then began to open the door slowly as if he was waiting for something to happen. But when he finally opened the door… nothing happened. All that Lincoln could see was the cold dark street of his neighborhood and the street lights lighting up the street. Lincoln felt a lot emotions right now, fear mainly but also sadness. Lincoln then proceeded to walk outside and when he was fully outside of the door. He silently closed it shut, but not before locking it. Seeing this as his point of no return. Lincoln walked down the steps of his front porch, and as he made it to ground level he began to walk to the street. As he made it to the streets he looked both ways to if any cars were coming. But soon found out the street was deserted and no cars coming. So… he decided to go on his way, where ever that might be. But before he left, he quickly took out a piece of paper and a small pencil out of his pockets. He then proceeded to write down his home's address. 1216 Franklin Avenue… you know, just in case.

"Someday… I promise guys… I'll come back." Lincoln said silently as he took one last look at his family's home. Then with his backpack strapped tightly behind his back, he made his way down the street. Having no idea where he was going, just knowing that whatever it was. It was far away. The only thing he could do now was count on his luck, and hope that what he was doing was the best for his family.

End Of Flashback

'I wonder if what I did pay off? Did I do the right thing? Or did I just make things worse?' Lincoln thought as he drove his motorcycle down the streets of Royal Woods, passing various homes and the few cars out. It had taken Lincoln half an hour to try and find out where his old street was. Being away 9 years could do that to anyone. It was strange to see that almost nothing had changed in the time he'd been gone, the Burpin' Burger was still running along with Jean Juan's French Mex restaurant. It was kind of freaky. But it made Lincoln happy to see that things haven't change much.

'Man, hopefully after this I should try and get a bite to eat. Probably even with the family… that is if they even still live around here.' Lincoln thought as he continued to drive his bike along the street. As he was driving, he began to think over on what heck he was going to do when he saw his family again. You would think that over all this time he would at least plan this ahead. Geez, it's not everyday you run away and disappear for 9 stinking years and come back as if nothing happened! Lincoln knew that he shouldn't be expecting a pat on back or even a warm welcome. He did just vanish in the night, not even saying goodbye. Heck he didn't even leave a letter! Lincoln did plan on leaving a letter but he got cold feet. He just left. They probably all think that he ran away because he hated them or something. While Lincoln continued to think about what was going to happen when he got home. He proceeded to drive past more houses and the few cars going the other way, but soon Lincoln began to take notice of his surroundings.

'I know this street… at least I think so?' Lincoln thought as he looked along the street as he was driving. He took notice of the passing street lights that were off, kids playing in their front yards. Adults coming home to their homes and kids. It almost brought a smile to his face. Key word, "almost". Cause as kept driving along he knew he was getting closer towards his destination. After about a few minutes of driving, it would seem he had finally made it. The motorcycle began to slow down, soon enough Lincoln began to slowly drive close along the sidewalk. Then he came to a full stop as he began to park alongside the sidewalk, while making sure his motorcycle was near enough on the road to cause problems.

"Well… this looks like it's it." Lincoln said as he began to turn off his motorcycle, as the engine died out he started to take off his helmet of. It felt good to feel the slight breeze hit his face, driving for God knows how long could do that to you. Especially this time of year, wearing that helmet felt like walking through the desert. Lincoln then proceeded to take of backpack and then tightly secure it in the back of the motorcycle. Next Lincoln placed his helmet on top of his backpack.

"Alrighty then, let's go see the family." Lincoln said to himself as took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. So, Lincoln began to walk alongside the sidewalk. As he walked along, he couldn't shake the dreaded feeling in his stomach. He was going to see his family. He was going to see the family he left, he left behind everything. He left his parents, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn. Just by thinking that Lincoln's pace began to slow down. He started to slowly question if he could do this. 9 years is awfully a long time. People change… he changed. Gone was the boy who wanted to grow up to be an astronaut, comic book artist, detective, video game tester, or even a ghost hunter. Lincoln's on run was as great most people would think, he had to some very bad things to just get by. If he could change just like that in the last 9 years. Who couldn't say his family did. While thinking about all this worry and fear, Lincoln stopped as he started to notice he had arrived to his destination.

"Well, guess it's all still here." Lincoln stated softy as he looked on at house in front of him. It was almost hard to believe that it was still here, his old home. Sure it has aged a bit. But it still looked home, his home. And by the looks of people were still living here! Lincoln could see the a fast variety of toys and a few bicycles placed various places. He even saw a toy sprinkler on too. Heck he even saw his dad's old van out in the driveway.

