There is a certain noise to silence. The kind of noise that fills your ears and gives a low buzzing sound. That same buzzing sound that keeps your brain paranoid, panicking as to when the noise would stop. And as what you estimate are hours and days go by, the dead and empty silence and darkness changes you. It molds you into its own image. And this molding, this changing is known to most as insanity. But he wasnt insane. The darkness and the silence accompanying each other in its own twisted harmony kept him at peace. It heightened his thinking, fueled his thoughts. It dulled his mortal needs and sharpened his senses. That is why he heard the man coming down the hallway already. He stared at the ceiling, his grey eyes keeping an eye on the only light source he had ever remembered seeing. The moon shone in through a grated window on the ceiling, interfering with the comforting embrace of the shadows. Not only that, but the footsteps on the metal floor outside his door shattered the silence he came to relish in. He let out a low grumble as the metal door slid open. He didn't even need to look at the man, nor did he want to. This figure had visited him so much, his features had been etched into the darkest corners of his mind.

The man was short with white hair. He always wore a white labcoat, his brown eyes hiding behind a pair of extremely thick glasses. The man takes five steps forward and flips a switch. The low sway of a violin comes from a radio somewhere in the shadows. In the regular german accent he has come to loathe, the man says "Hello mein friend. Are you ready for todays treatment?" Silence. The man never spoke to the thick-glassed doctor. The scientist for the terror group Talon says "Ah, quiet as always. I see nozing has changed." The scientist reached for a syringe on a metal table, flicking the vile. As the sound of fingernail on glass resonated throughout his chamber, his eyes darted to the vile. If there was one thing that could make the grey of his eyes twitch, it would be the contents of that injection. The Reaper Syrum, named ironically after his father, worked as a sleeper cell conditioning tool. Talon used it to break their new weapons of war. It used a certain chemical to break down the cells of the brain and then reshape them to the will of Talon. Not only that, but the syrum was extremely painful. For all the times he has been exposed to this, 124 to be exact, it had never been any less painful. "Now. Let us zee if we cannot break you this time, eh?" Talon had been trying to break him for the past 5 years, exposing him to this toxin once every two weeks. However, instead of taking control of his mind, it has only deteriorated him. Made his thoughts and emotions spike and build up. He was waiting for his moment, and this was it.

As the man preapred his neck for the injection, black smoke began to form around his wrist restraints. His cells began to seperate, a gift given to him by his father. He slipped through the restraint, but made no movement to show his captor his newly aquired freedom. His powers had been manifesting for the past 5 years, the darkness and silence giving life to the monster within him. "Do not worry. Your pain will be over soon." The scientist says as he brought the syringe up to the mans neck. As soon as the cold steel touched the neck of the boy, a newly reformed hand shot up. A gasp of air was let out by the scientist as the hand of the boy gripped like a steel vice. Gasping for air, his hands wildly gripping the hand around his throat, the scientist gagged, trying to free himself. Grey eyes full of rage, he turned his head. The look of fear in the Talon scientists eyes made the boy smirk with a low snarl. Standing up, free from his other wrist and ankle restraints due to the same ability, he picked the man off the ground, his hand not even phased by the scientists attempts to escape. Blue at the skin and lips pale, the scientist was quickly losing his grip on conciousnesd and life. And the boy, now surging with power, just stared. His grey hues waiting until all the life drained from his captor. His face unchanged with emotion formed into one of quiet fury. Just as the scientist lost his grip on his life, the boy leans in and says in a deep, sinister voice. "Don't worry. Your pain will soon be over." With those words, the scientist let out one last breath. All was silent, except for the violin concerto still replaying in the darkness. Finding the source of the music, he reared back and threw the lifeless body of the scientist in the direction of the music. The body flew into the shadow and, after a loud crash, the music came to a shattering halt. Silence, once again. The low buzzing sound filling his ears and brain, bringing comfort back to his mind. He let out a breath and walked back to his chair, sitting down. Looking up at the moon, he closed his eyes. Often times in human nature, we shy from insanity. But insanity is not always the case. Insanity can sometimes be mistaken for rage.