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CHAPTER 1: Sango's Not A Morning Person




And so begins another day in the Sengoku Jidai, Kagome thought sleepily to herself as she rolled over on her futon to face Sango. She sighed. Miroku laid prostrate on the floor, twitching slightly with Sango standing over him, brandishing the hiraikotsu. Her face wore an expression that was somewhere between extreme annoyance and mild rage.

"B-b-but Sango…I d-didn't do any…thing…" Miroku whimpered from his spot on the floor. The good-morning wallop Sango had given him had been especially fierce.

"Hmph." Sango stalked towards the door of the small hut. "I'm going to take a bath." She shot the monk an acidic glare over her shoulder, picking up her boomerang and patting it significantly. Miroku whimpered. He was…ardent; not suicidal.

Kagome yawned and blinked back a smile. "Houshi-sama, what did you do this time? She seemed a little more… tense, than usual…"

Miroku, who had managed to finally pry himself off of the floor, was rubbing the new bump forming on his head. "I spoke the truth before Sango-sama left. I didn't do anything to her. I simply knelt down to whisper a gentle 'Good morning' in her ear before I caressed her lovely—"

"Miroku! You said you didn't do anything!"

"But I didn't! I only got as far as the 'good morning' part!

"Hm…that seems kinda strange then. I mean I can't really think of why Sango-chan would've hit you that hard for simply saying good morning…" Kagome stood up and stretched, puzzling over Sango's overreaction. Come to think of it, she mused, the last time Miroku got too close and whispered in her ear, she nearly sent him sailing into a tree. I wonder…A small grin graced her features. She would simply have to ask the taijya herself. She stole a quick glance over at the monk. He was rummaging through their supplies and grumbling something about herbs and excessively monstrous boomerangs. Good, Kagome thought, I'll go talk to her while he's preoccupied. Grabbing bottles of shampoo and conditioner, she stole quietly out of the hut.


Constantly glancing over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being followed, Sango finally reached the hot spring. She laid down her towel and the hiraikotsu and frowned. She'd forgotten the nice-smelling goopy stuff that Kagome had brought back from her era. She sighed. Stupid houshi, she thought, he got me so worked up that I forgot to grab the bottles. Now I'll have to go back. Just as she picked up the hirakotsu again, the bushes in front of her rustled and Kagome emerged, smiling.

"Sango-chan! You forgot these." Kagome handed the bottles over to the grateful girl.

"Ah…arigatou, Kagome-chan, " Sango said with a smile, "I was afraid I would have to walk all the way back to the hut…and back to that lecherous monk." She frowned.

"Actually, Sango-chan, that's why I came looking for you. I know Miroku-sama has…um, an incredibly bad sense of timing—"

Sango smirked.

"—not to mention an incredibly bad sense of hand placement, but—"

But? Sango raised an eyebrow.

"—well, today, he actually had a very good sense of both."

"N-nani?!" Sango looked shocked.

Kagome continued. "He only said 'good morning,' this being the morning and all, and he swore that he never g—" Kagome stopped. She'd almost said 'got the chance to grope you.' She made a quick save. "Uh, never touched you at all. He was pretty sincere about it and everything and I just wondered why you whacked him so hard for it..." Sango's expression had become a little stony and Kagome's voice trailed off sheepishly.

"The monk said that did he? Well, he lied."

"Seriously? Gosh, he seemed so honest and serious when he said he didn't do anything perverted…"

"He was TOUCHING my HAIR and whispering in my ear...pervert" Sango muttered the last word more to herself than to Kagome.

Kagome nearly facefaulted. "Sango-chan…" She looked at Sango with a confused expression. "What's so perverted about him saying good morning like that? I think it's kinda sweet actually…"

Sango's eyes almost popped out of her head. "SWEET?! How can you say that?! I mean imagine having some pleasant dream when all of a sudden your dream starts whispering seductively int— uh…um…nevermind…" Sango dropped her gaze, suddenly taking interest in a patch of grass by her foot. A vivid blush crept across her cheeks. Kagome chuckled. "A pleasant dream, eh Sango-chan? And did this dream happen to be tall with dark hair and roaming, or, dare I say capable, hands?"


