Author's Note: So I heard some people wanted a glimpse of the morning after Weiss' drunk adventure. Sure, why not?

Heavy eyelids cracked open slowly. Uneasily. Painfully. There was light. Why was there light? Light hurt. Her eyes closed almost immediately after the painful sensation had invaded.

Weiss felt warm. Incredibly warm. Like her pillow and mattress were heated. Such luxurious items were not unheard of in the cold kingdom of Atlas. However, she was not in Atlas. She was...

Her eyes burst open this time, uncaring of the searing pain that came with the natural light that was filtering in through the window. Her pillow was moving. Breathing. Lifting her head it was not hard to see why.


Her mind went into overdrive. Last night. What. What had happened last night. She could scarcely remember a thing.

A look around revealed her to still be at Beacon. Her heart was racing, and even this revelation did little to calm her. Why was she sharing a bed with Jaune? What had they done?

Bits and pieces of the night before were starting to come back to her. What had she done last night? What had she said?

"Good morning, sleeping beauty."

Weiss' gaze turned from Jaune and over to another person in the room. It hadn't even registered that someone else had even been there. It was Yang who had spoke, looking down at her from the top of her own bunk bed. A glance to the bottom showed that Blake was not there. Was Ruby still in bed above her?

Maybe it was Yang's voice which did it, but Weiss' head began to throb. She wouldn't put it past the annoying blonde to be the cause of her headache rather than...

One glass.

Somehow, some way, she had gotten completely and totally wasted the previous night. Off of only a single glass of alcohol. Now she was suffering the consequences. Now she was hung over.

Her first hangover. After getting so drunk that she could barely remember what had happened the night before.

Weiss looked back down at Jaune before looking back to Yang. "Yang. What time is it?"

The blonde girl pulled her scroll out, glancing down at it for a moment. "A little after nine. Why?"

Nine in the morning. Jaune had been set to pick her up at seven the previous evening. Weiss didn't need to be a genius to do the math. She didn't know how long she had been awake after Jaune arrived. However even if it had been for the majority of the dance, that still meant that she had spent a good twelve hours sleeping. If not more!

Another look down to Jaune. There was a tightness in her chest. She had spent the night with him. In the same bed. After a night of drunken who knows what! Could it... could it have been...

No. Absolutely not. She may have gone into that evening with a few less than innocent ideas in her mind, but there is no way she would have gone that far even in her drunken state. Furthermore, she knew with all of her mind and heart that Jaune would never agree to such a thing if she was intoxicated. He was as kind and gentlemanly as they came. He would want their first time to be special just as she did. One where both of their minds were clear. One they would both remember.

He was still fully clothed as well. As was she. No, they had not done anything inappropriate last night. She nodded to herself, cementing the thought in her mind.

"Weiss?" Yang asked. "Are you okay?"

Her eyes squeezed shut as she rubbed her head, doing her best to massage away the headache which felt like it was drilling holes into her skull. "Yang. What happened last night?"

A small smirk grew on Yang's face as she looked at the heiress knowingly. "Oh. Is that what happened?"

Weiss wasn't in the mood for jokes or riddles. "Yang, please. My head is killing me."

A light chuckle escaped the other girl's lips. "So that is what happened," she said knowingly. "Perfect little Weiss Schnee had a little too much to drink and passed out. Makes sense, after coming back and finding you two here out cold around midnight."

Midnight. That was around the time the dance was supposed to end. Had they left the dance early? What had she done while she was down there? Had she made a fool of herself? Was she going to be a walking punch line come Monday morning?

"What did I do at the dance? Please tell me I didn't embarrass myself too badly."

Yang shook her head. "You two never even showed up."

The words hit Weiss hard. After all of the preparation. All of the fussing over a dress. All of her plans to have a special and intimate night with Jaune. The two had never even made it to the dance... all presumably because she had gotten drunk beforehand.

Weiss hated herself in this moment.

Her sullen mood must have been apparent on her face as Yang spoke again. "But hey, look on the bright side. At least you didn't embarrass yourself. I mean, silver lining and all that good stuff. Right?"

