Title: Making Up for Lost Time

Summary: Walter and Paige work to get back to their normal lives after some significant events

DISCLAIMER: I do not own /scorpion. This story is for entertainment purposes only. I make no profit and no infringement of copyrights is intended.

Chapter 3

"Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back." ~Harvey MacKay

"Thank you, but I'm happily mar…."

Walter nearly choked. "PAIGE? Wha… what are you doing here?"

"Some time ago you asked me if I was ready," Paige said, her hand reaching over to idly finger the curls that Walter had allowed to grow once again. "I quite obviously wasn't at the time. But I'm ready now, Walter. I've been trying to figure out the where and the when, but between Ralph and the baby and everything, it didn't seem possible, no matter how ready I was. And believe me, Walter O'Brien, I am so… so ready."

"But… but Toby?"

"Don't worry. Happy and Toby are taking care of Amanda and Ralph so that you and I can have a night to get to know each other again. By morning, Toby will know ALL he needs to know about being a father. I only hope he's ready!" she chuckled.

"Are you o… okay… with…. with them taking care of Amanda?"

"I love my daughter… and my son… more than anything in this life, Walter. But I love you, too. It's long past time we remember that part of being married, don't you think?"

Walter nodded and Paige smiled. It had been amazingly easy. She only wished she thought of this idea earlier. Walter got up from the table, quickly taking out his wallet and laying down a twenty dollar bill. She took his hand and led him out of the bar. When he was about to turn towards the parking lot, she pulled him in the direction of the elevators instead.

"Aren't we going home?" he asked.

"I thought we could do with a change of scenery. Even if I know Amanda isn't there, I'm afraid being at home, I'll be just waiting for her to start crying." The elevator arrived and Paige steered Walter inside, then punched the button for the fifth floor. "I can't guarantee that won't happen here, but I'm hoping that being away from home, it will be less likely. Toby tells me that's actually a valid thing. People who want to change a habit are told to change the environment where the habit takes place. I know responding to my baby is more than just a habit, but I'm hoping the idea will still work."

"That… that makes sense," Walter said as the elevator doors opened again.

"This is our floor," Paige said and stepped out. Walter followed and she reached into her small clutch and brought out a key card. She walked a few steps down the hall to room 522 where she opened the door and led the way inside.

Once in the room, Paige set down her clutch and kicked off her shoes. She hadn't worn heels that high in months and she'd been terrified of stumbling and making a fool of herself. But now she could relax a bit. She would keep up the play of seducing her husband, because it was fun and exciting. But breaking a leg in the process – or even dealing with sore, pinched feet – wasn't in the program. Glancing around the room, she noted that everything she'd requested was set up, so she went to the door, hung the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside and deftly locked them in.

"So um… uh… what did you want to do… um… here?"

Walter was sitting on the end of the bed and looking nervously around the room. If Paige didn't know better, she would think they were back to that first time in his loft. He'd been endearingly nervous. Certainly, it had been a long time, but they had made love dozens of times. Surely he couldn't be that nervous about it now. Why would he be so… reticent?"

"I thought I made that pretty clear, Walter; unless… unless you don't… don't want to?"

Paige wondered if her worst fears were true. Was Walter already tired of her? She knew he cared for her, he certainly took great care of her – and of Amanda and Ralph. But had his love somehow changed so that it was more a love of obligation and less of passion?

Walter rose and walked up to her, placing his hands lightly on either side of her waist. "I want to, Paige. I just don't want you to think you have to do this for me. I know how you feel about it, and I don't want to… to push you. I can wait."

"Push me? Push me?" Paige set her hands on his shoulders and stood on her tiptoes, wishing she'd kept her heels on for just a few more minutes. She strained to reach his lips, which was nearly impossible when he would not bend to meet her. Finally, he got the idea and met her lips with his, wrapping his arms around her in a way she remembered from before her belly began to grow. It wasn't that he didn't hold her and kiss her while she was pregnant, but he'd been so cautious, so afraid of hurting her. Now his hold tightened, and he lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on as their mouths opened and their tongues tangled and the heat between them rose to a fever in just those few seconds. It had been awhile. Paige recognized the tingling feeling that Walter's kisses caused. It started somewhere around her heart and shot straight down through her belly to the area that had been the crux of so much discomfort just a few weeks before but now felt like the center of everything amazing.

