The Missing Prince of the Western Lands

Chapter One

It all started when the royal princess want missing. The king was worried and mad that someone came into his kingdom and took his infant son from them. They looked high and low to find the infant prince. The infants name was Minato.

It was two months later when a man named Jiraiya had found him on his way back to Konoha where he was raised by himself and Tsunade and happy with no memories of his real parents and that he was a real prince. Many years later after all that time they had found him but he was about to give his life for a village. Before he could finish the seal and summons to his soul. Instead it took one of the guards; the man just stepped in for him. But it was too late for kushina, his wife. So they took both him and his son and also took the body of his wife to bray in a better place.

Three months later. He awoke to a baby crying and found himself in a strange place. The first thing he looked for was his son and wife. When he couldn't find them looked for the nurse. When he saw her, he asked, "Where is my wife and son and where am I?" The nurse smiled and told him that they were in the royal palace and that the king had his son in the other room and that she was sorry to say that the night that his son was born his wife had passed away. Minato just cried for that night until he remembered that he had his son to look after and that he had a king to talk to about the place he is in and why they took him from his village.

When he found the king he was laughing and talking to another man. This man had red hair and looked like he was the same age as the king.