If it was, then it was the thinnest silver lining in the history of Remnant. Sure, she may have ruined her perfect evening with her boyfriend, missed the school dance she had been instrumental in planning, and said who knows what to him in her inebriated state. But at least she hadn't been publically intoxicated!

"I feel..."

"Don't feel bad," Yang said as Weiss trailed off. "I mean, Jaune was with you the whole time, right? I'm sure he will tell you about everything when he wakes up."

"No," Weiss said hurriedly. "I feel like I'm going to throw up."

In an instant Yang's expression changed from compassionate to worried, and not in the empathetic kind of way. It was closer to the "you had better not get any of that on me" kind of way.

Quickly moving over Jaune's prone body, Weiss made a mad dash to Team RWBY's bathroom, not even bothering to close the door behind her.

Jaune was awoken to a horrible sound. At first it had just been on the edge of his consciousness as he was halfway between awake an asleep. However then he heard it again. It had a familiarness to it which grabbed his attention, but was so utterly alien that he wasn't one hundred percent sure it could be who he thought it was.

That was when he realized that his poor, drunk, sleeping girlfriend was no longer in his arms. Every time he had woken up earlier, she had still been there. He had content to drift off back to sleep until she finally was awake. Now she was finally gone. It didn't take long for his mind to connect the dots. It didn't take long for him to realize what was happening.

He sat up on the girl's bed and took in the room around him. His body flinched at the sight of Yang across the room.

"Good morning, vomit boy," she greeted with her usual humorous tone. "Vomit girl is currently... busy at the moment."

Since when was that Weiss' nickname? He supposed it didn't matter. It would be a fitting one after today.

"I knew that'd be good," she continued. "Mr. and Mrs. Vomit. I like the sound of that."

Jaune however did not like the sound of what was coming from the bathroom. He had drank before back home, mostly just to see what it was like. Older sisters were good for that sort of thing. He did not ever drink to the point where he had actually gotten drunk, however. He had never puked his guts out like his poor girlfriend was right now.

He stood up, not quite sure what he was going to do afterward. His first instinct was to rush to the bathroom, but at the same time he knew Weiss. She wouldn't want him to see her in this... state.

Still, he had to do something. All he could think of was ask Yang one stupid question. "Is she okay?"

The girl shrugged. "Seemed fine enough when she woke up. Well, as fine as you can be with a hangover."

Jaune nodded uneasily. Despite never having had one himself, he felt as if he knew what he could expect her to be going through. Vomiting. Headaches. Moodiness. She would feel like garbage for the next few hours. He was determined that she would not have to do so alone.

Finally it stopped. An eerie silence settled over the room, and Jaune hoped that she had not been heaving so hard that she passed out face down in the toilet. Considering he had heard no splash... that just seemed like an unusually specific outcome.

Then she emerged. Weiss, still clad in the beautiful white dress she had purchased for the dance, looked utterly horrible. There were stains on her chest. There were smudges in her hair. The kinds which would have sent the girl into hysterics had she had the energy flail about like a madwoman.

It turned out that in her condition she only had the energy to cry. "I... I got it in my hair..." she said as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Jaune's heart went out to her. Her hair. Her beautiful, pristine hair which was as white as freshly fallen snow. He knew that the only person who treasured her hair more than Weiss was Yang herself. The poor, poor girl. Her suffering had not ended even after sleeping off her drunkenness. Now she would have to deal with the fallout, and all of the... messiness that came with it.

Yang moved now. Not towards Weiss like a good friend and teammate. But away. With her back up against the wall as she crouched on her top bunk. There was a look of pure fear on her face. "Keep... keep it away from my hair..." she whispered frightfully.

Weiss didn't even look at her, staring down at the floor as she sniffed dramatically. "Shut up," she muttered pathetically. "Just... shut up."

He wanted to approach the girl. He wanted to wrap her in a hug and tell her that everything would be okay. To stroke her hair as he had the night before. It's just... he wasn't too keen on getting that stuff on himself. Yang may have still called him vomit boy, but in the end it was only a name.