He was about to ease her back down on the floor, but Paige wanted none of that. Using muscles gained from weeks of crunches and an elliptical machine, she brought her legs up to wrap around him.

"Bed," she moaned, abandoning his lips to playfully nip his jawline and then kiss her way down one side of his neck.

Walter spun, and Paige was afraid for a moment that he might drop her. He made it over to the bed, where the cover was turned down invitingly and rose petals were scattered across the sheets. Walter swept them aside and laid her down. She reached behind herself and unfastened the button and zipper of her skirt. As she scooted up to the head of the bed, she wiggled out of the skirt. Walter immediately put his own hands to his belt and unfastened it, then unbuttoned his slacks and tried to kick them off. His shoes got in the way, so he toed them off, then finished the job with his pants, leaving them puddled on the floor at the side of the bed. Crawling up beside her, he placed a hand on her belly as he leaned up to resume kissing her.

For a moment, Paige stiffened. Her belly still wasn't the taut, flat plane that she'd had the first time they'd done this. Walter had made love to her even when she was several months pregnant, but now she thought he might be expecting the figure she'd had when they first became lovers. She didn't know if she would ever get that figure back.

"You're more beautiful now than you've ever been," he whispered, stroking her. He drew back and Paige looked up into his eyes.

"I love science," he continued. "You know that. One of the most amazing things in science is the ability of the female body to grow to nurture another human being. Do you really think it bothers me to see… or to feel… the fact that your body grew to nurture our daughter? Paige, I can't imagine anything more beautiful than every mark and every bit of evidence that Amanda was here." He gently rubbed his hand in a circular motion around her naval.

Paige felt as though she would start crying again. The only thing that stopped her was the knowledge that Walter might misinterpret it. Instead, she reached up and brought his face down to hers, meeting him for another searing kiss, all concerns about her body or his thoughts about it out of her head.

She needed him naked… now. She tried to loosen his tie with one hand, but it didn't work so she brought her other hand down from where she'd been holding the back of his neck. Before long she managed to get the tie loose and tossed it away. Then she tackled his shirt buttons. Meanwhile, Walter was working his way up and underneath her bra. She'd made sure to empty her breasts before coming to the hotel, so they weren't terribly sensitive, but she still sucked in a breath at his touch. He immediately stopped.

"Is this… is this okay?" he asked.

"Maybe if we get the bra off. And no squeezing, okay?"

He nodded, then rolled over on his back, bringing her with him so that he could reach around her back and undo the hooks of her bra. Paige sighed with relief. She was wearing one of her pre-pregnancy sexy bras, and it had been a mistake. She stopped working on Walter's buttons and moved instead to do her own. Then she sat up and brought both blouse and bra over her head.

"Your turn," she said, looking down.

Walter sat up and finished undoing his shirt buttons, quickly shrugging out of the garment. Then he reached over and wrapped his hand around the back of her head, brought her close and resumed kissing her. This time, his kiss was soft and gentle. He parted his lips, and she did the same, their tongues teasing each other. Then Paige felt Walter's hand lightly touch her breast. She was conscious of the touch, but it wasn't uncomfortable.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She nodded. "I think you can do more than that. Just… like I said… no squeezing."

Walter nodded and cupped his hand over her breast, gently stroking and circling with his fingers but not exerting any pressure. He brought his thumb up and lightly touched her nipple. She moaned to let him know that it actually felt good and he circled the nipple, stroked it and even gave it little flicks. The flicks sent bolts of desire straight down to her naval and she cried out. But apparently Walter knew the difference between a cry of pain and one of passion because he immediately moved to work similar magic on her other breast.

He was becoming truly bold now. He looked up at her, and Paige could see the smoldering desire in his eyes.

