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CHAPTER 7: Shippo, the Not-So-Innocent Kitsune

"Wow, Inuyasha! She did that without even having to say 'Sit!'"

"Shippo, I think I'm gonna kill you." Inuyasha growled. However, because he and the dirt were still conferencing, it came out more like, "Shhpph, uh nhnk ighn gnuhuhuhu."

"Huh? What was that? Inuyasha you really shouldn't mumble like that. I can't understand a word you're saying!" Shippo tugged at Inuyasha's ear, trying to pull his head out of the dirt.

Inuyasha blindly swatted the kitsune away, and forcefully pried his face out of the ground. Sneezing twice to clear the dirt out of his sensitive nose, he turned with a glare to the little fox demon, who had his head half-buried in Kagome's pack, rooting around for treats.

"Grrr…Shippo you stupid brat! Why the hell didn't you tell me she was gonna do that?! You said she'd like it!"

Shippo looked up disdainfully from his questing. "Well how was I to know, Inuyasha? I only heard her say to Sango that it was a sensitive spot."


Peering from behind a tree not too far away, a girl with dark hair and a school uniform stood downwind from the hanyou and the not-so-innocent kitsune. Why that little—! So THAT'S why Inuyasha was putting up with him earlier! I can't believe Shippo spied on us like that! Oooh, he's gonna get it later! Turning her attention back to the conversation, Kagome strained to hear just what else the little fox had to say.


"Besides, since when did you care about flirting with Kagome like that?" Shippo's eyes gleamed mischievously.

"FLIRTING?! YEAH RIGHT!!" Inuyasha's face burned crimson. "I—uh, that is, I—I…"


"I just wanted to tease her! I only wanted to do it to piss her off!!" Inuyasha declared obstinately.

Shippo raised an uncharacteristically knowing eyebrow and folded his arms. "Well, you did that just fine. I'd say that slamming your face into the dirt certainly counts as 'pissed off.' So why are you complaining?"

"Shut up."


Shippo, I think I love you. Kagome grinned to herself.


Shippo snorted and shook his head. He resumed digging through Kagome's backpack. Inuyasha brooded.

Finally, the hanyou broke the silence, his earlier mood forgotten after an idea struck him. "Hey, Shippo?"

Shippo grunted.

"Did Kagome saying anything about making plans?"

Shippo popped his head out of Kagome's bag with a little sound of glee, holding aloft a few pieces of candy. "Eh? Whaddya mean, Inuyasha?"

The hanyou blushed slightly. "Did she, ah, say anything…y'know…about that plan of hers…about finding out about me?"

Shippo hid a smile and looked up at Inuyasha with innocent eyes. "I have no idea what you mean."

Inuyasha glared. "Don't play dumb with me Shippo! I know you're a lot less innocent than you pretend to be, so out with it! Is Kagome planning on doing to me what Sango did to Miroku?!"

"I don't know. I wasn't there when they came up with that scheme."

"Feh! What the hell good are you then?!"

"Why so curious, Inuyasha? You don't mean to say that you WANT Kagome to do that to you…do you?" Shippo could barely suppress a chuckle.

"What?! NO WAY!! I just want to know for safety's sake, that's all!! Ain't no way in hell I'm letting that wench catch me off guard!" Inuyasha said vehemently.

"Well, I'd hate to say it but if you were wearing something over your ears all night, I'm pretty sure Kagome would notice that something was up." Shippo unwrapped a piece of candy.

"Hey! How did you know my ears make me…uh, that is…"

"Inuyasha," Shippo cut him off with a deadpan look, "You're a dog-demon."

"Oh. Right."

"So why do you let her play with them all the time?"

"Shut up." Inuyasha blushed angrily.


Behind her tree, Kagome listened with growing interest. Ears, hm?


Shippo gave Inuyasha a sidelong glance. "Anyway, it's not like you really have to worry about Kagome at all because you always sleep up in the trees." Shippo paused. "Remember?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, right." Inuyasha said distractedly.

"Yeah, she'd never be able to reach you in the middle of the night."

"Hmm…" Inuyasha looked deep in thought.

"I mean, she could never climb up that high to get to you." Shippo tried to appear nonchalant.

"Yeah…she couldn't…"

"So you'd be completely out of her reach as long as you stayed up in the trees."

"Out of her reach…?"

"Yep. Totally beyond her grasp. Impossible for her to touch." He examined another piece of candy.

