4. "Run."

Feat. Alphys and Undyne

Alphys had just finished watching yet another anime episode with her girlfriend Undyne. Ever since she and the other monsters made their way up to the surface thanks to the new monster ambassador Frisk, the pair of anime-obsessed monsters were binge watching all kinds of Japanese entertainment that was recommended to them by Frisk themselves or other human friends they befriended.

"Man, I still can't get over how awesome human anime is!" Undyne exclaimed enthusiastically after the episode ended. "All of them are just super sick and full of action and other cool stuff!"

"W-Well, while m-most animes are great, n-not all of them are," Alphys sheepishly giggled.

"What the heck are you talking about, Al? Name one anime that isn't good!"

There was absolutely no thinking that had to go into answering that question. "M-Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2." When she noticed her girlfriend shooting her a confused look, she decided to justify herself. "W-Well, sure, the animation's still g-great, but the characterization of a-all the characters really went d-downhill. There was a-also so much fan service, which just m-made everything so confusing and th-the characters out of character. It r-really wasn't great at all... N-Not even, it was absolutely t-terrible!"

"Uh, I don't see why you gotta hate on Mew Mew 2," Undyne objected. "I think it's pretty awesome!"

Alphys' eyes widened and she stiffened. She slowly turned her head to look up at Undyne, who by now was concerned and nervous of her girlfriend's strange reaction to the confession. "Wh-What did you just say?"

"U-Uhh... I said it's good?"

The Royal Scientist narrowed her eyes dangerously at the former captain of the Royal Guard. The one word she whispered sent chills down Undyne's spine. "Run."

Oh, Alphys was upset, no doubt about that - or at the very least she wasn't very happy. Undyne went to stand up and flee, but she was quickly tackled to the ground before she could get too far. The next thing she knew, tiny sharp claws began skittering across her sides, and she let out a gasp and a cry of laughter. "AHAHAHAHA! ALPHYS, NOHOHOHO!"

"Take it back, U-Undyne!" Alphys demanded with a mischievous smirk as she worked her claws upward towards her girlfriend's underarms.

Undyne guffawed and pinned her arms to her sides, slamming her booted feet against the ground behind her. "N-NO WAHAHAHAHAY! IT'S A GREHEHEHEAT ANIME!"

Smirking, Alphys popped her hands out from between Undyne's arms and sides and began to delicately scratch her finned ears. "I-I'm sorry, would you mind r-repeating that?"

The former captain squealed rather uncharacteristically as she tried swatting her girlfriend's hands away. Her ears were always a super sweet spot that Alphys discovered by accident during one of their tickle fights, and she hadn't tickled there since because she knew how sensitive they were. But now that they were being brutally attacked, Undyne could tell Alphys meant business when she said for her to take back her statement. That combined with the intensity of the ticklish sensations caused her to cave in.


Alphys snorted and giggled at her hysterical girlfriend's backtrack. Feeling as though she had enough, the scientist ceased her attack. "A-Alright, I'll take your w-word for it." She giggled as Undyne let out a heavy sigh of relief and fell limp underneath her.