I: Finding A Place

"I do not own Bleach, it belongs to Tite Kubo."


"I believe there's a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams."

~Aunt May, Spider-Man 2

[My P.O.V.]

I wiped my eyes of tears at ten o'clock in the early morning of August. Why was I crying you ask? I finished the final chapter of Bleach, crying as the ending was rather a surprise. One of the many surprises was that IchiHime became canon, then again, that was a thing that was going to most likely happen(and their son, Kazui is adorable!).There was only a few disappointments I have- the biggest being Jugram dead. I'm sorry, but I have a crush on the Quincy(as well as Tsukishima) so of course I'd complain about his death besides the fact that he has hIS BEST FRIEND'S INITIALS ON HIS SWORD. Either ways, Bleach ended nicely and I'm going to miss the fandom. I should introduce myself.

My name is Victoria Espinosa. I live in the United States of America and I hate Trump. I stand 5'7", born with brown hair in which I dyed it bright sky blue underneath along with brown eyes. My skin is also pale, making me stick out in my family who are a bit fair-skinned and somewhat tanny. I was also the "social anxiety, stress-filled depression" child, sucks harder when you're the eldest of three children(I'm 15, little sister is 12, and baby brother is 7). How I survived in this world? Keep being the "good" child while listening to my parents and watching my favorite shows(*cough, cough* anime *cough, cough*) while surviving hell known as public school.

Besides today being the end of Bleach, it's also the last day of summer before I enter sophomore year. I took out my notebook- a small 3 inch by 5 inch blue notebook with the Substitute Shinigami logo in white on it as I wrote in it in a semi-cursive, "Make IshiHime canon". "That's good." I smiled before looking through the list of things I made. I had to make IshiHime canon because to be honest, it's better than IchiHime. The first one on the list was, "Get sucked into Bleach". Second being, "Check if I'm one of my OCs(preferably a Visored-Quincy)". Another is "Get to Kisuke's place" and a lot more. I laughed at the list, knowing that they won't come true. Okay now I'm sad about that.

~Timeskip by My Chemical Romance's songs(Your memory will carry on)~

"Ow…" I groaned as I stood up, dusting myself off with one hand while rubbing my eyes with the other. "Where the hell am I?" I muttered to myself as I looked down at myself to make sure I was okay. My clothes, which were formerly pjs, have changed. My dad's old bright sky blue DC shirt was replaced with a form fitting sky blue shirt with a white Kingdom Hearts heart and crown top along with two entirely different jackets that went together. The first jacket is black with two thin white stripes going down the sleeves and the bottom ended mid-thigh. The second jacket is a jean vest with pockets on the inside and when I took it off, it showed a logo. The logo was a white diamond shape like the Gotei 13 seal but with Squall's Lion Heart symbol in replacement of the Squad/Division logo- once again, in white.

My pjs bottoms changed to dark skinny jeans with a black leather belt and silver buckle along with a pair of blue Converse chucks. Other than that, I didn't know what my hair looked like… until I walked around the city trying to find the candy shop of the Bōshi-geta and came across a window. My hair was still the same brown color, but without my dye as if someone used dye remover with my hair in the style of Mugetsu's but the long hair was cut to a little below my shoulder blades. It wasn't bad, but my eyes… my eyes…

It looked like someone performed eye surgery on me and traded my eyes with Grimmjow's which was pretty cool. Except I have normal pupils and this made me happy. "I look great." I told myself and ran a hand through my hair starting with my bangs. A snicker left my mouth as I fixed my hair because I managed to do Aizen's hairdo and it looks horrible on me.

"Wow… it is horrible!" I laughed a little to myself before I left the glass alone to continue my search. "Wait… maybe I should check to see if I'm spiritually aware." I thought. "Well… only way to find o- Nevermind." My eyes looked up and saw the huge, spider like Hollow. The natural instinct I have around spiders? Run like hell and that's what I did with a scream of, "NOPE!" The spider came following behind me as my heart was panicking. Suddenly, a yellow beam of light darted past me as it hit the spider, killing it in one shot as I watched it become ashes. "What… *pants* the fuck…" I panted as I supported myself with my hands on my trembling knees. "Are you alright?" Someone asked as they placed a hand on my shoulder as I turned around to face them and my eyes widened in shock.

"What? Is there something on my face?" The person was a male possibly in his late twenties or thirties with messy pale blond hair under a green and white striped bucket hat and grey eyes. The hat shadowed over his eyes as well. He wore a dark green haori over a somewhat opened green one with matching pants and…

"... Bōshi-geta." I muttered as he raised an eyebrow. "Do you call people you meet with a bucket hat and clogs that?" He asked before telling me, "You can see spirits, don't you?"

"Uh… I'm not even sure if that was a spirit. More like a demon."

"Heh, you're close. Come with me and I'll explain everything over some tea."