"I think this is where I step out," Yang said as she hopped down from her bed. She sent a small nudge of her elbow into Jaune's ribs. "You've got this, right, Jaune?"

Did he? He didn't think so. Jaune had never dealt with a situation like this. Not even his sisters had ever presented him with something like this.

"I... uh..." he started. But he was cut off quickly as Yang moved close to him.

"Jaune," she said softly. Her face was close to his ear. "Look under the sink. Draw her a bath. Take care of her. Got it?"

He had no idea what she was getting at, giving his fellow blonde a questioning look. "Yang?"

She shot him a wink. "Trust me, Jaune. I've always been your wingman in this. Even if you were too dumb to realize it at the time."

Yang said no more after that, doing her best to exaggeratedly move around Weiss and escape to the team's door. With her gone, Jaune was alone once more with Weiss.

Weiss sniffed once again. She looked up at Jaune, eyes watery for more reasons than just being sad. "Jaune..."

Biting the bullet, Jaune approached her and placed a hand on her dress which was distinctly unsullied by her sickness.

No, that wouldn't do. At this point he gave up trying to stay clean himself. He shouldn't care. He didn't care. Weiss needed him right now. He would accept all parts of her. Good or bad. Clean or dirty.

He wrapped his arms around her tiny frame and pulled her close to him. "Weiss, it's okay. Everything will be okay."

She leaned her head against his chest. Standing straight up she wasn't even able to reach his shoulder.

Weiss used him for support for the second time in as many days. Only this time it wasn't because she was drunk. She was just feeling so incredibly pathetic that she needed him to lean on. He would be more than happy to oblige.

Burying her head in his chest, Weiss' muffled voice sounded utterly pitiful. "I feel awful," she said softly. "I'm filthy. I stink. And I still taste it..."

Yang's words were still fresh in his mind. Her solution might solve three of Weiss' current problems.

"Let's get you cleaned up then, alright?"

He felt her nod against his chest. "Okay," she whimpered.

Jaune's hands moved from around her back and to her sides, gently pushing the girl away from him so that he could look her in the eyes. Her tired, bloodshot, baggy eyes. He really hoped that she had not looked herself in the mirror yet this morning.

"I'll be right back, okay?" For a moment she looked up at him fearfully, like she was afraid that he was going to leave her and never come back. Finally though, after a few seconds of searching his own eyes for their genuineness, she nodded weakly. "Don't worry. I'm gonna take care of you. How does a bath sound?"

She nodded again. Bringing a hand up she wiped away some of the moisture clinging to her eyes.

Jaune wanted nothing more than to continue to hold her close to try and make her feel better. However he knew that it would solve nothing and only be good in the short term. He had to get her out of her sullied dress. He had to get her cleaned up.

Placing his trust in Yang's words, he went over to the team's bathroom and searched for whatever it was that Yang had told him to look for.

He knew it as soon as he saw it.

A feeling of pure and utter bliss washed over Weiss. Quite literally too.

The dorm's bathtub was more than sufficient to fit her tiny frame entirely. The same would not have been able to be said about Jaune. At a little bit over six feet tall he would have had to awkwardly bend his knees and sit with his back up against the edge of the tub. It was an amusing mental image that she could not help but smile at. She on the other hand could stretch out comfortably and enjoy the warm, cleansing water as it did its magic.

It was more than just water, however. When Jaune had led her to the bathroom after making his preparations, Weiss had been surprised to see that the tub was nearly overflowing with sudsy foam. The aroma of peppermint filled the room, and the scented bath soap had immediately done wonders to cast the stench of her own sickness from her nostrils. She could feel her sinuses begin to open up. Breathing became easier. The smell and feeling of a brisk winter morning assaulted her senses. She had no idea if the product was designed to do that or not, but in any case, it was already helping to make her body feel better.

Sinking a little bit further into the water, Weiss allowed her loose hair to be submerged as she craned her neck up. For a few seconds she lay there, her face being tickled by the mass of bubbles all around her as she let her filthy hair be saturated by the water. Finally she sat back up, her long white tresses heavy with water that trickled back into the tub.

