Dragons and Thrones: Rising Tensions – Breaking of Bonds

Chapter 68 of my crossover story, the last chapter of this story, enjoy.


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Sansa was still in amazement; she kept expecting to wake up, realize it was all a dream and be disappointed and fearful all over again. But no, she was not still in King's Landing, dreaming of escape, she truly had escaped. She was still in the carriage, heading for home, but they weren't far now.

Podrick smiled, no doubt seeing how happy she was. They were now in the North and even had an escort of Northern soldiers who had been defending Moat Cailin, to see they got to Winterfell safely. They were so close now; in just a short length of time, she'd be home, she knew it.

"Podrick, thank you, I am so glad you did this for me." She said softly.

He smiled. "It; it's no trouble, My Lady."

She smiled, she had no idea about the rest of the squires who helped them, but she knew Pod intended, or rather, hoped to stay at Winterfell and serve her family. She hoped that would be allowed; she was even prepared to plead his case to her family if she needed to.

It wasn't long before they heard the shouts and Sansa's heart leapt, she was home. She had a hard time sitting still, but she did so and waited until the carriage came to a complete stop; it was then she disembarked; followed by Pod.

She smiled widely as she looked around, once more beholding Winterfell's courtyard, after so long. Her escort, both the Northern soldiers and Pod's fellow squires, stood around the carriage, still focused and dutiful. She could hear the whispers and grinned; Pod stood back and nodded to her.

Taking a deep breath she walked forwards and heard the voice cry out.


She grinned and braced herself, so as not to be bowled over by Rickon as he practically tackled her and embraced her.

"I'm home Rickon, I'm safe." She told him with a laugh.

Rickon also laughed as he let her go, standing before her, she was amazed how much he had grown.


She looked up, her grin widening as she saw her parents rushing to her. She could see Robb and Bran too, Bran being carried by Hodor. There was another woman with them, one she didn't recognize.

Yet she was carrying an infant girl and her closeness to Robb surprised Sansa, she was an aunt. Nevertheless, she was relieved and overjoyed to be reunited with her family.

"Sansa, what happened to you, who are all these people, how did you?" Her mother asked in amazement.

She grinned and began to explain her escape; everything that happened to her, what happened while in King's Landing, Margaery's plan, Podrick's counter-plan and his role in her escape.

Her parents regarded Podrick with surprise, but he explained who he was and how he helped Sansa. She vouched for him and that seemed to put her parents at ease.

It was then she was informed of many details that she had missed, they moved inside to the great hall in the process. Ned promised to talk to the other squires too, they were currently being given food and a chance to rest.

'It feels so surreal being back here...but, everything I'm hearing, it...' She thought before speaking. "Gods, so; Joffrey is, and, Myrcella and Tommen too…?"
Her father nodded and she sighed; everything she was hearing was almost too much. But then she noticed something, something which worried her.

"Where's Arya?" She asked, realizing her sister was still missing. "She didn't, she's not yet…?"

Rickon spoke up. "No, Arya came back, she was here..."

"Then where is she now?" Sansa asked; suddenly worried.

The silence that followed was the longest Sansa had ever known; and the looks her family shared told her right away, whatever the answer was, she was not going to like it.

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So we reach the end of story 3 part 1, so many of our characters have found themselves faced with dire or desperate situations and have been forced to take desperate actions; what fate awaits them, who will recover, will any of them recover, or return. Corypheus still holds the advantage too, mainly in his current anonymity to the masses. Stay tuned for story 3 part 2, to see if any of these questions will be answered.