Hello friends! Sorry about the short description, I ran out of characters so I had to shorten it. here's the full one!

this is a different ending to ultimate spider man: the howling commandos.

While Ivy and Olivia are in New York, they learn that the most famous vampire ever, Dracula, is trying to take over, and in the process, endangering the existence of all vampires. The twins join our favorite superhero team, the howling commandos, and blade in a fight against Dracula. But there's just one problem. Spidey and his team are humans, and they are not supposed to know about the existence of vampires. How will Ivy and Olivia deal with this broken law of the night, on top of fighting Dracula?

I hope you like it, it was really fun to write!


Spider Man's POV

I swung through the city, the howling commandos and Blade following close behind me.

"Spidey!" Werewolf by night, AKA Jack Russel, called out to me. "There are two girls on the streets, get them to head indoors! We don't want them out here if dracula succeeds with his plan!"

"Got it, Werewolf!" I spotted the girls, and swung down to them, landing right in front of them, almost landing on one of the girl's toes. "You two need to get indoors, there's a vampire called dracula that's trying to raise an undead vampire army, and he plans to take over and turn everyone into vampires. If you get indoors, you might be able to avoid them until one of us can get to you."

The girl in black narrowed her eyes at me. "Did you say Dracula? As in the vampire?"

"Yes, vampires are real! You need to get indoors, and fast!"

The girl in pink, who was actually kind of pretty, stepped forward. "Does anyone else know about Dracula?"

I blinked at her. "Well, my team does, but there under dracula's control. My, uh, teacher does, and they do," I said, pointing. "Blade, Werewolf, the Living Mummy, and Frankenstein."

After glancing up, the girl in pink said, "and you and your team and this teacher of yours are human?"

Weird question. "Uh, yea. Why? And what are your names? I'm kind of tired of referring to you as the girl in black, and the girl in pink."

Pink girl stepped forward. I'm Olivia, and this is Ivy. We're twins, and Ivy-" Olivia glanced over at Ivy, as if asking for permission. Ivy nodded. "And Ivy is a vampire." I blinked. "Wait, what? How? You don't have fangs."

Ivy nodded. "I know. I have them filed down to look normal."

"Why? And does that mean Olivia a vampire to?"

"Look, it's a long story." Ivy said. "One we don't have time to tell."

"Spider Man!" Blade yelled. "We're going to transylvania to find Dracula! Quit chatting with your pink girlfriend and come on!" I blushed deeply under my mask.

Thankfully, Ivy stepped forward, and announced, "we're coming with you." Blade scowled at her.

"No way," Werewolf said. "It's too dangerous."

"No, it's not. I'm Ivy Vega, and I am the granddaughter of Count and Countess Lazar in Transylvania. This is Olivia Abbott, my twin sister." That obviously struck a nerve with Blade. "I'm sorry, Olivia and Ivy. knowing that, I see no reasons why you can't come with us. You will both be fine with your vampire powers."

I opened my mouth to tell him that Olivia wasn't a vampire, but Ivy shot me a death glare that clearly said, keep your mouth shut. I did what she said, and shut my mouth.

Olivia's POV

"Not to be rude or anything, but how do you plan on getting all of us to Transylvania?"

The howling commandos smiled at each other, and werewolf let out a long whistle. A big truck with wings flew out of the fog and landed in front of us. "Girls, and Spider Man, meet the monster truck." Werewolf said.

"Awesome!" Spider Man and Ivy yelled at the same time. The door opened, and Ivy dragged me inside.

Blade sat in the front with werewolf and Ivy. Mummy sat on the side, and Frank sat on the floor, since he was to big to sit in one of the chairs. I sat in the back with Spider Man. He looked over at me. "Well, it's a long way to transylvania. Even in a super powered monster truck. Want to explain this whole 'my twin sister is a vampire, but I'm not' thing?" I hesitated.

"I don't know. I'm not really supposed to tell anyone."

"What if I tell you one of my secrets?" He asked. "I figure if you can handle the one you've been hiding, keeping mine should be easy!"

I laughed. "Alright, I guess that would be okay. You first." He took a hold of his mask, and pulled it off. I breathed in sharply. He was extremely adorable. He held out his hand.

"Olivia Abbott, I'm Peter Parker." I took his hand, and shook it.

Letting go, I said "Well, you told me your secret. Now you get to hear mine. Just this last year, I moved to franklin grove, and Ivy was the first one that I met there. After a while, we realized that we looked almost exactly like each other, and that we had the same birthday, the same situation with our adoptive parents, and the same ring, which we had both received on our tenth birthdays.

"Later, we figured out that Ivy had not been adopted like she thought, her 'adoptive' father was our real father. The rings we got had been our parents wedding rings. Our dad was a vampire, and our mother, a human. Our mother died giving birth to us.

"After a while, we finally got everything cleared up, and we were together again, all three of us. We met our grandparents, and our mother's twin sister. It's been really interesting."

