Author's Note: This story is my favorite behind Autumn Leaves. This is an AU but it worked out really well. I hope you all enjoy it. For a change I actually finished the cover art before posting. Yay!

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"Good Morning. I hope you all don't think because this is a Nutrition 101 class during the summer semester will make this an easier class. I am afraid not. I am Wendy Testaburger. I recommend that you come to every class and on time. We have a lot of material to cover over the next 12 weeks. If you have any questions you can ask me or my assistant Kyle Broflovski."

I looked around at the students in the classroom. I remember when this was me once upon a time. I gradated at the top of my class in college. I am now doing an internship to further my chances of getting a job. I am hoping to become a professor myself. Ever since I was a child I wanted to help teach other on the important of health since I was diagnosed with diabetes as a child. It didn't slow me down from being normal but it made me more aware of how I had to treat body.

"Excuse me, you two" Wendy said bringing attention to two guys that came in late. "Please come up to the front and introduce yourself to the class." I watched as the two boys came to the front of the classroom. I almost felt bad for them. Both of the guys had dark hair and were pretty cute looking. One was tall and on the slim side. One was a littler shorter but a bit more defined. You could tell he works out.

"I'm Craig Tucker" said the taller guy with no emotions.

"Stan Marsh" said the shorter one.

"Thank you gentlemen. Class this is who you do not want to be. As of right now, these two are on their way to failing this class." She diverts her attention to them. "I recommend you don't be late again. Have a seat." They go and sit way in the back of the classroom. "Kyle, can you hand out the syllabus."

I get up and start handing them out. I get to the back of the room and see Craig and Stan. Neither looks like they even want to be here. Craig is leaning back in his chair with his foot on the back of the chair in front of him. Stan was just sitting there spacing out. I placed down the syllabus in front of them.

Wendy wasted no time jumping into the material. She believes in following the order of how the book is. She went over the first 3 chapters assigning them to do the review questions at the end of each for homework. As far as what she could have done. These kids should consider themselves lucky. Once the class was dismissed they ran out of there like the building was on fire.

"Good job today Kyle" she smiled.

"Thank you but I think you did all the work."

"Oh no you saved me from having to walk back and forth a lot." She pats her stomach. "Being 3 months pregnant is no joke."

"You're expecting!" I exclaimed. She looked slim as a super model. You wouldn't have guessed she had a bun in the oven.

"Oh yes!" she gushed. "Between us my husband and I have been trying for a year at least. I don't care if it is a boy or girl, just as long as they are healthy."

"Well congrats!" I smiled. I gathered up my items to put in my laptop bag.

"Honey, what are you doing here?" Wendy asked.

"You know I had to come and see how you were doing on your first day of class."

"Awww and you got me flowers!" I looked up and my voice got caught in my throat. "Oh Eric this is my intern assistant for the summer Kyle Broflovski. Kyle this is Eric Cartman my husband."

"Nice to meet you" Eric smirked as he shook my hand firmly.

"Nice to meet you too" I responded. "Wendy, I will see you on Wednesday." She nodded and went back to talking to her husband. I couldn't get out that classroom fast enough. My heart was pounding in my chest. Eric was married. Jesus. I had a one night stand with the guy 6 months ago. I knew that face but I never got his name. Isn't that the point of one night stands?

I go to my car to get my gym bag. I am in desperate need of a good run. I need to clear my mind from the reminder this world is too damn small. I get to the locker room and there is not that many people, tends to be that way during the summer. I pick a locker and sit down and start taking my shoes off. I see that kid Stan. Although he is clearly a college student I call them all kids because to me they are. Wet behind the ears and have no idea what the life is really like.

Stan had a locker next to mine. He was already dressed to work out. He had on a loose black tank with dark red shorts. My god his legs were just as toned as his arms. I couldn't help but stare at him a little. He looks so sad. He made eye contact with me. I looked back towards what I was doing. I felt Stan walk past me and out to the field.

I let out a deep breath. Sweet Jesus he is cute. No, I can't talk to him. He is a student. Most of all he is too young. I quickly get dressed and go out to the field. I start with my warm up. I can see Stan jogging around the track. He has huge headphones on and seems to be in a zone. I am looking forward to getting in that zone myself.

