The world goes by him like a blur as he looks out the tinted window. He sighs and watches the trees go by. This was not a new feeling for him, he was used to seeing his life go by in a rush. The last few minutes had been a blur, just as the last few years have been. He tries to reflect on what had happened since he woke. Reflection often helped him calm down and focus his mind. He woke up, ate breakfast and got dressed. He was watching the football, or as the Americans called it, "Soccer" game on the T.V when he heard a knock on his door. He covered up his wrists with his sleeve, not wanting his guests to see his Accelerator Bands. He was expecting to see the nice old woman Mrs. Detrick's, who often stopped by to drop off some sort of baked good, but he was met at his door by a different figure. When he opened his door, he came face to face with a mountain of a man. The visitor was dressed in a black suit with a black tie, dark sunglasses covering his eyes. The man flashed a badge and said "Thomas G. Fredricks. CIA. Are you William Oxton?" He remembers being very cautious as to how this man knew his name. He tried to tell the man he had the wrong person, but the agent just opened his jacket. Inside of the hem of his pants was a pistol, the safety already turned off. "I think that it would be in your best interest to come with me, Mr. Oxton." Reluctantly, he grabbed his jacket and went with the man to the dark S.U.V to where he is now. The silence in the air was so thick that someone could get hurt when trying to break it. But the agent had no trouble in doing just that.

"You seem awful quiet." agent Fredericks says, breaking the silence. He scoffs and says "Well, when I'm kidnapped from my home at gunpoint by a government agency, you don't exactly expect me to be reciting the queens inaugural speech, now are ya?" The agent leans in and says "Mr. Oxton, we've already told you that we need your help. There is a facility we need your help getting into and your mother is the only key we have to get in. Since you are related to Lena Oxton, the computer and defense system won't open fire on you." William leans in and gets face to face with the man. "I know that, I comprehend that. I have the ability to reverse myself to any point in time. I would have escaped by now if I didn't think this little "Field Trip" would help me to learn more about my mother." For a few seconds, he just stares at the agent, both of them shooting daggers at each other through eye contact alone. It would have stayed that way forever if it wasn't for the driver turning back and saying "We are approaching the facility, sir." The agent lets out a smile and leans back. William sits back as well, looking back out the window. He never knew much about his mother. In fact, the only thing he DID know was that her name was Lena Oxton and she had the same abilities that he did. He was given the same condition that she had when he was born. Chronal Dissociation. Being completely removed from the flow of time. When he was a baby and his condition was discovered, he had vanished from the hospital for a good three days. When he reappeared, they stuck these devices called Accelerator Bands on his wrists. They kept him anchored to the flow of time, allowing him to live normally. But the abilities he was granted with, he never used. His mother was his light, his guidance. And she was ripped from him in the famed Ravine War. He made a vow that day, on his sixteenth birthday, that he would never use his powers again. That was five years ago. And now his past is being shoved in his face by these government agents and he hated it. He hated them.

The S.U.V came to a stop and he was jerked from his trance. As he looked around, he eventually let his gaze go to the window. They were in a forested area, trees to their left and right. Just as he was looking around, the car door slid open. Two soldiers dressed in kevlar and helmets covered in various gadgets grabbed his arms and pulled him out of the truck. Agent Fredricks, the only one not in armor stepped out and said "Now when you enter the factory my men will follow you and we will secure what needs to be secured. You are only here so that the security will shut down and not open fire on us." William turn around and says "Oh yah? And how do you know that those guns won't open fire on me?" Fredricks pushed him forward and said "You have your mother's DNA. The security will disable itself as soon as you enter the doors." William gulps and turns his head back to the facility doors. Walking forward, a squad of five armored soldiers followed him, loaded M-16's aiming forward. William walks forward to the door, the huge metallic entryway practically staring him down. He gulps again and puts a hand out. As soon as his hand touches the cool metal of the door, the ground begins to rumble. As the earth beneath his feet trembles, the huge doors slide open. They open up like the gates to the underworld, nothing but black and unknown danger to be seen once the doors are finished moving. William inhales and exhales, looking back at Fredricks. The agent smiles and shoos him forward with a hand. William gulps a third time and begins to walk into the darkness.

