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Auradon is...so bright.

Staring out the window, Ben couldn't believe that the trees could that green. Maybe that was cause this wasn't the Isle. A place where everything was all dark, gloom and death. The blue sky, white clouds and seeing the sun without a haze was all new. Maybe cause of the barrier that they got such crappy weather?

"Ooooo, something coming up," said, Evie, shuffling her seat while looking out the window.

Ben found his face crush against the glass and both Carlos and Jay's bodies squished against him.

"Get your face out of my way!"

"I was here first!"

"Guys let me see!"

"Not before me!"

Elbowing Jay in the face to get him out of his way, Ben finally could see what was going on outside.

Driving up a paved driveway, the sight of the large castle was in front of them. There wasn't anything like that on the island. It was so new, so together and not in ruins.

There was even this large blue sign. Words were in gold that seem to gleam in the sun.

"Welcome to Auradon Prep...Goodness doesn't get any better..." Ben read out loud, nose pressed against the glass.

"Full of themselves, aren't they?" laugh Jay.

There was even a lot of other kids around the grounds, waving flags and hands in the air. He could even see a bunch of kids in matching outfits playing instruments to welcome them. Which pretty much brought Jay's point to home. Were they that happy to have them come to their school? Doubt it.

"Final stop coming up, kiddies," said the driver, looking back from the front seat. Hard to tell he was even looking at them with those sunglasses, "Time to get yourselves together and meet your public."

Turning back into his seat, Ben let out a huff. Did they have to leave the car? Couldn't they just turn around and head back to the island. Most likely not, so might as well follow everyone lead and get his stuff together. Well...not the girls as Evie refresh her make up and Mal seem more focus on her 'plotting'.

But Jay and Carlos had the right idea in raiding the limo of all the goodies. They were grabbing the sweet stuff, blankets, and all sorts of things that were inside. Ben had to grab the sweets that he liked. He push and shove the guys away from him so he could stuff his pockets full.

"Get out of my face!"

"Give it to me!"

"I saw this first!"

A true bonding moment between friends.

The door gave away and Ben found himself falling onto the driveway from the force of the guys's fighting. Before he could even get up, Carlos was on top of him while Jay pressed them both into the ground.

Ben hissed in pain as he tried to get the smaller boy off of him.

"Get off me you jerks!"

"Not until Carlos give me this!"

"You got everything else! Why!?"

"Cause you want it!"

"I'm going to make you two pa-"

"Guys, guys," hissed Mal, kicking Ben in his side, "We got an audience."

Looking back, he could see all the preppy princes and princesses stare at them. There was even an older woman in some kind of pale blue dress with a red bow that had a stressful smile on her face. Oooooh, she didn't look happy to see them at all. The boys took to shuffling themselves around, Ben pushed Carlos off as they both got on to their feet.

Adjusting his jacket and hat, Ben put on a charming smile as he looked at the crowd. Might all be preppies with their bright colors, clean looks. At least the female population was looking fine. Might not be boring around here. He could totally appreciative a lovely lady when they were in front of him.

Not the only one as Jay walked over to one of the girls that was the woman, a playful smile on his own face, "Hey, I'm Jay."

The girl's smile strained as she looked around for some kind of help. Well, Jay did always come off strong but that always work back home. The lady in blue laugh as she took to moving forward while Jay join the rest of them.

"Ah ha, Welcome to Auradon Prep," she said, "I'm the Fairy Godmother, headmistress here."

Whoa, talk about luck!

"As in, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo?" asked Mal.

"Bibbidi-bobbidi. You know it," said Fairy Godmother with one of those sparkly fake grins. He had seen better ones on Uma's pet eels.

"Yeah, I always wondered what it felt like for Cinderella when you just appeared, out of nowhere, with that sparkly wand and warm smile," said Mal, totally buttering the fairy up.

And with that smile softening, it was working. Seriously? Did she believe Mal? That coming here would that they would play right into their hands and want to be nothing but goodies two shoes?