"Promise you'll let me know if anything is uncomfortable," he said. Then he was kissing his way down her neck, over her collar bone and down her chest.

"I promise," she assured him.

She thought she knew what he had planned. She hoped he would be okay with what might happen. He was licking one breast while his hand continued to caress and flick the other. Even before her pregnancy, Paige had very sensitive breasts. She often thought if a man paid enough attention to her breast she might come just from that. Now, though, it was like that sensitivity had been dialed up ten times its normal setting. She heard that some women could not bear to have their breasts touched in a sexual way while nursing, but she didn't feel that way. If Walter hadn't started there, she would have begged him to do it.

Before long, Walter was flicking one nipple with his tongue and the other with his thumb. Then he slowly surrounded her nipple with his mouth, still licking and flicking, but now he was gently sucking as well and Paige thought she would hit the roof. Somewhere in the midst of her arousal she wondered that this action was so similar to what Amanda did several times a day and yet so different.

"Are you okay?" Walter asked again, looking up and licking his lips.

Paige nodded, feeling a bit breathless. "Are you?" she asked, noticing a small droplet on his chin.

"I'm great!" he grinned. "It's sweet. Not bad at all."

Walter dipped his head again and began licking her other breast. With his hand, he reached down and tugged her panties, working one side down while Paige assisted with the other. She rose her hips off the bed to make the job easier. Then Walter began teasing his hand up her thighs to the thatch of hair between her legs. She opened her legs and he stroked one finger slowly up her slit.

"Wait, Walter. Stop. Just a minute."

Walter froze. "Are you okay?" he inquired for the third time.

"Can you reach the drawer in the table on that side?" she asked, pointing across the bed.

Walter stretched up and opened the drawer. He brought out a tube and waved it in front of his face.

"Is this what you're looking for?" he asked.

"Yes," Paige replied. Her face warmed and she wondered how she could be blushing over a tube of lube when she was sprawled naked underneath her husband. "It's the hormones. I'm dry as a desert right now."

"Umm… what do I do with it?"

Paige grinned. At least she wasn't the only one blushing. "It's gel so it doesn't run. Just squeeze some about the size of a marble onto your fingertips. It's cold, so I'd appreciate it if you rub it between your fingers first. Then you just go about doing what you were doing. Keep it handy…" she giggled, "… we might need more later on."

Walter squeezed some onto his fingers, then brought his hand up to sniff. "Is it… is it okay to… to eat this stuff?" he asked.

"Yes!" she said, her eyes widening. She wasn't sure how comfortable Walter might be with her favorite form of foreplay. It was good to know he was game to give it a try. From their first time he'd been enthusiastic and also gifted.

"Well, okay then." He put a bit more on his fingers, rubbed them against his thumbs and returned to stroking her slit as his mouth returned to kiss the underside of her breast.

Paige always felt a little greedy during this part of their lovemaking. Walter spent a good long time down where she was unable to reach more than his head. In the first weeks of their relationship, she had returned the favor a few times. But Walter finally told her that it was something he didn't really care for. He told her that he simply preferred to be inside her when he came, and there was too much chance that he would not rebound well enough afterwards for that to happen. Since she really didn't get much from the activity herself, she didn't mind. Still, she always felt a little guilty when she would lie back and enjoy his attentions and could not reciprocate. Not guilty enough to ask him to stop, though.

Walter was on his way down, but he paused a moment to kiss her naval. That was another of her very sensitive areas and Walter knew that quite well. After lavishly kissing and licking the little hollow, he blew over it, making her shiver – but not from cold.

When he was nearly at the bottom of her stomach, he glided further down, bypassing the area she wanted him to focus on. He kissed the inside of her thigh, nipping and sucking repeatedly, leaving pale marks and slowly moving back up until he was gazing lovingly at her core. He gently ran his nose up her slit, then stuck his tongue out, licking first one side, then the other. He continued this, sometimes licking the sides, sometimes straight up the center. Paige ached for him to get to the point. Walter, she discovered some time ago, was a terrible tease. She loved him for it, but damn he could drive her crazy!

