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I had thought it was all so simple to do. Hell, it should have been easy enough to get myself back into my own body. But it was no where as easy as I thought it was. No matter how many times I told and yelled at myself to get back into my body and wake up, it just wasn't happening. There was nothing I could do to get me back where I needed to be. That is when I begin to worry.

Time was ticking and there is only so much time they can try and resuscitate me. Panic had began to set inside of me and I was wanted nothing more than to slap my own body to wake up. Believe me, I tried. I tried reaching past the nurses and the doctors to slap my face to get some kind of response out of my body, but as any ghost-like being does, my hand simply went through my body. For as many movies I had seen that had anything to do with out of body experiences, nothing was happening. No matter how much I yelled at my body or tried even thinking of going into back into my body, nothing worked. And that had me worried to no end.

I paced along the wall and every few seconds I looked over at the everyone as they continued to work. I know it felt like hours watching them as they switched between compressions and the defibrillator, but in reality it was only seconds. Seconds that were growing into minutes. Even I felt myself giving up. I felt that there was nothing that could be done, to get me to wake up.

"Come on Elena." I heard one of the Doctors say before placings the paddles down on my body again and calling 'Clear'. I had watched the monitor as everyone else did and nothing changed.

I leaned up against the wall and slid down to the floor. This was it, wasn't it? I was going to die here and the last 25 years would mean very little now. All the plans I had for my life were ending now. And no matter how much I tired to stay positive, I couldn't wrap my head around how real this really was. This wasn't a dream. This was real and there was a possibility that this was where everything ends.

"Come on, Elena. Your daughter is going to need you." The words alone caused my head to shoot up and look towards them all. In the time that I had been in this ghost world, I had forgotten all about the daughter I had just given birth to. I wondered for a moment where she was. I knew Damon had never left his spot outside the door, but where was she? How was she? Who was with her? So many thoughts had passed through my mind at the moment.

Even though I wanted, more like needed, to know where my baby was, there was something else more important. I needed to live. I needed to wake up. I needed to get better for my daughter that way I can raise her. I didn't want my daughter to be motherless.

The moment the pads went down again and the doctors said 'clear' I felt a slight shock go through me. I looked up at the monitors at the same time the others did and seen what everyone else had been hoping to see on the screen for the last few minutes. A heart beat, a strong one at that.

"There we go." A nurse said as she looked down at my body. "She just needed a reminder of who needs her." I watched as she ran her gloved hand through my hair and there was a relief in me when I faintly felt the motion itself.

"Let's get her cleaned up." The doctor said as he began pulling off his gloves. "I want a complete work up on her. She was in a car accident before arriving, I want to know the full extent of injuries. Internal and external." I watched the everyone nod as some of them began to clean me up and the others started to leave the room.

I stood at the foot of the bed and looked at myself for a moment. I still didn't understand how I was here and not in my own body. I should be sleeping right? I should be somewhere in my head dreaming. But I was still here outside of my body. This was still weird to me. I just hoped that when I did wake up, nothing would seem different.

"Is she okay?" A male's voice asked and I couldn't help but turn around quickly. I'd know that voice anywhere. It was Damon's and he sounded so worried. Walking over to the open door, I seen him standing next to the doctor. He looked as worried as he sounded. The last time I had seen Damon that worried was after we had a huge fight a few years ago. But now, it was a lot worse and I knew it was because there was a possibility of losing me.

"She's stable." The doctor said with a nod. "I'm going to have some tests done, to see the extent of her injuries that she sustained during the accident." I watched as Damon nodded slightly.

"Is the accident the reason that happened?" Damon asked.

"That we cant be sure of. " The doctor said shaking his head slightly. "Her injuries could have been bad from the accident, but with all the adrenaline she had, it could have stopped her from feeling anything at that point. "

Damon ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "These tests will help her?"

"They will tell us if there is anything wrong with your wife." That answer seemed to help Damon calm down a bit. A nurse walked over to them.

"They are ready for her in CT." She said with a nod. The doctor nodded before looking at Damon and placing his hand on Damon's shoulder.

"We'll find out what is going on. Until then, you should go see your daughter." There was a light that lit in Damon's eyes at the mention of our daughter.

"You're right." Damon said sighing. "She's been by herself."

"I'll let you know when the results come back." The doctor said with a nod. Damon nodded and stepped back with the Doctor as the nurses began to wheel out the gurney with my body in it. Both Damon and I watched as the nurses pushed my body down the hall and around the corner. The doctor followed after, leaving Damon alone.

Even though I was standing right there, Damon was alone. He couldn't see me or even feel me as I tried placing my hand on his shoulder to try and comfort him. It wasn't enough to tell him I was actually there with him. He looked so lost and I understood exactly why. This as tough for him. This wasn't how things were supposed to go today. We were supposed to be in Mystic Falls, not here.

Damon had only stood there for a moment before he started walking toward the nurses station. I heard him ask where the nursery was and the nurse had gave the directions he needed to find our daughter. I followed him until we reached the nursery. He stood outside the viewing window searching for our daughter until his eyes landed on the corner bassinet. I watched as his eyes lit up and a small smile formed on his lips as he watched her.

She was beautiful. She was the perfect mix of both of us. Seeing her sleeping there had given me some relief. Despite her being two weeks early, she looked absolutely healthy in every way possible. I wanted so badly to reach out and hold her or even touch her. But as a ghost, if that is even what I am, it was impossible to do so.

"Damon." A male voice called and we both turned to find Stefan running towards Damon. Damon moved away from the window and greeted his brother with a hug. "I came as soon I heard."

