"Don't you think your taking this a little too far?" Vanity exclaimed as he hid behind the still frozen Prozac. Nerd was still carrying the club as tried to maneuver around their frozen leader, prozen if you will.

"Yes. Yes I am, Vanity."

"Then why are you doing this?" He narrowed his brow. "Because when I find out that my credit card has a hundred and forty dollars used on it without my knowledge, I get pretty upset." "Dang, shipping cast be damn- gah!" he dodge a swing from Nerd and repositioned himself.

He looked at the onlookers, not lifting a finger to help him. "It's great to know I have such great spectators."

"I hear lumps are great for you complexion, really brings out the colour in your face." Gay gave a content closed smile.

Evil sniffed as he wiped away a tear, "I'm so proud of him." "And I don't care!" Lech smiled profusely, He eyed the Vita Vim on the counter.

"Insufferable simpletons… What about you, brute?" He was referring to Fighter as dodged another attempt. "This might be good exercise for you." He gave a Cheshire cat-like grin. "Plus this teaches not to steal someone's belongings, you shit-king." He narrowed his brow. Lech chuckled at this.

Vanity flipped him the bird as he ran to the couch nearly avoiding Evil tripping him. "Really?" Gay exclaimed, he rose an eyebrow.

"The name is self explanatory." He stated flatly.

"I just thought you'd at least come up with something better, or nothing at all."

"When a small cub calls you, a moronic brute straight to your face, then proceeds to call you a bum. What better way to internalize him by calling him the king of excrement? Has a nice ring to it."

"Petty much?"

"I'm not above being petty, I know you aren't either." Gay smiled giddily "I wont deny it." He backed away slowly from him.

The girls walked in to the living room to witness this circle jerk...

Speaking of petty... Fighter thought. Sara watched the two dance around the couch as Evil lounged on the couch, amused by this turn of events.

"Anyone gonna bother explaining why the runt, and Nerd are pulling some road runner level shenanigans?" Sara asked.

"I hope no one gets hurt." Cara added worried. Vanity quickly ran in between both them to hide from Nerd's wrath. He mouthed 'ha' as he used them as a shield. Nerd panted as he walked to the two. "J-just tell me what cost so much money, a-and I might just leave you unharmed."

He looked up to the both the girls and then to Nerd. He remained silent again. Gay managed to respond, not to save him, but to yield some entertainment from him. "He manged to a buy a product on TV using Nerd's card."

They both raised their brows, Cara was dubious while Sara seemed intrigued at best. "What item got Nerd all riled up." Sara said.

Gay was going to try to draw out this rather embarrassing moment for Vanity as he saw him mouth out 'no' while waving his hands. But one bear decided to ruin that entirely; "The runt bought Viagra because he thought it was for vitality." Fighter stated bluntly.


There was silence. Then uproarious laughter from both of the girls. Vanity was steaming at his mistake being broadcast to the both of them. Nerd pouted and asked a question; "What's Viagra?" The rest went wide eyed, Sara was trying not burst into laughter, Vanity was honestly surprised by this new revelation, and Gay did the smartest thing possible; stop Fighter from telling him out right by holding his hands over his snout.

"Your about a subtle as car crash."

"Mmmh hss hvm to mmmh! (Come on, he has to know!) He mumbled.

"There are somethings in this world that need to remain secret. Besides I thought you'd be naive to this sort of thing?"

He sniffed his hands over his mouth, he felt oddly relaxed when scent entered his nostrils.

"Thmm im a lmmm smmm." (That is a lovely smell.)

"Oh thank you! It's lavender would you like to try it." Gay released his snout, Fighter's he smiled briefly. Easy.

"Huh, this is something I'd expect blue to do."

Fighter narrowed his brow at her. She was right but he hated it.

"What you know it's true, speaking off…" she saw him by the corner of her eye carrying something.

"So, lover what are carrying over there?

He stopped dead in his tracks, then placed the box on the ground and leaned on the wall. "Nothing."

"So, it's the same thing you did when we first met then? How underwhelming"

Fighter smirked, but tried the his best to hide while Gay was giggling. Must not laugh, Must not laugh, She doesn't deserve it.

"Besides I doubt he'd last long with aid like that anyway..."

Lech's mouth was agape, he was rightfully angry but that didn't stop her…

"The fact you have to rely on something so small only proves how disparate you are."

"BHAAAAHAHAHAHA!" Fighter burst out laughing, he fell to the floor tears escaping his eyes.

"Glad to know someone appreciates my humor."

"Look, I just wanted to have this tucked away, is that wrong?" Lech groaned as kicked the product to the side.

"I don't care enjoy your heart attack, or long lasting erection." Sara rolled her eyes. Lech gave a smug grin, " You know you'd love it." She bared her claws at him, Fighter reluctantly got between them as he recovered from his laughing fit and spoke. "You are not helping your case, dude. Remember what happened last time you tried to flirt?"

Sara returned the smug smile, "Right. In his dreams." "Please if this were my dream all of you would be naked. He placed his and his back then paused as realized his blunder... And chicks." Lech coughed out. "Annnd I'm not touching that, you?" Fighter looked at Cara, she shook her head dismissively, Sara on the other hand."And no one ever will." She folded her arms.