The Secret Garden

Based on: Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy. The OCs featured in this fic belong to various friends. Note that while the characters belong to friends, I am the one writing the fic itself. Thank you to my friends for allowing me to borrow your characters. If you wish to appear, please send me a message and we can work something out.

Notes: This is the sequel to Records of Keeper Canti. It's wibby-wobbly, timey-whimy in its execution. I care not. If you care, shut the fuck up and go away. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Warnings: Cursing, potential OOC, OC x Canon, stupid fluffy romance, sex, angst, self-insert author avatar




Not very long after Canti's life was extinguished did the mother of the entire Final Fantasy multiverse cry out in despair. Cosmos sat upon her simple throne, clad in her pure white dress, wearing a crown much like the shimmering sun, in tears. The Goddess of Harmony wailed so loudly that every eidolon through every realm ceased what they were doing and looked to the direction of their heavenly matriarch in worry. She shook her head in disbelief. How could a soul of purity be wiped out like this? How could it have been allowed? She put her hands together, calling forth a single speck of light between her palms.

"You changed the lives of those around you," she said to the light she held. "You healed hearts… you defeated evil…" Cosmos stood up, and all of the Eidolons across space-time immediately felt the shift in their mother's presence. "…you struggled, and yet… no one remembers you anymore." She turned her eyes up, staring straight into a crystal larger than any other in all of existence. "I will not give your soul back to the Great Crystal. You are far too valuable to let fade away."

When Cosmos raised her left arm to her chest level while holding the tiny flicker of light in her right hand, a stream of energy flowed before her. Inside were pictures of a lifetime, full of people and events. One by one, they came undone, and the goddess was unsatisfied with what she found. She picked faces out, she moved a few things around. Some things had to be taken out entirely. She found a few very important things and decided to make these the basis around her new life.

"An adoption certificate, a pendant from a magical land, a stuffed bunny from a carnival, and a beautiful lance made of shimmering gold…" Cosmos said gently. "…yes. The core of who you are is still here, even if things have changed immensely."

The Goddess then called upon one of her children specifically to step forth. The Eidolon, Leviathan. He bowed before her to convey the utmost respect before he approached her.

"Take this child to your realm," Cosmos commanded. "Your realm exists far beyond the flow of normal time, where only those you take with you can reach. This way, none of those who have been taken from her memory may ever find her again."

"Heavenly Mother, you know that those who live within my realm are not keepers, as she has been," Leviathan said. "What would you have her do?"

"Undergo training," Cosmos said, letting the spark go just enough to allow her bright magic to help the spark take physical form. "One day, we will need her to fight against the terror that is the Ardent. While hidden deep within many layers of reality, she cannot be found by keepers or Ardent monsters alike."

The figure that formed was that of a ten year old girl with short curly blue hair and skin as pale as full moonlight. At either side of her face hung two little braids that were both longer than the rest of her hair. She wore just a simple white gown. Once her body was done forming, she started to fall over until Leviathan caught her.

"You will take her to her adopted father," Cosmos commanded. "And the rest of it will be up to you. See to her training in all areas."

"Yes, Heavenly Mother," Leviathan nodded. "I will see to her every need."

"Thank you, my son," she said, smiling warmly. "Be on your way."

Leviathan bowed again, carrying the child in his arms as he left. He remembered this girl and how she grew up within the Royal Archives. Here he was charged in making sure her childhood was a good one, so she would not fall prey to the forces of darkness once again. She had to grow strong, stronger than she ever was before, if she was ever going to stand up to that same force. He hoped he had it in him to raise her as the multiverse needed.

Cosmos sat back down on her throne, looking back up at the Great Crystal. "The source of all life, the source of all time and space," she said, "Bless the child born with your light."