She wanted to stay in here all day. There were no classes today. She had no obligations. She could very well spend all day in the bath if she wanted. However... she also wanted to talk with Jaune. While there were still gaps in her memory, bits and pieces of it were starting to come back. She couldn't remember exactly what she had said, but she could remember a few of her actions. How she had crashed headfirst into a wall while attempting to prove she could indeed dance that evening. How she had been forced to cling onto Jaune in order to stand upon her weak and wobbly legs.

How she had... grabbed Jaune in a certain place.

The thought made her pale skin flush. Yes. She had done that. The memory was utterly horrifying. Embarrassing beyond belief. To have treated him in such a manner, to have had so little control over her urges. It was indeed for the best that she had never made it to the dance.

She flinched when she heard a knock on the door. "You doing okay?" she heard Jaune ask through the door.

Physically, yes. She was already feeling much better. The bubble bath Jaune had made for her was extremely soothing and relaxing. Emotionally on the other hand...

"I'm fine," she called back. Teeth clenched down on her lower lip. Squeezing her eyes closed, she made a decision. "Jaune?"


She looked down upon her submerged body. A copious amount of bubbles completely covered her naked form. She couldn't see a thing underneath the layer of foamy white. With that her decision was made. "Can you come in here?"

Silence. For a few seconds she thought the boy on the other side hadn't heard her. At last, though, he responded. "What?"

Weiss swallowed. He really was going to make her repeat herself, wasn't he? As if the request hadn't been hard enough to say the first time. "Come in, Jaune."

More silence. She could imagine his expression as he stood outside the door. One of confusion. Anxiety. Uncertainty. She probably had a similar look on her own face, had she a mirror on hand to look into.

Again, it took longer than she would have preferred, but he replied. "Are you sure?"

She took another look down at the tub. She was as decent as she was going to get right now. "Just do it."

With that the die was cast. Weiss heard the doorknob turn, and soon enough Jaune pushed inside. A rush of comparatively cold air came with him, and she was thankful that he shut the door behind him as quickly as he did.

He had removed his black jacket, and the top few buttons of his white shirt had been undone. The same was true about the cuffs of his sleeves. Apparently she wasn't the only one who had decided to relax a little bit since waking up.

While he was in the same room as her, Jaune had kept his eyes averted from her the whole time. His gaze was anywhere but her. She appreciated the sentiment, but it would hardly do if they were to have a proper conversation.

"Jaune," she said softly. He still did not meet her eyes. "It's okay. You can look at me."

He did so, and she was both pleased and disappointed that his look focused solely on her own face. The respect he had for her was limitless, and she appreciated that. However she would have been secretly happy if he had attempted to take some sort of peek at her. If he felt as if she was simply too irresistible not to gaze upon. In the end she realized that one extreme was inherently better than the other. She was happy that his was the better of the two.

"Feeling better?" he asked.

Indeed she was. She was feeling a whole plethora of things right now. She was completely nude in the same room as her boyfriend. The fact that only a thick layer of soap bubbles separated her body from him, while comforting, still left very little to her imagination.

"Much," she smiled.

He returned the gesture. As warm and genuine as it was, she still could not help but notice how he stood up against the door, rigid and still as a statue. The fact that he was somehow more uncomfortable with this arrangement than she was amused her.

However, he was here now. She could freely speak her mind about everything that was on it. It was why she had invited him in the first place.

Her arms crossed over her torso underneath the water as she spoke. "I'm sorry," she said simply.

Jaune's brow furrowed as he continued to look into her eyes. "For what?"

"Last night. For... ruining everything."

That was what she had done in her eyes. Ruined everything. All because she had wanted to take some sort of next step with the young man she cared about. All because she had been nervous. In the end they had gone nowhere and done nothing.

Well, that wasn't exactly true. She had done something.

"You didn't ruin anything," he countered. He scratched his face as he thought about his next words. "Last night may have been... interesting. But I got to spend it with you. And that's what we'd planned all along, right?"