The place was spooky. It was a large, cylindrical room. There were wires littered across the floor, along with a plethora of banana peels. He kicked one as he walked deeper into the facility. The men in armor began to disperse. The lasers from their guns searched all over the place as they moved throughout the facility. They didn't seem too interested in what he was doing, so he went exploring on his own. He walked over to a desk full of books and… more bananas. The scientist that worked here must have really liked them. As he searched through the different books, he saw a red blinking in a lower drawer. He turned his focus on this object, opening the drawer. He reached down to pick it up, bringing it closer to his face. Then he heard it. The small machine in his hand was making a noise. It wasn't a beeping, but it was something quiet. He brought it to his ear, and the sound became perfectly clear. It was voice, a girl's voice. The female said "put it in your ear." He was curious, really curious. He hesitated, but eventually the curiosity he had got the better of him. The device fit right into his ear like an earbud he would use to listen to music. He didn't know what to say, so he just quietly said "h-hello?" There was a silence before the female voice spoke again. "Hello, my name is Athena. I am a Multi- Format computer program and I run this facility. I am currently disabled because of… THEM." William looks around at the soldiers, who have been searching for something. He suddenly saw them as even more of an enemy. The voice in his ear comes back. "I cannot come back online until they are gone. You have to get rid of them. Please." He looked left and right. He whispers to himself, "But… I haven't used my powers in five years. I don't think I can take all of them." The voice called Athena says "If you are your mothers child, then these guys should be no problem. Please, you are my only hope." He let his eyes dash to his peripheral vision, looking at his surroundings. His hand gripped the desk and said "How do I know I can trust you?" There was another silence from Athena, but the computer came back and said three words that convinced him of what he needed to do. The female voice in his ear came back online and said "Your mother did."

He had taken the next few minutes to formulate his plan. He was going up against five highly trained soldiers, but they were only human. He rolled up his sleeves, revealing the Accelerator Bands on his wrists. Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply and then exhaled. He began to strain his muscles, focusing his mind. The bands on his wrists began to vibrate and surge with power. The time for the plan to begin had come. He stood in the shadows of the upper level, looking down on the soldiers below. Seeing one of the soldiers branch off from the main group, he leaped into action. Jumping off of the top level, he aims directly for the lone soldier. The fall alone would have broken the legs of any normal human. But he wasn't normal. As he was halfway through his freefall, his power activated. Blinking, practically teleporting to just beside the soldier, William reared back and punched the soldier in the gut. Then brought his elbow to make contact with the soldiers nose and the man was out like a light. He smiled, amazed that he just took out a well-trained soldier. But his internal celebration was cut short when he heard a voice say "Greyson? Are you alright?" He gulped and backs into the shadows as two more soldiers come walking towards the soldier he had just taken out. Two lasers dance along the walls as the loaded machine guns search for anything that moves. He was flat against the wall as the two armored men walk right past him. One of the lasers fall right on his face, but it goes past with the gun it was attached to. He thought he was safe, but one of the soldiers stops. Inches away from William, the soldier closest to him says "Wait a second…" William knew exactly what he was pausing for, and he didn't waste any time reacting. Using his abilities, he zips behind the first soldier and kicks him in the back of the head. The other soldier turns and begins shooting his gun. But William was too quick. He zipped behind the shooting soldier and grabbed him by the head. Using all his force, he slammed the soldier's head against the wall. The helmet protected him a good deal, but William was prepared for that. He kicked the gun out of the man's hand and swung it like a baseball bat right at the soldier's head. As soon as the stock hit the man's head, he collapsed onto the floor. The soldier he had kicked was regaining his balance by this point. But William didn't give him a chance to fight back. He zipped into the air and roundhouse kicked the soldier across the face. The soldier spun before he fell to the ground, unconscious like his partner. He threw the gun on the ground, knowing the added weight would just slow him down. He caught his breath before he decided to go finish off the other two. Zipping swiftly and silently, he goes to find the other two soldiers. Finding them, he found himself in the main room. They were standing close to each other, their guns pointing all directions. "Keep your eyes open. That kid is around here somewhere. Fire on sight." one of the soldiers says, the one beside him nodding. He knew he had to play this smart and a plan was already forming in his head. Grabbing one of the stray wires, he began to loop it. Zipping behind the two soldiers, he reeled back and threw the loop. The wire flew just the way he wanted it to, going around the head and down to the neck of one of the soldiers. Giving the wire a good yank, the soldier was thrown to the ground before he even registered what had happened. The other soldier turned and started firing at him. The bullets landed dangerously close. He begins zipping all over the place, trying to avoid the bullets. As he zipped, he was trying to formulate a plan. Looking as he dodged the incoming bullets, he saw the desk stacked with books. William zipped behind the desk, grabbed a stack of books and zipped closer to the soldier. He began zipping side to side, throwing the books at the soldier. This threw the shooting man off balance. Taking advantage of this, he zipped to the side of the soldier. Sweeping his leg, the government man fell onto his back. William zipped on top of the man, straddled his chest and began punching the man across the face. The soldier tried to struggle free, but the punches never ceased to keep coming. Only one thing stopped him. The clicking of a gun hammer and the feel of cool metal against the back of his head. The familiar voice of Agent Fredricks said in a stern voice "Alright kid! That's enough!" William raised his hands and just stood silent. The soldier beneath him lay unconscious just like the other four soldiers. "Stand up. Now! And don't think about trying anything funny. This gun will kill you faster than you can teleport away." William obeyed and stood up, turning around to face Agent Fredricks. The agent kept his gun pointed directly at Williams forehead and said "I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised. Not that you would do something like this, but that you would actually be able to pull it off." Williams hate for this man grew more as he said "Well, guess we both have surprises up our sleeves."The agents smiled and said "Well, your tricks are up. Now, here is what is going to happen. You are going to follow me, you are going to lead me to that computer upstairs and I will complete my mission once I get there!" William knew he couldn't fight this man right now, but he already had a plan formulating.

