I know some of you my be following Beasts Curse and expecting it to be continued and i do plan to continue it, however, as its been winter months here i have had to pack my laptop away for its own safety against my rambunctious children and have not had the energy to get it out of hiding. I have the chapters mapped and will complete it when the days start warming and my kids will be able to spend the majority of their days out side like they so wish they could.

As for this story it has been written entirely on my phone so mistakes should be expected though i will attempt to find them an correct them before posting. Also i have taken some creative liberties regarding content already established by the marvelous JKR herself.

This is mostly canon but not epilogue compliant, at least not entire as this store is a 'mate/mating-bond story between Hermione and Fleur.

One Wolf's Trash: Prologue

It wasn't supposed to be like this and she knew it. This is not what love was. Love didn't mean he came home angry, knocked her around a little before taking her on the kitchen table despite her protests. This wasn't OK, she knew that and the beast inside knew that. Yet the beast refused to help because the woman refused to listen to it.

Fleur Delacour was a veela, a creature of rage and power and yet the beast inside, jaded by Fleur's decisions, chose to remain dormant and sulk in the recesses of the woman's soul. The beast left Fleur to face the decisions she had made without taking the beast into account. Fleur chose head over heart and so she chose Bill Weasley in stead of her true mate. The beast left Fleur to face Bill on her own.

"Get up and fix yourself. We are due at The Burrow. Mother insists on meeting you." Bill all but snarls at Fleur as he stuffs himself back into his pants. It was perhaps the only good thing, they he was finished so quickly.

Without letting a single tear shed she sat up and fixed herself, briefly going to use the bathroom so as to clean up and then meeting Bill back out in the living space. Without a word he assumed she was fine and took her wrist apparating them to field outside the Burrow. Fleur sucked in a deep breath, it was late in the summer Holidays and she had a sinking feeling as they approached the home.

Very short Prologue will post chapter 1 tomorrow around the same time.

(Super Side Note; I have changed my pen name from SilverFoxen as Alex Moss is my Ravenclaw 'persona' and the screen name i use while roleplaying or on different forums for different things.)