"Guess that means they're all still here as well." Lincoln said with a bit of joy in his tone, also with a little bit of regret in there as well. He then took a very deep breath to calm himself. In his head he was saying over and over "I can do this". That calmed his nerves, but didn't exactly put his mind to rest.

"Well… let's get this over with." Lincoln said in a very calm and serious tone. So he took one step forward on the yard of the house… where his shoe landed on a piece of dog poop. With one step, Lincoln's serious demeanor was halted. It took about a minute to process what had just transpired, and when he finally did he let out a very loud sigh as he hung his head low.

"Great… just… great." Lincoln said in a very tiresome tone, and his expression was just like his tone, tired. So Lincoln decided to just keep pressing on. Seeing as he was already in the yard and so close to the front porch. So he took another step, this time making sure his way was clear. As Lincoln proceeded to walk towards the house, he could hear talking and voices from inside the house. He even heard a bit of yelling too. This caused him to chuckle, it made him happy to see this was still the same old Loud house. After a few seconds, Lincoln ascended the small stairs to the red front door. There he was, standing in front of the door. He was nervous. He was literally about to confront his past.

"You can do this Lincoln Loud, you can do this." Lincoln said softly to himself. He then decided to man up and began to knock on the door. He did his best not to softly knock but also tried not bang hard on the door. After a few seconds of knocking, Lincoln could hear a voice talking.

"LUCY! Answer the door please! I'm busy talking with Bobby on the phone!" Yelled a feminine voice that sounded somewhat familiar, it also sounded like the person was irritated by the tone of the voice. Soon Lincoln could hear footsteps coming to the door, but saw no one through the three tiny windows on placed on the door. Soon after he stopped hearing the footsteps. He heard the door slowly open, that's when Lincoln mentally prepared himself. He had no idea what expect when that opened. But he was ready.

"Hello… can I help you?" Said a feminine voice in a very deadpan and dread like tone. Hearing this voice caught Lincoln by surprised, but what really got him was seeing who the voice belonged to. Looking down Lincoln saw a little girl standing in front of him as the front was wide open. To say the least the girl standing in front of him wasn't your average little girl. Lincoln had a safe bet that this little was probably around 8 or even 9. The girl was very pale, almost had chalk-white skin and her long black hair concealed her eyes. She was a bit thin and small, but for someone her age that wasn't to strange. She was dressed in black and white; she wore long striped fingerless gloves and matching socks with a black dress worn over a striped shirt, black shoes. To be totally honest, she looked like a goth. But that wasn't the part that bothered Lincoln. What bothered him is that this girl looked somewhat familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Seeing as the little girl in front of him meant business, as seeing her stoic expression. So he decided to dwell on it later and answer.

"Ah, yeah um, sorry if I'm interrupting anything. But do the Louds live here?" Lincoln asked politely as he looked down towards the little goth girl. But before the girl could even respond, another voice started to speak. A voice Lincoln knew quite well.

"Lucy, honey who's at the door? I though I told your sister to open the door?" Said another feminine voice, but this one sounded a lot older than the others. Soon both Lincoln and the girl looked in the house towards the voice, the girl of course knew who the voice belonged to. And so did Lincoln, cause that voice belonged to his mom. Soon a woman came around a corner from out of a room, most likely the kitchen. The woman was wearing a pink shirt with a white collar and cuffs, and purple pants. She also has big blonde hair. As soon as she came around the corner, she had locked eyes with Lincoln and stopped dead in her tracks. Soon enough, both the woman and Lincoln were staring at each other dead in the eyes. The woman had a very shocked expression on her face, as if she was seeing a ghost right in front of her eyes. Lincoln on the other hand had an expression of regret mixed with happiness. Lucy on the other hand had an expression of confusion to say the least, seeing as she had no idea what was going on. Finally after about a few minutes of staring at each. Lincoln spoke.

"Hey… mom… it's been awhile." Lincoln said with a small smile.

To Be Continued

AN: Well, that was one hell of a first chapter. Now let me be straight with you guys. I honestly don't know if this story will do well to be completely honest with you all. I mean I don't want to say that, cause you know I wrote the damn thing. But hey, only time will tell I guess. If this gets enough reviews and likes I might get fast on writing the next chapter. Now that's only if people really want this story to continue. I mean, sure I'm going to be writing chapters for this. But like I said, only time will tell. Anyway guys thanks for reading, and of course do leave a review. Oh and if you have any ideas for a paring for big brother Lincoln, leave it in a review. It could be anything, but just keep in mind that Lincoln is around 20… for any of you don't know. Also leave ideas on where you all should think this story should go too. Thanks for reading and do please leave a review. Oh, and forgive me on any mistakes or misspellings I made. See ya!