14th of Morning Star 4E 204
The throat of the world

A feeling of incomprehensible pride had filled the Dovahkiin when he had finally killed Alduin the World-Eater in Sovngarde, when he had shot Lord Harkon Volkihar with the bow of his father Akatosh and when he had killed the first dragonborn Miraak in Apocrypha.

Yet all he could think of now was how little he had left to do. All these amazing accomplishments had led to the salvation of Nirn and yet he felt empty. His dragon soul begging for something, he didn't need to guess what it wanted.


The only thing he ever wanted now, to command fear and respect from mortals and dragons alike. He was their rightful king, their thuri and yet they bow to other mortals. It was pathetic, why bow to something no stronger than yourself? It was such an unfamiliar concept to dragons, who respected only strength in their rulers.
He sighed and looked up to see many of his brethren atop the throat of the world, the swirling storm above the backdrop for many others flying the skies.

After his victory over Alduin, Paarthurnax had gathered many other dragons to teach them the way of the voice. Currently fifty-two dragons resided at the throat of the world with Paarthurnax including his friend Odahviing. He knew he would bring the other dragons to his side with a shout he learned in Solstheim, all Dovah would bow to their Thuri.

He smiled and made a decision.

Willing or not, Tamriel would bow to him, he would rise to Emperor as his brother Talos had. After all, Talos had brought Tamriel to heel only with men on his side, the Dovahkiin has fifty-two dragons on his side.

First he would have to unite Skyrim, he figured the Nords would be easily brought to his side, the Dragonborn was a legend to them, he saved them from all kinds of menaces clearing out vampires and dragons alike. The current Empire? They would be more difficult, he would need to drive them out of Skyrim and in doing so he would alert them to his plans.

It would be difficult to accomplish his goal, he knew he would need the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild with him, but that was no problem with him being the Listener and Guildmaster respectively. He was also Arch-Mage of the college of Winterhold, meaning he would have their magic on his side.

If he joined the Stormcloaks he would have an army, but it would not be his own, Ulfric would demand to be High King of Skyrim and there was no way in Oblivion that was happening. That throne was his, the previous Empires may have been seated in Cyrodiil but Skyrim would be his seat, he was a Nord in his mortal blood and he would not be giving the Kingship of the land he loved to a man he despised and distrusted.

Perhaps he could join the Stormcloaks and Ulfric could have a little accident, Galmar, Ulfric's right hand would have to go as well if he were to take over the Stormcloak army.

Then he would be Jarl of Windhelm as well and as such would have a place on the moot for the next High King. He would need to gather support from 4 other Jarls and gain the majority vote. He already knew Balgruuf would vote for him, Winterhold and Dawnstar would be easy to persuade, all he needed to promise was to aid their main cities and help rebuild Winterhold which had not recovered from the Great Collapse many years earlier. Then all he would need is one more vote, Laila Law-giver hated him and knew he would have her killed if he took the throne, no vote from her. Jarl Elisif was his competetor and as such would never vote for him.

That left Falkreath, Markarth and Morthal. He believed that Jarl Idgrod of Morthal would be the easiest to sway as Morthal was small and fairly unprotected, but with his help? Morthal would thrive.

There he had it, his plan was made, first he would need to become Ulfric's third in command, when the other two had their, 'accident' he would take over.

He smiled, this would be easy.

Oh how naive he had been.

It had turned out becoming third in command was difficult, Ulfric didn't trust easily and especially not the Dragonborn after he had refused to lend him aid many times over the course of the past few years. He had simply played it off as him being far too busy saving the world to deal with the matter of the Civil War. Ulfric had begrudgingly accepted this excuse, and slowly but surely the Dragonborn had gained his trust, rising to be a Stormcloak Officer and third in command, he had single handedly taken many forts across Skyrim driving the war in Ulfric's favour, when the people heard of the Dragonborn's involvement in the war more men and women had flocked to join the Stormcloaks believing that the Dragonborn would lead them to victory, and he would, but not Ulfric's victory.

After he had successfully gained Ulfric's trust during the storming of Solitude when only Galmar, Ulfric, Tullius and Rikke were in the room other than himself. The Dragonborn and the others had successfully killed Tullius and Rikke.

It was a short victory for Ulfric and Galmar, as the Dragonborn had decapitated them both with his Daedric greatsword.

The dragonborn had then claimed that Tullius and Rikke had managed to overpower them and kill them before the Dragonborn had rushed in and killed them, his thu'um had shattered the walls of Castle Dour.

The army had no reason to doubt the Dragonborn and he had been proclaimed the new leader of the Stormcloaks.

He had not spared Elisif and had put her to the block, killing her himself and staining his blade with her blood.

Skyrim was his land, not the dirty Imperials. He was King here and they would see that soon enough.

Smiling, he turned away from the burning city. His plan was almost at completion, he had spared the lives of Balgruuf and Idgrod, turning them to his side with the promise of his aid for their cooperation and vote on the moot.

Jarl Korir of Winterhold and Jarl Skald of the Dawnstar had both sworn their loyalty to him on the promise their holds be aided in growing. He had every intention of honouring this deal as he knew Skyrim would need to be easily defensible when the Empire decided to take Skyrim, all the people of the nine holds needed to fit in the holds capitals. So the enlargening of all holds was necessary.

Skyrim was a natural defence, mountains encasing it on all sides barring pale pass to the south into Cyrodiil, great gates would need to be build their and manned heavily ready to keep out the Legions.

It was safe to say much work was left to be done, but it was easily doable with the power he had in his soul.