Finally, he touched her clit with just the tip of his tongue, circled it, then gave it one little flick. Paige thought she remembered how good it felt, but the memory was nothing compared to the reality. Good God, how had she willingly gone for months without this? She squirmed on the bed and whimpered when he repeated the flick. Then he moved back down and licked slowly up the full length of her, ending with a rapid series of flutters that had her gripping the bedclothes and writhing.

Walter O'Brien knew what worked. But he also knew that variety was important. He repeated the long licks a couple more times, then, instead of doing the fluttering, he circled her clit several times. He wrapped his lips around her swollen nub and sucked, and Paige knew she was very, very close.

It was then that Walter backed away and resumed kissing her thighs. Paige thought she would scream with frustration, but only managed a whimper. This was all part of Walter's genius. He could bring her right to the brink and then back down, giving her a moment ease back. Then he would start over. After getting close to the precipice two or three times, she would fall hard and very fast. Getting there was frustrating beyond belief but the payoff was amazing.

Walter resumed his attentions, licking her entrance in long, slow swipes as well as rapid strokes. Just when Paige was ready to direct him to the bull's eye, he teased his tongue around it, stroked it with his flattened tongue and generally paid her clit all the attention it deserved. This time, however, he didn't back away. He stroked and teased and sucked and kept it up. Paige was nearly in tears. She was so close and she just couldn't seem to manage to let go.

Finally, Walter paused and grabbed the lube. He squeezed a generous amount onto two fingers, using his other hand to coat them well. He resumed licking and sucking her clit and slowly inserted the two fingers into her entrance. He reached far up inside and stroked, sometimes moving out and then back in. With his other hand he reached up and stroked a nipple with his thumb. Paige had to hand it to him, he was determined and willing to use all his tricks. Just when she thought she was doomed to be hopelessly frustrated, Walter started rapidly flicking his tongue against her clit while his fingers and thumb stroked her in two different places at the same pace. She felt her muscles clench and then she felt the rippling, shattering sensation of her first orgasm in months. For a few moments, she soared, feeling the pulsing shockwaves through her abdomen and down further. She curled her toes and brought her knees up, pressing her feet down into the mattress.

Walter was stroking her arm, helping her to ease down. She opened her eyes and saw the smug grin on his face. He always looked like he'd made some amazing discovery and she supposed that wasn't far from the truth. She could allow him his little burst of ego, especially after a climax as amazing as that one.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She almost laughed. For a genius, he could be remarkably unimaginative in his pillow talk.

"I'm wonderful," she purred.

Walter lay his head down beside hers, then laid his arm across her middle and snuggled up close to her. "I love you so much," he whispered.

It was one of his special things that he always told her he loved her after she had an orgasm. Not waiting until after he came. She loved that he had this desire to cuddle before they continued. Once or twice, he'd fallen asleep while they snuggled, apparently unconcerned that he didn't get his own release. The first time that happened, she was tempted to wake him, feeling terrible. But he was so obviously content, she resisted the urge and fell asleep herself. When they woke the next morning, he kissed her and commented how wonderful the previous night was. She asked him how he could feel that way, under the circumstances. He looked at her curiously and told her that watching her pleasure was as wonderful for him as attaining his own was. Sometimes so much so that he didn't think he could bear any more and just wanted to enjoy the feeling and drift off to sleep.

When Walter began kissing her shoulder, Paige knew this wouldn't be one of those times. She was glad. As much as she had missed their intimacy, she was sure he must have missed it as badly. He needed this as much as she did.

"Paige, did you happen to bring… umm… condoms?"

"Same drawer," she answered.

"Good. How many?"

Paige laughed. "I bought a box of thirty. Will that be enough?"


Paige giggled and turned over, scooting down until they were face to face. "Do you plan on doing this until I can't walk?"

"I plan on doing this until neither of us can walk." He hesitated, then added. "Only as long as it's… it's okay for you."

"It's okay, Walter. I promised to tell you if things get uncomfortable, and I will. So far, so good. So very, very good!"

