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Chapter 1 – The Fate of Harry Potter

Hogwarts School, Highlands, Scotland (U.K.)

The moon shone brightly over the castle of Hogwarts, also giving the Black Lake a rather silvery tone. Within the castle, inside a special room in the Hospital Wing, were two infants, sleeping peacefully and undisturbed by the events of the world. They were rather similar in appearance, although a few differences could be spotted, such as the hair colour. However, the main difference would have to be the small scar on the forehead of one of the two boys, which curiously resembled a lightning bolt. It has a red tint to it, almost as if it was a wound instead. The one with the scar, was Harry Potter, the youngest of the two twins, his name having been chosen in honour of his paternal great-grandfather. His brother, on the other hand, was called Michael, the name having once belonged to one of his paternal great-great-grandparents, a member of the Crouch family. Regardless, as the two children slept, they were silently observed by an old man with a rather long beard who also wore half-moon glasses and strange extravagant robes.

This man, Albus Dumbledore, was the headmaster of Hogwarts, and his interest in one of the two Potters was much great, for it had been he the cause for the defeat of the infamous Lord Voldemort. It was rather surreal, to think that a toddler had caused the death of one of the most powerful dark wizards the world had seen in centuries, but Dumbledore knew better. The scar left by Voldemort's curse on Harry Potter's forehead was a clear signal that it was he the marked child of Trelawney's prophecy, but unfortunately, Voldemort had not been truly vanquished. While his physical form had died, in some shape or form part of him still remained. It was something that Dumbledore was sure of.

And as he remained lost in thought, Dumbledore was only distracted by the sound of someone entering the room. It had been his colleague, Professor McGonagall, one of the teachers at Hogwarts. The old headmaster noticed that she had a quite relieved expression on her face.

"Good evening, Professor Dumbledore," she greeted, speaking in a whispered tone, aware of the sleeping children. "The healers in St. Mungos say the two will survive, but it will take a while before they can leave the hospital."

"More good news, it seems," said the old headmaster of Hogwarts. "Unfortunately, I'm afraid that Hogwarts isn't the best location for the young Potters to remain while their parents stay in there. Any suggestions, Professor?"

She shook her head, having no idea about where the two twins could be left for the time being. Personally, she believed that having them at Hogwarts was dangerous, as some of the students were supporters of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and they could attempt to avenge the fallen dark wizard.

"Did Lily and James specify any guardians for the twins if something happened to them?" asked the Transfiguration professor.

"Not that I know of," admitted Dumbledore. "James's relatives are either dead or pledged to Voldemort. As for Lily's relatives…you know that she has distanced herself from them. Not to mention we don't know where they reside."

"At times like this, it would be best if Lily's cover story was in fact true," commented McGonagall. "When people discover what happened this night, they'll see him as a legend. And he still has supporters out there. The two will be certainly targeted!"

"I am aware of that, Minerva," said Dumbledore. "Regardless, I believe it is better for us to discuss this in the morning. We should let the children rest."

McGonagall nodded, and followed the aged headmaster out of the room, each heading to their respective offices, blind and oblivious to the yellow eyes observing them, which as they left, turned towards the marked child. The figure was fully robed, a strange belt-like device on its waist, alongside a strange metallic cylindrical object. The figure held no malice, merely curiosity, and a strong determination, for she had come to Hogwarts for a single reason.

"The presence of alchemy is clear in you two," she said in another language, before chuckling. "It seems your mother cannot truly let go of her roots."

A red skinned and rather bony finger touched Harry's scar, the young child moving in his sleep. In the moonlight, one would be able to see the figure's face, mostly humanoid, but with features not found in humans, such as the red skin and a pair of small tendrils on each cheek. As she touched the young child, she felt a jolt on her entire body.

"The Force is strong in you, child," she stated. "Perhaps that old prophecy may be right after all."

She then diverted her attention towards the other sleeping child.

"The Force is strong in your brother as well, yet his power does not equal yours," she said. "For now, his fate does not lie with us."

Her eyes turned once again towards Harry, the yellow shining in the darkness.

"But you, young Harry… your destiny lies forever with the Sith."

And so, it would be that in the next morning, Madam Pomfrey entered the room where the Potter twins were resting, but to her horror only Michael was there, Harry having vanished. Instead, on his cot was a strange shroud, filled with many strange letter-like symbols, a message to anyone that understood what the shroud actually was. And only upon Lily Potter's recovery from Voldemort's attack would the wizards know what happened to the young Boy-Who-Lived.