For a moment I had wondered when Damon had actually taken the time to call Stefan but then I realized that he had done that during the ambulance ride over. It was the same time that I had been calling my parents to let them know where I was headed to. At the time, I was alive. Now... I know my body is breathing but I don't know what you would actually call me.

"Have you seen her parents yet?" Damon asked as he pulled out of the hug.

"They are downstairs." Stefan said. Stefan had taken a good look at Damon. Noticing his expressions, Stefan knew there was something going on. "Is she okay?"

I watched as Damon sighed and shook his head slightly. "They are running some tests on her to make sure everything is fine."

"What happened?" Stefan asked looking concern for Damon.

"She was fine one moment and then things changed." Damon sighed again. There was a look in his eyes that told me he was fighting back tears.

"And the baby?" Stefan asked looking towards the window they were now standing next to.

"She's fine." Damon said with a small smile on his face. He turned back to the nursery window and pointed out our daughter to him.

A smile formed on Stefan's lips as he looked at her and I couldnt help but grin. That was my little girl right there and to see her create smiles on the faces of our loved ones with everything that was going on with me made all of this just a bit easier to bare.

"What is my niece's name?" Stefan asked looking at Damon for only a second before looking back at her.

I looked over at Damon hoping that after all of this, he would remember the name we had picked out weeks ago for her. I watched as he opened his mouth for a moment and closed it before looking over at our daughter.

"You know what her name is supposed to be." I said even though I knew they couldn't hear me. I took a step closer to the window and smiled at my baby. "Her name definitely fits her."

"Tell me you two had a name picked out for her." Stefan said looking back at Damon.

"We did." Damon and I said at the same time. I looked over at both of them and watched as Damon sighed.

"Elena wanted to be the one to announce her name." Both Stefan and I frowned at that. I forgot that had been what I wanted to do. I had planned to be sitting in my hospital bed with my daughter in my arms and introducing her to the family. It had been hard keeping her name a secret since we picked it out.

"Elena wouldn't want your daughter to remain nameless while all of this is going on." Stefan had a point. I didn't want her to just be Baby Salvatore as it was written on the card on her bassinet.

"Just tell him, Damon." I said taking a step closer to him hoping that he would feel, or at least I hoped he would feel that I was standing right there next to him. "Really, she even needs to know what her name is."

"Evelyn Grace." Damon said as he looked over at Evelyn with a smile.

"That is a beautiful name." All three of us turned to find my mother standing there. As any scared child would, I wanted to run to my mom and just hug her tightly while she told me everything was going to be fine. That somehow all of this wasn't a bad thing. That me being here meant that I'd somehow come out stronger. But seeing as no one can see me or hear me... it made me practically running up to her pointless.

"Isobel." Damon said with a small smile. My mom and Damon had grown a bond recently, which I was very happy about. Damon was the son she never had and she accepted and agreed with our relationship since the beginning.

"Damon." She pulled him into a hug and I watched as he hugged her back before she pulled away and walked to the window. A grin formed on her lips as she looked at Evelyn. "She is a beauty. But I have to ask, why isn't she with Elena?" Damon and Stefan exchanged a quick look before Damon looked back at mom. How exactly was he going to explain to her that my body was currently up being scanned from head to toe or even the little fact that my heart stopped beating for a moment. I watched as my mom caught the look between the two brothers. I could see worry fill her eyes as she stepped away from the window. "Tell me that child is not motherless."

My heart broke at the words that came out of her mouth. I could even see how they had affected Damon. The thought of me not being there for Evelyn scared the shit out of me. Knowing Damon, not having me there scared him as well.

"She's stable." Damon started to say and my mom started shaking her head in disbelief. "They have her up in CT trying to find out what is going on."

"What the hell happened Damon?" I could see the fear in my mother's eyes and for the first time since being this ghost, I wished they could see me. I wished that there was just some way to tell them that I was right there with them.

"Yes, please do explain what exactly happened to my daughter." My father's tone was anything but friendly. It was always that way when him and Damon were in the same room. I could only watch as he already was blaming Damon for what happened. I moved to stand next to Damon. I needed him to know that everything would be okay.

"Blaming me wont get the answers you want John." Damon said and it had made me smile up at him. Between these two, there was always tension and was never good. My dad only tolerated Damon simply because we were together. In all honesty, if there currently wasn't a wedding band on our fingers, my dad would have asked Damon to leave the moment he arrived at the hospital.

"That's hard to do seeing a you aren't currently on a bed yourself and my daughter is somewhere getting tests done."

"John, that is enough!" My mom said taking a step towards my dad. Damon had shook his head and I knew what he was going to do next. He was going to walk away from them all and give himself some time to think.

I tried placing my hand on Damon's shoulder in hopes that he would feel it, but my hand just went through him. It was frustrating that I couldn't comfort him or have a few words with my dad that would surely put him in his place for the moment. I watched him shake his head and took a step when we all heard "Mr. Salvatore."

The doctor stood a few feet away and Damon had been quick to get over to his side. The doctor had looked between Damon and where everyone else stood before looking back at Damon. "We have her results back." I ran over to them, I needed to hear what was going on with me. Seeing Damon's face, I knew he was worried about what was going to be said.

"What did they show?" Damon asked.

"Elena sustained a head injury in the accident. While adrenaline and labor are what kept her alert the last few hours, once she was beginning to relax her brain decided it was time to shut down to try and heal itself." He may have been trying to tell Damon in the simplest way what was going on with me, I already knew what it meant for me.

"What does that mean for her?" There was still that worried tone in his voice and I wanted nothing more than to show him that I was right here.

"Your wife is in a coma."