He could feel his soul thrumming with an insatiable hunger for power, all it wanted was an Empire to rule, to conquer, dragons naturally despised the Altmeri and with his soul he felt a burning unquenchable thirst for their blood.

Hunger for power and thirst for blood? He was beginning to sound like a true dragon.

He chuckled quietly.

This was sure to be an adventure.

1st of Sun's Dawn

Solitude, The Blue Palace

After a few weeks of relative peace in Skyrim, the moot had been called to decide upon a new High King. The nine Jarls had all arrived at The Blue Palace in Solitude to have the moot.

After Jarl Elisif's death the Dragonborn believed a man named Falk Firebeard had been named Jarl, Elisif's steward he believed. The man seemed to be every bit as entitled and self righteous as Elisif herself. The Dragonborn decided he disliked this man intensely.

The Jarls sat at a round table in the Palace, all were present and waiting for someone to begin.

After a moment of silence the Dragonborn spoke.

"We all know why we are here, a new High King must be decided upon. I nominate myself for the position." He smiled already knowing how this would play out.

It was Falk who spoke next, a small smile graced his lips.

"I also nominate myself for the position."

"Is there any other who would place themselves as a candidate?" The Dragonborn asked.

They all looked at each other. No one spoke.

"Very well, each Jarl must not place their vote with either myself or Jarl Falk."

One by one the Jarls decided, it began with Jarls Laila, Siddgeir and Igmund siding with Falk, this didn't surprise the Dragonborn, they despised him and would do anything to attempt to hinder his plans. He would need to replace them after the moot was decided.

After Jarls Balgruuf, Idgrod, Skald and Korir all voted for him, 5 - 4 as was expected, the Dragonborn was king.

An expression of extreme distaste graced the face of Jarl Falk and he knew this was not the end of him.

Jarl Balgruuf spoke next, "It seems the Dragonborn shall be the new High King of Skyrim. The Jarls have decided, none may change this vote."

The Jarls who had voted his side smiled and rose to their feet, along with the Dragonborn.

All the Jarls knew it was now customary for them to place their vows of fealty, the other Jarls also rose from their seats before all 8 Jarls took a knee before him. Some more begrudgingly than others. The Dragonborn's soul thrummed with an intense feeling of power. He smiled as they each said their vows and placed their allegiance with him.

Though four would be replaced soon enough. He refused to have insubordination in his own ranks and therefore would only install loyal friends as his Jarls.

Smiling he spoke, "Thank you my Jarls, now I would know the states of affairs in each hold, the Empire knows already the Stormcloaks have won, and it will not be longer than the end of Mid Year before they fall upon us in strength."

Over the rest of the day the Jarls informed him of their current affairs and the issues within their holds.

2nd of Sun's Dawn

The Dragonborn woke early the next morning, the woman he had bedded the previous night lying next to him. He couldn't remember her name if he was honest, the dragon inside him needed more than just soldiers, that much he knew.

He got up rubbing his eyes. He felt better than he had ever felt before, his power having reached new heights even to him. The feeling was akin to learning a knew thu'um or absorbing the soul of a dragon that was a particularly nasty pain in the neck.

He had underestimated the amount of work that needed doing though. The highest priority on his list was finding a place to make his seat. He refused to use Solitude and he never liked Windhelm. He had an idea though, it was common among dragons to take the territory of others they defeat. Skuldafn was Alduin's territory and he had defeated him. It only made sense to convert it to a mortal settlement.

He would need to have a set of stairs made as Skuldafn lay on a particularly high part of the mountains to the east. Inapproachable by foot, but once it was built it would easily defensible to any army. As no legion of men or elves could fly and the stairs could easily be blocked off. Creating an impenetrable fortress built deep into a mountain.

He had thought much on defending Skyrim from the Empire and decided that strategic places need to be retaken and rebuild. Skyrim held many forts that had since fallen into ruin. Bandits or other fiends now took refuge in them. He could clear them out and settle there, protecting more of his people. For all he loved power, he did care for Skyrim and mortals, he was born to mortal parents after all. Though they were dead now, they had raised him well and taught him how to use a sword.

He sometimes forgot under the weight of his destiny and power, but he was once a simple farm boy named Bjorn. He should his head to clear his thoughts, his long black hair flying around as he did so.

It was easy to be lost to melancholy, he found it rather pathetic.

He had called another meeting of the Jarls. Deciding to take advantage of all of them being in the same place for once.

He wished to inform them of his plans.

Once they had arrived he explained what he wished to do with Skuldafn, and how many places needed to be rebuild or retaken from whatever laid within. He heard complains from a few Jarls when he demanded that help be sent to Dawnstar and Winterhold for the building that needed work. He also spoke to Balgruuf about taken care of Whiterun's walls which had fallen into disrepair. He decided to fund the building from the Royal treasury. Concessions would need to be made to get Skyrim into proper shape.

He then spoke of Pale Pass and fortifications there, it was Skyrims weak point and needed to be taken care of, it would currently be easy for the Empire's Legions to storm through and retake southern Skyrim. This issue needed to be fixed quickly.

He suggested building a large fort in the gap, allowing access through a set of gates and managing it, this fort would be garrisoned to protect the border from the Empire.

He heard no objections to this as all the Jarls benefit from being protected. As this would also come from the Royal treasury. If he wanted a secure Skyrim he would need to do it himself.

He asked if there were any issues the Jarls themselves wished to speak of, hearing no issues the meeting was adjourned. The Jarls then left back to their holds and the building begun.

This would take time, he could only hope there was enough to get Skyrim into fighting shape. He settled on speaking to the dragons about Skuldafn. They could build the stairs with their shouts. Pushing the rock away and forming a channel.

He sighed, so much to do and so little time.

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