Chapter two

It's been two and half years and konoha lost it all. All the villages and countries pulled out. No one wanted anything to do with a village that would throw out their trader. The council was lived, they had no idea how no one would like them and they thought that everyone loved the Uchiha and not that demon brat.

When the hokage called a meeting to start and the council started to tell the hokage that the demon needed to die. The hokage just looked at them and if looks could kill then the citizen council would be in their graves right now.

"We will not kill the last Namikaze. And besides you idiots banished him two and half years ago!" she yelled at them. the shinobi side just smiled. "So there is nothing you idiots can say or do about it. This meeting is over." she said as she walked out of the room with her Anbu.

The council members all looked at the Elders who said nothing and walked out the door. Two days later word had reached konoha that there was a new king of the Western kingdom. And that the war out there was now over and they were in a time of peace.

When the hokage heard of this she called a meeting and when she told the council they were lived and demanded that the hokage find out who the king is and that if the king had a girlfriend, that he was to send them to the Uchiha so that he can rebuild his clan.

But the hokage and the shinobi council just laughed at them and said that if they wore to demand anything of a royal to do that it would start a war.