Note: This songfic is based off of the last episode of Kiznaiver, it is about Noriko working through her issues with Katsuhira's help. (This chapter is linked with the next chapter)

The original song is "All That's Known" from Spring Awakening. In this part Noriko is singing about her inner thoughts.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kiznaiver or Spring Awakening in any way, shape, or form. The use of these works is purely for entertainment purposes.

All Will Love

(Inner monologue of the 5 repeated under the song)

Children: Noriko, free our pain please, we can bare it and we hate hurting you

The Kiznaiver, experiment is over, don't suffer

As your friends, we love you, save yourself

We just want to play with you now, go back to the fun times before

You're not alone, let us help you too, It's ok Noriko

Nori: All will love, we'll achieve it through science

Experiment, retry until we find it

You push them, and soon they grow to hate you

And everything you do becomes another bad about you

They cannot trust in the system

Wars go on, and people think this is useless

Love is suspect, trust impossible

And I'm left all alone, until I must train a new group

But I know, this is so important

Just by taking pain away, and saving them

Still I wish I could save all my friends

Instead of waiting for this

On we go, creating new Kiznaivers

Make it work, and finally set my friends free

I'm trying, to make the world all loving

The love that a child feels for everyone they've known

I'll save them, just save them

They're waiting, and one day all will love

I'll save them, just save them

They're waiting, just waiting

And one day all will love