Steven spotted Mettaton and ran up to him. Mettaton turn and ask if the date is ready. Of course Steven nods his head. So Steven told Mettaton to blindfold Lapis and Napstablook and wait for him and Frisk to come back with Sans and Pearl. Mettaton likes this idea and went as he was told to do.

Steven took off to find Frisk. It took a little while but finally he found Frisk talking to Pearl and Sans. Steven smiled and ran up to them. Pearl look up and smiled when she seen Steven.

"Oh I see your back so soon. Frisk told us you were helping Papyrus cook."

Steven didn't respond but he look at Frisk and wink to let her know that it's time. Frisk smiled wide and went to grab two piece of paper towel and cover both Sans and Pearl's eyes. Sans ask when he couldn't see what's going on.

"Ah… what are two doing?"

Steven smiled though Pearl nor Sans could see, "oh you'll see."

That got Pearl and Sans suspicious. Frisk told them that they had a surprise and needed to keep their eyes cover. So with that, Steven took Sans hand while Frisk took Pearl's and guide them through the streets and right towards the MTT Resort. Mettaton had Napstablook and Lapis blindfolded with a scarf. Both scarf are red. Mettaton wink so did Frisk and Steven.

With that Mettaton, Frisk, and Steven made sure to be careful leading the four couples into the Resort. Once they got in, Steven was the first to speak.

"Okay, here is your big surprise."

Mettaton pull off the scarf off of Napstablook and Lapis while Steven pull the paper towel off of Pearl and Sans. All four stood stunt of where they are at and saw that everything was all set up as if to be a date. Frisk smiled seeing the four couples shock reaction.

"Since we see that Napstablook likes Lapis and Sans likes Pearl we decided to set this up."

Mettaton then answer making sure to give Steven and Frisk the credit, "it all the ideas of these two lovely darlings."

Sans and Pearl look at each other both began to blush. Napstablook look at Lapis who is also blushing smiled at her. Then Alphys and Muffet came up to the couples. Muffet went up to Lapis and Napstablook.

"Come dearly, I'll show you two to your table" said Muffet.

Muffet led Lapis and Napstablook to the far end table close to the stage. Alphys led Pearl and Sans to their table not far from Lapis and Napstablook. At least in the middle of the room.

Alphys said, "O… okay, um… the waiter will bring your dinner and um…. Muffet will b… bring the drinks."

Alphys took off not wanting to ruin the date at all. She walk towards Steven and Frisk saying, "I… I think that this w… will work out fine."

Steven and Frisk both agree. This date will work out just right.

Muffet gave everyone a cup of her spider tea for a drink. Sans wasn't too impress with that, he rather have ketchup. He didn't want to rude be specially front of Pearl.

"Ah…." Sans cough a little, "so um… what a surprise huh?"

Pearl nods, "I guess I should've suspected something when Frisk wasn't with Steven."

Sans agrees and he was quiet for a moment, "um…" he finally broke the silent, "what a tea tastic night."

For the first time Pearl began to laugh at his pun. "Oh my gosh" cried Pearl, "that was good."

Sans like to hear Pearl laughing, it makes him feel like he did something right for once. Not only that she just look kinda cute laughing. He put his head down but kept his eyes pupil staring up at her. Just then Papyrus came rolling in. He had trouble trying to skate while holding the four spagetti in both of his hands.

Sans was shocked to see his brother here. Pearl smile says, "I didn't know your brother can roller skate."

Sans shrugs and answer, "neither could I."

Papyrus serve Napstablook and Lapis first. He carefully put the two plate of spaghetti in front of Lapis and Napstablook. Then he rolls over to Sans and Pearl trying not to fall down. He put the spaghetti in front of Sans and Pearl then spoke trying to sound like he was in France.

"Here you are madame and frere. Your dinner awaits."

Sans laughs says, "bro you know you just call Pearl, mrs didn't ya."

Papyrus gulp and said "I'm terribly sorry um…. Lavan no I mean madear."

Sans shook his head and said correcting his brother, "it's manguer, brother."

Papyrus sighs saying, "oh, I thought I got a few words down in france but it's looks like I didn't."

Sans patted his brother on the shoulder, "that's okay bro, at least you did your best."