That wasn't all I had planned, her mind thought bitterly. She shook the thought away. "It shouldn't have been about you putting up with me though," she argued. "It should have been fun for both of us."

"Who says I didn't have fun?"

The words gave Weiss pause. How could he possibly have had fun with how she must have acted last night? How could he possibly be having any kind of good time today having to take care of her pukey self?

"I mean, you were saying some pretty funny stuff last night," he continued. "It was a side of you I'd never seen before."

That seemed to be the ongoing theme in their relationship. Even when said relationship was simply as student and teacher, he had always been able to get some sort of reaction out of her. He had always been able to see sides of her which she kept hidden from others. The previous night was no exception.

"And..." he said before trailing off. His head turned to the side, as if he was too embarrassed to look at her as he spoke. "In the end, I got to... to watch you fall asleep in my arms. I couldn't have asked for a better night than that."

Weiss felt a lump in her throat as she too was forced to look away. She had vague memories of that too. Memories of music playing in the distance as he stroked her hair. The feeling of total comfort and warmth as she squeezed her arms around his torso like a giant stuffed animal. As his own strong arms held her close against him. Perhaps the night had not been such a disaster after all. She just wished she could remember it as clearly as he did.

"That was nice..." she spoke softly.

"It was."

Her tongue poked out to wet lips which had suddenly gone dry. Weiss could feel how her heart rate had increased as she thought and spoke of their time together. She thought about how she had liked it. How she enjoyed his touch. How she wanted to feel it once again.

Pale blue eyes remained locked on the bubbles which surrounded her. "Jaune."


"I have to wash my hair."

Despite the fact that it had been wetted, she wanted to give her long hair a nice and thorough cleansing. She wanted absolutely no trace of her sickness to remain in it.

"Oh, sure," he said as he started to turn back towards the door. "I'll, uh, get out of your hair then."

Maybe she had been living with Yang for too long, but Weiss' eyes narrowed. She couldn't help but feel as if that was some sort of intentional pun. In the end it didn't matter. Him leaving wasn't the outcome that she was looking for.

She had wanted to... do more things with him. She wanted to feel his touch again. Maybe now was as good of a time as any.

"No," she said, stopping him in his tracks. She swallowed again as she summoned up the courage to speak her next words. "Can you... wash it for me?"

Jaune's eyes widened in surprise for a brief moment before returning to normal. "Like... with my hands?"

"Yes. With your hands." Your large hands...


The boy rolled up his sleeves as he approached, and soon enough was on his knees beside the bathtub. He was inches away from her. Weiss could swear she could feel the heat radiating from his body, but perhaps that was her own body's reaction to the thoughts she was having right now.

Jaune grabbed one of the nearby bottles and held it up, silently asking for her approval. She nodded, confirming that his selection would do.

Those large, strong hands of his soon began to work their magic. Another scent began to mix in with the peppermint of the bubble bath mix, this time being vanilla. Weiss closed her eyes as she felt Jaune begin to lather and work the shampoo into her hair. It felt as though her scalp was being massaged as he worked, and she had to work hard to suppress a moan of pleasure from his touch.

It was delightful. Maybe not what she had been expecting or anticipating when she thought about becoming more intimate with her boyfriend. This was an entirely different kind of intimacy all together. It wasn't sexual, but it was still personal. There was a hint of the former still present, with her being in the bath, but in the end it was still just two people connecting. Two people sharing their trust with one another. Two people showing how much they cared for one another.

Weiss lifted her head again so that Jaune could reach the long portions of her hair which hung down into the tub. He lifted it all from the water as he continued to work the shampoo into it. To clean away the filth that she had gotten onto it, and in the process wash away the negativity of the previous evening.

She felt as though she was a princess being pampered by her handmaidens. Maybe if she was still in Atlas this would in fact be closer to the truth. However, here in Vale, here at Beacon, she had no such luxuries. She had no servants. She had no expectations. If she were a princess, then Jaune was her knight. What he was doing here was not done out of duty or obligation, but of his own free will.