"Well, that was such a long time ago," laugh Fairy Godmother, "As I always say 'Don't focus on the past or you'll miss the future,' ha ha ha."

Oh Evil, she had to do the hand gestures with that. Ben kept on smiling as he felt the need to gag and roll his eyes. This was way to sweet. Seems this whole introduction wasn't over as some little kid set in. He was in a dark blue suit with a tie and these dorky glasses but he had a smile that seem more natural.

"Um hi!" he said, his eyes keep shifting to the crumbled up paper in his hands, "Its so good to meet you all, I'm Marcus-"

"That's Prince Marcus," said an older dark skin teen with a blue and white letterman jacket, a big blue 'A' stitched on. He appeared more about their age as he stood closer to the younger teen as some kind of bodyguard.

"Oooooh, prince," giggle Evie with glee. She walked closer, twirling a bit of hair in her fingers, "My mom's a queen so that kind of makes me a princess."

"Heheheh, you cannot be serious," giggled the girl Jay had flirted came up. She stood next to this Marucs kid in a similar protective matter, "The evil queen holds no royal status here so neither do you."

Oooooo, the girl wasn't as sweet as she looked. Evie shrink back and Ben found himself glaring for a moment at the girl. She didn't need to put it like that.

The kid sighed while he adjusted his glasses, "Um...These are Aziz and Audrey-"

"Princess, Princess Audrey," the girl said with that strain smile, "And Prince Aziz."

What's with them adding on their titles? It wasn't like they were going to be impress that they were princesses and princes. The only one who would care would basically Evie. That was only cause her mum wanted her to marry one.

"So, I'm going to leave you in their care," said Fairy Godmother, motioning to their 'lovely' welcoming team, "I shall see you all tomorrow for your first day of classes. Have fun and do remember we have a curfew here and you all know how I feel about those. Byes!"

With a wave of her hand, Fairy Godmother left them. The five kids of their greatest foes with three children of their royal families. No one seem to be worry as the crowds around them took to slipping away to do their own thing. The only thing was that limo driver took to standing behind the young prince. Now, he really looked like a bodyguard.

"Ummm," mumble Marcus, looking at his paper, "It's wonderful to finally eat-meet you all. This is a grand day that our two worlds will come together and we can heel..heal the wounds created in the past."

"Or the day you show us where the bathroom is," said Mal, smirking while the villain kids laugh. Even Ben could see how nervous the kid was. Seriously, who thought it was a great idea to let him do all the talking? Was it cause he was a prince? Who was his parents away?

The poor kid didn't seem to take much of their laughing. He was biting of his lip, shifting on his legs while failing to make eye connect. He would last one minute on the island. But they weren't the ones trying to sound all important. Though, he at least had good backup with his fellow royal brats and that bodyguard.

"So, you know who were are, how about you guys?" Aziz, questioned them.

"Well, I thought you would all know about us already," said Mal.

"It's only proper manners," said Audrey, "I mean, they do teach you guys manners on the island right?"

She really pushing her luck with this attitude.

"Fine," said Mal, rolling her eyes before she started to point at them, "Evie, you know is Evil Queen's daughter...Carlos De Vil-"

"Cruella De Vil's son, right?" asked Marcus.

No one said anything as a few eyes rolled as Mal continue, "Jay, son of Jafar if you just have to know-"

Ben could see the Aziz looked uncomfortable with that information.

"Than here is Ben Go-"

"Ben!? One of you vil-"

"Aziz, stop that,"

"But Marc-"

"So!" Marcus said clapping his hands as a way to move the conversation along, "That must means you're Maleficent's daughter?"


"Nice to meet you all. So lets get this tour going," said Marcus, quickly walking with those two goodies students and his bodyguard on his heels.

Was there something wrong with him? Ben felt a bit of confusion as the five of them started to trail on after their tour guides. His mind couldn't help but feel a tug in his brain, that something was off. That he should question what the hell was going on. What was wrong with his name to cause such a fuss?