Kagome held up her hands, silencing the embarrassed taijya with a grin. "Don't try it girl, I've seen these symptoms before! I'll bet anything that Miroku unknowingly found your 'hot spot' this morning and don't you try to deny it!" Kagome's grin widened into a smile of triumph. She'd suspected that Miroku's feelings for the taijya weren't totally unrequited for some time now.

Sango gulped. "He found my what?"

Kagome giggled. "Your hot spot, silly." Sango looked at her blankly.

Kagome shook her head in amusement. "I mean he found a sensitive spot…an instant-reaction spot, namely your ears and probably your neck too. All he had to do was get close enough to breathe against your neck, combined with whatever, ahem, pleasant dream you were having…I'll bet anything you woke up thinking more like Miroku than yourself! And I bet THAT'S why you hit him so hard!" Kagome smiled again in triumph.

Sango blushed harder than she'd ever blushed in her life, thinking on the dream she'd been in the middle of when Miroku had leaned down and whispered in her ear. Ah, gods…what a dream though…I wonder if he's really like that…with eyes like heated pools and hands that are so deft and a body that She snapped back to reality, realizing that Kagome was staring at her. "Kagome-chan, you CAN'T tell him! I mean if he knew…if that perverted monk knew that he's having any effect on me at all—"

"What?!" Kagome interrupted, "Sango-chan are you crazy?! We girls need to stick together. A hot spot is definitely not something we go blabbing about. Keeping it a secret is one of a girl's most prized defenses against the guy you like! Especially when it's a guy whose weak to the kind of temptations Miroku-sama is weak to…"  

"Hai," Sango agreed with a rueful grin, "I can see why. When I realized the monk was whispering in my ear for real and not just in my dream…" She paused, embarrassed. "Well, for a split second I almost reached out and, um…you know…" The crimson spread across her cheeks again.

Kagome laughed at her friend's awkward situation. "It's OK, Sango-chan. I understand completely, believe me." She put a reassuring hand on Sango's shoulder. "I'm really sensitive right behind my knees and, well, let's just say it does create problems sometimes when Inuyasha carries me on his back." It was Kagome's turn to blush a little.

Sango laughed softly. "What a sad case we are!" A rustle in the bushes caused both girls to immediately tense. Both were panicking, thinking Oh no! What if one of them heard our conversation?!  They relaxed visibly when a small squirrel emerged, wriggled its nose at them, and scampered away.

"Are you sure the monk didn't follow you?" Sango asked Kagome warily.

"Hai," Kagome replied, "When I left he was still looking for something to treat that nasty bump you gave him!" She grinned.

Sango looked downcast for a moment. "I didn't mean to hit him that hard…but, it was almost an instinctive reaction. Well…at least it was ONE instinctive reaction." Her mouth twisted into an ironic half-smile. She sighed. "I sure would feel a little safer if I knew just exactly where Miroku's 'hot spot' is. I mean I know he doesn't know mine, but if he should ever figure it out…"

"You know, Sango-chan…that doesn't sound like a half-bad idea…" Kagome smirked thoughtfully. "Figuring out his hot spot, I mean. It could come in very handy for you when you guys—" Kagome stopped without finishing the thought.

"When we what?" Sango looked suspicious.

"Well YOU should know," Kagome said teasingly, backing away slowly, "You dreamed ALL about it!!" With a laugh she ran back towards the hut before Sango could do or say anything in response.

Sango, too annoyed and embarrassed to give chase, huffed to herself and settled down to take her bath. One more mystery to figure out about you, houshi-sama, she thought. Although, this particular mystery is one that I think I may enjoy solving more than I'm willing to admit. Especially if dreams really are only a shadow of reality… With a mischievous grin, she ducked her head under the water.

Elsewhere in the woods, a small squirrel transformed with a *poof!* into a baby kitsune.

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