The whole trek up to the second level, the magnum revolver never left the back of his head. It was uncomfortable, but then again, why wouldn't it be? Fredricks led him to a console on the second level. Dust aligned the keyboard and several other consoles, for this computer had probably never been touched in years. The agent behind him said "Now. There should be a red laser. Put your eye up to it." William searched for the laser Fredricks was talking about. Upon spotting it, he aligned his pupil with the red line of light. It took approximately two seconds before the computer lit up. It flashed to life, causing William to look up from the laser. Holographic images flew everywhere. Pictures of people in armored suits holding everything from swords to hammers. A woman who appeared to look like an angel, a man holding a bow and arrow. A man in dreadlocks sending shockwaves into an enemy is shown in one of the pictures. William looks in amazement. And then he saw her. The final picture to show up was a picture of a woman zipping around enemy soldiers. His mother. His heart sank when he saw her. She was happy that she was doing the right thing. She was helping those in need. And what has he been doing for the past five years? Nothing. He's been doing nothing because the memory of the woman he loved so much haunts him. He looked down, trying to keep himself from breaking down again. But then another screen popped up. It was a holographic screen that had four words on it and two letters. Four words and two letters that would change his life. "Initiate Overwatch Recall? Y or N?" The agent snickers and says "Now press the N" William blinked for a second and turned around. "Wait…. I thought the C.I.A wanted to bring Overwatch back?" Fredricks begins to laugh. "Oh, silly, STUPID boy. The C.I.A DOES want to bring Overwatch back. But that's why I'm here. As a representative of the terrorist organization Talon. Years ago, Overwatch stopped all of our plans. We got wind of a government program to find this exact computer and re-initiate the Overwatch initiative. Being a respectable general of Talon, I just couldn't have that. However, only a being related to Winston or Lena Oxton could initiate the protocol. So, I will repeat myself. Press the N, now!" There was a mixture of two emotions in Agent Fredricks eyes. There was blinding rage and fury for the trouble William had put them through, but there was also quiet and fierce determination. He turned back to the screen. Those four words and two letters seemed to stare him down, challenging him to make the right choice. But what was the right choice? He tried to frantically search his own mind to find the right answer. His eyes darted around, when he saw it. It was the picture of his mother again. The picture of her using her gift to do what was right. And that's what she would have wanted him to do. He smirked and said "You know what, Fredricks? I've lived my entire life hiding from myself. But I'm done hiding. And I think the people like me are tired of hiding as well!" And with that, he lifted a finger and pressed the "Y" on the screen. Fredricks yelled and fired his gun. However, William had predicted this before he had even pressed the "Y" button. He blinked to the side, the bullet zooming past, through the holographic screen and into the brick wall behind the screen. William took this opportunity to make his move. He yelled out "Here's a lesson for you! Don't mess with Overwatch!" With those words, he spun and kicked Fredricks square in the chest. The force of the kick sent the Talon agent stumbling backwards. Directly behind Fredricks was the railing of the second level. As he stumbled back, Fredricks tripped over the railing and fell. He hit the ground hard, getting knocked unconscious the minute his body hit. William stood motionless for a second, catching his breath. The facility was silent. As he looked back to the computer, he sighed. He walked over and sat down in a spinny chair. Finally, peace and quiet. The world around him no longer a blur, he watched the screen go to work. It unloaded database upon database of Overwatch agents. He smiled and began thinking. This world is Broken. Evil roams the earth. People are Scared, and they cannot be brave. However, there are people out there who are Fearless and strong. And now thanks to Overwatch, this corrupt and shattered world will finally be Repaired.

End of Prologue.