"Good. Since I've been doing all the work so far, do you think you're up to a little riding?" he grinned.

"I think I can manage to get back in the saddle," she replied.

Walter reached over and rummaged in the still open drawer, bringing out the box of condoms. He opened the box and took out one of the foil-wrapped packages.

"Here," she said as she grabbed it from him. "I can do that, since you've been working so hard."

She opened the package and scooted down further. She stopped, realizing what she planned might not be something he would appreciate.

"Walter, I know why you told me you don't like me to go down on you, but is that the only reason?"

"Yes. That's the only reason. I just prefer to be inside you. Why?"

Paige looked up at him from where she was kneeling between his legs. "Because I've always wanted to try something, but I don't want it to be something… something you don't like."

"Umm… okay. I'll let you know if it's… if it's not okay."

Paige popped the condom in her mouth, then leaned over, tossing her hair back across one shoulder. She took his erection in her hand, then placed her mouth on its tip. She'd seen this done on an online video, and it seemed simple. Now that she was here, though, she wasn't quite sure how it was supposed to work. But she figured the worst that would happen is they would waste one condom. They had plenty.

She placed her tongue on the tip of his cock, holding the condom flat against it. Walter groaned. Paige wondered just how close he was. She maneuvered her lips around the ring of the condom and started to move down, taking him into her mouth as she tried to unroll the condom at the same time. It was difficult to get it started, but finally, she felt the latex unroll as she moved slowly down. She didn't think she could go far enough to completely unroll the thing, and decided she could finish the job with her hand. She opened her mouth and came back up, looking down to see the condom rolled about an inch down. As she and Walter both watched, the condom slowly rolled itself back up to the head of his shaft and unceremoniously popped off.

Walter sputtered. Then he chuckled. Then he started to laugh. Then he was rolling over, laughing and snorting. Paige sat back on her heels and laughed, too.

"Do you… do you mind…" Walter wheezed, breathing in gasps as he tried to stop laughing. "Do you mind if we do that a more conventional way? It's not that I'm averse to you practicing, but… it has been a long time and I'd like to… to… make love to you… while it's still our anniversary."

"Our…. Oh My God, Walter! I completely forgot!"

"You forgot? I thought that was what this… the hotel… all this was about!"

"No… I just couldn't figure out any other way for us to have enough time and privacy. I've completely lost track of dates. I'm so sorry, I didn't get you anything! I'm a terrible wife!"

"Hey, hey, it's okay." Walter sat up and gathered her in his arms. "Even if you forgot, all this has been wonderful. It's the perfect anniversary gift and I love you for it. I'm just worried about the poor guy from Escala who delivered our dinner tonight only there was nobody home."

"Oh, Walter! You didn't."

Walter smiled at her, sheepishly. "I thought you would like having a nice dinner, but I didn't think you were ready to have anyone look after Amanda. I guess I was wrong. About the Amanda part."

"Walter. I'm so sorry. I didn't know." Paige put her hands on either side of his face and kissed him, doing her best to put all her love into the kiss. This man never ceased to amaze her. He was usually very practical but occasionally, he could knock her sideways with a romantic gesture.

The kiss deepened and Walter put his hands under her rear, scooting her up onto his thighs until she was within inches of his cock. She wrapped a hand around him, and rose up a bit on her knees, ready to guide him to her entrance when Walter stopped her.

"Wait," he said raggedly. "The condom."

Paige sank back and began to rummage through the sheets. "Where did you put the box?" she asked.

"I put it down. I don't… I didn't really notice where."

They both started looking frantically through the bed, until finally Paige held a hand up, triumphantly waving the box. She quickly took out another package, opened it and deftly rolled the condom onto her husband's cock.

"Whew," she cried. "I'm glad that's covered."

"Right," he said, eyeing her suspiciously.

"Now, where were we," she quipped.

"You were somewhere about…. here," he said, pulling her back into position.