I am done with my warm up and start jogging around the track. I start thinking about Eric. There was nothing between us but I would prefer for my boss to not know our history especially since her husband cheated on her with a man. After a while I start to pick up the pace. I enjoy the slight burn in my lungs and the wind on my face.

I think back to how things were for me in high school. I come from a small town called South Park. Not many people in the town. Growing up there realizing I was gay on top of being the only Jewish family in town was rough. I only think about these things when I really want to push myself, nothing like anger to fuel a workout. I push myself just a bit further and feel like my feet are starting to take flight.

I somehow lose my balance. I feel my right ankle bend in a way I know is not right. I cry out as I fall on the track. Shit. I am staring at my ankle and rubbing it. It's starting to swell already.

"Are you okay?" I look up and see Stan taking off his head phones. He kneels down and starts looking at my ankle. I flinch a little when he touches it. He looks at me. "You are going to need to stay off of this for a week or longer. It looks like you may have a half sprain."

"A half sprain?"

"Yes" he said as he wraps his around me as if he is giving me a hug. "Hold on to me for a second." I could hold on to him forever. God he smells good. Like the ocean or fresh air. We are now standing up; I put my arm around his neck. I try to move making the mistake of putting slight pressure on my right ankle.

"Fuck!" I cry out. Stan chuckles. "I don't see shit funny."

"Sorry" Stan apologized. "Take your time. I don't have any plans." I start to get the hang of hobbling while using Stan as crunch. It is going to take forever to get to the locker room from here.

"How did you know what happened to me back there?" I asked.

"I use to play football in high school. I had a half sprain more times than I like to count. Putting pressure on it will make it take longer to heal."

"Thank you. I don't know what I would have done if you weren't out here."

"You would have made due I am sure. You would have been in more pain and make your recovery time much worse." I look at him for a second. He doesn't seem like such a bad person. I bet he is straight. It doesn't matter Kyle because he is your student. I bring my attention back to Stan.

"How come you are not playing football anymore?" I see Stan hesitates followed by a sad facial expression. I can tell I hit a sore spot.

"I tore a ligament in my knee during my junior year, ended my career before it even started."

"Sorry to hear that. Sounds like you loved football." Stan grinned.

"It was my life for a while. I mean I am going to school to be a physical therapist now. I want to be able to help others to be healthy and continue with their passion despite the fact they had a major injury.

"Wow, that is admirable." Stan looks at me and the smile reaches his eyes. His eyes are so blue. No just bright blue but a deep blue. We reach the locker room.

"So you have any tips on how I can get an A in class?"

I laughed. "For a second I didn't think you recognized who I was."

"Like I could forget those red curls and freckles" I blush slightly knowing he paid that close attention to me.

I sat down on the bench not happy with the idea of dressing to go home without my shower. I see Stan gathering his items. How am I going to make it to my car?

"I can help you to your car" said Stan as if he was reading my mind.

"Um, thank you."

"I will be around the corner. I need to make a quick call." When he left I started to put my other clothes on. God I was going to need some Advil or something. My ankle was throbbing with no signs of slowing down.

I could hear Stan on the phone. He sounded like he was whispering. I wonder if he was talking to his girlfriend. He came back just in time to help me. I had my bag on and was already standing with my right food lightly touching the ground.

"I hope you were not standing too long" he said. "Sorry if I smell. I am going to shower when I get home."

"Only if you excuse me as well" I laughed. I placed my arm around him and we started walking. Well he walked I limped.

"You never did tell me if you have any advice on how to pass class." I had to think about it for a minute.

"Well this is my first time working with this professor" I state. "I can only give you advice on what I did to pass my classes. Never miss a class, always be on time, get started on your assignments right away, put time aside to study, recommended per class you take is 4 hours a week-"

"Whoa, I was not expecting it to be that much" Stan said cutting me short.

"I wasn't done" I laughed. "But trust me if you follow those steps you will not fail. My last tip is do not hesitate to ask for help. Some people are too proud to ask for help." I pointed to wear my car was.

"Nice car" smiled Stan.

"It gets me from point A to point B" I said clicking off the alarm to my Nissan Rouge. "Thanks for your help. I will see you in class."

"Sure thing" Stan said waving before turning his back and walking away. I watched him for a little while before getting in my car to head home for the night.