Lelei La Lalena was reading a book in Japanese, while itami was driving the Humvee. Tuka, Rory and Yao where wispering something in to each other's ears and giggling, almost uncontrollably.

The book that she was reading was about massage, and she thought it would be great to learn about "healing" from the Japanese and apply it in the Special Region to help her people. Suddenly she opened the section about foot massages, upon reading it she started to imagine the sensation of that in her own feet. She had never experienced a foot massage before, but even reading about it made her feel ecstatic. She blushed and widened her eyes as she read on. The more words and images that she took in, the more she lost touch with reality. She was having a vision of Itami rubbing the sore spots from her feet, which she had a lot of.

"Lelei…" She heard Itami's voice. Unfortunately, to no avail, she was still in her trance from the book.

"Yes, right under… the toes." She mumbled, as Itami shook her: "LELEI"

"Ah…Uhm…" She finally came to and woke up. She noticed that the book was closed, so everyone was dumbfounded about what had happened to her.

"For a second there we thought you had a fever or something. Is everything alright?" itami asked putting his hand on her forehead.

"You're a whim." Rory laughed at Lelei. The gothic girl then proceeded to sit on Itami's lap.

"Hey, what are you doing? I am driving!" He complained, but the girl refused to budge. Itami just had to accept it and continued driving.

Tuka approached Lelei and questioned whether something was bothering her.

"You sure you're going to be okay?" She asked and looked at the book Lelei was reading, but did not give it a second thought. Lelei nodded in response, and went back to reading the book, but this time she turned to a different chapter, avoiding the topic of foot massages, since she decided that it affects her in a mysterious way. Unfortunately, she could not get the image of Itami giving her a foot rub out of her head. It was in the back of her head until they arrived to the base.


It had been half an hour since they arrived to the base. Everyone went their way, while Itami returned to his quarters to fill out paperwork. He was filling out a sheet concerning the local resources, when suddenly he heard a knock on the door. Before he could open it or even react it opened and closed really quickly. It was Lelei. She was calm, but something about her demeanor showed that she rushed in to the room, and was very secretive about it.

"Lelei…" Itami wanted to say something, but Lelei took small finger and put it on his lips and let out a "Shhhh…" Itami was confused. After a moment of silence, Lelei blushed and whispered in Itami's ear:

"My feet hurt." Her voice was trembling.

"Wait, you were in the car all day, how can they…" Itami protested, but she gave him a blank stare, and put her finger on his lips again. Itami was still puzzled by the girl's statement. He looked at her shoes, they did not resemble any shoes found in Japan. He remembered that Tuka was given new shoes, but not Lelei.

"Do you need new shoes? I can fill a report out for you, so you can get modern ones." He said pulling out a piece of paper.

"No." She answered briefly and sat on the chair to the opposite from Itami, putting her feet on his desk, right on the paper he was filling out. Itami looked at her and her feet. He reached out and took off her shoes to see if everything was in order. Her eyes shined and she blushed, but still stared at Itami without displaying too much emotion. Itami revealed a pair of small pale feet, and studied them with his eyes. Not seeing any injuries, he responded:

"You seem fine, what are you worried about?" He asked the blue haired girl. Lelei tried to say something, but the embracement was just too much, so she just flexed her toes. Itami was still puzzeled. He put some pressure with his thumb on her upper sole on her left foot:

"Does it hurt here?" He asked while Lelei blushed even further, she became so red that Itami noticed it.

"What did you do to it? I'll call in a doctor." He wanted to get up, but Lelei finally got enough courage and air to say:

"I…uhm… just need a massage." She mumbled. Itami smiled and gently popped her toes. Lelei got excited, and a faint smile appeared on her face. The next thing she felt was the pressure of Itami's thumb on her soles. She went in to a sort of euphoric state, as Itami worked on her feet. Her arches had a lot of sore spots, but they were being rubbed out like they never existed. She could hear the pops and cracks coming from both of her feet and ankles. It was a little painful, but at the same time very relaxing. Itami was not only massaging, but also moving her toes and ankles, and during one of the movements she felt like something was not right with her left ankle, it was popping way too much. She could not recall hurting it, but it felt like it was hurt a long time ago.

Itami suddenly stopped, and examined the ankle. He pressured it with his thumb and started massaging it. Lelei felt very relaxed, but also concerned. Itami was also a little concerned by the state of her feet.

"Looks like you do have some issues, I might fill out the report after all with more details." He said, letting go of her ankle. Lelei snapped from the trance completely. She wanted to protest, but her ankle did cause some concern, so she stayed quiet as Itami filled out the report. She was blushing, she did not want anyone to know about the ordeal, and Itami noticed that.

"You are going to be fine." He said as he stood up and walked out of the office and brought an anke brace back. He put the brace on her foot.

"You will need this for our future adventures. I don't want you getting hurt. Whenever you want a foot massage, just stop by and I'll give you one." He said, as Lelei slipped in to her shoes, she was amazed by the comfort after the massage. She approached Itami again and put her finger on his lips like she did when she came in, with a loud: "Shhh".

"Don't worry Lelei, your secret is safe with me." He said, as Lelei went on her way.


"Lelei got her feet pampered by Itami… Why her? I have been on my feet for more than 900 years… My turn has come." Rory announced, as she crawled through Itami's window.

To Be Continued…