Harry Potter/Suicide Squad Crossover.

Joker/Harley, Batman/Wonderwoman?

First story on this account, and first story I've written in a while. Hope you all like it!

Joker was the undisputed shadow king of Gotham. Had been for years, even before he crowned his Queen, Harley.

Alone, The police and residents of Gotham feared him. Even the biggest mob boss in the city (another Falcone) knew when to mind his mouth and give the Joker his due... when he was out. The Joker was known to be a force of nature, one to be respected and obeyed...

With Quinn, he was unstoppable. No one dared go after one without fear of the other.

No one dared to challenge the King's power even when he was gone at Arkham, they knew the new Queen would ether hold down the fort until his return or break him out herself. No one would dare disrespect the Queen, or deny any of her requests. She wasn't just an ornament or powerless. She held her own sway and people working for her... people learned quickly that if she didn't put you in your place, Her lover would, just as swiftly and much more painfully.

So they reigned over the darker parts of gotham, hand and hand, for a year.

Joker held the brains while Harley held the heart.

Joker gained the power while Harley gained the intel.

Joker got rid of enemies while Harley made more allies.

Joker earned the money while Harley earned the loyalty.

Joker dolled out punishment while Harley dolled out mercy.

Joker got the questionable goods and Harley saw them well used.

Joker kept their people in line while Harley kept their people happy.

And something odd happened... Joker's crime wave became an organized crime wave. His money flowed better and into the needed places, his men were no longer abandoning posts and working only on the fear of there boss alone. Also, With less of a turn over, (AKA: people being killed and replaced repeatedly) His power base solidified.

The slick-haired, smooth talking criminal got more then he ever could have wished for from his blonde Boston beauty.

The mob was no longer free to do whatever it wanted while Joker was away, only offering Half-sincere apologies when he got back out. They toed the line just like everyone else now. The other criminals were no longer trying to fight over turf, product, and loot that was suddenly 'No longer spoken for.' Now everyone knew who's name was on what, and what (and Who) was under protection. The rag-tag teams and small gangs changed and became large groups and forces to be reckoned with.

The King's reign was steadily secured... And his Queen was the one to thank.

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It was a dark night in Arkham the Day the "First prince' Died...