The thought was a heartwarming one. Her eyes were still closed, enjoying the feeling of her boyfriend's touch as he worked. "Thank you," she whispered.

He didn't stop as he responded. "For what?"

"For taking care of me."

She heard him chuckle softly. "No need to thank me. I want to do this. I want you to be happy." His words warmed her more than she already was. She heard another small silent laugh slip through his nose. "Besides, you helped me back when we first started training. If you want this could make us even."

It seemed like all that was so long ago. It had only been a few months, but it felt much longer.

Make us even.

"Jaune," she said suddenly.


Her eyes remained closed. "I grabbed your butt last night. Didn't I?"

In an instant the movements of his fingers stopped. Weiss' eyes opened, and she tilted her head slightly to get a look at his face. There was a hint of embarrassment as he looked away.

"Yeah," he confirmed. "I... I guess you did."

She knew it. She knew it hadn't been her imagination. It hadn't been some weird dream. She had done it, and she had done it because she had wanted to. That wasn't fair to him. She wanted to make things even with him too.

"If you'd like... you could touch mine," she said uneasily. "Just so we're even," she hurriedly added.

His hands remained still on her head and hair in mid-shampooing. How would he react to those words?

As it turned out, it was in a way she had not been expecting. "No."

Her head turned more forcefully this time. So much so that Jaune's hands recoiled from her and back to his body. Her next words came out far worse than she had intended. "Why not?"

She had not meant to sound so eager. So disappointed. However the fact that her boyfriend did not want to have that kind of physical contact with her was in fact disappointing. A blow to her womanly pride, even.

Somehow though, that fool managed to not only save himself, but come out looking like a gentleman as well. "Because... we don't have to be even. I don't want you to think you have to give me something because of it. I want us to do things because we both want to."

Oh. Well... well that changed everything. Since when had he gotten so charming?

What Jaune didn't know was that she felt the same way. She wanted more from their relationship as well. She wanted it not to get even. Not because she felt obligated to make their relationship more physical. But because she wanted it.

Weiss felt herself sink deeper into the water so that her mouth nearly touched the surface of it. "But... I do want to..." she mumbled into the bathwater.


"I said that... I want to do things with you... private things..." Weiss' cheeks went red as she admired her desire.

A quick glance over to Jaune showed how he had gone red as well. His skin stood out in stark contrast to the bright white of his shirt.

"Oh," was all he managed to say in response.

"Oh?" she asked him. "Is that all you have to say?"

"Well... I don't exactly know how to say what I want to say." He scooped up a bit of foam on one of his fingers. "But I think Nora might actually have the right idea."

Weiss shot him a confused look. "Nora?"

Jaune nodded. With a finger full of suds, he gently pressed it against the tip of her nose. "Boop."

Her nose wrinkled at the touch, tickled by the bubbles now coating it. At the same time her whole face scrunched up in confusion. "Boop? What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'll tell you one day, Weiss."

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "You don't know what it means either, do you." A shrug of his shoulders proved her correct. "Idiot," she said, trying to hide her smirk in the bubbles.

"How about it means... I'd like to do those things with you too." A smirk began to grow on his lips. "Because I like-like you too."

His initial statement, his agreement with her feelings, was overshadowed by the words he emphasized afterward. "Like-like?" she questioned. "What are we? Chil...dren..."

Another memory came flooding back into her mind. One just prior to when she had fallen asleep. She had said those words last night. She had all but confessed her feelings to him in the most juvenile way possible.

A glance over to Jaune saw his smirk grow into a full blown grin when he knew the realization had hit her. A stupid grin from a stupid boy. "Don't worry, Weiss," he said through that stupid smile of his. "It'll be our little secret. Just like the secret of how you drooled all over my chest last night."

She wished that he had been speaking metaphorically. However in her inebriated state, she did not doubt the truth of his words. The utter embarrassment of it all made her hide even further down into the bathwater.

"I hate you," she said, her words the most unconvincing lie she had ever told in her life.

She felt him reach over to place a soft kiss atop her head. "I love you too."

Her heart skipped a beat.

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