Spider Man, or Peter, I guess, looked into my eyes. I looked back into them."Olivia, I am so sorry. That must have been really hard for you." I didn't realize that the two of us had been staring into each other's eyes for so long until Ivy coughed. "Ok, lovebirds. We're in transylvania now." We blushed, and Peter leaped to his feet.

"Great! Then we can save my friends, and the world. Easy!" Peter put his mask back on, and the three of us ran after blade and the howling commandos.

Ivy's POV

I charged after Blade and the others with Olivia and Spider Man. Spider Man and I had no problem keeping up with them, but Olivia did not have super vampire speed. She was having a slight issue keeping up.

Blade kpet looking back at her, in confusion and suspicion. He obviously was wondering why Olivia couldn't keep up if she was a vampire. Which she wasn't.

Spider Man glanced back, slowed down and grabbed Olivia's hand, then sped up again, pulling her with him. Blade looked away, and I let out a breath of relief. Thank darkness. We ran through the door, and skidded to a stop. There were grey vampires with red eyes blocking the hallway, and the door slammed shut behind me.

Dracula was floating behind them, with four super teens, who I assumed were Spidey's team, in glass coffins formed of light. He laughed. "I see you've picked up some help. No one will be able to stop me from completing my plan. He stepped through a swirling purple vortex, and took Spider Man's team with him.

The grey vampires leapt for us. Olivia looked a little scared. "What do we do?!"

"Don't worry, kid." Werewolf smiled at her. "Shield is sending the big guns." Out of the shadows formed from the vampires, something green grabbed two of them and whipped them into dust. "That," Werewolf said, "is the man thing."

The man thing was a big green guy, bigger then Frankenstein, and he had glowing red eyes. He put one hand on Olivia's shoulder, and the other one mine. Then he removed his hands and pt one on Spider Man's shoulder. Then he took it off. It almost seemed like he was smiling.

"He likes you." Frankenstein smiled at us.

"Ugh." Olivia brushed some slime off her shoulder.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Because you didn't explode at his touch." I didnt sense that he was lying.

"Oh." Spider Man gulped. "Good to know."

After we destroyed all the shadow vamps (that's what Blade said they were called), we followed werewolves nose to to dracula. Sure enough, we came to a room where he was floating, like he was waiting for us.

The minuite we entered, he shot a beam of his magic at us. I rolled side ways, and pressed against the wall with Olivia with Spider Man.

Blade leapt at him, but he slashed at a beam of smoke. Dracula had teleported to another spot in the room.

I gulped. "I don't know what to do! Dracula is breaking so many laws of the night! No vampire shall ever do anything to expose the existence of vampires, no vampire is supposed to bite a human….. If the vampire officials, or our grandparents knew what he was doing, then he would get in so much trouble!"

Olivia's eyes widened. "That's it!" she shot out from behind the wall. "Olivia!" Spider Man yelled. He made a grab for her arm, but missed.

Olivia stood in the middle of the room, the wind blowing her hair all around. "DRACULA!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. I stared at my sister. What was she doing?! Was she out of her mind? Dracula turned to her, and Oliva gave him her best death glare, worthy of, well, me!

"Dracula, do you know how many laws of the night that youre breaking?" Dracula faltered slightly.

"Well, yes. But no one here is one of the vampire officials!"

"That may be so," Olivia countered. "But even if you can turn me into a vampire, Ivy can run to our grandparents house. They live here in Transylvania. They are Count and Countess Lazar. Heard of them?" If dracula could be any more pale then he already was, he would have been.

"I… uh…"

"If you stop trying to raise the dead and take over, I might let you off the hook. Though, I have no idea what you plan to do about the humans that have learned the secret."

Dracula stopped the wind. "I'll stop, if you promise you won't tell your grandparents what I almost did."

"I promise!"

"Dracula sank onto the ground. "I can erase the teens memory that I have under my control, but I can't erase his, since he's not under my control." Dracula pointed at Spider Man. "and i don't suppose he would let me put him under my control."

Spider man came forward, standing next to Olivia, and I followed. "Depends. What exactly do you mean by erase memory?" Now blade stepped forward.

"Spider Man, he means that you would lose any memory you have of me, Dracula, Ivy, and Olivia." Spider Man looked worried. "But I.. I like Olivia. And you to, Ivy." My vampire senses tingled slightly. He was lying. He liked me, but he liked Olivia as more then just a friend.

Olivia spoke up softly. "Well, there are three tests to prove you are worthy of the secret…. If your up for it."

"Of course I am!" Spider Man said eagerly.

"It should be at my house, in Franklin Grove," I said. "I can contact the vampire officials, and you can take the tests at my house."

"Alright then, I'll take your three to Franklin Grove." Blade said.

"We'll meet you back at shield, Blade." Werewolf said. "Good luck, kid."

Spider Man stumbled into Olivia, and grabbed her arms to steady himself. Now they we're standing almost an inch apart. I may not be the most romantic vamp out there, but even I could tell they were in love.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Thats Max, the invisible man." werewolf said. Max laughed, and the howling commandos took off. Spider Man, Olivia, and I boarded the Monster Truck with Blade, and set off for Franklin Grove.


All done! you can expect another chapter... eventually. ^_^