Paige reached down again and took him into her hand. She spied the tube and grabbed it, squeezing a generous amount into her palm and slathering it over the condom. Leaning forward, she rose up, sucking in a gasp as Walter wrapped his lips around a convenient nipple. She eased down, gasping again at the unfamiliar feeling of fullness. She started by simply rocking back and forth, then added in a slight up and down movement. It was that motion that caused Walter to tease her about "riding" him. The back and forth, up and down motion was similar, he said, to that made by wannabe rodeo riders on bull riding machines. Paige couldn't imagine where or when Walter might have seen such a thing. But on occasion she would play into his teasing by throwing one arm up in the air and even whopping.

Walter was holding her tightly against him, sucking and licking her breast while she moved on him. After a few moments, he let her go, leaning back and looking down to the point where they were joined. Paige continued to move, trying to increase her speed as her leg muscles began to complain. She leaned forward and braced her arms on either side of Walter's hips, easing the strain on her leg muscles. Using her arms for leverage, she was better able to rise up and down. Walter groaned. Paige varied her movements, pumping up and down for a while, then rocking forward and back. The forward and back motion was better for her, as his shaft would brush her clit and stroke her at just the right angle. The up and down, she thought, was better for him.

Despite all her exercises, Paige was sadly out of shape, at least for this. In the early days of their relationship, she could easily do this until they finished. Her calf and thigh muscles were seriously complaining and she was worried that if she did this much longer she would get a cramp. That would bring things to a very premature halt.

"I'm sorry, Walter," she said as she stopped and eased off his legs. "I just don't have the strength in my legs that I used to. I can't do this all the way."

"I'm sorry," Walter responded. "I should have realized you might not be up for this. Do you want to just stop all together?"

Paige massaged her aching thighs. "No, no. I'll be fine. Just - can you finish for us?"

"Sure. Let me know when you're ready."

Paige smiled down at him. Her legs were feeling better now that she wasn't bouncing up and down. She lay down and snuggled up next to him, placing a kiss on his collar bone. "I'm ready whenever you are."

Walter rolled over and kissed her, then moved over her. He positioned himself at her entrance, and glided in. Then he began to thrust. Paige enjoyed the sensation of being filled, especially when Walter was a little forceful. She also liked the traditional position, at least some of the time, because Walter was able to kiss her, which enhanced her enjoyment significantly. He was kissing her now, slowly pulling out then thrusting back in while his mouth and tongue worked magic. Paige felt the familiar tension building. It intensified when Walter started thumbing her nipple. She was so incredibly sensitive and the combination of stimulation in three different places was driving her quickly back to the edge. Now it was just a question of which one of them would arrive first.

Walter moved to kiss the side of her mouth, then trail kisses along her cheek. "You are so… amazingly… beautiful," he whispered. He moved the hand that had been occupied with her breast back down beside her, keeping his weight evenly distributed as he sped up his movement. Paige missed his kisses and the jolting sensations created when he caressed her nipple, but the increased friction he was able to generate almost made up for the loss. Walter was braced above her now, his eyes smoldering as he gazed at her. She licked her own fingers, then reached down to massage her clit. She was so close and that extra bit was all it took to make her dissolve, her body shuddering. She heard herself call Walter's name, and she could feel her muscles tensing and releasing.

A moment later, Walter closed his eyes and stilled. "Paige!" he breathed, then slowly lowered himself, moving to the side at the last moment. He curled up next to her, taking her hand and linking his fingers with his. Paige turned slightly until they were face to face. Walter opened his eyes and blinked a few times, then closed the gap between them to lightly kiss her. "I have missed this," he admitted.

"I have to," she agreed, sighing.

"I… don't think I can move for a few minutes. But when I'm able to… should we get something to eat? I'm starving."

Walter's hopeful look was hard to resist and Paige was glad she'd thought ahead. Often, with Walter, when one appetite was gratified, the other one kicked into high gear.

"I've got that covered," she said, nuzzling his neck and taking a small nip, as if to indicate she was hungry, too. "I had room service bring up some food for us, and I even brought a special treat for you."

"I sort of think I just got my special treat, but what else did you bring?" Walter asked.

"Fermented fish!"

August 20, 2016