Sooner than I expected, I was sitting in the Shōten with a blue blanket over my shoulders, holding a cup of nice warm chamomile tea, with said owner of the Shōten. "I'll tell you exactly what you saw." He said as he took a sip of his own tea. "The spider you saw is called a Hollow, a demon of sorts you can say, that has not been sent to the afterlife by beings known as Shinigami, Death Gods. The Shinigami's duty is to purify Hollows into souls and send them to the afterlife as well as sending spirits and defending the living from Hollows. Some people, much like yourself, are spiritually aware of these things. This happens when said people hang around Shinigami that disguise themselves as humans or they're born spiritually aware."

"Death Gods… interesting." I murmured and took a calm sip of my tea. "But you already knew that, didn't you?" Those words caused me to choke in mid-drink and to cleared my throat. "W-what was that, Mister Urahara? I didn't quite heard what you said clearly." I let out a small nervous laugh as Kisuke's face showed seriousness. He then pulled out an envelope of sorts, labeled with a seal having on the inside of said seal was a kanji on it that I recognized from looking up random kanjis and their meanings. "The… Reiō?" I raised an eyebrow as I took the envelope and looked at it. "Did he know I was coming here?" I thought before opening it and reading the letter. My eyes widened when the kanjis started to arranged themselves into English words.

(Soundtrack: Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack - Passion - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version; Start: 0:55 mark)


As you have already known, I am the Reiō, the creator and balancer of the universe. I chose you out of all the others because you think differently than most. You see both sides of the field, the good and evils sides, along with the line in between, the neutral side. Once you came into this world, I granted you powers you will be needing. So yes, in other words, you're part Shinigami, Hollow, and Quincy. This should be helpful, no? I have given out similar letters to a few others about you and they will help you understand your powers and train you to tame said powers.

Once you receive this letter, I assume you have meet your first sensei who will help you understand Hollows, Quincies, and Shinigamis as well as other beings. More letters will come by as you progress through this journey to prevent some events while helping out. Please, do not be reckless on your journey.

With prayers,


P.S.- You are able to respond back by writing on the back of these."

I was left speechless after reading the letter. The Reiō, THE Reiō, chose a kid who is lazy and has anxiety, to save the word? And we all thought Mayuri was insane. Well, since he said I can write on the back of these letters. "Uh, Mister Kisuke? Do you have a-" Before I could finish my question, Kisuke handed me a pen. "Huh, what do you know, he really is prepared for anything." I thought before writing down on the back of the letter.

"Greetings Your Majesty,

By now, you must've gotten my letter for I have three questions that I wish can have some proper answers.

Ichi- Why choose me out of others who have more potential and strength than I do? I may think the ways similar of Sōsuke Aizen and a few others I could list off of from this universe, but I lack a lot of things other potential "saviors" could have.

Ni- These "few others" you speak of, how many are there? I believe from what you have said in your letter, there's at least one for each species? Besides human of course.

San- What events do I exactly have to prevent? Is there unjust deaths that need to be fixed?

I thank you for responding to this letter when you have the time.



P.S.- However these are sent back to me, please do not send back by carrier pigeon. Those things scare me."

Once I was finished writing, the letter glowed before vanishing into sparkles and I raised an eyebrow. "Well then…" I mumbled and looked at Kisuke who seems to have a bit of confusion as well. "Seeing as you now read the letter, I am going to be your first teacher."

(Soundtrack: Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack - Passion - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version; 1:55 mark)

"I am responsible in teaching you about the species of our world, your new home. As well as helping you awaken your Zanpakutō." He said with a nod as I nodded back. "This journey of your's will be hard, tough, and challenge you like never before. So I must train your body and mind to stay sharp as a blade can so you can defend yourself as well as others you will be going along the way. The other "teachers" will be coming along later on, and you will know just by your heart."

[Nobody's P.O.V.]

Sensei 2

A pale-skinned male examined a letter that was put in his papers, the pale moonlight shining down on him as he looked up at the moon.

"Train this "chosen one" of not just Quincy blood, but of Shinigami as well… I will see about training you as my choice, not his."

Sensei 3

"A savior?"

A cold voice spoke as grey eyes examined the paper before him, closing his eyes as he let out a sigh.

"Very well then, I shall see that they will be properly trained."

Sensei 4

"The hell you mean another Visored!?"

"Yep. It's a girl too."

"You would point that out."

"What? I can't help but think how much of a cutie she'l- OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?"

"For you being a dumbass! Dumbass!"

Back to Kisuke & Victoria

"So… what will your new name be?" Kisuke asked as he guided his new student to her room. "My name…? "Victoria thought about it, a new name meant she could disguise herself, become one with the environment and blend in with the crowd. She could go on without having the burden of being labeled "weird". "My name… is…" Confidence swelled inside of her as she smirked with a glint of slight cockiness in her blue orbs.

"My name is Minato Reishinzō(霊心臓 港)- chosen savior of the Reiō!"

To Be Continued In:

II: First Day Of Training

Facts of This Chapter

Ichi: Minato is a unisex name.

Ni: Reishinzō means "spirit heart".

San: The kanjis of this chapter are- 1. Reiō, 2. Espinosa Victoria, and then 3. Reishinzō Minato.

Shi: Minato is Victoria's favorite Hokage from Naruto(besides Tobirama).

Go: "Ichi" means "one", "Ni" means "two", "San" means "three", "Shi" means "four" and "Go" means "five".