The King of the west

Chapter 3 Out in the western kingdom.

It was a great two and half years and Naruto was happy. Two weeks after leaving that village he had found out that his parents were still alive and living in the west but that was not all he found out about he also found that he had family and that both clans were royal family of two places.

One was the Uzumaki who was from the whirlpool country and then there was the Namikaze of the western kingdom. Around the time that the war ended Naruto and Minato was in the throne room talking to the king who was Minato's father and Naruto's grandfather about Minato taking the throne.

"Father, are you sure that you want to give me the throne. What about Ling? I mean, he is about two years old then me and has had more time working with you?" he asked.

The king just smiled at his son and said. "I asked Ling well you and Kushina were still in a coma. And we were still looking for Naruto. And he said that he was happy just being a lord of a land and to give the throne to you when everything was settled down and the land was at pace!" the king said.

Naruto said nothing just smiled as he watched the conversation. Ling is Minato's older brother and one of lords of the western lands. And had more fun without all that time he behind a desk. And he knew that his brother had a way to get away with all that work. So just before Naruto's 17th birthday the new king was crowned. And Minato and Kushina was remarried. It was around that time konoha had found out time Konoha had found out but not who was the king was.