Papyrus smiled and try to roll off but fell on his back. He yelp when he did so. Sans and Pearl quickly got up and help Papyrus up.

Sans said when they got Papyrus up on his feet, "I think you should take those off. You know it's too dangerous right?"

Papyrus sighs and said, "yes, you're right brother. Maybe it's best I'd take them off."

Papyrus sat down and untied the roller skate and put the to the side of the chair. He got up and grab the pan he had the plates on and walk off.

Sans and Pearl went back to sit on the table when Mettaton got on stage. "Hello darlings" he said "I decide to sing to you four the most romantic song that anyone ever heard."

Sans sighs but decide he had no other choice. Mettaton sang one of the romantic song 'Bella Notte' than once Mettaton finish everyone ate their spaghetti. Pearl ate a little but decide to give it to Steven to finish. Sans laughs as he gave his half to Frisk to finish.

Napstablook and Lapis ate all theirs up. They enjoy the spaghetti. Afterwards Napstablook got to know Lapis a little more and learn that she was trap in a mirror over a hundreds of years before Steven finally set her free. Napstablook love hearing Lapis past story though some were pretty sad. So he told a little bit about him and how he became to be.

"I never fit into crowds til one day my cousin Lulu came and she um… help me to find what helps me to relax, which is of course is spooky mixtapes."

Lapis seems to enjoy Napstablook story. It was kinda interesting. She was a really good listener.

Sans began to tell Pearl all kinds of his puns and Pearl smiles at each one. Then she started to tell Sans of how she would fuse with other gems when it comes to danger. Also of how fusions works. Sans thought of this and wonder if maybe, just maybe he could fuse with her. Which gave him an idea.

He look at the clock to see that it was nine thirty. He got up and said looking at Frisk and Steven, "I'm gonna take Pearl to the park to you know have alone time."

Steven and Frisk nodded in understanding. So Sans grab Pearl's hand and took her outside. Frisk decide to follow them. She told Steven to call her to give her feedback of what's going on with Napstablook and Lapis. Steven nods and he wish her luck as she left the Resort.

Sans took Pearl to the park and he saw his black radio on the table. He took Pearl there and started the music. Pearl look at Sans suspicious.

"Um… what is this?"

Sans grab Pearl's hand saying "I decide to have this dance."

Pearl smiled yet a bit sceptical of what he's up to. Frisk hid in the bush to watch the two began to twirl around and Sans twirl Pearl around and caught her in his arms. Frisk smiled and love how those two dance. Just then Sans stop dancing and look confused.

Pearl saw this and ask, "Sans, what's wrong?"

Sans look up at Pearl says, "I thought this would work."

Pearl tilts her head, "what works?"

Sans sighs, "this fusion thing. You said that when you dance you would fuse with each other. I wanted to try it out."

Pearl began to laugh as she held her hand over her mouth. "What's so funny?" Sans ask a bit upset.

Pearl stop laughing and said putting her one arm on Sans' left shoulder, "Sans, you can't fuse with a gem. Gems can only fuse with a gem. They can't fuse with anyone else."

Sans then ask "what about Steven, you said he can fuse with a human?"

Pearl nods, "true, but Steven is half human he can do that. I'm a full gem and I can't fuse with a human."

Sans nod in understanding, "oh I see."

Pearl smiled and said, "I rather dance with you then anything."

Sans look up and his grin widened as he began his dance with Pearl with the music still going. The two started their romantic dance again. Frisk smiled then her phone rang and she look at it to see Steven's name on it. She answer it.


Steven ask on the other side, "how's Pearl and Sans doing?"

Frisk smiled says "their dancing. Sans try to fuse with Pearl but she told him she couldn't do that."

Steven began to laugh, "is that why he took her? That's so funny."

Frisk too began to giggle, "I think I should leave these two alone."

Steven agree, "yeah, Napstablook and Lapis decided to head outside to see the stars."

Frisk said "well I meet you at the Resort to clean up."

Steven said before hanging up, "oh okay, see you soon."

Frisk nods says "yup see you there."

Frisk hung up and watch a little longer before getting up and leaving the two to dance through the night. Frisk had the feeling that those two are going to make good cute couples along with Napstablook and Lapis.