"Impossible…?" Inuyasha unconsciously scowled.

"You'd have to sleep on the ground like the rest of us if she were to even have half a chance." Shippo gave him another sidelong glance.

"I'd have to…"

"But even then," Shippo rambled on, feigning disinterest, "You're dog-demon senses are so acute that she'd probably never even dream of trying ANYTHING on you unless she was completely certain that you were fast asleep. And even then, she'd probably be too scared. I mean looked what happened with Sango and Miroku. I don't think she'd have the guts."

"Oh." Inuyasha's eartips drooped. Shippo smirked.



"You sound disappointed."

"Huh?! Why the hell would I be disappointed?! You're fucking nuts." Inuyasha wiped the dreamy look off his face and gave Shippo his best scowl.

"Well!" Shippo jumped up brightly. "I'm off to find Miroku and Sango! I'm sure Kaede-sama will be wanting her herbs soon!!" He ran off.

"HEY!! SHIPPO!! YOU KNOW THEY'RE NOT REALLY GATHERING HERBS RIGHT?!" Inuyasha yelled after him. Shippo only waved in response and ran out of sight.


Behind her tree, Kagome chuckled to herself. So maybe her little kitsune wasn't as innocent as he'd pretended to be, but perhaps that wasn't so bad after all. She looked up suddenly as the bushes behind her rustled. A small, plump squirrel emerged, wiggling it's nose at her. She sighed, stood up, and turned to go.

"He'll sleep on the ground tonight, you know."

Kagome gasped and whirled back around, but the 'squirrel' was already gone. Kagome smiled. Shippo.


"Sango? Miroku?"

"GAH!!! Uh, um…!" Sango jumped away from Miroku as Shippo's high-pitched voice filtered through the trees. Her face flaming, she struggled to adjust her kimono to its formerly un-rumpled state. Miroku simply stood looking dazed, his hair unbound and one hand moving somewhat…convulsively.

"Miroku!" Sango hissed at him.

"Hnnnn….?" Miroku turned to her dreamily.

"Your hair!"

"Huh? Oh!" Miroku quickly gathered his hair back into its usual tail, just as Shippo entered the clearing.

"Hey guys! Are you done gathering her—" Shippo stopped and narrowed his eyes at them. "Hey…Sango…why is your kimono all messed up?"

"N-nani?" Sango stuttered as her face turned crimson. She tried unsuccessfully to straighten her clothes.

"Was Miroku doing something perverted again?"

Miroku coughed loudly.

"Huh? Um, oh, uh, yeah!" Sango said unconvincingly. "Um, don't ever do that again, you…pervert…you…" she aimed a weak swipe at the monk's arm.

"Uh, of course, Sango-sama, my apologies if I have displeased you," Miroku bowed formally. He raised his eyes to Sango's. "I live only for your pleasure," he said, in a voice that seemed to tiptoe up Sango's spine with all sorts of delicious promises. She blushed even harder.

Shippo grinned inwardly. Although he didn't want to spoil the moment, it was time they headed back to Inuyasha and Kagome, knowing that the girls would most likely have quite a bit to talk about, and that the guys would as well.

Miroku and Sango, who by this time had gotten lost in each other's eyes again, jumped at the sound of the kitsune loudly clearing his throat. Guiltily, they looked over at Shippo.

The kitsune simply smiled brightly at them and spun on his heels to lead the way back. Miroku began following, and then stopped as he felt a smaller hand slip into his. He smiled back at Sango, who only blushed and looked away. Glancing around for signs of the fox demon, Miroku tugged her gently forward, and pulled her into his embrace. She looked up into his eyes, her cheeks flushed. Placing his hands low on her back, he pressed their bodies together intimately, letting the heat radiate between them. Slowly, he tilted his head down towards hers. Sango closed her eyes and her lips parted slightly, craving the sweetness of Miroku's kiss. She felt him lean in closer.

"You are beautiful when you want me," Miroku whispered with a hint of laughter, his warm breath teasing her lips. Suddenly he stepped away from her, leaving her dazed and breathless with unsatisfied hunger.

Sango's eyes snapped open in shock. Why that arrogant houshi! she thought as she looked up to see Miroku jogging away, laughing at her over his shoulder.

"Houshi-sama! I'll get you for that!" She called out, running after him.

That was entirely what I was hoping for…Miroku thought as he continued on after Shippo.

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