Lost inside of his own thoughts, Ben came back to the real world. Carlos screaming in his ear and trying to crawl over him in search of protection.

"What the?!" he shouted, trying to get him off. Didn't work as he ended up holding Carlos as a bribe.

"Oops sorry," said Marcus, clearly guilty more than his friends. They seem to find some kind of humor in Carlos' fear, "Um...that was a statue of my dad..."

Ben looked up through the mass of Carlos to stare up the huge statue of some kind of...beast...


That explain how they were able to get off the island, why this kid was trying to take charge of their whole introduction of Auradon Prep. Prince Marcus was King Adam's kid, heir to the whole Auradon kingdom. Basically, the kid of the guy responsible for their parents' imprisonment.

"Um...Papa wanted his statue to show that anything is possible, that anyone can change so...this..." said Marcus, motioning to the newly reveal Beast statue.

Ben stared up at the copper figure and felt something familiar about it. Maybe cause of all those poster back home. They had all these old posters pasted on the walls with King Adam's face on them. Maybe cause of that. Everyone started to continue onward inside. Shaking his head, Ben dropped Carlos down on the ground.

"Freaky, huh?" ask Ben.

Carlos nodded before clapping his hands at the statue than staring at it again.

"Why did you do that?"

"The prince kid did it to change it, so maybe..."

Ben snorted, "So you think by doing this," he said, with a clap of his hands, "Can chang-"


Turn of his head, Ben watch as the statue of the Beast gave away to the human form right in front of their eyes. The glitter of the magic surround the statue was nothing he had seen before. Not until they cross that golden bridge from the Isle of the Lost to Auradon.

Now, Ben stared up to the face of King Adam. The man that thought it would be best that all the bad sort should be trap on an island.

And yet...there was something...familiar about him

"Bah, must be on a timer or something," said Ben, taking Carlos by the sleeve, "Come on, we got to catch up with everyone."

"Hey, no pulling!"

"You're too slow."

It didn't take them too long to catch up with everyone inside the large foyer. It was cover with wood, so new and clean, like everything else about this school. No doubt cause of all the royal money that was behind this place was real.

Ben, while dragging Carlos behind him to join the rest of the group. Didn't seem to miss much. Only one of those marching band idiot had join the goodies group with some kind of clipboard in hand. Though, the tour was coming to an end with the bodyguard whispering something into Prince Marcus's ear. There was disappointment written all over his face.

"Do I really have to, Chip?"

"Sorry kid, but you already are pushing it close."


"Don't worry, Marc," said Aziz, patting his younger friend on the shoulder, "We can take things from here."

"Thanks," he said before he turned back to the group, "So, See you all later and if you need anything, please let me know."

With that, the prince and his bodyguard left the five villain kids with a princess, a prince and an...

"Hi, I'm Doug, Dopey's son."

Ah, a dwarf dork.

"You know like, Sleepy, Doc, Bashful..."

Watching Evie was always fun as she took to making eye contact with the band dork and he just fell hook, line and sinker. The look on his face was the same as any fool that fallen under Evie's charm. She continue to smile as she walked up to him, "Hi, I'm Evie, Evil Queen's daughter."


The poor guy would still no doubt be under her spell if not Aziz slapping him in the back of the head, "Come back to reality."

"Oh right...um..." said Doug, looking at his clipboard, "So, you will start classes tomorrow. So I took time to sign you all for some like History of Woodmen and Pirates, Chemistry and Remedial Goodness 101..."

"New class?" asked Jay.


"So, Audrey here will be showing you ladies where your dorm room is so you can get settle," said Aziz, pushing the protesting princess to Evie and Mal, "Doug and I will handle you fellas with yours. So come on."

Sending a look of sympathy to the girls, Ben merely shrug his shoulders. Nothing he could as he followed on after his guides to the dorm room. At least he didn't have to deal with a petty princess.

Now, lets see if she will escape without a scratch...

"Five bucks, Mal and Evie eat her alive."

"Sucker bet."